The best dutch oven for camping to cook something topcellently delicious even in the wild

Whether it’s riverside or in the midst of the forest, can you imagine camping without cooking? I may forget to take my wallet, even at times I forget to take my mobile phone but you’ll get the best dutch oven for camping in my backpack whenever I get out to enjoy my weekend with my wild but wonderful friends.

For the outdoor lovers like me, camping is always thrilling. But, to enjoy that thrill you must need to fill your stomach with some fuel and to make your fuel Soooo delicious, Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven is always ready.

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You can fill up your stomach with any dry food. But, if you don’t like to hug the goddess of dehydration in your camping, you’ll never consider doing so. So, you have to cook some food and right then you’ll realize the necessity of a dutch oven that is designed for outdoor use.

Here the fact is that you will not be able to cook in a campsite with any of your cast iron griddle or kitchen pans, as you will not find your kitchen gas stove there. In each of your camping, you’ll need to make one handmade wooden firing zone so that you can hang a particular type of cooking oven there.

What makes it the best dutch oven for camping

Not only the Grand Canyon national park memorial, but its built-in thermometer notch, convenient loop handle on its lid, true seasoned finishing, booklet with seasoning tips and its high quality material with gorgeous black color makes it as the best choice of the most camp lovers.

Camp chef has manufactured this Dutch oven with 11 7/8 qt volume inside it. With a 14″ size this pot can be used to whip up a celebration cake or a nice meat roast in any campfire. Moreover, this Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven is manufactured with a pre-seasoned finishing

Thereby it’s ready to use and easy to maintain. Unlike another camp oven, it contains a lid with legs.  So, it can also use skillet or griddle whenever you need them in your camping.

Its weight is 28 lb. And you can cook for 17-18 person into this amazing oven at one time. If these features aren’t enough to make your decision, then I think its price will surprise you –

Some selective features for a camping friendly Dutch oven:

Almost all Dutch ovens are user-friendly while used for any camping. However, here I’m going to show you some features for a camping friendly Dutch oven-

  • Select a Dutch oven at least with three legs.
  • Select it with a durable handle.
  • It should contain a snugly fitting lid.
  • Also should have a lid lifter.
  • A well consistent thickened metal should present in the body.
  • The solid and thin metallic handle should easily movable and strong enough.
  • As there is the various size of a Dutch oven (8,10,12,14,16″ accordingly). So, try to select the perfect one thinking of your camping members and so one.

Features of this Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven:

  • This Dutch oven is Grand Canyon national park memorial edition.
  • This Dutch oven is featured with a pre-seasoned finish line. So, you can maintain it easily for a long period of time.
  • It comes with an inbuilt thermometer notch.
  • Contains a solid lid with 3 legs and a helpful hand lid, so can be used as an alternate for any skillet or griddle.
  • A lid lifter with a bail, a starter booklet (with seasoning tips) are available with this Dutch oven.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • 90 days long limited warranty service from any Camp Chef outlets.

Did you notice that this dutch oven comes with all the selective features of a camping friendly dutch oven. So, it seems to me that you’ll love this dutch oven and now let’s see a few more about this wild oven-

Things to consider before buying a Dutch Oven:

A Dutch oven is a perfect cooking utensil for any outdoor camping. It can also be used for making any barbecue item in your backyard too. However, you should follow the following facts before making your purchase decision for this awesome dutch oven by Camp Chef-

1) What is made of:

While buying a camping dutch oven, make sure that it is only made of heavy cast iron. Though you’ll get some alternate options (such as enameled cast iron, aluminium cast iron and stainless steel cast iron), for any camping purpose, heavy cast iron is the best choice.

2) Size and shape:

Camping Dutch Oven comes in different sizes. You may entice to find a chart, which includes the number of food consumers versus dutch oven size.  Anyway, you don’t need to put your concentration on finding any chart if you don’t mind to offer me a cup of green tea.

You can easily buy a 6-quart sizes Dutch oven. It seems to be the ideal size for the small group of campers. Almost all the large sizes recipe you can cook through this size oven. It’s big enough to suitably cook all stews, casseroles, whole chickens, soups, any deserts, any rice item and so on.

But, if you don’t like to cook every time you need to eat, then you should go for a bigger size. So that you can cook extra which you can reserve for your next meal.

3) Weight:

There is a proverb about any Dutch oven, the heavier, the most quality full. So if anyone tells you that they have a lighter Dutch oven, I am frankly saying – it might not made of any original cast iron. If you have any issues with the weight of Dutch oven, if you are unable to carry a heavyweight Dutch oven into your backpack, then I’ve nothing to say….

4) Lids:

The lid is an essential component for any Dutch oven. Because it entraps the heat and moisture during cooking and eventually spread all of them onto the inner wall of the Dutch oven. However, put emphasis on following issues-

  • Select a stable and robust lid so that it can sufficiently hold the internal air.
  • Choose a lid with a knob and with a handle. A handle onto the lid will help you to grab the lid to check the food into the middle of cooking.
  • Look on the lip of the top of your Dutch oven. A Dutch oven should consist of a descent lip so that the lid can tightly fit onto the container.

5) Handles:

Two types of the handle may attach with the pot. A top loop metal handle or a side handle. The side handle is smaller and not so user friendly. The top loop handle is much easier to use.

6) Legs:

It is the main feature by which an indoor Dutch oven and an outdoor Dutch oven make different to each other. Presence of legs makes the cooking process very smooth. Proper air supply onto the hot charcoal possible only with the Dutch oven which consists of some legs and 3 is the best number.

7) Seasoning and cleaning needed:

Put your concentration on how to use a Dutch oven rather than how to clean or season them. If you are not proper sedulous on cleaning, then most probably you will need an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven.

There are many options to buy a pre seasoned Dutch oven from the market, if you do not want to give your extra time to season your oven. But you have to be very careful not to cook any acidic food into that pre seasoned Dutch oven.

However, seasoning a dutch oven is not any complicated job. As a camping lover, I believe that you’ll easily do this if you follow these simple steps.

How to Season a Dutch oven:

Purchasing of a new Dutch iron requires seasoning at first. It is necessary to make the rough surface of a cast iron non sticky to make it ready for cooking. Presence of lacquer on the new oven may burn onto the meal when the first time it is used. A cast-iron Dutch oven is such an item which lasts for generations, so you should take care of it.

Wash the new oven with soap and warm water. As it is a rusty pan, so you could use steel wool but don’t try to clean the vestige of steel. Vestiges of steel protect the steel wool out from the pan. Dry the pan finely and then use a clean kitchen towel to rub a thin layer of oil (Vegetable or cooking) over the cooking area of the pan.

Never use any animal or low graded pan, because it may cause quick rancidity onto the cooking pan. When rubbing of oil onto the cooking pan is finished, place the Dutch oven in a preheated oven. Then for 2 hours cook the oven at a temperature of 250 F. Again cool the oven and repeat the oiling, heating and cooling procedure at least two times.

When oiling and baking procedure is finished, wash the pan with a mild soap. After each use of your pan, wash it with warm water and soap and dry it in a preheated oven or on little wormy coals.

Oil it lightly and back it again in the same process. If you maintain the process continuously, you may ensure that you will able to cook onto a sticky surfaced cooking Dutch oven smoothly.

However, you don’t need to season your cast iron Dutch oven every after cooking if it’s featured with true seasoned finishing. And here’s a practical cleaning and seasoning tips from my camper friend Barry Phillips

What is a Dutch oven?

A Dutch oven is a heavy metallic cooking pot. It is prepared by cast iron metal. You can use a Dutch oven either on your stovetop or in any oven too. It is a heavy cooking pot, and you can braise well your Dutch oven because it contains a tightly fitting lid.

Dutch ovens are excellent utensils for making soups and stews but can withstand high heat so you can also use this oven for any deep-frying too. However, you cannot use this oven regularly as it is suitable only for various slow cooking.

This Dutch oven has a 300 years old history which makes this pot elegant and super kitchenware. In the 17th century, Dutch made a better Dutch oven than any English Dutch, that’s why someone named Abraham Derby travelled to Netherland to learn their Dutch oven making procedure.

After four years of staying, he returned to England and patented the Dutch cast iron oven making procedure. From then onward, similar Dutch oven as Dutch is producing all over the world and used almost in every kitchen and every camping.

The origin of the Dutch oven is still in confusion; some say that it comes from the French user’s (lived in Pennsylvania), who used this specific designated of pot for making soup or stew.  Some others are saying that it comes from the Dutch process of making this cast iron pot using sand moulds.

Regardless of the origin some two other features such as the presence of some legs at the bottom of the pot and appearance of a flat lid on the top of the pot make this Dutch oven very specific and specialized.

This oven primarily designed to make soup and braising meat that’s why cast iron is used to make this oven from the beginning. Cast iron is perfect for spreading eventual heat all over the pot. Cast iron also retains heat for a long time.

There are two types of cast iron present in the market-

  • Plain cast iron
  • Enameled cast iron

See the below table for making a clear concept about Plain cast iron Dutch oven and Enameled cast iron Dutch oven


Plain cast iron Dutch oven

Enameled cast iron oven



Relatively expensive that plain cast iron.


Needs to be seasoned after each use.

Don’t need to be seasoned.


Heavy weight.

Heavy weight.


Will last for a long time.

Enameled cast iron can crack.

Cooking capacity

Cannot cook any acidic food

Can cook any acidic food easily.

Beat stability

Not more than 2000-degree centigrade. 

More than 2000 degrees.

Food quality

Tend to food sticking

Free from food sticking

Again, we can categories all Dutch oven into two ways- old fashioned Dutch oven and modern fashioned Dutch oven. An old-fashioned Dutch oven is very fair to spread heat all over the food and all over the surface of the oven as well. The old-fashioned Dutch oven can be used for cooking of any chilies item to baking any cornbread too.

The modern Dutch oven can be used both onto a gas stove or in an oven. A tight-fitting lid makes this pot very suitable for cooking any moist food. See the below table and observe the features of both these Dutch ovens-


Old-fashioned cast-iron Dutch oven

Modern fashioned cast iron Dutch oven


Made of cast iron

Made of cast iron, enameled cast iron, stainless still loop, aluminum loop etc..


Loop handle on lid is present.

Knob handle on lid is present.


Wide Flat bottom.

Wide flat bottom.


Supported by three or four legs

Leg is not included


Tight fitting Flat Lid 

Tight fitting Domed or round lid.


Height is higher than its width.

Height is higher than its width.


Wire, semicircular handle

Ear shaped handle


Available on the market.

Available on market

Suitability for Camping

Best suitable Dutch oven for camp cooking.

Best suitable for indoor cooking.

How to use a Dutch oven?

As you know, a Dutch oven is friendly kitchenware for cooking in a campfire. So, it’ll help you cook some delicious recipe even in your camping. But, everything can go in vain if a camper doesn’t know how to use it.  So, here’s something exclusive for the first time campers-

  • Bakers:

Put a lot of hot charcoal on the top of the lid of your Dutch oven. The heat produced from those charcoal will cook any dessert, Pizza, cake, pasta, or whatever you want. Just put your concentration on the amount of charcoal on your lid, it should be more than the underneath of your pot. It will prevent the burning of any food at its bottom layer.

  • Boilers:

Unlike bakers, place all your charcoal underneath a Dutch oven. It will help to generate more heat at the bottom of this pot. So, at this concentrated bottom heat, you can boil any liquid, stew or soup type foods.

  • Skillet:

You can use the lid of any Dutch oven as a griddle or skillet too. Turn the lid upside down and place it onto the hot charcoal. You can use this instant griddle for frying of severely items, such as sausages, egg scramble, peanut roasting bacon cooking etc. 

  • Bean hole cooking:

Before starting the cooking procedure, soak the beans one or two hours with water. Though this cooking itself is a lengthy process but soaking the bean will enhance the cooking quality of all beans.

However, make a three- or four-feet deep hole. Line the hole with rocks. Make a wood firing into the hole, gradually the line-up rocks will be hot and start to retain the heat.

Place the Dutch oven onto the wood fire, keep some charcoal onto the closed lid of this pot. Make shovel dirt over the hole; it will trap heat.  Thus it’ll offer you a plate full of delicious beans.

  • Use for stacking:

Two or three Dutch ovens can stack together for cooking a variety of meals into each pot of this stacking. Besides this, you can prepare a large volume of food into this process for a lot of people in an outing or camping too.

We suggest to use a 14″ Dutch oven at the bottom, 12″ oven in the middle and finally a 10″ oven on the top. Don’t forget to place hot coal on the underneath of the 14″ oven and on the lid of each oven.

  • Roaster:

In any emergency situation, you use your Dutch oven for roasting any meat too. For bringing a preliminary richer roasting flavor, start roasting into this pot by placing it onto the gas oven. After a brownie color comes to the big cut meat, add liquid and your preferable vegetables into the pot.

Finally, cover the oven pot tightly and place it into a conventional pre-heated (350 F) oven. Roast the meat for one or two hours.

  • Simmer:

Any food which takes a long time simmer, you can try them into your Dutch oven. Put the pot on your gas stove, start cooking at a medium-high temperature after several minutes, turn down the heat at a low point. Close the oven tightly with its lid. Then simmer stew or other foods for several hours to get the great taste.

Precaution of handling a Dutch oven:

  • Never use any plastic or silicone cookware when cooking through any Dutch oven. Wooden cookware is the best choice for a Dutch oven.
  • Line up the lid and ovens joint with aluminium foil; it will decrease your cooking time.
  • Never pour any cold water into any hot cast iron Dutch oven, it may crack the pot at a glance!
  • Never drop it from any high distance, it may break the pot.
  • Never soak the pot info water for a long time, it will catch rust.
  • Never use any hard detergent or hard cleanser to wash the pot, it will destroy the seasoning of the pot.
  • Never use a hard-metallic scriber to clean the pot, it will be degreed the enamel.
  • Place your Dutch oven onto a heat proof surface. 
  • Seal the pot well with its solid lid so that any heat or steam canny go out from inside to outside.
  • Already I told you, repeating again brush well to sweep away all the ashes from the top of the lid.
  • Re-season after every use of your Dutch oven with oil. 

Indoor Dutch oven vs outdoor Dutch oven:

Can you guess how many types of dutch ovens are there in my kitchen cabinet? No matter what’s there in my kitchen, but you’ll get 2 types of dutch ovens in the market and these are-

1] Indoor Dutch oven:

An indoor Dutch oven is manufactured for indoor use only. &

2] Outdoor Dutch oven:

An outdoor Dutch oven is featured in such a way to use only for outdoor cooking or camp cooking. An outdoor dutch oven is consisting of some unusual feature which makes this oven an awesome tool for any campfire. Let’s describe those special features in details-

The Leg:

Almost all outdoor Dutch oven has at least three or four legs attached at the bottom of the oven. Presence of legs has a lot of advantages to protect the stove from smashing of any coal or ashes, also allow proper air to pass into the fire. But, indoor oven doesn’t need those legs as it’s used on the gas stove.

The Lid:

When any outdoor Dutch oven is kept onto the fire, a lid is also placed on the top of the pot. Then hot coal is kept on the lid to bake the inside food. If you do not use a lid, you will be unable to bake the top food inside the pot; only bottom food will be cooked in this way. However, the lid has a specific function to prevent fall down of any ashes or coal into the inside food while cooking.

The Fit:

The lid of any camp oven fits appropriately with the body of the pot. It neither fits tightly nor loosely. One thing I have to say, a lid should not tightly fit onto the lip of the oven, when inside liquids boil a pressure is created.

Again, as some inside air should be trapped into the container while cooking so the lid also should not loosely fit onto the lip of the container. Only a Dutch oven lid is maintaining proper fitting with the container, so it is very good pot in any outdoor cooking.

The Size:

Generally, the indoor oven is small in size than any outdoor oven, that’s why a large volume of food can be cooked in any outdoor Dutch oven.

You may ask a question if it is possible to use any indoor oven into a camp cooking? Well, it’s a matter of lots of modification by your own hand.  Such of them are-

As the main problem of any indoor Dutch oven is a lid, so let’s make some handmade lid and use them onto the indoor Dutch oven. Take a large piece of aluminium foil sheet, fold it double, fold the edge of the foil to some stuffiness and rim it.

Finally use this doubled foil as a lid onto an indoor Dutch oven, when it applies in any outdoor cooking. Keep the hot charcoal onto the foil lid and wait until the cooking is finished. Once cooking is finished, lose the aluminium foil very carefully, smash all ashes with a brush finally open the handmade lid.

handmade lid for dutch oven

Or you may take a large sizes lid, make its upside down and cover the indoor Dutch oven.  Keep in mind the lid obviously should larger than the oven’s opening. Keep hot coal onto the lid, wait for finishing the cooking. Never forget to hold the hot lid with a lid holder very carefully.

Okay, you have one extra option to make a lid on your indoor Dutch oven. Make a soft iron ring using any plumber tap. Wrap it with foil paper and make it a robust round shape. Place the aluminium lid onto the Dutch oven, again place the Iron lid onto the aluminium lid. Put charcoal onto the iron lid.

Round or oval Dutch oven:

The oval Dutch oven can accumulate any large chicken or meat for cooking. For slow cooking of any whole bird or chicken, an oval oven can give you better performance. Due to its oval shape of both sides, it works slowly to become hot and spread hot onto the whole meal.

And the significant advantage of the round Dutch oven over the oval Dutch oven is that any round oven can be used on any gas stove. But for any oval Dutch oven, a special type of oval-shaped gas stove is required.

Any round burner under the oval Dutch oven is very irritating. So, for slow cooking like roasting off the whole chicken, you can use an oval Dutch oven. But for slightly faster cooking like cooking of chicken chops or small pieced meat, you can use a round one.

Why are round Dutch ovens so preferable for any camping?

  • Round Dutch oven has a specific size and design which gives an outstanding service while cooking onto the wood fire at any outdoor cooking. 
  • It has three or four legs, so easily can place it onto the wood fire in any camping.
  • This oven is so versatile; you can cook any food into it. You can use this oven for cooking any stew, fry, boil and more one.
  • If you cannot understand how to cook, just you can put all your cooking items into this oven. Finally, place it onto the fire, after a few times, your meal is ready! No experience is required to cook through this pot.
  • As it is made of heavy cast iron, so retain heat for a long time.
  • It is a durable pot. Last for years  to come.
  • The cleaning procedure is not so complicated; it’s the more interesting things about why people like to use round utch oven in their camping.
  • And the most surprising fact is that round one is very easy to pack in the backpack.

A few more Camping Dutch oven accessories that you’ll need in your camping:

Dutch oven accessories can be divided into two categories-

  1. Essentials. &
  2. Wow to have Accessories.

1] Essentials:

  • One Cast iron cleaner.

You cannot clean your Dutch oven using any soap or detergent, so it is mandatory to use a cast iron cleaner to clean your Dutch oven.

  • Tong.

Shovel or a tong is required to handle the charcoal or briquettes while cooking outdoors. You can pack a set of small light and large Tong into your backpack while going for camping. If you are cooking with wood instead of charcoal you can take a shovel in your hand to avoid any accidents.

  • Lid lifter.

It is a fantastic tool for handling the hot cast iron lid. Once you are habituated with any lid lifter, you don’t need to be a worry for handling the whole pot with this in case of any emergency.

  • Charcoal bag.

Charcoal or briquettes it is impossible to make a fire in case of any moist place. So, you have to pack at least a medium-sized charcoal pack into your backpack when you are going for any camping.

  • Cookbook.

There Are lots of different meals processed with such a variety of means, so if you do not take any cookbook with you, it may create a lot of hassles to prepare a variety of recipes into your camping.

2] Wow to have Accessories:

  • Oven Bag.

It does not only take good care of your Dutch oven. An oven bag will help you to easily carry your Dutch oven while you are making to go for any outdoor tripping.

  • Tripod.

You want to use Dutch oven placing it double down; you will probably need a tripod. A legless Dutch oven can be used for cooking with the help of a tripod. However, you can use a tripod in case any of your outdoor cooking or indoor cooking.

  • Lid stand.

You are cooking such an item which needs to frequent checking, or if you are cooking in such a location which is not suitable for put the lid on the ground, then you obviously will need a lid stand. You can easily carry it while transporting your oven bag on any journey.

  • One broom.

Whisk broom will help you to sweep all the charcoal and ashes from the lid by keeping your cooking oven very clean and tidy. So, don’t forget to pack a whisk broom into your backpack while going for any camping.

  • Oven Mitts.

You have any lid-lifter you can avoid using any oven Mitts. However, in the absence of any lid lifter, it can support you a lot.

  • Charcoal Starter.

Charcoal is essential to make the charcoal foolproof; that’s why making lighting the fire becomes faster and easier.

  • Deep fryer.

Can make a delicious item in your camping like French fries, fried chicken with the help of a simple deep fryer. So, if you feel comfortable, never forget to take one deep fryer with you.

  • Hand gloves.

Yes, you need a pair of heat proof hand gloves. It will protect you from any unwanted incident. These are the things that’ll make your camp cooking more enjoyable. Now, let’s have a look at the process of cooking with this oven-

Cooking Guide with a Dutch oven in the camping:

Step- one:

Just lit the charcoal or make a wood fire. And nurture them properly. 


Once your coal or firing wood is ready to go, keep all the food ingredients into your Dutch oven.

Step- three:

Take a tong and start to keep the hot charcoal onto the lid and beneath the pot. If you want to cook by wood fire, then place the pot onto the fire.

Anyway, there is a nice measurement of placing the charcoal onto the lid or under the pot. Place two charcoal against per inch of oven diameter. After placing in such a way, keep three extra charcoal onto the lid and reduce three pieces from the underneath of the pot.


Leave the food into the pot as it is for receipt saying time. You don’t need to move the lid in the middle of cooking. 

Anyway, if you can’t wait, move the lid with a tong very carefully so that any ash does not fall onto the inside meal.


If your meal is ready, wear hand gloves. Remove the remaining charcoal with the tong. Sweep the ash using a broom carefully.  Then again move the lid and enjoy your meal.

How to clean a camping dutch oven:

how to clean a camping dutch oven

It is not anymore, a complex process. My 7 years old Jessica can do this. Let’s see how does she do it-

Step -one:

Remove any food from inside the pot using a wooden spatula. 


Fill the pot with clean water. Place it onto the fire.  Keep heating unless the inside water is boiled for approximately 10 minutes. Scrape and remove all stuck-on food from the inner pot using the spatula. 


Use hand gloves and pour inner water outside and make the pot empty. Wipe the pot with a dry cloth and let it dry properly. 

Step- four:

Heat the oven keeping it onto the fire. Heating of the dutch oven will remove all its moisture content and open all the metallic pores slightly. Pour a few drops of cooking oil onto the oven and wipe away all over the inner surface with a dry cloth. You need not do this into the outer surface of the stove unless it catches any rust into it.

Here is one attention I want to seek from everyone; please don’t use any soap or detergent water to clean the oven. Using Of soap or detergent will damage the patina of the inner surface of the pot.

Damage of patina causes rust formation onto the oven surface. Using of soapy solution while cleaning the pot leaves a soapy odor into the pores of the pot’s surface. So, it is very annoying to flavor soapy while eating some food.

Dutch oven cooking recipes:

How about to learn some delicious recipes before going out to enjoy camping for the first time…..!

1] Chicken stew:

At camping, the body often feels very weak and has stomach upset.  Everyone is suffering from diarrhoea this time around. This time the list of foods needs light but essential nutrient-filled foods. And so today we will see how to make chicken stew at camping.


To marinade: Chicken- forty-five villages (cut into small pieces), Ginger-garlic paste – two tablespoons, Lemon juice – half a lemon, Turmeric powder – half teaspoon. Salt- as your taste. 

For stew: Green chili – Four pcs, Peppermint powder – one teaspoon, Coriander powder – one teaspoon, Cumin powder – one teaspoon, onion – two small pcs.

French beans-half cup (cut into half-inch pieces), Carrot – a medium size (chopped), Medium size of potatoes (cut into slices), Ghee or butter – one tablespoon, salt- as per your choice.


In a large bowl, marinate the chicken pieces with ginger-garlic paste, turmeric powder, salt and lemon juice and leave it for at least fifteen minutes. Now heat the cheese or butter in a dutch oven and fry the onion lightly. After a few seconds, place the chicken pieces and all other ingredients in the dutch oven.  Cook at medium temperature with 800 ml of water for half an hour.

2] Cake:


Butter or oil half cup, sugar half cup (or as per your taste), egg two, one cup of flour, one teaspoon of baking powder, two tablespoons of powdered milk, vanilla essence one teaspoon, dry fruits, nuts (whether you wish or not).


Combine baking powder with flour and stir. Break the egg and set aside the yolks, then make the white part of the egg with a bit of foam.  Beat butter with egg yolks, oil/butter and sugar. Mix well with vanilla essence and powdered milk.

Now add the sieved flour and never use the beater in the egg and flour mixture. After giving the flour, shake it on one side. Otherwise, the foam will sit, and the cake will not swell. Now add a little flour/cornflour to the desired raisins, nuts etc. and mix it in the cake mixture.

Now pour the cake mixture into the Dutch oven. In this case, first put a little cheese on the inside of the dutch oven, then pour the mixer into it. Then place the oven on the wood fire or the hot charcoal and cover it with tightly with the lid.  Place hot charcoal onto the lid. After one hour, stop baking.

3] Chicken roast:


One medium chicken, sour yoghurt-half cup, sugar-half teaspoon, butter-two teaspoon, roast spices powder-one teaspoon, green chili-three or four pieces, onion-two large onion chopped into the large size. Salt-on pinch.


At first meionite the whole chicken for approximate for two hours mixing with all ingredients except green chilly and onion. Then place this marionette chicken into the Dutch oven mixing with green chilli and onion cube. Spread the butter onto the chicken. Cover the oven tightly with the lid.

Put hot charcoal onto the lid and beneath the bottom of the Dutch oven. Cook this chicken approximately for one or one and a half hours at a slow heat. Once cooking finished, sweep the ashes from the lid of the pot.

Open the lid carefully with a lid holder. And serve the freshly prepared chicken roast onto a serving dish. If you want you can garnish this chicken with nut, curry leaves and with some capsicum too.

Advantages of Camp Chef Dutch Oven:

The Dutch oven has a lot of advantages over any aluminium or stainless-steel cookware. Let’s see some of them-

  • Inexpensive:

You have to afford a low price for buying any Dutch oven. Maybe you are thinking about how it is possible! Consider the cost of any stainless steel or Aluminum pan, with the same price you can buy the same qualities Dutch oven. That’s why we are saying that it is inexpensive rather than any SS or any other cooking pan.

  • Naturally non-sticky:

A proper seasoned Dutch oven is typically very non-sticky. So, you don’t need to add any extra oil or fat while cooking.

  • Dietary benefits:

A Dutch oven is made of pure cast iron. So, it supplies a necessary amount of iron into your meal. You just sure to buy a pure cast iron Dutch oven. Cooking into a pure Dutch iron, will leach on an around 18 mg of pure iron into your meal and finally you will intake this iron with your meal.

  • Even distribution of heat:

If you set your oven only onto one burner of your gas stove, it will distribute the heat eventually all over the surface of the pot. It Doesn’t matter what the cooking surface is, but if you leave the potion a lower heat, your meal will be cooked well. Besides this, it retains heat for a long time. So your meal stays warm for a long time.

  • Health benefits:

Unlike non-stick frying pan, they never contain any harmful chemicals as an upper layer onto the inner surface of the pot. So, it is free from carcinogenic hazard.

Disadvantage you may notice while using this dutch oven:

  • Needs seasoning:

You may not prefer each time seasoning after its every use. But it is a fact that you have to season the Dutch oven after its every use.

  • Heavy:

A Dutch oven is made of pure cast iron; cast iron is a heavy metal. So this oven is also very heavy in weight.  Moreover, when you take this oven into your backpack, it makes some muscle pain into your body’s back portion 

  • Limited cooking:

You cannot use this pot for any cooking. You cannot cook tomato Sauce or other acidic food into a Dutch oven. Presence of cast iron undergoes an acidic reaction with the acidic meal and turns the food color very dark. Like this way, it also slightly destroys the original taste of any acidic food.

  • Handling hazard:

Cooking by a Dutch oven requires carrying some accessories (such as- tong, lifter, charcoal, gloves, tripod) to assist the Dutch oven. So, when you are making a plan for any camping, you may fall in a deep worry how to handle those all accessories into your backpack….. And here’s a few alternatives of this heavy cookware-

Dutch oven substitute:

Here I’m gonna show you 7 alternatives of the traditional Dutch oven, if you’re looking for a great solution to the above cons of using dutch oven.

  • Frying pan:

They are sticky or non-sticky. It can use onto the gas stove or in an oven too. Unlike any Dutch oven, it never contains any tall or deep side. A variety of frying pan is available in the market which is made of with a diverse cooking graded material.

You can choose a frying pan because it is suitable and easiest cooking utensils which popularity are increasing day by day. There are various size and shape are available of any frying pan, very small size to large almost 12″ size.

  • Roasting pan:

This type of cooking ware is very special.  This utensil is designed to roast any meat and prevents any spills from the roasted meat. You have to keep this cookware in the oven if you want to roast meat by this cookware.

The roasting pan itself has a rack inside of it. This rack helps the meat not to touch the roasting pan and allow the meat to set above the drippings. Again, removing the racks will allow the meat to roast quickly in direct contact with the drippings.

Because of this roasting pan size, i.e. It’s both high sides, a large volume of food can be cooked at a time in your oven.

  • Slow cooker:

Basically, they are an electric cooker. You can cook by this electric pot with a low temperature, but you will need a long time to complete your whole cooking. The interesting thing is that you may go for a walk by left the cooker alone.

Since it does not require any extra care so you could make yourselves very relief when using this cooker. But one fact you have to consider, as by Its name it is a slow cooker so you will never be able to cook fast or cook a large amount of meal through this Pot 

  • Casserole dish:

This dish is large and deep into size. You can bake many food items with this dish. This dish can easily place into the oven.

  • Olla:

They are like a ceramic jar. You can use these jars for a variety of purposes, especially soup or stews are the better choices for Olla. A deep belly, a short neck with a firmly filleted lid makes Olla suitably stand onto the burner. Olla can place in an oven for frying Any food. However, you can also use Olla for a very different type of use; you can keep water into Olla to make the water cold without using any freezer. 

  • Stockpot:

They are bottomless SS pot with a tight-fitting lid. This pot has two handles on both sides. Its lids also have a nice handle top help you. The flat bottom and top of the pot help anyone to store inside the food very quickly. A large amount of food can cook by this pot. However, be sure that it is tightly sealed with Its lid while cooking; it will help the steam do not come out.

  • Instant Pot:

Today’s best choice for everyone is an instant pot. A hundred dollars instant pot will work as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, food warmer, yoghurt maker, slow cooker, and so on. It’s a revolutionary kitchen appliance and can run with power supply.

Frequently Asked Question on Dutch Oven:

  1. why do you need a Dutch oven?

Well, tell me why you don’t need a Dutch oven in your camping? A Dutch oven is a type of all in one cookware. In any of your camp tour, it is not possible to take a variety of cooking utensils into your backpack. The most valuable thing is that you don’t need to make a variety of kitchen appliances in your backpack. You have to take only one Dutch oven which will require your every cooking ware needs.

  1. What type of food can you cook by a Dutch oven?

A Dutch oven is a multi-use pot. You can use it for various cooking. You can use this oven for cooking any stew, braise, fry, bake, and so on. This oven also can perform as a slow cooker, a frying pan, an instant pot, olla, a roaster and so on.

  1. How do I remove burnt food from a Dutch oven?

Use a wooden spoon to remove the upper loosen portion of the burnt food but never force it to do so. It will degrade the enamel of the inner surface of the Dutch oven. Anyway, fill the pot with clean water and place it onto the fire. Add few spoons of baking soda slowly (fast addition of baking soda will increase the bubble and foam formation) into the boiling water. Leave the soda mixed water to simmer for severely minutes. In the mistime use a wooden spoon to scrape and remove all the black burnt residue from the surface of the Dutch oven.

  1. Do you think an enameled cast iron is better than any ordinary oven?

Of course, I think an Enameled Cast iron such as Dutch oven is better than any other aluminum or stainless-steel cookware available in the market. However, enameled cast iron is more expensive than any bare cast iron. But enamel is requiring sometime because it prevents any excessive iron contamination into the food. Beside this, enameled cast iron retains the seasoning for a long time.

  1. Why Dutch ovens are so expensive?

Because the original cast iron is a heavy and expensive metal. Bases and walls of the container with its heavy lids, it requires a huge amount of pure cast iron to give the oven a best mechanical strength. So, very simply a large number of cast iron with a good craftsmanship just increases the prices of the Dutch oven. 

  1. What is a Dutch oven le creuset? 

It is one kind of Le creuset signature enameled Dutch oven. It is made from pure cast iron with 13.25 quarts size. It is a fantastic round French oven. This conventional Dutch oven enhances the cooking process by spreading the heat all over eventually and by locking the maximum amount of moisture into the oven while cooking. Anyway, you’ll be surprised to know what my friends and family members say about using Camp Chef camping dutch oven.

What my fnfs think about Camp Chef Dutch Oven:

  1. Kris reviewed that; he has got this Dutch oven within two working days into his home. He said this pot was already pre seasoned and was ready to go. According to Kris, this Dutch oven has enough room for a large cooking. He cooked 5 lb. of meat plus 3 lb. of potatoes and onions at a time by this pot.
  2. Mila said it is a nice Dutch oven for any large camping. She told me she thought it would be very difficult for her to cook six persons meals into this pot. But when she tries this pot into at his camp fire cooking, already 9 persons meals were prepared through the Dutch oven. As this oven has a specific lid with a double in hole size, so it creates a huge space onto the oven.
  3. One of our friends named Eric give a says that he is satisfied by using this pot. As all the cast iron cookware has a rough surface so cleaning process may create some hazards. But Eric said, this product is enameled so nicely and he never face any difficulties to clean this pot.
  4. Sofia finds out a negative point. She said even though it contains a nice lid, but the inner portion of the pot has a poor craftsmanship. She said the inner surface of the whole product was so abrasive that it snagged the fiber from the fabric when she tried to wipe it. She tried to resolve this problem but she was unable. 
  5. Dina my cousin told me that it is an outstanding Dutch oven ever she used. Especially the lid and the thermometer notch are her main attraction. She can use this lid as a skillet in any camping.

Final Verdict:

An adventure trip means getting lost in the woods for a few days, or in the mountains or who knows, maybe even in the water! During these times we have to be self-reliant in many respects. One of the most important things is food.

After all the hard work of hiking or trekking all day, a person with severe food cravings may want to eat well. But it is not always possible to get food in the forest, but if it is found again it is often not enough, sometimes not everyone can eat all the food.

It may sound like a lot of comfort, but the work is not so straightforward. We are not so aware of the weight of food from home. But if you have to take one or two kilograms of rice, half a kilogram of potatoes, one kilogram of potatoes for three days, then take it with you, then every moment during trekking it can be understood how heavy the food is!

weight of food

Many Trekkers take various dry food with them. Some sausages, some meat dried, which is called jerky, not everyone’s mind and belly is consumed with this uncooked food. So, most people go for camping, try to take a Dutch oven, some cooking rations and so on.

Although collecting wood from the mountains and cooking food by burning it on fire seems to be a very romantic thing, but when everyone sits down to rest after a long day’s outing, the task of hunger seems to be impossible. Once you get the wood that can be cooked with it may not be so easy.  The wood can be wet, the air can be plentiful, the fire can be hard to burn, maybe not even lit! 

However, cooking with a Dutch oven by charcoal increases the fun of camping a few times..! Here’s the magic of the best dutch oven for camping. So, never miss to take a dutch oven at your next camping which is specially designed for camping.

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