What is the purpose of wool dryer balls?

Maybe nobody told you the benefits of wool dryer balls. So, it won’t surprise me if you ask me – Why should I use wool dryer balls?

The primary purpose of using wool dryer balls is that these magical balls help to dry laundry more quickly.

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  • 100% pure New Zealand wool dryer ball
  • Reusable and lasts 1,000 or more loads
  • Reduce drying time
  • Won’t harm your dryer
  • Help soften your clothes

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As we have weather consists of almost ten months freezing cold and only two months of summer, it’s a huge problem for all of us not only here in Denver but also in whole America.

Even the heat we get in summer is only sufficient to warm our body, but not enough for drying clothes. We all are habituated with washing machine but at the same time we have to pay a higher electric bill and machine maintenance fee every month.

The washing machines, no matter from which brands those do not last long. The washing machines take too long for drying even a few clothes and it wastes a lot of time and energy.

I was really fed up with the machines as they are difficult to operate and also consume a large amount of electric units. Most importantly if there is a power cut the only alternative you can use for drying your clothes is using your gas.

Have you ever imagined how much gas you wave to dry a bucket of wet clothes?

It’s damn very high, right? Here the drama doesn’t end, there is a huge risk of skin problems that may occur because of the harmful chemicals and additives used in laundry products we use daily. But, thanks to wool dryer balls that changed my life entirely and make me feel safe in case of such unhygienic harmful products.

You already know that I am going to talk about the benefits of wool dryer balls, right?

I think most of us may not use it but at least heard about this thing. This particular product is usually a tennis ball sized round ball which we can use to dry out wet clothes easily and perfectly.

You will not need a diploma degree to use them because they are very easy to use. Just toss or put them on the dryer with wet clothes and start the dryer. You can see that clothes are becoming dry faster and easier than before.

So, there may be a question rise in your mind that what this ball is made of, isn’t it?

Yah, these balls are mainly made from premium quality wool coming from New Zealand because the finest sheep and wool could be found only in New Zealand, but inspected and packaged in the United States. There are no chemicals or synthetics used in this product which is great for those with sensitive skin and babies.

All these products are 100% eco-friendly, user friendly and pre-washed with vegetable soap which saves not only energy and time but also the nature. You can get them in different color and sizes.

These Wool dryer balls improve the drying cycle by separating large clumps of wet clothing and allow the warm air to circulate evenly around the dryer.

They took the shortest time possible for the perfect dry. Balls are ultra-durable and long lasting; they never run out. Each packet contains 4 or 6 balls in a handy 100% cotton carrying bag.

Washing Machine Problems & Issues

I am a common house maker and like others washing clothes and drying them for use was a headache for me. I had to spend hours for washing clothes and then have to wait beside the machine for drying.

If you leave them for a long time, static will make your clothes useless. This is not the only problem as the laundry taking too long to dry, I had to pay a big amount of money for its maintenance.

I already damaged three washing machines within the last two years. It was not my fault; the machines can’t bear the long time pressure of my heavy loads of laundry.

I have a big family of seven people with two babies, so it is obvious that I’ve to wash tons of clothes almost every day. I was really frustrated with the machines and its long time consumption. I had to spend half of my days in the laundry room and that makes me allergic to the wool.

I asked my husband and my sons to do something about this laundry process but they didn’t pay any heed to my words.

One day we had to attend a wedding party but due to power cut we were unable to dry our clothes and we had to miss the program. All my family members along with me were very upset but they eventually accused me for that incident telling I should have made it earlier.

That made me furious and determines that I have to do something to solve this problem. So from that moment I was looking for a suitable solution for this laundry problem and finally I get these amazing balls by Smart Sheep.

How did I come to know about these amazing balls

Something I saw on television that makes my life beautiful. Previously due to laundry process, cooking healthy meals and other household chores I was not able to spend time with my family members. The distance between me and my family was increasing day by day.

But, now I can enjoy my leisure time with my family as I don’t have to spend hours in the laundry room. I have lots of time on my hands and using it on other works. 

It was a Life Changing Advertisement

I saw a television advertisement on wool dryer balls about a month ago before I bought them. They are showing its demonstration and describing the benefits of that product. I was always searching for environmentally friendly ways to dry laundry, so this adds catch my attention.

To be mentioned that I had never tried these balls because I am allergic to wool. I asked my son to bring some dryer balls for quite some time but he insisted me that it will not be suitable and I shouldn’t stand over it as I am allergic to wool.

Later on, I heard a lot of stories on social media about these dryer balls. So I’ve decided to do some research. I was looking for reviews if there was a single person who said in spite of having Wool Allergy they were able to wear clothes dried with wool dryer balls.

After a day’s of my research, I finally found a review and my requirements had been met as a woman despite having a wool allergy she could use wool dryer balls and also claimed that it is safe for babies too. So I decided to give it a try though my son forbids me to do that.

I noticed there are different types of dryer balls available in the market but as per the review, I decided to use the organic one as I don’t want to expose my clothing to additional pesticides and synthetic chemicals any more.

Topcellent benefits of wool dryer balls

There are thousands of options on many websites and I am not telling anything against other products. But as I used the Smart Sheep wool dryer ball set and I am going to discuss the benefits I got from it.

  • They speed up the time of drying
  • are 100% natural and compostable
  • with essential oils can scent laundry
  • can be used thousand times
  • are 100% natural, compostable
  • do not leave any wax that will coat lint collector
  • Never reduce air flow
  • Replaces Dryer Sheets & Liquid Fabric Softeners
  • Most importantly Saves Money

Why did I replace dryer sheets

These Smart Sheep balls are the smart replacement to disposable dryer sheets as follows. Just in the same process like a disposable dryer sheet, you can add a few drops of aroma oil to the wool dryer balls to lightly scent the linens.

The pleasing words are that dryer balls do not contain any synthetic chemicals like dryer sheets do. Moreover, you can use the dryer balls about at least a thousand times but on the other hands it’s impossible with the dryer sheets.

At present I have current rate of 1-2 loads of laundry per week and only one set of dryer balls will last at least for five years. So literally there are places for wasting anything with wool dryer balls and if they eventually need disposal, they are compostable, so just chill.

The bonus is that the wax that reduces air flow through the dryer comes from the dryer sheets will not be seen anymore after using these balls. The wool balls help dry clothes faster by moving the linens around the dryer smoothly.

Eventually, the balls work not as from upper or down sides like dryer sheets instead works between the layers of clothes, sheets and towels in the dryer to help get proper air flowing over the surface area of the linens. As it dries clothes faster the dryer use less energy and ultimately saves money.

What makes me another big fan of these balls

A few months ago a medical website reported that the additives and perfumes in laundry products contain such chemicals that may cause skin problems. Many of us suffer from dry, itchy skin due to fabric softeners use as they cause eczema.

The dryer sheets which are available in the market bring volatile organic compounds like acetaldehyde and butane along with it and are responsible for respiratory irritation.

Even big trouble like Asthma is related to the chemicals known as quaternary ammonium compounds used in Fabric softeners.

Your nervous system can be affected by Acetone, also used in dryer sheets cause headaches and dizziness. To save yourself and your family, you must not make any delay to switch your dryer methods to wool dryer balls.

How amazingly these balls work

How amazingly these balls work

Take a big load of wet towels and put it into the dryer, the time you will press the START button, the wet fabric will flop around and it will stick together for quite a while. First the layers will become dry enough then they will separate and allow warm air to circulate over the whole dryer. It took much more time slows the drying time, also wasting time and energy.

Now take six wool dryer balls (bouncing around, ha ha just kidding) put it on the dryer and see how it works between the layers of fabric. They can separate them so the warm air can easily circulate efficiently from one side to another.

I have tested several times just to make sure the drying time is increasing or not and you will be amazed to know that with these amazing balls it took 25% less time than without the balls.

I even found that these balls stuck tightly inside the sleeves of a shirt and one even in the jeans pocket and quite surprisingly they were doing their works so nicely even in the tight places and that’s what makes them so awesome.

As the dryer balls agitate against the fibers in clothes and linens it feels softer when the clothes come out of the dryer and if used properly could also take care of static cling too.

How do I use the dryer balls

It is the easiest task to use these balls for drying clothes, even a child can do it easily. Just toss or put the balls with your laundry and nothing more, it’s done. Currently I have 6 and I use all of them at a time to speed up the process faster.

I am planning to buy more to save more time and energy. The Balls need room so that they can bounce and play with wet clothes better. The dryer balls do their utmost and fastest job when the dryer is not fully loaded.

It is advised that medium-size loads will dry faster and more efficiently than one gigantic load because of the bouncing reason. For me, I use wool dryer with small and medium loads of laundry because it allows the balls to bounce smoothly that helps it to work properly.

Yes, large loads of laundry may gather for sometimes but I separate them according to the types like synthetics, air dry, linen etc and what remains a small-medium cotton laundry.

Mostly I give towels and sheets to air dry and also employ natural laundry drying methods to reduce the amount of clothes that goes into my dryer. 

I have used wool dryer balls not just white or wool clothes; I use them when drying light colored clothes, dark colored clothes, sheets, towels, and even mattress pads. Some people may complain about white fiber on deep colored clothes but there are grey dryer ball available to solve this problem.

I prefer the natural, dye-free white ones and as far my concern I never found any fiber on any of my laundry. After you have finished the drying process just remove the balls with the clothes and allow the dryer balls to air dry on the dryer in their sweet cotton carry bag.

Be sure you find all the Balls as they may insert in the pockets or sleeves. I lost one of them maybe hiding somewhere in some clothing in my closet.

How was the result

I am happy to say that I have never faced any sensitivity from using these dryer balls though I am allergic to wool. I slept on sheets, dried myself with towel, wiped my eyes using a washcloth, worn yoga pants and I have worn jeans dried inside-out with wool dryer balls.

But I have not had a single problem regarding irritated skin of anything like that. Maybe that woman was right about the wool dryer balls and they really have something special that do not cause any harm to you or your family.

Do you need to wash wool dryer balls?

If you let your kids play with this ball, then you’ll have to wash. But in general, you don’t need to wash! Smart Sheep dryer balls are made of pre-washed and pre-carded organic wool and also hand washed with hot water and vegetable soap. So, they don’t need to be washed before your use and are completely safe to use.

How many wool dryer balls do you use at once?

It depends on the loads of your clothes. I usually use 4 of these Smart Sheep balls per load. I just take the balls and throw them into the dryer along with my laundry. That’s it, the dryer balls will do the rest to ensure it’s magic in drying your clothes.

How many drops of essential oil do I put on my dryer balls?

Some people said they missed the lovely fragrance what they felt when using dryer sheets instead of wool balls.

they missed the lovely fragrance
This extra wil add lovely fragrance to your clothes

But have you ever imagined how unhealthy harmful chemical they are using on those sheets. Even if they are not long lasting as well. 

For those I can clearly give a suggestion that if you think having fragrance is important to you then you can get it also in these wool balls too.

What you have to do is just add a few drops (8 to 10 drops) of essence oil to each of the dryer balls and toss them in the dryer and feel the freshness.

It is healthier and better alternative. You have to give time to absorb the oil deep into the fibers for the better result, the more time you will give the more it will work. By the time you can feel the subtle and long lasting fragrance of course non-toxic in your clean dry clothes.

Natural solution to Static cling

By the time I get used to this product I recommend this to many of my relatives and neighbors. They were very happy but suddenly the biggest complaint I have received from them is that while dryer sheets would remove the static cling but the wool dryer balls cannot do so.

Some of them even said that they want to throw these balls and will go back to previous dryer system. But, don’t do that! Really … there is an explanation and a simple solution that will solve your problem. 

Most of the time static occurs due to over-drying the laundry and it’s not the fault of your wool balls, but your dryers.

You must have noticed that static are coming when you left the dryer for too long with or without wool dryer balls doesn’t matter. Over drying wastes not only gas or electricity but also it reduces the longevity of your dryer and laundry as well. 

Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, and acrylic products are known as synthetic materials also responsible for such static. Try to separate them from your other clothes to have a static free wash. 

The best way to dry the synthetics are by hanging them on a line. If you want to do it in the dryer then make sure you end the drying cycle before they are totally dry to avoid static.

Here is my secret that what I do to avoid static

As I do not have the time to stand in the laundry room watching and waiting for things to not become over-dried most of us are busy for many reasons. So, I spray my wool dryer balls with water to make them quite wet.

By this the laundry dries faster than the wool dryer balls as they are so dense and balancing the humidity level in the dryer. This method works like a charm and does harm neither the dryer balls nor the laundry in any way. At the same time does not increase the drying time either.

A thought out of the box

out of the box

Let’s share a funny but effective fact about the use of these soft balls. When I find out the magical works of those small balls I decided to say my peer persons about that.

You can remember my son who tried to motivate me from not buying those balls…..  Now he is a great fan of those little cotton products.

One day he told me that Mom what is going on, previously it takes days to dry my clothes but now you are doing this within hours, what is the secret?

Then I show him these balls and said see you told me they will not work but now you can see the result. He replied that he was anxious about my allergy to wool.

But I said I am completely fine as the balls are Non-toxic and completely natural. Then he gave me a great idea about gifting people these wool balls on any occasions.

They are cheap but very useful. At first when I gifted that to my niece on her wedding she and every member were shocked and looking at my gift as they saw an Alien. They were a bit disappointed at that time but later called me and thanked me for that.

This happens almost all the time when I gift these balls to someone. So, if you also want these wool dryer balls as a gift, feel free to visit my sweet home……

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