Best Set and Forget Smokers For 2022 Including Buying Guide

Looking to get into smoking ribs, brisket or turkey more frequently? You can do so without shedding extra sweat if there’s one of the best set and forget smoker in your patio or backyard.

This kind of smoker is the prototype of set it and forget it cooking technology which never requires constant babysitting to smoke your desired meat.

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Removable fuel door, internal heat stats or incredibly stabilized temperature, whatever you need to enjoy your smoker cooking with minimal attention, Weber Smoky Mountain offers all those necessary features.

You’ll get dozens of other great options too. But, depending on your budget and cool features with trusted reviews of the available beginner friendly smokers, we’ve designed the following Quick Decision Making Chart which will keep you a hundred light years away from buying a crappy one.

5 Best Set and Forget Smoker Reviews

We picked the top 5 set and Forget smokers from different manufacturers. The quality of smokers should not be a concern as they are among the best manufacturers in the world.

Quick Decision-Making Chart

Key Feature ComparisonWeber Smokey Mountain SmokerTraeger Grills Pro Series 575Classic Pit Barrel Smoker
Material & ColorSteel & BlackMetal & BlackSteel & Black
Power Source & Fuel TypeCharcoal & CharcoalCorded Electric & Wood, CharcoalCharcoal & Charcoal
Cooking CapacityLarge575 sq. InLarge
Weight & Size68 lbs & 22 In.124 lbs57 lbs & 18-1/2 In
Best forLow & Slow Smoking, Grilling & BarbecuingSmoking, Grilling & BarbecuingSmoking, Slow cooking, & Grilling
The HallmarksVersatility, Perfection, & Easy MaintenanceDurability, Versatility, Advance technology, PowerfulUnique Design, Simple Operation, Vertical Cooking Experience
Special FeatureBuilt-in Lid ThermometerWiFIRE ControllerGold Medal Awarded by AmazingRibs
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

It will be easier for you to find the best one from the list. This also allows you to compare the devices and check if they match your requirements.

Weber Smokey Mountain Charcoal Smoker

With some exciting features, Weber Smokey Mountain Charcoal Smoker is one of the best set it and forget it type smoker you may purchase. You will have a durable service from this smoker as the product is porcelain-enameled, and it will retain heat effectively. The material won’t rust or peel easily even if you use this regularly.

Weber smoker comes with rust-resistant metal legs to provide you with a durable service and also makes it easier to transfer the smoker from one place to another. This product is available in multiple size variants so that you can have the one you need. There is a silicone temperature grommet that will monitor the internal heat of this charcoal smoker. 

Thus, you are not required to monitor the smoker all the time. Just set the smoker and your meal will be ready.

Top features

  • Fuel door to add charcoal 
  • Temperature monitor feature
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl
  • Temperature control with dampers
  • Dual cooking grates for smoking larger items

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You will be able to control the internal heat of this smoker by adjusting the dampers. If you need larger space for smoking big-sized items at once, you will be able to smoke them by using the dual cooking grates. 


Dimensions24 In. x 23 In. x 48.5 In.
Weight68 lbs
Fuel TypeCharcoal

Rust Resistant

It’s quite tough to maintain the new look of a smoker. You will be able to keep the stunning look of this product for a long session. The product comes with a porcelain-enameled lid and bowl. The center section will retain the heat for this design. 

There won’t be any rust or peel because of this construction. The cylindrical-shaped smoker will suit any corner of your backyard and will enhance the vibe as well.

Flavorful Meal

As the smoker is powered by charcoal, you will surely have a distinct flavor in every item you cook on this. The flavor will have a perfect balance and the smoky flavor will enhance the taste of your dish.

Lid Thermometer

There is a lid thermometer included on this device that allows you to monitor the inner temperature and the foods as well. By adjusting the dampers, you will be able to control the device’s temperature. Thus, the meat will be cooked exactly how you want it.

Steel Cooking Grates

You will be able to smoke large items on this product without any complexation. The smoker is built in such a way that it allows you to effortlessly smoke huge items. In addition, there are two cooking grates that will provide ample room to grill different items at once.

Size Variants

You don’t need to worry if you’re looking for a smoker of a small size. The above-mentioned smoker is available in three different size variants. You will be able to choose the one among 14, 18, and 22-inch. The variants come with a fuel door to make it easier to add charcoal or wood while smoking.


  • The door has a gap
  • You may not like the handle setup

Product-Related FAQs

Is there any difference in performance on the size variants?

Not at all. All the variants come with the same features and maintain the premium quality as well.

Does this model come with the cover?

Yes. You will get a cover with this smoker and can also purchase a separate cover from stores.

How accurate is the thermometer?

Well, it’s pretty accurate. For cooking issues, the built-in thermometer will be perfect to get the internal temperature.  

What about the fuels?

You may use wood and charcoal as fuel. There is a  fuel door that lets you refill the smoker easily with the fuels.

Weber is founded to make the grilling better and to help the users make a delicious meal with memories. The products from Weber are made with premium materials and ensure a warranty for 10 years. Apart from smoking components, Weber has established some fantastic restaurants in the USA.

Classic Pit Barrel Set & Forget Smoker

Pit Barrel Cooker Co. produces premium smokers, and this product from this manufacturer will surely satisfy you with the features. The smoker comes with eight stainless steel hooks that will work as a hook-n-hang for your meal. 

In addition, there is a coal basket to pour an ideal amount of charcoal into the smoker for a perfect cook. It will be easier to refill the smoker with fuel. You will be able to quickly assemble the smoker with minimum complexations. 

The unique design of this smoker will make the PBC simple to operate. You will get the required components with the purchase.

Top Features

  • 8 stainless steel hooks
  • Ideal-sized coal basket
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Includes required components
  • Unique design and simple to operate

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The smoker will work great in any weather, and you will have the best barbeque taste for sure. The PBC will effectively maintain a low and consistent temperature inside the unit for a standard period. 


Dimensions21 In. x 21 In. x 31.1 In.
Weight57 lbs
ColorBlack Porcelain enamel coating
Fuel TypeCharcoal

Stainless Steel Hooks

Sometimes, the taste of grilling can be enhanced by hanging the meat in the smoker. Classic Pit Barrel Set & Forget Smoker comes with 8 stainless steel hooks that will allow you to hang your meal for grilling and searing. You will have two hanging rods as well with the smoker.

Unique Design

You will definitely love the design of this smoker. Classic Pit Barrel Smoker comes in a unique design that is simple to operate. You will have minimal hassle compared to other smokers. The smoker requires minimal hassle to assemble. You will be able to start cooking anytime, anywhere.

Includes Everything

The smoker comes with everything you may need. You will have a standard grill grate with hook remover tools. The components won’t require any further installation as they are pretty simple to use and assemble. 

Coal Basket

Don’t need to worry about the fuels while using this smoker. The smoker comes with a coal basket that can be filled with an ideal amount of charcoal or wood. You will be able to cook a meal with a filled basket of coal.


  • It’s quite tough to control the heat

Product-Related FAQ

Is it possible to add a temperature regulator to the PBC?

You may use a digital thermometer to track the temperature.

Can I use butcher paper while smoking?

Sure. You may use butcher paper or foil while using this smoker machine.

Is it possible to use propane gas as fuel?

Yes. You need to convert the fuel system of the PBC to gas.  

Is this smoker recommended to cook beef jerky?

You will be able to cook beef jerky by using the Classic smoker. Make sure you are cooking the dish at a low temperature.

Pit Barrel Cooker Co. produces quality materials in an affordable range. This is a veteran-owned company that manufactures smokers for cooker enthusiasts. The smoker mentioned above will be designed for the professionals and also recommended for the newbies.

You will definitely enjoy cooking using this smoker. The smoker from Pit Barrel will be the ultimate outdoor cooking equipment you’re looking for.

Traeger Wood Pellet Smoker & Grill – Pro Series 

Traeger is probably one of the finest smoker manufacturers in the world. This product is also powered by electricity. The precise temperature control feature will surely make your grilling experience way better than before. The advanced WiFIRE technology of this device will connect this smart smoker to your home WiFi. Also, this technology makes it one of the best set it and forget it pellet smokers.

You will be able to control the smoker through voice control. This smart feature lets you control the smoker easily without any complexation. The smoker will start quicker and heat up faster than usual to provide you with an effective cooking experience. You will get a quality smoker by using this product. 

Just set the temperature with other adjustments and forget about keeping track of the meal.

Top Features

  • Heats up faster
  • Versatile barbeque cooking
  • Precise temperature control
  • Advanced WiFIRE technology
  • Decent space for family cooking

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This is a 6-in-1 versatile grill that you may use for smoke, bake, roast, and braise as well. The versatile smoker is made for family cooking with a decent grilling space.


Dimensions27 In. x 41 In.  x 53 In.
Weight124 lbs
Fuel TypeWood, Charcoal

Smart Technology

This is the most innovative feature that Traeger offers. Purchasing this smoker will save you from lots of hassles. This product has smart technology that will let you connect the girl to your home WiFi. Thus, you will be able to control the grill from anywhere. 

In addition, the smoker can also be controlled through voice commands. You will have the most comfortable grilling because of this smart WiFIRE technology. 


This Pro Series smoker is one of the most versatile smokers available in the market. This device can be used for 6 different purposes. You will be able to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbeque by using a single smoker. 

It doesn’t matter what the purpose is. You will always have the most effective grilling experience by using this product. 

Family Cooking

This will be the perfect tool for your family cooking. The smoker comes with 575 sq. inches of space that can be used for most of the meat types. You can effortlessly use this space for cooking four burgers or five-rib racks as well. 

Heats Faster

The smoker from Traeger can be considered as the most effective smoker among the other pellet smokers. The smoker is designed to reach the optimum temperature faster, and the drivetrain also starts quicker. As a result, the device takes less time to get heat and puts out better quality smoke with stunning flavor.


  • The build quality isn’t top-level
  • The WiFi is quite complex to set up

Product-Related FAQ

How hot does the smoker get?

The heat is pretty much enough for all types of meats. The highest temperature range of this product is 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is there any variant of this model?

Yes. This smoker comes with a bronze color variant. In addition, there is a variant available with a grill drip tray as well.

What’s the surface material of this smoker?

The surface of this material is porcelain-coated. 

How good is this product for regular use?

Well, this smoker will be recommended for regular use. The premium Traeger smoker will provide you with a durable service for sure.

Traeger is among the best-selling grill manufacturers in the world. They introduce the latest technology to make cooking more comfortable and eliminate the hassle during cooking. Traeger Pellet Smoker comes with unique features that are not available in traditional smokers. Thus, you will surely enjoy using this product from Traeger.

Masterbuilt Bluetooth 40 inch Electric Smoker

Here comes another premium electric smoker from Masterbuilt. There will be no hassle to fill the smoker with fuels as the smoker runs through electricity. You will be able to fry, boil or even steam with this smoker. The product can be customized as it comes with a variety of accessories. 

You will surely be able to ameliorate your smoking and frying experience. Masterbuilt Bluetooth Electric Smoker comes with a large cooking space thus, there won’t be any problem to smoke an extensive stock of foods. 

In addition, the smoker includes 4 chrome-coated racks with an 800-watt heating element.

Top Features

  • 4 chrome-coated racks
  • 800-watt heating element 
  • Smart Bluetooth technology 
  • Simple wood loading system
  • Included Probe Thermometer 

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There is a Bluetooth temperature controlling system that controls the internal heat and time.


Dimensions9.68 In. x 25.2 In. x 41.73 In.
Weight66.31 lbs
Fuel TypeElectric

Large Space

The convenient storage of this smoker will surely bring some advantages while smoking large stock of meats or other food items. This product comes with a large cooking space. There are four chrome-coated racks, allowing you to smoke multiple items at once without compromising the flavor.

Remote Controls

Here comes another unique feature of this product. There is a remote control option to adjust and monitor the internal temperature and time as well. You can even control the internal light and meat temperatures using this feature. 

Built-in Heat Probe

You will have a better cooking result if the smoker lets you measure the temperature of the meal effectively. To make it more convenient, there is a built-in meat temperature probe included in the smoker. You will be able to measure the temp from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Ergonomic Design

You will definitely feel comfortable while using this device for smoking. The smoker is designed to make your grilling experience smooth and will eliminate the hassles as well. 


  • The customer service isn’t top-notch
  • Not durable for a regular use

Product-Related FAQ

How good is this smoker for indoor?

Well, the smoker is not recommended for indoor use. You should use this type of smoker in the backyard or outdoors.

Is this smoker capable of smoking a whole turkey?

Sure. You can smoke a whole turkey by removing the racks. 

How complex is it to assemble the smoker?

It’s pretty easy. You just need to fix three screws and some simple assembly.

Is it possible to use wood pellets in this smoker?

Is it possible to use wood pellets in this smoker?

Yes. You may use wood pellets and wood chips as well. However, this will cause an excessive amount of smoke. If you want flavor in your meal, you may use wood pellets that contain flavor.

Masterbuilt has a wide range of products that you may purchase to make your outdoor cooking first-class. Masterbuilt is popular among users as they build great products with greater relationships. They are committed to designing the most innovative product in the industry. The smoker is a perfect example of this brand.

Cuisinart Vertical Versatile Propane Smoker 

The black smoker from Cuisinart comes with plenty of rooms to smoke a variety of meats. This smoker includes stainless steel shelves that can be removed if required. There is a built-in thermometer that will provide you with stats about internal temperature and others. You will be able to control the total temperature while smoking. 

So, you are not required to monitor the smoker all the time. In addition, the smoker can also be controlled by using dual doors and a rear vent as well. The propane-powered smoker requires a simple installation and is very simple to operate. 

The smoker also includes a twist-lock door with a handle so that you can easily refill the smoker when it’s required.

Top Features

  • Smoke control
  • Lock door with handle
  • Removable steel shelves
  • Total temperature control
  • 40-inch propane hose and regulator

Check today’s price on Amazon

This cuisinart smoker will make your smoking experience better as the smoker reaches the optimum temperature within the shortest possible time.


Dimensions19.3 In. x 18.1 In. x 38.6 In.
Weight69.5 lbs
Color36″ Propane
Fuel TypeLiquefied Petroleum Gas

Spacious Interior

The versatile smoker comes with plenty of rooms with an interior of 5.45 square feet. You will be able to cook a variety of foods at once. As there are several trays available inside, you may smoke meat and vegetables at the same time. This won’t damage the flavor and will make both the dishes taste amazing. 

Removable Shelves

If you want to enhance the interior for turkey or a large stock of meat, you can cook the food by removing the shelves. This will allow you to cook the whole meat effortlessly. The shelves are made with stainless steel, and they are dishwasher safe. The removable shelves are easy to clean up as well.

Built-in Thermometer

There is a built-in thermometer included on the smoker that will make your cooking more perfect. You will be able to monitor the internal stats to make the dish taste better. They are easy to read so that anyone can manage the cooking even if you are not a professional. 

Heat Control

This is a propane-sourced smoker. You may need to control the heat most often. The smoker comes with a total temperature control feature. This lets you control the heat and also helps the smoker to reach the optimum temperature faster.

You can control the smoke as well by using the rear vent and the doors. There is a twist-lock door with a handle for better control of the device.


  • The heat range is not ideal
  • The assemble is quite complex than others

Product-Related FAQ

Is there any option to hang meat?

Well, you may remove the racks, but there is no function to hang meat.

What is the maximum temperature that can be achieved in this smoker?

The highest temperature range of this smoker is 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit.

How complex is it to move this smoker?

The smoker doesn’t come with any wheels and weighs around 70 pounds.

What is the dimension of the propane hose?

Cuisinart smoker comes with a 40-inch propane hose and regulator.

Cuisinart has been producing kitchen appliances since 1973. They have a wide range of products available in the market. Cuisinart focuses on delivering top-quality functional products in an affordable range. Cuisinart Vertical Versatile Propane Smoker will surely make you realize why this brand is accepted among users.

Things to Consider While Buying A Set and Forget Smoker 

Set and Forget is a unique variant of smokers thus there are some distinctive features that make them different from the traditional smokers. This is why there are some features that should be checked well before purchasing a set and forget smokers.  

Have a glance at the below points to ensure you are getting the best set and smoker and not missing any important features. 

Heat Control

This is the feature that made them unique from the usual smokers. The smoker should have decent heat control. You’ll be able to cook the meat exactly how you want it. The accuracy of the heat is also an important factor to consider.

If you are not getting an accurate output, then it will not be possible to take the proper step to make the dish perfectly cooked. 

Though most of the set and forget smokers come with a built-in thermometer, very few of them provide accurate stats about the temperature. Thus, check the review about the heat issues before purchasing a smoker. 


It’s important to have a smoker with a decent amount of space. This will allow you to cook larger stocks such as turkeys. You will be able to complete the whole dish at one time. This will save your fuel and also save your valuable time. For family cooking, this one is definitely a major feature to consider.

 Build Quality

Build quality is always an important thing to consider while purchasing anything. This will provide you with durable service. The smokers mentioned in this article are from some of the best manufacturers that ensure top quality as well. They are composed of food-grade materials and will not alter the flavor in any way. 

If you don’t focus on the build quality, then you may not get the taste you’re expecting. Sometimes, the surface material damages the taste because of the heat. So make sure you’re choosing the perfect smoker with a premium build quality.

Ergonomic Design

You should focus on the design of the smoker as well. As smokers are used for the backyard and outside, you may need to move the tool most often. It will be more comfortable if the smoker comes with a handle on top and a wheel on the bottom. The refilling should be simple with a fuel door. 

This will allow you to fill the fuel without any complexations. The cover is required if you want more flavor and smoke to be absorbed into your dish. If your smoker does not come with a cover, you will be able to purchase one from the store.

These are among the major features. There are some additional features you should check before purchasing a set and forget smokers. Heat range is also essential as some of the dishes require a higher range of heat while cooking. 

In addition, the shelves should come with premium quality surfaces and it will be a plus if they are removable. The removable feature will let you use the whole interior space while cooking. 

If you manage to purchase a smoker with the above features, you will definitely have the best set and forget smoker for your backyard. 

Electric vs Pellet Smokers vs Propane – Which ‘Set-And-Forget’ Is Best for You 

Well, before declaring the best, we should know the differences among smokers. They all are pretty famous and offer different kinds of advantages. The significant distinction among smokers is the power source. Electric smokers run with electricity and come with a power cord. 

The next one, pellet smokers use different pellets as fuel. This one is popular if you want the flavor to be absorbed into the food item. There are pellets available in different flavors that can be used while using pellet smokers. Pellet smokers are recommended if you prefer flavor on your dish.

Propane smoker uses propane as the power source. Propane smokers maintain a smoky flavor and are very simple to operate. You may use wood chips as fuel in the propane smokers. Though the difference is only on the power source, it will definitely confuse anyone while picking one.

If you can assure an uninterrupted electric supply, you should try the electric smoker. This variant offers some additional features with electricity that may eliminate the traditional hassles. In addition, there won’t be any hassle of refilling the fuels. 

In addition, if you prefer flavor on your dish, you should pick the pellet smokers without any doubt. This variant offers you the use of individual flavored pellets while grilling any item. 

A propane smoker is quite easy to operate. If you want to grill your items without any hassles then you may try this variant. Sometimes, the gas fumes of the propane smokers damage the flavor. Thus, if you are sensitive in terms of flavor then you should not pick this one. 

Benefits of A Set and Forget Smoker 

There are plenty of advantages of a set and forget smoker. The main advantage is the operation. They are very simple to operate and don’t require monitoring or observing the smoker continuously. You will be able to get the internal heat information through the built-in thermometer. 

You won’t be required to sit in front of the smoker all the time. Thus, you will be able to complete other pieces of stuff meanwhile. The latest smokers come with WiFi technology as well that lets you control the devices through voice commands. 

Set and forget smokers usually come with larger space and offer to cook different items at once. This saves you fuel and also saves your valuable time as well. These are some of the noticeable benefits that you will enjoy while using a set and forget smokers. 

The Disadvantage of a Set & Forget Type Smoker 

Well, there are not any major disadvantages of using a set and forget smoker. The only thing that you should focus on is monitoring. As the smoker comes with automatic heat control, you may forget about the smoker and the dish you are cooking. This will make the dish overcooked if you don’t set the temperature in the ideal range. 

Another issue that may annoy you is the weight. They are quite large and do have a good weight. However, most of the manufacturers eliminated this problem by adding wheels on the bottom.


The article tried to cover everything about the best set and forget smokers. You will surely have a hassle-free cooking experience by purchasing this type of smoker. Make sure the smoker contains the mentioned features. You will be able to get the expected output if you pick the one with all the required features. Focus on the build quality and thermometer accuracy before purchasing one. The smoker should not damage the smoky flavor of your dish. For a pleasant grilling experience, you should definitely try the set and forget smokers.