5 Best Charcoal for Gravity Feed Smoker In 2022

Gravity feed smokers come with a different mechanism. This smoker keeps the temperature automatically under control and can be operated on with less observation. As the device uses charcoal as fuel, you should ensure the best quality fuel for your smoker.

No worries, considering some common factors can help choosing the best charcoal for gravity feed smoker and today I’ll highlight all those key factors.

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Briquettes and lump charcoal are mostly used for these smokers. They burn longer and also don’t change the flavor as well. The lump is a type of charcoal that is popular for its purity.

You will definitely have a slightly better smoking experience by using lump charcoal for gravity-feed smokers.

5 Best Charcoal for Gravity Feed Smoker

I will make it easier for you to pick the best fuel for your gravity feed smokers. Considering the size, flavor, and burn time, the following charcoals are among the best. I’m going to highlight some lump charcoal only as they provide a better result than their competitors.

Quick Decision-Making Chart

Key Features ComparisonJealous Devil Lump CharcoalRockwood Lump CharcoalFogo Large Lump Charcoal
Package Quantity241
Weight40 lbs20 lbs35 lbs
Fit withGravity Feed Smokers, Grill, & KamadoGravity Feed Smokers & Other Charcoal SmokersGravity Feed Smokers, BGE, Kamado & more
Best forCave-man style searing steak, Low & Slow for BrisketLow & Slow cooking, Any flavorful recipesReverse sear, Searing, Smoking low and slow
The HallmarksPurity, Premium quality, Longevity, Flavorful & Temperature ControlLong burning, Great flavor, Temperature Control, Consistency & PurityLong duration, Fast light up, Great airflow, Best flavor & Value for money
Special FeaturesCarry handle with waterproof packagingMade from renewable resourcesRestaurant quality, Lights fast & long
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Jealous Devil Hardwood Lump Charcoal  

Having charcoal with proper density is a dream for bbq enthusiasts. This charcoal from Jealous Devil is 100% pure with ultra-dense South American hardwoods. There is no chemical or fillers used while crafting this quality charcoal.

This is a low-ash fuel for your smoker no matter whether yours is pit boss or masterbuilt, and the quality is standard for professionals and restaurant purposes as well.

One of the unique features of this charcoal is the superior burn. This fuel is capable of producing twice the power and will make a hotter temperature that will be perfect for smoking. You should not be concerned about the flavor of this charcoal.

Top Features

  • Provides superior burn
  • Maintains premium quality
  • It imparts a pure flavor
  • Ultra-dense South American hardwoods
  • Packed in a waterproof and re-sealable bag

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BrandJealous Devil
FlavorMild flavor
Size2 x 20LBS
NaturalYes, 100%

Jealous Devil Charcoal will leave pure taste into your dish. The product comes with an enhanced aroma to make your whitefish or brisket mouthwatering.

Have a glance at the detailed features

This is one of the major features that lump charcoal should include. Lump charcoal is crafted by passing through a carbonization process.

This is why, if they are made with all-natural ingredients, then you will have a better smoking experience with the charcoal. Jealous Devil Hardwood Charcoals are crafted from South American hardwoods and also come with a solid density. 

This charcoal comes with a mild flavor to enhance the taste of your meal. This product will add a distinct aroma without overpowering them. The charcoal can be used alone or you can even blend the charcoal with your favorite wood.

Sometimes, charcoal loses its flavor if they are packed poorly. You should not worry about this product as the Jealous Devil Lump Charcoal is packed with a waterproof and re-sealable bag.

Well, if you’re a bbq enthusiast, you have definitely heard this name before. Jealous Devil crafts the products with proper care. From selecting the raw materials to delivering the products to the customer’s hand, they ensure the highest possible quality.

The production of this manufacturer is rooted in Paraguay, and the products do maintain premium quality. The charcoal of this brand will surely secure a top place in the market.


  • It’s chemical-free
  • Produces low ash
  • Known for high-temperature
  • Burns for a long time


  • You may don’t like its smell
  • It’s a bit difficult to ignite this charcoal with newspaper

Rockwood Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

If you are looking for solid flavor during smoking, then this charcoal will be a top pick for sure. This product comes in a variety of flavors, such as hickory, maple, and pecan. The charcoal will burn longer than the traditional charcoal fuels. The charcoal gets light quickly and makes you able to start the cooking within minutes. 

There is no chemical or additives used in this charcoal. Thus, the fuels won’t damage the flavor of your dish. Rockwood Natural Lump Charcoal is made from renewable resources and doesn’t have any effect on the environment. 

Top Features

  • 100% pure hardwood
  • Lights quickly and easily
  • Burns cleaner and longer
  • Free from chemicals, fillers, and binders
  • Unique shapes for unmatched performance

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Item Quantity4

This lump charcoal is manufactured from pieces of wood and lumber scraps. Rockwood Natural charcoal will be recommended for its purity.

Like cowboy charcoal,  using this charcoal will provide you with a long and clean burn. There will be less dust compared to other charcoal. For slow-cooking, they will be an ideal choice for sure. You will be able to cover a session using this product from Rockwood.

You should not worry about the purity while using this premium charcoal. They are made from renewable resources and don’t contain any chemicals or additives. They are completely free from fillers, binders, and other impurities.

Rockwood Hardwood Lump Charcoal is exclusively made from hardwood leftover, and it’s made of Missouri oak, hickory, and pecan wood. In addition, the pure charcoal won’t damage the flavor of your meal and instead will add an aroma to your meal.

Rockwood’s products are made for customer satisfaction. They focus on the quality and maintaining the quality for years. They strictly follow environmental guidelines and ethics. 

Thus, there won’t be any issues of sustainability. The raw materials are used perfectly with no waste or discard. You can truly rely on the products of Rockwood without any doubt.


  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Generates high heat but burns slow
  • Creates a nice layer of flavor
  • Perfect for “low and slow” cooking


  • It cools down a bit faster
  • Creates extra smoke when lighting

Fogo Super All-Natural Lump Charcoal 

Here comes another quality lump charcoal manufactured by Fogo. The premium charcoal can be used for everyday cooking, especially for smoking. For ceramic-style kamado grills and gravity fed smokers this will be a perfect choice for sure. The charcoal comes in a perfect size of 4-inches or longer. Thus, there will be a long and slow burn while smoking meals.

The charcoal size will provide a better airflow that will make the cooking more effective. In addition,  Fogo Natural Lump Charcoal gets the optimum heat faster and also lights longer. This will be an ideal choice for sear-type cooks. 

Top Features

  • It comes in big sizes
  • Maintains restaurant quality
  • Lights up fast and lights longer
  • An ideal choice for kamado grills
  • Premium blend charcoal for smoking sessions

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Item Weight35 Pounds
All NaturalYes

Fogo Super Lump Charcoal maintains restaurant quality and makes it easier for the users to reach the high searing temperature quickly. You will have a distinct oaky hardwood flavor by using this charcoal.

This is a super premium lump charcoal that can be used for everyday cooking and in different smoking sessions as well. This charcoal is also recommended for sear-type cooks. Fogo all-natural charcoal comes in a pack of 35 pounds that will be enough for most cooking sessions.

Kamado grills are a different type of barbecue where the airflow plays a crucial role during smoking. You will get comparatively a better output for Kamado-style grills such as big green egg or primo.

Fogo Lump Charcoal maintains restaurant quality, and the charcoals will reach the optimum temperature faster than the usual fuels. They contain a delicious oaky hardwood smoked flavor. Thus, you will have the best flavor in your food.

Fogo Charcoal is a brand owned by family members. The quality is ensured as the manufacturers are outdoor chefs themselves. Fogo always cares about their customer feedback and makes improvements as well. 

You will be satisfied with the products of Fogo as they produce restaurant-quality products that are recommended by professionals. The all-natural charcoal is also premium charcoal, and you should definitely try it. 


  • Consistent high temp with low burns
  • Imparts an exclusive smokey flavor
  • You’ll get the bag full of large chunks
  • Easy to clean after cooking


  • You’ll need a bit longer time to light it
  • Takes enough time to produce high temp

Kamado Joe Big Block Lump Charcoal

The 100% genuine hardwood charcoal will surely make your dish full of flavor. The charcoal is made of premium hardwood and will burn for up to 27 hours.  This fuel will be a wise purchase as it can be reused three times. 

The charcoal is crafted from real trees that will provide you with a robust wood-fire flavor. The charcoal will burn longer and will also reach the optimum temperature faster than the traditional fuels. 

For slow cooking, this product will be a top pick without any doubt. If you are looking for a satisfying experience, you should definitely try this lump charcoal from Kamado Joe. 

Top Features

  • Better for slow cooking
  • Reusable for three times
  • Will burn for up to 27 hours 
  • Made from a blend of hardwood

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BrandKamado Joe
Item Weight30 Pounds
LongevityUp to 27 hours

This charcoal is available with a variant of fire starters and wood smoker chunks. The smoky flavor of this charcoal will make your smoking dish better than others.

Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal is made from real trees that will burn clean and add a robust wood-fire flavor. In addition, this charcoal will burn hotter for moisture. Thus, there will be perfectly tender and soft meat exactly how you want it. 

Sometimes, the size of the charcoal creates an issue. If they come in smaller pieces, then they would not cover the surface effectively. In addition, perfectly shaped charcoal makes the heat more effective during smoking. This charcoal will surely satisfy you with the shape.

This is one of the major advantages of using this charcoal. Kamado Joe Big Block Charcoal can be reused multiple times. If you close the vents of your grills when done, this will allow you to reuse the charcoal multiple times. You can use them at most three times.

Kamado Joe crafts products to perform better and last longer. They produce a variety of cooking materials such as grills, fuel, gear, and accessories. 

You should try their product as customer satisfaction is a guarantee. Don’t hesitate to try out Kamado Joe charcoal as they offer a variety of features and do maintain premium quality.


  • Burns slow and steady
  • Leaves no inches unburnt
  • Super easy to light
  • Doesn’t emit many sparks


  • The size is not so big
  • You may get some dust inside the box

Pok Pok Thaan Long Burning Charcoal 

Pok Pok is quite popular for manufacturing quality charcoal for charcoal grills. This is a Thai-style Binchōtan extruded Pok Pok Thaan Charcoal that will make your meal taste better, and there will be a mild flavor to enhance the taste of your dish. 

This charcoal is made from orchard-grown rambutan wood and doesn’t damage the flavor of your dish at all. Pok Pok Thaan Charcoal will last for a decent amount of time and will be a perfect choice for slow cooking. The charcoal is reusable as well. 

The charcoal will be perfect for any style of cooking such as grilling or barbequing. 

Top Features

  • Provides consistent heat
  • Ideal for any style of cooking
  • Adds a mild flavor to the dish
  • Thai-Style Binchotan charcoal
  • Long burning with low-ash and low-smoke

Check today’s price on Amazon

This Binchōtan charcoal is known as the purest charcoal on earth. Thus, you can guess the quality of this charcoal and the output as well.

Pok Pok Thaan Charcoal is Thai-style Binchotan charcoal that is known for its purity. This charcoal is a natural alternative to commercial charcoal briquettes. Thaan Charcoal is crafted from grown rambutan fruitwood. 

Consistent heat makes the change during smoking. You won’t have perfectly cooked and tender meat if the charcoal doesn’t provide you with consistent heat. Don’t need to worry if you are using Pok Pok Thaan Long Burning Charcoal. This product will maintain consistent heat during the burn.

The premium charcoal from Pok Pok won’t damage the flavor of your meal. This fuel imparts a mild flavor that will surely enhance the deliciousness of your dish. The charcoal will be suitable for any style of cooking.

Pok Pok was established in 2005 to bring lesser-known Thai food to Portland. Pok Pok is now more expanded and has some other branches over the US. The chef and founder of this manufacturer is an award winner and an author as well. 

The company ensures top-quality and does maintain purity while manufacturing cooking items. The Binchotan charcoal from this manufacturer also has a Thai touch in it.


  • Amazing fruitwood flavor
  • Produces consistent heat
  • Easy to ignite and burns for long time


  • Takes a long time to ignite
  • Produces less smoke

What To Look Before Buying Charcoal For Your Gravity Feed Smoker

Charcoal is the primary fuel for gravity-feed smokers. Your meal will mostly depend on the quality of the charcoal you’re using. For this reason, don’t rush while choosing this product. Make sure the product has all the required features so that you will have the best experience of smoking. 

Here are some major factors that you should definitely check before purchasing charcoal – 


There is charcoal available with different flavors. This actually depends on from which hardwood they are crafted. The wood chips during crafting make the charcoal full of flavor. Pick charcoal that won’t damage the dish flavor. Premium charcoal will just add a mild flavor to your cooking and make the dish more delicious. 


A bad packaging may ruin the unique flavor of charcoal. The charcoal should be well-packed with a waterproof and re-sealable bag. Charcoal is hard in nature, and bad packaging may destroy the shape. This is why make sure the charcoal you are purchasing comes with proper packaging. 


Premium charcoal will burn for longer. The charcoal should cover a cooking session so that you should not refill the smoker twice. Some of the charcoal comes with a reusable feature. Make sure the fuel doesn’t make much ash and leftovers. This will make the flavor damaged. Charcoal that burns clean and longer will be recommended for gravity feed smokers.


Here comes another important feature for quality charcoal. The shape should be perfect and not too small. Perfectly shaped charcoal will cover a decent amount of surface during smoking. This will let the meal get the heat effectively. You will be able to cook your meal faster without any time being wasted.


Purity is what makes the charcoal premium. Pure charcoal made with all-natural elements will make smoking better. You will surely notice a change in flavor by using 100% natural charcoal. Lump charcoal is popular for its purity, and it’s recommended for gravity feed smokers as well. 

This is why you should always pick pure and natural charcoal for gravity-feed smokers. There should not be any chemicals or additives that may ruin the flavor during smoking.

Can You Use Lump Charcoal In A Gravity Feed Smoker

Sure, lump charcoal will be the best choice for gravity-feed smokers. This makes quick light and also provides a long burn. A gravity-feed smoker will make effective heat if you use charcoal that burns longer. 

The shape of lump charcoal is also suitable for gravity-feed smokers. They will cover more space than the traditional charcoal. You will have consistent heat by using lump charcoal.   

Lump charcoal is crafted after so many processes. This is why they make a cleaner burn and don’t make much leftovers. All-natural lump charcoal will make the dish more flavorful with a mild smoky flavor. The pure lump charcoal will always be a favorite option to use in a gravity-feed smoker.

Briquettes or Lump Charcoal – Which Is The Best for Gravity Series Smoker

Briquettes and Lump are two different types of charcoal that are used for gravity series smokers. They both have a common feature that is purity.  Both the products can be used for gravity series smokers to find out the best you should know their effectiveness during different situations.

Briquettes are a type of charcoal that makes low heat. Thus, if you are cooking something that requires a long cook with low heat, pick the Briquettes without any doubt. However, briquettes are quite expensive than the others. If budget is an issue for you, then move for the lump charcoal.

On the other hand, Lump charcoal is recommended for high heat. This will make quick-cooking without wasting any time. You will be able to start the cooking immediately, and the meal will be cooked quicker as well. 

Lump charcoal adds the flavor better than any other type. If you prefer a smoky flavor in your dish, you should use the Lump charcoal. Lump charcoal also makes a cleaner burn and doesn’t make much leftover whilst the cooking is complete.

If low and slow cooking is your concern, then pick briquettes. Otherwise, lump charcoal will be the top pick for sure. 

Tips for Using Charcoal While Smoking With Gravity Feed Smoker

As gravity fed smokers are different from traditional smokers, users should follow some steps to make smoking more effective. Have a look at the below points to make your smoking better than before – 

  • Fill the Hopper

Gravity feed smoker needs to get filled with the proper amount of fuel. Otherwise, you may need to refill the hopper before the cook is done. This will be obviously a hassle. Use quality charcoal at a standard amount so that you won’t be required to refill the hopper twice. Based on the cooking style, use the required amount of charcoal.

  • Use Wood Mix

This one will make your meal more flavorful. You may add wood mix in the charcoal to add a distinct flavor. There are wood mixes available in different flavors. Use the one you prefer. Make sure the wood mix won’t fluctuate the heat and also maintain a distance between the dish and the mix. This will save the dish from the ash.

  • Maintain a Consistent Temp

This is an important tip you should always consider while smoking in a gravity feed smoker. Doesn’t matter what type of charcoal you’re using, maintain a consistent heat during the cooking. This will make the meat perfectly cooked and the flavor will also remain exactly how it should be. 


Charcoal is the main ingredient for gravity-feed smokers. Bad charcoal can ruin the flavor and the taste of your meal. Thus, you should never compromise the quality. This is why the article tried to clear out the doubts a user may face while picking the best charcoal for a gravity-feed smoker. 

Lump charcoal will undoubtedly be the best pick for gravity-feed smokers. While using lump charcoal for a gravity feed smoker,  making the charcoal includes the above-mentioned features. Natural lump charcoal with consistent heat and pure flavor will surely make your smoking better than usuals.