5 Best Portable Gas Grill for Tailgating Expert Review

Tailgating is a fantastic way to get relief from the monotony of busy life and have a good time while cooking up yummy food outside, where the best portable gas grill for tailgating plays a significant role to make your cooking enjoyable.

When life becomes monotonous by the pressure of lots of routine work, or study, or financial crisis, that time an outing can refresh yourself. It is right for me, and I think it is also true for everybody. So, within a year, I usually make at least 5-6 times tailgate trips with my beloved persons. And I never forget to take the Coleman RoadTrip Grill with me.

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Here, I will help you to choose the right grill for your upcoming tailgate party. Let’s check out the article to pick your great grill to taste some fantastic grilled foods.

5 Best Portable Gas Grill for Tailgating 

To make your tailgating experience more enjoyable, you need the best of everything. If something isn’t right with your grill, it can ruin the whole event. So, here are the best options, considering all the required features.

Coleman RoadTrip Portable Sturdiness Propane Grill

A foldable grill is very convenient while going on a day outing and want to taste some delicious grilled food. You can just park your car beside a road and start cooking when carrying a portable grill in your car. 

The Coleman grill is the right pick for this type of grilling. Its 285 sq. inches of inner space is enough to cook food for 6-7 hungry stomachs. 

You can cook any seafood, veggies, or meat steak with this grill. Even you don’t need to think about its ignition and fuel because it has an auto-ignition button to start your cooking journey. You can carry a one-pound propane cylinder in your car for your Coleman grill. 

  • Three gas burners for even cooking
  • Foldable and portable
  • 285 square inches of cooking space
  • 3250 to 20000 BTU
  • Push-button ignition for matchless lighting
  • Porcelain-coated grill grates 
  • 2 sliding tables to keep cooking ingredients

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From the intro, you came to know I usually went 5-6 times for tailgate trips. Each time I took my favorite tiny sized Coleman grill to cook our launch or snacks. 

Specification of Coleman 285 Portable Gas Grill

Dimensions30.25 x 19.19 x 16.13 inches
Weight46.67 Pounds
Cooking Space285 sq. inches

Do you feel curious about why I take it? Here are some surprising features which grab my attention to take it for every tailgate trip

Portability and Lightweight

First, the small size of this grill ensures its portability. The outing grill means I will take it here and there. So the grill has to fit in my car’s deck. Not only that, sometimes I need to walk while carrying the grill, a lightweight grill is very much suitable for walking. 

This grill is only 46.67 pounds, and there are two caster wheels with the stands. I can pull the grill like luggage and carry it around while walking. 

Foldable Stands

The grill has two stands, and both are foldable. When I cook food, I open the foldable stands and place the grill like a table. The grill’s height suits my waist height so that I don’t need to bend my waist when cooking. These features attract me because I have back pain. 

Cast-iron Griddle 

The grilling griddle or grates are made from cast iron and coated with porcelain that means it won’t get too messy. I can clean it easily and need less time to complete the whole cleaning procedure. 

Easy Assemble

The grill is pre-assembled; that’s why it takes 15-20 minutes to install the grill and start cooking. Even the assembly process doesn’t require any hardware tool and the simple tool I need that provides the company with the grill. 

Easy operation and Temperature Control: The grill has three gas burners, and all of them have a separate knob to control. So if I don’t need high heat to cook, I will turn on one or two knobs, and the remaining knob is still off position. How simple the system is! 

Side Tables

I don’t have an option to carry too many utensils or things to the spot on a tailgating trip. So I prefer that grill which can understand my situation. Like a best friend, the Coleman grill understands this issue and attaches two sliding side tables. So I can keep all the essential cooking things on it and continue my cooking. 

Digital Temperature Monitor

On the lid’s top, there is a digital temperature monitoring panel. I can observe the grill’s inside temperature by keeping my eyes on the monitor.

So if the temperature gets high, I can lessen the heat, or if the temperature gets low, I can enhance the temperature; what a cool feature is to prevent my food from burning or remaining uncooked. 

Swap Top Interchangeable Cooktops

I can remove the grates and set a cast iron grate, aluminum griddle, steel stove to boil water or put the pan, tea kettle, or anything like that. ( All things are sold separately) 

Easy to Store

I can store this little champ in any short space like a balcony, veranda, garage, storeroom, or back yard. So I don’t need to overthink about its storage. 

What I Like 

  • It delivers on the promise
  • Evenly cooked food
  • Carrying option for B.B.Q.s at any place
  • Affordable price
  • 5 available colors to pick the favorite one
  • No food stickiness

Drawbacks but not deal breakers

If I don’t check the inner side grilling temperature for a long time at a stretch, your food may burn because of excessive heat. There is a water pan between the grill’s grates and gas burners. 

But the pan is long and shallow. The grill’s bag is a little bit tight. Sometimes I can quickly wear the bag to the grill, but sometimes you have to struggle. 

Don’t lose hope; besides writing the grill’s drawbacks, I will share the cons’ potential solutions. Only focusing on some things I avoid the disadvantages of this Coleman 285 grill. Here are the solutions

It’s not wise to keep my firing grill unnoticeable for plenty of time. So I have to check the grilling temperature by observing the lid’s monitor. It isn’t too much though.

There is a marking point on the grill pan. I should notice the mark and pour water up to the mark point. If I know the exact bag-wearing tactics, then it’ll be easier to wear the grill bag to the grill.

Weber Liquid Propane Tailgating Grill

Weber always holds up its part of the bargain. You get what you pay for. The one I’m reviewing today is the Liquid Propane Grill from the Q1200 series. 

Among several reasons to love this grill, it produces consistent heat, cooks food faster, comes with a sturdy build, and the side tables are to die for. If you haven’t tried any Weber grills yet, this one can be a great piece to start with. 

Top Features: 

  • Convenient side tables that you can fold whenever necessary
  • Easily portable because it’s lightweight and comes with ergonomic handles
  •  The burner produces 8500 BTU-per-hour
  • Built-in thermometer for monitoring the temperature 
  • Easy ignition and heat control system

It’s comparatively more affordable than full-size grills, and thus less risky. Let me show you what you’re getting with this grill to convince you a bit better. 

Specification of Weber 51010001 Q1200

Dimensions20.5 x 40.9 x 24.6 inches
Weight1 Pound
Cooking Space189 square-inch

Consistent Heat 

A good grill ensures even heating around the surface to make sure that there aren’t any undercooked or overcooked food portions. Weber is always reliable when it comes to even heating. The grill’s structure also contributes to this cause. 

Quicker Cooking

The burner, created using stainless steel, can produce up to 8500 BTU per hour. You get a total cooking area of 189 square inches, which is pretty convenient for tailgating with your loved ones. Unlike many other gas grills, the cooking grates aren’t made of stainless steel. 

Instead, they’re made of cast iron enameled with porcelain. Overall, the grill produces high heat, and the cooking grates use the heat for cooking your food a lot faster than others. 

Sturdy Yet Lightweight 

It’s not easy to find a grill that’s well-built and lightweight at the same time. Weber Q1200 is extremely well-built yet surprisingly lightweight. That’s one of the many reasons for keeping this grill on my top list. With ergonomic handles and the light feature, you can carry it around almost effortlessly. 

Foldable Side Tables

It would be unfair not to mention the foldable side tables. We all know how essential side tables are when tailgating. You’re done cooking the meat, but there’s no place to transfer them- what do you do? You get a grill with foldable side tables. 

Things Not To Like 

  • The grill is comparatively on the pricier side
  • Not suitable for places with higher altitudes

Char-Broil  Portable TRU-Infrared Gas Grill

It’s impossible not to stumble upon Char-Broil when searching for grills, regardless of what type you want. Grill2Go X200 portable gas grill from Char-Broil does not disappoint either. 

When you want a grill with excellent portability, Char-Broil comes to the rescue. Don’t take the grill to be flimsy only because it’s portable and affordable. It’s a well-built grill with excellent materials and durable quality. 

But the unique feature is the infrared technology for ensuring energy efficiency. On top of that, the ignition system is super straightforward.

Top Features

  • Easy to ignite with one push button
  • No flare-ups with infrared technology
  • Even heat distribution
  • Conveniently portable construction

Let’s see what fantastic features you get if you choose this one for your tailgating events. 

Specification of Char-Broil 2Go X200

Dimensions23.7 x 15 x 13.6 inches
Weight20 Pounds
Cooking Space200 square inch

Best Portable 

The first thing I love about this grill is that it’s made explicitly for on-the-go purposes. The frame comes with convenient legs, and the carry handles are excellently ergonomic. 

Whenever you’re thinking about traveling or going tailgating, this grill from Char-Broil is the perfect picture that comes to mind. 


All materials used for creating this beautiful grill are of premium quality. Cast aluminum makes up the firebox and the lid. You also get dual stainless steel latches and a temperature gauge with the grill. Last but not least, stainless steel cooking grates make it a perfect grill by being the cherry on top. 

Infrared Technology

If direct flare is something you’re not comfortable with, you will be delighted with the infrared technology by Char-Broil. Even though it’s a gas grill, it creates an infrared heating system to make your cooking experience more efficient. 

There are multiple benefits of using this method. For instance, you don’t experience flare-ups, it eliminates any cold or hot spot by evenly heating the surface, and the food doesn’t dry out. In addition, it’s energy-efficient. 


You want something durable when investing your money in a portable grill. With high-quality materials and sturdy constructions, you can expect to carry this grill to your many camping and tailgating events. Besides, its travel-friendly construction is made to withstand outdoor surroundings. 

Easy Ignition

The grill is easy to ignite. Not only accessible but as easy as pushing a button. Besides, a built-in temperature gauge eliminates the necessity of lifting the lid frequently. There’s also the additional money saving perk because you don’t have to buy an extra thermometer. 

Things Not To Like 

  • Controlling the temperature may be an issue without getting a valve
  • The grill requires regular maintenance

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Tabletop Portable Gas Grill

The next on my list is from Cuisinart. You probably heard about this famous brand that’s been on the market since 1971. Customers are always loyal to Cuisinart due to its consistent quality. 

There are only a few other options that can be compared with this tabletop grill. It’s extremely portable because of its weight and structure, comes with durable and premium-quality materials, and features a broad cooking area. 

Top Features

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to carry design with lid lock and briefcase-style handle
  • Foldable legs for stability and convenience 
  • High-quality materials for durability 
  • Perfect for any outdoor grilling event

Overall, you can enjoy your outdoor event at the fullest, if you’re carrying a Cuisinart tabletop gas grill with you. 

Specification of Cuisinart CGG-180T

Dimensions12.2 x 18 x 12 inches
Weight1 Kilogram
Cooking Space145-square-inch

Let’s see what entails this tabletop gas grill in detail. 

Highly Portable

The initial impression of this grill is the lightweight feature. Other factors contributing to portability are the briefcase-style handle and the safety lid lock. 

You can secure the lid and use the handle in front to conveniently carry it from one place to another. All in all, this is one of the best portable grill you can get for any outdoor events like camping. 

Premium-Grade Materials

The cooking grates are enameled with porcelain, which means there’s no doubt about getting even heating. In addition, the burner, which uses stainless steel as its material, produces 5,500 BTU to cook your food comparatively faster. 

The foldable legs are made of aluminum. The legs are designed in a way that serves both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Large Cooking Area

Imagine getting a small grill that can cook enough food as a full-size grill. So, you won’t have to worry about the amount of food you can cook on it only because it weighs less. 

Things Not To Like 

  • The grill doesn’t come with any warming racks or side tables

Masterbuilt Tabletop Propane 1 Burner Gas Grill

The last grill I have on my list is the Masterbuilt Propane Tabletop grill. If you’re searching for a comparatively large yet portable grill, this is the most suitable choice for you. 

Even though it’s comparatively heavier compared to other options on my list, this doesn’t make it any less portable than others. Think of all the extra feature you’re getting. A spacious cooking surface in a portable grill is the dream, isn’t it? 

Top Features

  • Easy push-button ignition 
  • The lid locking feature and foldable legs make it conveniently portable 
  • Warming rack with chrome coating
  • 10,000 BTU burner for fast cooking
  • 288 square inches of cooking surface

The warming rack is an excellent addition to extend the cooking surface. Besides, you’re getting an easy ignition system, a powerful burner, and durable materials. 

Specification of Masterbuilt SH19030819

Dimensions17.24 x 27.36 x 12.08 inches
Weight17.8 Pounds
ColorStainless Steel
Cooking Space288 sq. inches

Let’s look at its key features in detail. 

Spacious Cooking Surface

Unlike other portable grills, this one comes with a 288 square inches cooking surface, making it easy for you to cook multiple items at once. This also reduces the cooking time. Besides, the warming rack comes in handy to accommodate even more food at once. 

Easy Ignition

Gas grills are already easy to light than charcoal grills. In this Masterbuilt portable grill, all you have to do is push a button, and the burner will ignite. The process couldn’t be more straightforward. There’s also a temperature gauge on the lid for easy monitoring. 

Powerful Burner

The stainless steel burner can produce 10,000 BTU, which has both some pros and cons. On the plus side, the grill produces high heat, and you can be done with your cooking in no time. On the minus side, the temperature controlling becomes tricky, especially with the lid closed. 

Highly Portable

The grill is comparatively heavier than its competitors. However, that doesn’t stop it from being conveniently portable. Other unique features make up for the heavyweight. For example, the lid-locking system secures the lid so you can carry the grill with one handle. Besides, the legs are also foldable to create a compact shape. 


As you can guess by the weight, the grill is well-built, and the materials aren’t questionable. The burner, body, and cooking grates are all made of durable stainless steel. As for the warming rack, it’s chrome-plated. 

Things Not To Like 

  • The grill heats up quickly with the lid close, so it can be a bit tricky to control the temperature

What to Look at Before Buying a Tailgate Grill

Now, it’s time to talk about what to look for before you buy. Good knowledge about the product may help you pick up the best grill among the tons of grills. Furthermore, you don’t face any hassle while buying. 


Fuel is the source to make heat to cook food. So you have to check out the fuel type of your grill. You can keep in mind three types of fuel, such as electricity, gas, and charcoal. But all of the three types of fuel gas are more convenient than the other two.

Why? Because outdoor cooking electricity is unavailable, you have to face problems managing electricity connections to connect the power wire.

Carrying charcoal to the spot is something difficult as it can spread flame. But holding a propane tank is much easier when you compare it with them. So, it’s totally up to you what to pick and what not.

Inner Cooking Space

It is another crucial consideration to choose the right grill. In this case, you have to keep in mind a simple thing: how many stomachs you want to eat. If you have a large F.N.F. group, then you need at least a middle and giant cooking area to cook food at once.

Above, I discuss the Coleman RoadTrip grill, which has 285 square inches of total cooking space. Even it is compatible with keeping your car’s deck. 

Carrying Opportunity or Portability

You have to check which grill you like to choose. Is that lightweight, easy to carry, and portable? If the grill doesn’t have these simple options, how can you take it to your outdoor trips? So consider this feature at first glance.

Construction Material

The high-quality construction material makes the grill durable and stable. Indeed, you don’t like to purchase a grill, which will break within a few days. So stainless steel building grills last long and offer you year-round service.

And porcelain coating keeps your food free from sticking and makes cleaning shortcuts and hassle-free. These two stainless steel and porcelain coats make the grill strong, rust-free, and better heating. So check this feature on your selected grill. 

Temperature Controlling System

You need to control the grill’s inner side temperature to protect food from burning, uneven cook, or the grill’s extreme heat. So easy temperature control is more convenient than anything else.

This time the gas grill is the best because you can light up, control temps, and shut down the grill by rounding some knobs or pressing some buttons. 

Grill’s Design

Now, everybody likes a more designable and stylish grill than before. I think you aren’t different from other people. In design, you can check the grill’s color, outlook, easy foldability, little space storing, etc. You get all things in the Coleman grill. 


No matter what the price of the product, buying means investing some bucks in getting some benefits. That’s true, so choose that grill that fits in your pocket without compromising quality and usefulness. 

Since there are many options in front of you while buying any grill. Grab the grill, which offers you a quality product at a reasonable price.

Why Do You Choose Coleman Roadtrip Grill

Picking up the right product for the right purpose within a pocket-friendly budget is the nature of human beings. An interconnection between beloved persons can make your relationship healthier, longer, and happier. 

Going through an air change and consuming some fantastic foods are like two sides of a coin. One thing is incomplete without another. 

You need a small but high sufficient grill to cook on a campaign, tailgate, or picnic. Coleman offers you both features even if they add something more. Their tagline is “light up” and “foster meaningful connections between people through camping.” 

You can choose this convenient grill because of its durability, portability, folding stands, hassle-free assembling, operating, cleaning process, middle-sized cooking area within a small-sized grill, two sliding side tables, and auto ignition system.  

How many things can you expect from a road trip grill? I think nothing because they offer you all the things you can need at a tailgating party. 

Some Essential Accessories 

There is no end to improving your grilling experience. And some essential accessories will help you to improve your grilling journey. Here are some essential accessories in Coleman’s, which will take your grilling experience to the next level.

  • Grill Cover

Do you need to keep the grill beside your campaign tent? The grill cover can save your grill from the woe of weather. Cover the grill with the Coleman grill cover and leave. The cover will protect your grill from rain, the sun’s scorching heat, snow, winter’s fog, etc.  

  • Cast Iron Griddle

The cast iron griddle is a perfect choice to cook pancakes, grilled cheese, bacon, eggs, and many more frying dishes. The 142 square inches of griddle area is enough to feed 3-5 hungry stomachs. 

Not only that, the griddle cleaning process is much easier than the aluminum griddle. To clean the griddle, remove the food, rinse it with soapy water. As fast as it is.

  • Cast-iron Grates

This grate is a combination of the conventional grate and cast iron griddle. At first glance, you may think it is the same as the grill’s grate. But there are slight but crucial differences. 

The thickness and edge of this cast iron grill are better than the original grate, so the food doesn’t roll too much. 

Still, the great gets hot quickly and keeps hot for a long time. So if you like to keep your food warm for some time, it is the right choice for you. You can replace this grate If the original grate is damaged. 

  • Steel Stove

The stove is another essential accessory of Coleman’s portable grill. Suppose you wish to drink tea, but there is no tea stall beside the campaign area. No issues! 

Set the Coleman grill, remove one grate, and place the steel stove. Keep the tea kettle on the stove and boil water. Pour some tea leaves and heat some more. Mix sugar and powdered milk to the raw tea and sip the tea. 

  • Rolling Grill Case

If you plan to move your grill either and neither, this case is a must-have accessory. If you like to walk the grill, you can because the grill has attached wheels to walk. 

Still, if you don’t want to walk the grill, you can, as it has a side and top handle to hold. That means you can move the grill however you wish. 

  • High-pressure Propane Hose Pipe or Adapter

Sometimes you need a high amount of gas pressure to cook the food, or the recipe requires a high temperature to cook. That time a low propane pressure kills the enjoyment of grilling. 

If you pick the high-pressure propane hose pipe, you can attach it with the grill and get the particular fuel pressure. Nevertheless, you have to use this hosepipe if you use a 20 lbs propane tank instead of a little one. 

How to Assemble

The assembly process of this portable grill is very much comfortable and straightforward. So without waiting too long, let’s jump to the assembly process.

Unbox the Grill: First, release the paper carton and get all the separate grilling items out. After removing the package, you will get a luggage shape grill, one foldable stand, one grill pulling handle, two caster wheels, some screws with two little wrenches, and an assemble guideline book. Keep them in a safe place and go to the next step of assembling.

Attaching the foldable stand with the grill: Turn over the grill so that the grill’s backside will up position. Take the foldable stand and attach it to the grill with a long screw. First, spin the bolts by rounding your wrist, then tighten it with the small wrench.

Attach the Wheel to The Opposite Direction of The Grill: Now, attach the caster wheels to the one stand so that when you pull the grill, it will move. Here, you have to do the same thing to tighten the wheels. There is a hook backside of the grill to lock the other stand so that the grill will stand like a table.

Attach the Pulling Handle: On the top side of a stand, you have to attach the pulling handle. You will find a more extensive and smaller stand’s gap in the grill’s foldable stand and pulling handle. So, insert the shorter frame into the larger stand’s hole. After that, make it tight with the screws. 

Install the cooking racks: The Assembly process of your grill is almost done. In the last step, install the grill’s grates to the grill. Now your grill is ready to go with you to your any outing trip.

Connect the Propane Tank With the Coleman Grill

  • Open the regulator from the rear side of the grill.
  • Open the propane tank’s cap and attach it with the regulator.
  • Go to the grill’s rear; there, you will find a metallic hook to hold the one lbs propane tank. Set the propane tank to the angle. When setting the tank, keep the bottle’s front side in an up position.
  • Attach the regulator with the grill, which you have removed at the first step. 

How to Operate The Grill

Before taking the Coleman grill to your campaign or tailgate, you have to know this grill’s operating procedure. There is no issue whether you are a pro griller or novice; the actual grill operation will help you to avoid any unwanted incident. 

 Some warnings before firing up your Coleman grill

  • Carefully read the safety and care manual, which the company provides you while buying the grill.
  • Never connect or disconnect the propane tank near any burning appliances or other ignition sources.
  • Keep the connections clean and free from dirt and debris.
  • Keep the propane tank outdoors. Never keep it inside your house camper or tent.
  • Always check all connections for leaks with any leak detector. Never use a flame to check for leaks.

Starting procedure

  • Open the grill’s lid and check if all the griddles are in the right place or not. 
  • Make sure all the gas burners knob are at off position. 
  • Check is there any leakage to get the gas out but gas burners. 
  • Press the auto ignition button to fire up your grill. After that, wait 5-10 seconds to pass the fuel and create fire.
  • Now, turn on all the control knobs to get a higher temperature. 
  • Start cooking with the little B.B.Q. grill. 

Firing off procedure

  • If you finish cooking or you have to stop the fuel supply, turn off all the three gas burners knob. 
  • Remove the gas tank from the grill.

The Cleaning Process of This Coleman Grill

Many people don’t like to clean or wash the utensils after getting them messy. Do you belong to that group? If so, nothing to worry about! I follow some straightforward steps to clean my roadtrip grill when it gets dirty. Here I am sharing the cleaning process with you.

  • I take some precautions not to get it too untidy. Usually, I brush some oil on the grates so that the foods won’t stick to the grates. 
  • I pour water into the deep tray as per Coleman’s recommendation. As the water and the oil don’t mix up and the oil floats on the water. So when I throw water out of the tray, it will half done the work. 
  • After completing cooking, I keep it for 10-20 minutes to cool down. Then remove the food debris or particles from the grates. After that, open the grates from the grill. 
  • Wash the grates with a bowl of soapy water and then rinse with clean water.
  • Wipe the grates with a small dry cloth or tissues. 
  • Take another dry cloth and spray some drops of Purple Power (a grill cleaner) on the fabric. Wipe the full grill and give it a new look. 

I follow these six steps and get a superb performing grill forever. I hope these easy steps are enough to clean your road trip grill to use it years after years.

Care and Maintenance

If you like to enjoy some savory food with your (CTR) grill, you must take care of it. The more you maintain the grill, the more you get better performance. So here are some simple but crucial tactics of grill maintenance. 

  • When pulling the grill, look at the path evenness because an uneven terrain can break your grill’s caster wheels. 
  • As the car is a little higher, be careful when getting the grill to the car and taking it out from the vehicle. 
  • Store the grill in an even place when driving because the car will continue to sway while driving. If the grill shakes more, there will be a chance of loosening the grill’s internal parts.
  • You must keep the grill and the propane tank far away from the engine.
  • After a long time cooking or some different small cooking, go to a deep clean of your tiny grill. 
  • When you don’t use the grill, store it on your apartment’s balcony by covering it with a small grill cover.

Some easy and simple care makes life beautiful and enjoyable. So take care of your grill; your grill will take care of your tongue’s taste. 

My Personal Experience of Using This Coleman 285 Portable Gas Grill

Here, I want to share one of my real-life experiences of using the (CTR) gas grill. We all know that last year we had a callous time because of the covid-19 pandemic. The government imposed a lockdown for all the states. 

So when the government released the lockdown, I and some of my bosom friends visited the Los Angeles National Forest. We planned to spend all day there, so we took the Coleman grill to prepare our food. It took one and half an hour to reach the forest. 

There we watched different kinds of trees and animals. At 1 PM, we felt hungry and fired up the grill. We cooked the delicious Spicy Grilled Shrimp. As the recipe was so simple, it took 10 minutes to cook. 

First, I marinated the shrimp with crushed garlic, our favorite spices, and kept the shrimp on the grill’s grates. In the meantime, my friend John attached the propane cylinder with the grill and poured water into the deep tray not to stick the grill grease to the pan. 

After that, he pushed the auto ignition button, and rounded on the three burners, so they started to produce heat from all the sides of the grill. After 5 minutes of cooking, I turned over the shrimp to cook the shrimp’s opposite side. 

When the recipe was almost done, my friend poured some sausage over the shrimp. Then we all tasted the mouthwatering spicy grilled shrimp. What a yummy taste of the food!

It seems to me that now I am eating the food when writing about the recipe. Maybe it was one of the best shrimp recipes I tasted ever. After eating food, we cleaned the grill within 3 minutes and folded the stands to store the grill in our car. 

Then again, we enjoyed the forest’s natural scenario, took deep breaths with pure oxygen, and refreshed ourselves.  

Some Delicious Recipes That You Can Bring to The Tailgate

If I don’t eat some delicious food, then the joy of going out will die in the field. What’s your opinion? I think your opinion will match with mine. So let me share three yummy tailgating recipes for your next trip.

Barbeque Picnic Chicken

Chicken is one of the most favorite items for all ages. That’s why I think what will be a perfect recipe for tailgating without a simple chicken recipe. You can prepare the sauces of this chicken from home. So it takes less time to cook the chicken in the tailgate. 

Take garlic, butter, tomato ketchup, chili sauce, celery seed, salt, hot pepper sauce, and packed brown sugar and cook them for 5 minutes to make a chicken sauce. Then keep them in a box and take them with your tailgating trip.  

When it’s time to cook the full recipe, set up the C.T.R. grill on the roadside, ignite it, place the chicken leg pieces in the grates and cook them for 45 minutes. During half time, turn over the legs to cook the alter sides. 

Before getting out, brush the homemade sauces over the chicken. Cook for more 2-3 minutes. Now, serve the delicious B.B.Q. chicken to your tailgate partners.  

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Sometimes it’s not wrong to change the food’s taste. When you are bored of taste meat, beef, chicken, eggs, and any other high calorie based foods. 

This grilled vegetable sandwich can offer you a different taste. On top-notch, vegetables are healthy food and keep you hydrated on a hot summer day. 

Take all kinds of your favorite vegetables such as (zucchini, sweet red pepper, red onion, bell pepper, etc.). You can also keep lemon juice, crushed lemon zest, garlic, crumbled feta cheese, mayonnaise, Italian salad dressing if you like. 

Before going on the trip, keep them ready by cutting and cleaning. Take them on your journey and after that cook them on your grill for 20 minutes. 

When finishing grilling, spray some lemon juice over the vegetables and set them between Ciabatta bread pieces. Now, your grilled vegetable sandwich is ready to eat.  

Honey- Mustard Brats

If you like sweet flavor than spicy, the honey mustard Brats are the right grilled food item you can take to any campaign. You can prepare this Brats recipe within 25 minutes. Even this item doesn’t require too many ingredients to cook. 

To prepare the honey Brats; take Dijon mustard honey mayonnaise, steak sauce, and uncooked bratwurst links and mix all of them. Keep the mixture in the grates and cook them for 25 minutes. 

After cooking, get them out and set them in the middle of the Brats buns. Bite the buns and enjoy the punchy taste of the delicious food.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

As the (CTR) is a portable grill, that’s why people have many inquiries about it. Maybe you also have some queries. Here I answer 6 most frequently asked questions. Hopefully, these questions and their answers will help you to make your buying decision.

Can I use this grill in windy weather?

It’s risky to use the grill in highly windy weather. If you are using the grill in nice weather but suddenly it starts to flow a heavy wind. Quickly angle the grill and stop the grill’s burners for safety. But, you can use the propane grill if there is a gentle wind. 

Can I use my gas grill under an umbrella?

Yeap, it’s very convenient and safe to grill when you use an umbrella to protect your grill from extreme cold, snow, or highly flowing wind. 

Even the umbrella’s shadow will protect your grill in summer’s scorching heat. So an umbrella is the only hope for your grill in the summer, monsoon, and winter season. 

How much open space do I need to set my Coleman grill?

A specific open space is a must to set up your tabletop gas grill. You can follow the manufacturer’s suggestions. If there is no exact information in the user’s manual, then you can keep at least 20″ for the backside, 7″ for both rights and left sides, and 24″ for the upfront side of the grill.

What problems may I face if the grill wets in the rain?

Maybe your grill’s ignition switch doesn’t work correctly, and the gas burners will clog for water or the gas supply damage. That’s why you have to keep your grill away from the rain. 

How do I store my gas cylinder when driving?

You must be aware when traveling the propane tank. Remove the tank from the grill’s fuel connection and close the switch to ensure no fuel leakage. Always keep it away from your car’s engine. 

How much time does a one-pound propane tank support on a gas grill?

It will support your gas grill for almost one and a half hours. But, it depends on how much pressure the propane will burn in each minute. 

If the fuel burning pressure is high, then the propane will be over less than 1½ hours. And if the pressure is low, then it can go up to 2 hours. 

Final Words

A tailgate trip can make your day as enjoyable, and the memory peeps in your mind while passing a hectic schedule. If you consume any savory dish in your outing, it increases the fan 2x. To make the day enjoyable and keep the scenario in the leaf of your memory, the best portable gas grill for tailgating is a must take accessory. The Coleman Lilliput and luggage typed grill offers you quick and painless assembly, enough cooking area, and less time consuming and hassle-free cleaning. That’s why it is the champ of road trip grilling. So pick the Coleman 285 grill to enjoy some tasty and zesty grilled food on your next roadside hungry time. If you have any questions about the best tailgating grill or Coleman grill, let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section. I will always be happy if I can share my grilling experience with you.

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