Top 5 Best Pellet Smoker For Beginners In 2022 (Including Buyers Guide)

Backyard amateurs need the easiest, convenient and hassle-free way to smoke a bowl of chicken wings or any of their favorite meat. Considering the fact, Camp Chef has designed a pellet smoker with a PID controller, digital display, and user-friendly menu dial, which is unquestionably the best pellet smoker for beginners.

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As you know, one model doesn’t fit all. So, I’ll be talking about 4 other pellet smokers in this article, which are also beginner-friendly and will surely let you enjoy the best chunks of smoked meat without any further hassle.

So, let’s get ready to dive deep into the core before the pellets are burnt out.

5 Best Pellet Smoker for Beginners

Choosing an appropriate pellet smoker from our chart can save your time and money as there are thousands of models from different brands existing out there in the market today.

We cached the top 5 pellet smokers on our bucket list. All of these are built for beginners and of course on top of the notch in their specific perception.

Look at the key features represented in the following comparison chart, read our in-depth reviews, think twice, and then find the best one to start your BBQ journey right now.

Quick Decision-Making Chart

Key Feature ComparisonCamp Chef SmokePro DLXZ GRILLS Upgrade Pellet SmokerTraeger Grills Pro Series 22
Item Weight127 Pounds84 Pounds46.49 Kilograms
Cooking & Hopper573 sq. in. & 18 lbs700 sq. in. & 20 lbs572 Sq. In. & 18 lbs
Max Temperature500ºF (Adjustable)450° F (Adjustable)450 °F
Best forBeginnersBeginnersBeginners & Expert
The HallmarksVersatility, Attractive design, Durability, Easy use & Clean up, Simple operation, PID technology, & Easy temp control.Latest Technology, Durability, Super easy to use, Affordability, 8-in-1 Versatility & Accuracy.6-in-1 Versatility, Easy control & assembly, Durability, Smoking & Grilling perfection, Digital attachment.
Special FeaturesGen 2 controller,  2 meat probes & High-visibility digital displayCover included, Pellet grill technology, Real-time LED temp display.Advanced Grilling Logic, Dual meat probes, Digital Pro Controller
The Punch LineCamp Chef sounds like this for youZ Grills easier & Fun  than you thoughtGet a Traeger & Make life easy
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Camp Chef SmokePro PID Controller Pellet Smoker & Grill

The following smoker is exquisitely heavy in terms of weight and very well made. It has a thermostat along with it; you can clean it easily as well. This smoker renders a very smoky flavor to meals and cooks slowly. 

Along with the heaviness, there is an extensive perk that subsists using this smoker. It has temperature control, a temperature probe, a power failure restart, a dump tray, is very easy to clean, and a thermostat that is easy to use. Altogether, this pellet smoker worths every buck. 

So, to sum up, if you’re a person who loves extra-smoky meat and cooks slowly as well, I would recommend the following one to you.

Let’s look up to the top features of it. 

Top Features 

  • 2 Meat Probe 
  • Easy to Clean 
  • PID Controller 
  • Attachment Capability
  • Adjustable Smoke Setting

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You will get all these features along with the Camp Chef SmokePro Pellet Smoker. Let me elaborate on all the features to get a crisp clear idea about the smoker. 


Dimensions45 in. x 21 in. x 51 in.
Weight127 Pounds
Power SourceWood
Hopper Capacity18 lbs
Cooking Surface570 sq. in

PID Controller

With its help, you will be able to customize the temperature setting of your pellet smoker. The menu dial is easy to use, and the temperature parameter is set between 160-500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can always adjust the temperature according to your need. For beginners, this is an absolute feature, I might say. 


An exquisitely superficial sidekick has been attached to the smoker itself. The sidekick is profound in terms of versatility and will give you the utmost vibe of grilling stuff. With a dimension of 14-inch, you can add a skillet, oven, grill pot, etc., to it. 

Beginners could easily access the sidekick and omit all their needs at random. However, the attachment capability made the smoker far better than other smokers existing in the market. 

Easy Cleanup

Cleaning cooking appliances takes a lot of time. It’s hectic and boisterous at the same time. You can select the following pellet smoker from getting rid of this problem because it is very easy to clean. The ash-kicking cleanout system combines all the ashes throughout the smoker and stores them in a tiny box so that you can collect them later on. 

You can also flush away all the specks of dust at random. Nonetheless, this feature is committed to rendering you a clean and quiet smoker. 

Meat Probe

The meat probe feature allows you to dominate over the whole temperature of the smoker. You will always be able to monitor the temperature with this. A digital display is attached to the smoker; with the display, you will get to know about the temperature in just a fingertip. 

When the meat is adequately cooked, this will remind you to shut down the smoker. There are two meat probes attached with the smoker; beginners can easily access them and have a great output. 

What We Don’t Like (Cons)

  • CampChef doesn’t refund later on.
  • The temperature scale fluctuates nearly 50-60 degrees occasionally. 

Product-Related FAQs

Does the thermometer always show the correct temperature? 

Not really; no matter what’s the situation is, the temperature in the thermometer always fluctuates. More or less, but it doesn’t show the accurate temperature. In either sense, if you consider a couple of conditions, the thermometer shows the correct temperature under some of the circumstances. 

Can I use the smoker as a grill? 

Yes, you definitely can use the smoker as a grill and can grill your meats adequately in it. As we already talked about it, the temperature for this smoker can go up to 500 degrees. For searing stakes and grilling big chunks, just heat it a little bit up and elevate the temperature. Your meat will eventually get ready over the time being. 

What’s the temperature range for this smoker?

In terms of the lowest temperature, you can upheave it at 120-150 degrees of Fahrenheit. In contrast, you can go up to 500 degrees of Fahrenheit at the highest temperature. However, the range of temperature mostly depends on the temperature at which you’re cooking. 

What are the electric specifications I get with this smoker? 

Ans: Not that much, though. You will get a standard outlet that contains 120 volts, 15 amps. You have to plug it into a 120-volt outlet to operate.

Z GRILLS Auto Temperature Controls Pellet Smoker 

This pellet smoker is worth enough for reserving multifaceted tasks in just a single smoker from every possible angle. You can use it for grilling, baking, smoking, and searing purposes at random. It has an easy-to-start technology; you will be able to run the griller with just a single tap. 

For beginners, this could be a perfect pick. However, the temperature range for this pellet smoker is top-notch, and at the same time, it’s very accurate. It fluctuates more or less 10 degrees, eventually. Along with all these, the following smoker also consists of wide grilling space, and the material it’s made of is exquisitely durable.

Let’s look up to the top features for the Z GRILLS Auto Temperature Controls Pellet Smoker.

Top Features

  • Durability
  • Easy to Use 
  • Large Space 
  • Pellet Grill Technology 

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You can get all these features along with the smoker by a single real-time purchase. Go downwards for getting detailed elaboration of the features.


Dimensions48 in. x 22 in. x 51 in.
Weight84 Pounds
Power SourceWood Pellet
Fuel TypeElectric, Gas
Hopper Capacity20 lbs
Cooking Surface700 sq. in.


The smoker is way too much consistent when it comes to the matter of temperature control. A technology called “Digital Temperature Control” attached with this smoker adds a good amount of pellet to the grill and controls temperature. 

In terms of temperature range, most of the time, it stays between 180-450 degrees. The lowest temperature scale might fluctuate a maximum of 10 degrees depending on the outside temperature. 


Very rich stainless steel built has been used to build this pellet smoker. If you’re planning to smoke somewhere outside, you can take this with you, no matter where you are going. The stainless steel surface would not get wrecked easily. As well as, in times of grilling, you will be able to get a full taste out of it. 

Easy to Operate 

This feature would surely be helpful for beginners who are planning to sear meats using a smoker. Most of the time, newbies get tensed about operating the grill; and end up cooking inappropriately. But, using the following one will let you operate way much more easily than other smokers. It has a one-tap start button that will lead you to be the best chef certainly. 

Huge Grilling Area 

Most often, we can’t afford to sear bulk amounts of stuff at the same time. Mostly because of the cooking space, and it drains a lot of time to go vain. Whether we could have made an outstanding result using all those times, however, this pellet smoker contains an ample grilling space that will permit you to sear chicken, ribs, and even burgers at the very time. 

So, you don’t have to worry about it at all. 

What We Don’t Like – 

Though the manufacturer and user both claim that the lowest temperature doesn’t fluctuate more than 10 degrees, in reality, it does; and creates a great disturbance to the user. Sometimes, the one-tap start button does not work. 

Product-Related FAQ’s 

Can I grill using this smoker?

Yes, obviously you can. It’s more of a griller than a smoker. From grilling to searing meats, this smoker is profoundly useful on every perk of use. Though, it cooks slow. If you are a fan of slow cooking, you can give it a shot for sure. 

Is there any bucket in the package for catching grease? 

Yes. The smoker comes in with a nice bucket for catching grease. It’s very impactful and speeds up the cleaning process of the smoker. Beginners can also easily access the bucket and keep the smoker clean. 

What kind of pellets are best for use in this smoker? 

You can use any kind of pellets to smoke with this. To be specific, you can use a Traeger pellet as well. But, there’s no specific ground rule. Use pellets as long as their ideal in quality. 

Is there any temperature probe for monitoring temperature?

Yes, there is one temperature probe along with the smoker. It monitors temperature in an adequate manner and is very friendly to beginner uses. One can easily monitor temperature and control using the probe. You can control the pellet consumption using the probe as well.

Traeger Pro Series 22 Wood Pellet Smoker

With the help of wood and charcoal, the following smoker grill renders a great service to the user. In addition to this, the grill consists of a very large cooking space, approximately 572 square inches, and the hooper weight is nearly 18lbs.

In this delusional space, you will be able to grill four chickens, five racks of big rib chunks, and a total of 24 burgers without any hustle. As it cooks with wood and charcoal, getting the perfect taste would not be a question, anytime. 

Let’s get to the top features and elaborations of it- 

Top Features 

  • Grill Size 
  • Durability 
  • 2-Meat Probes 
  • Porcelain Grates 
  • Temperature Controller 

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No matter what you’re willing to do with this smoker, the job will certainly be done with the help of it. Purchasing this will lead you to enjoy big chunks of meat over the time being, so why not?


Dimensions41 in. x 27 in. x 49 in.
Weight103 lbs
Power SourceCorded Electric
Fuel TypeWood, Charcoal
Hopper Capacity18 lbs
Cooking Surface572 Sq. In.

Meat Probes

Having a meat probe is nearly mandatory for smokers. Because, once you have dived deep into grilling, you may miss the temperature balance. It will eventually make everything problematic. For getting rid of this massive problem, there are 2-meat probes built into the smoker that can adequately measure temperature and control. 

Wide Cooking Space

The ample cooking space will let you grill, smoke, sear, and what not? You will not feel tormented using this at all. Instead, the perfect cooking grates along with wood and charcoal pellet would render the most viable seared meat to you. 

With a 572 square inches cooking space, you will be able to grill stuff that you may never even thought of. 


If you are pondering whether the pellet smoker is durable or not, I would love to let you know that the following smoker is made of high-grade stainless steel and consists of a built-to-last powder coat finish. It implies the smoker is highly durable and cost-effective in terms of use. 

Temperature Controller 

Apart from the meat probe, the smoker also has an enriched temperature controller that efficiently controls temperature. However, a monitor constantly looks after the temperature and refrains from going up to the mark. It’s an important pros for a beginner, though. 

In fact, it would not be a detrimental investment for newbies if they pick up this smoker. Instead, it will boost their work efficiency way healthier than ever before. 


  • The grill grate might not fit on sometimes.
  • Temperature does not stay as per the user’s preference. 
  • Auger doesn’t turn on after adding the pellets to the smoker. 

Product-Related FAQ’s

Am I getting a temperature probe along with the smoker? 

Yes, the Traeger Pro Series 22 Pellet Smoker & Grill comes with an additional two-temperature or meat probe. By using the probe, you will be able to measure temperature and control whenever you’re in need. 

Can I operate the smoker without using an insulation jacket? 

The answer depends on some of the criteria. First of all, if you’re cooking in an area where the temperature is above freezing level, you must use the insulation jacket. In either sense, working at a high temperature also fits the same. Otherwise, there would always be a massive chance that your smoker could get wrecked. 

Is there any drip bucket along with the package?

Yes, after purchasing the package, a drip bucket will also come along.

Green Mountain Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

The specific smoker would be a good choice for beginners. Firstly, it has an adjustable heat baffle that allows precision and distributes heat gently; throughout every grill corner. So, there is no chance of having an uncooked meal. 

Besides, for beginners, monitoring the temperature is a great issue, and it sometimes turns bloodcurdling. 

For getting rid of this, there is a built-in thermal sensor attached to the smoker. It constantly monitors the temperature and will let you know about the heat every time. Apart from these features, there are many exciting characteristics that you might get purchasing the following grill. 

Let’s dive deep- 

Top Features

  • Easy to Use 
  • Easy Cleanup 
  • Large Cooking Space 
  • Perfect Size and Shape 
  • Sense-Mate and Thermal Control 

Check today’s price on Amazon

You might be wondering to know about the features a bit more thoroughly, right? Okay, keep reading. I will answer all of your questions. 

Adjustable Heat Baffle 

Beginners don’t know the operation of smokers like professional ones. This is why they suffer with it, most often. Sometimes, heat doesn’t reach the corner of the grates. It causes uncooked or half-cooked food that tastes terrible. 

With the adjustable heat baffle, you won’t have to think of it anymore because it allows precision and distributes heat to literally every pseudo corner of the smoker. So, turn the smoker on and get yourself a nap. The adjustable heat baffle will do the rest. 

Perfect Shape

For any heavy-grade electronic tool, shape plays a vital role. As you’re going to sear meat with the smoker, and who knows, you might have to use it somewhere outdoor as well. So, isn’t it better to buy a product that can be used all the way?

The Green Mountain Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker is made of high-quality materials. Even it has foldable legs so that you can carry it onwards.

So, next time you’re going to parties, make sure to take it along with other stuff. 

Easy to Use 

Here it comes. This feature is arguably the most important feature of all when using pellet smokers for beginners. Anyone can access this smoker grill and can operate it successfully. It has easy start technology, holds temperature sufficiently, and does not fluctuate at all. If I were you, I would definitely have picked this up. 

Digital WiFi Controller 

The following one is the most unique feature of using this smoker grill. That is, you will get a superficial digital wifi controller along with the smoker. Later on, you will monitor the smokers’ temperature right from your Android or iOS device by using a single application.

Sounds fascinating, right? Yes, it is. Give it a shot, then?


  • You might not get the top-notch smoke flavor using this smoker, which is bad. 
  • Make sure to strap the grill properly if you’re planning to go somewhere with it. Otherwise, it might get wrecked. 

Product-Related FAQ’s

Can I fold the legs of the smoker?

Yes, you can. The legs are foldable, and this will render you a semi-portability which is awesome for this kind of big-sized griller. 

Can I put a full brisket inside the smoker and sear? 

Not really. You can’t put a whole brisket into the smoker for searing. Though, small-sized briskets are allowed. For big searing ones, you have to use a trim first. 

Can I sear meat using this smoker?

It certainly does not have any searing burner. But, the temperature can easily go up to 450 degrees. With that, you can sear anything. So yes, technically, you can sear meats using this smoker.

Pit Boss Digital Control Wood Pellet Grill

The following smoker renders a huge cooking space to the user. Beginners can easily accommodate the space and can get their jobs done without any additional hassle. Also, the cast iron-made Pit Boss Digital Control Wood Pellet Grill also has a built-in flame broiler that will allow you control over your seared meat completely. 

In terms of structure, this smoker contains the best material of all, cast iron. It’s versatile as well. You can not only smoke meat with the help of this but, you can also sear, roast, or even barbeque with this smoker grill. 

Let’s get to the details of it-

Top Features 

  • Durability 
  • Versatility 
  • Large Cooking Space 
  • Built-in Flame Broiler 
  • Heavy-Duty PVC Cover 

Check today’s price on Amazon

Pit Boss Digital Control Wood Pellet Grill uses a hundred percent organic, and natural hardwood pellet gathered from American deep woods. These pellets are much efficient and way more exceeding than the artificial ones. 


Dimensions24.8 in. x 22.05 in. x 43.11 in.
Weight117.95 Pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Fuel TypeWood, Natural Gas
Hopper Capacity10 lb
Cooking Surface700 sq. in

Go downwards for acquiring more pseudo details of the features. 

Built-in Flame Broiler

Flame Broiler is a side plate type stuff that is made of cast iron. In cooking, this extraordinary feature will allow you complete control over the seared meat and let you cook directly by the flames. Your favorite steakhouse will get failed to it. No offense, this is the truth. 

Wide Space 

The following smoker grill will provide you with a unique and large cooking space nearly 700 square inches in diameter. Can you imagine? You can cook anything in this space, in any amount that you want. From grilling chicken to searing ribs, or even grilling patty for burgers, everything will be way lot easier with it. 

Complete Structural Strength 

As I said before, this smoker is made of cast iron. And, you can never doubt the durability of cast iron. It’s highly durable and completely strong in terms of structure. Along with it, the smoker contains heavy gauge steel components. 


  • Does not maintain temperature adequately. 
  • Grate paint sometimes chipped on the grates and creates an awkward disturbance. 

Product-Related FAQs 

How long does the pellet last?

It’s up to usage; though, there are some factors behind it. Weather, cooking temperature plays an important role. But to be specific, a single pound can last up to 1-2 hours. 

Does the smoker come with any convection fan?

No, it does not have any convection fan. You will get a flame broiler with the smoker and there is that. 

Is there any thermostat available to monitor the temperature?

Yes, there is a thermostat by which you can constantly monitor the temperature. Not just measuring, you will be able to control heat whenever it goes up to the mark. 

At the same time, how many racks of ribs I can sear using this?

Ans: I have talked about the dimension of grates already and it’s so damn big. Nearly 700 square inches of grill size. You can easily put 5-6 ribs inside of it. Don’t put more than six; for being in the safe zone, try to sear a maximum of five at a time.

What Makes the Best Pellet Smoker for Beginners

For getting the perfect outcome from smokers, one should look up to some of the key considerations before purchasing it. In case you don’t know in which sectors you should look forward to, I have elaborated a detailed supplement right here. Go through this portion of the article; you will be able to acquire a crystal clear view. 


You might be wondering that why I need a versatile grill to sear meat, right? The thing is, you won’t just sear all the time. Sometimes, you might need to grill meats or probably roast and bake. So, make sure that the smoker you choose does all things together at a time. 

All the smoker we talked about above is versatile from all the way out. You can bake, roast, sear, or even grill using any of these. Just pick any of these that omits your demand and dap into the plane anew. 

Temperature Controller 

It’s the most important consideration for beginners. Newbies do not know the ground rule of heat distribution and temperature control. Even if they know, they might don’t know how to monitor constantly. 

For this, select a smoker grill that has temperature control technology so that you can adequately monitor heat and distribute it easily. To be specific, look up the detail before purchasing and crosscheck if there’s any meat probe existing with the smoker or not. 

If yes, go for that specific one without any confusion.

Cooking Space

When it comes to cooking in bulk amounts, a rusty and small-sized smoker might confuse the user and often terribly impacts the cooked food. This is why you should pick a smoker that has an ample amount of cooking space. Not just disturbance, in terms of beginners, they always mess up things frequently. 

For this, selecting a big-sized cooking space consisting of smokers will not be so detrimental. Instead, newbies can flexibly move on with this. 

Easy Cleanup 

After getting done with searing, the main nuisance that comes to the board is cleaning the grill. One might get mentally wrecked by thinking of cleaning the whole damn grill. 

Easy-clean technology can render you with a massive rid of this imminent problem. Not to mention, when you clean the smoker, your self-esteem will also boost that the upcoming meal will also be on top of the notch.

A Beginner Guide For Smoking With A Pellet Smoker

At this point, we are up for talking about the usage and how to maintain your smoker for getting a good outcome from the smoker, despite being a beginner. Here are some of the very traits you should maintain to get a good chunk of juicy rib chunk out of the smoker. 

  • First of all, keep the smoker clean. Don’t forget to wash it after real-time use. 
  • Always use the meat probe sufficiently. If there’s any thermostat, make the best use of it. Control and monitor temperature by putting your best effort into it. Because, once the temperature parameter gets out of your hand, the whole thing will get out of the hand and the meal would become deprave.  
  • Try to use natural hardwoods as pellets. You will find a hundred percent organic pellet on Amazon. Try not to use artificial ones; this reduces work efficiency, and eventually, the food tastes bland.
  • Maintain a sufficient amount of cooking space so that you don’t mess things up. Even if you do, make sure that it won’t result in anything evil. Try to use a smoker that consists of 200-700 square inches of cooking space. 
  • Make sure the smoker you will purchase comes in with a sear box or with a sidekick at least. Sear box can provide temperature up to 900 degrees and eventually helps you to get a good chunk. 

Why Pellet Smoker for Beginners

Pellet smokers are very affordable, and it’s pretty efficient in terms of the application of smokers, which is grilling or searing meat. Now, why should a beginner pick pellet smoker whether he can select an electronic or charcoal, even a gas smoker for grilling purposes? 

The answer is, what a beginner needs the most is frankness. They must have felt the essence of smoker grills whenever they’re using it. And, pellet smoker is always available to make them feel like professionals. 

Using a gas smoker is also good, in either sense. But it does not perform well in lower temperatures. You must have to keep the temperature dial to its maximum to get an immense benefit out of a gas smoker. 

Into the bargain, when you’re using a pellet smoker, it’s not mandatory to keep your temperature up to the mark. Even in low temperatures, you will be able to get a good amount of meat chunks. 

The same goes for charcoal smokers. They are also efficient in thinking of their discernment. Charcoal smoker adds a smokey flavor to the food, just like pellet smokers. And they are not at all expensive. But, charcoal smoker takes a lot of time to ignite as well as to shut. 

Beginners might get confused using it. Concerning pellet smokers, most of the models have easy-start technology. One can run the whole smoker in just a single tap. This facilitates the need for newbies even more. 

When it comes to electric smokers, they are good from most of the way. From consuming less amount of electricity to easy-cleaning technology, electric smokers would have been the beginner’s pick if it could render the same smokey taste to the user. But, unfortunately, it could never execute the same taste as electricity, not woods or pellets operate it. 

Considering all the key points, it’s wise to terminate the pellet smokers are the best and appropriate smoker grills for beginners. 


As we have reached the verge of this article, it’s better to end it here without expanding more. I believe you don’t have any further questions or confusion about the best pellet smoker for beginners. Even if you do, I would love to request you give this article one more detailed read. You might get answers to your questions in this way. 

However, pellet smokers are really efficient whenever it comes to grilling and searing or even baking meats. All the models convey a delusional shape and can regulate the temperature in a neutral amount. In contrast, they are not even that much costly. From all the way out, they are affordable and effective. So, why are you waiting? Get yourself the best pellet smoker and enjoy good cuts of meat at home. 

Happy Grilling!

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