Should you opt in for the best touchless kitchen faucet today?

You can’t help but laugh out loud if you know what happened when I used the best touchless kitchen faucet for the first time in my life. It’s a topcellent story. 

To celebrate Lila’s birthday party, I visited her last thursday and I was surprised when I went to their kitchen. It never happened to me. Whenever I take my hands near the faucet mouth, water starts falling before I touch anything.

I started screaming as I’m not so courageous to face any paranormal situation. Thanks God, I didn’t lock the kitchen door. So, within seconds my friend been there and helped me calm down by telling the magical features of this touchless kitchen faucet.

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Why it’s considered to be the best touchless kitchen faucet by my friend Lila

Moen Touchless Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet is the best home use kitchen faucet featured by a strong cleaning capacity and spot resistant stainless steel.

Chrome, Matte Black, oil rubbed Bronte, and stainless steel – each of these eye catching four colours can cease the thirst of any eyes. You can choose any one, but don’t forget to ask your friends to select a color that will best match your kitchen.

This is a faucet with motion sense capacity, so it can sense your every motion and can provide you the sensuous service when and how you want it and I’m sure that it’s surprising price will smoke your senses.

Because of its motion sense capacity, it can activate water flow based on your body or hand movement. It is a convenient hands-free controller, which can make your kitchen work more enjoyable and also  help you finish your daily kitchen work quickly and efficiently.

The manufacturer of this company is Moen’s Arbor. Moen is one of the top-rated companies of plumbing supplies, faucets and garbage disposals.

During the construction of this faucet, Moen set all standards so that finally this product can maintain and balance your water pressure in a proper way.

Presence of topcellent features make every faucet one hundred percent functional and fully reliable. This faucet will offer you a long-lasting touchless experience.

The shape of its handle and the curve of the spot gives it a very convenient transitional look which can supply water in a decorating style. You can set this Faucet onto a deck or your countertops only creating a single hole, which incredibly maintains a clean environment instead of any multi holes mounting.

7 Cool features of Moen Touchless Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet

  1. This device is specially featured to resist any fingerprints or water spots onto the faucet body. So hereby you can enjoy a very neat and clean, spotless Faucet for a long time.
  2. This Faucet is containing two smart sensors, which can sense your motion and can sense a single hand movement and can supply water according to your wish and desire.
  3. It offers a power clean spray technology, which is fifty percent more powerful than any conventional clean spray. So any pull down or pull out of your kitchen faucet will be able to clean more precisely with the power clean spray technology.
  4. You can flexibly install these fittings as it has a simple design with only one to three holes.
  5. This Faucet offers you a long-lasting user experience with guaranteed satisfaction.
  6. This smart kitchen faucet incredibly featured with useful innovation like Moen’s reflex and Power Boost. So it is possible to make your daily kitchen works much easier.
  7. This touchless faucet offers you a hand free operation to activate your desired water supply at the desired amount. Use your single hand, just move your hand beneath the faucet mouth see how water supply starts.

You can hold your food items or kitchen utensils just below the spout, and this faucet will start to supply water immediately with the help of its always ready sensors. Pass your hands over the sensor, which present at the top of the spout; you will enjoy a continuous water stream. you also can manage the water flow or temperature manually.

Pros @ a glance:

  1. Spot resistant.
  2. Featured to motion sense two sensors touch less performance.
  3. It is featured to fifty percent more power spray.
  4. It is retractable, offers smooth operation, easy movement, and secure docking of the spray head.
  5. Offer very fast and easy installation.
  6. I have inbuilt antimicrobial technology.

Cons @ a glance:

  1. It Doesn’t include some assembly hardware, such as- screws or fasteners etc.
  2. Some Customer has claimed that they have a flex hose split of this Faucet, so it creates a continuous water leakage.

Installation procedure of this kitchen faucet:

Moen Touchless Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet is such an equipment which makes your kitchen stylish and more functional. So you can easily replace your old kitchen faucet and install this amazing one. You will need some simple tools and materials if you want to do it yourself.

Tools you may need-

  1. Basin Wrench
  2. Adjustable Wrenches.
  3. Small Bucket.
  4. Putty knife.
  5. Spray lubricant.
  6. Hacksaw
  7. Putty knife
  8. Sponge
  9. Screwdriver
  10. Pipe seal tape

Materials you must need-

  1. Kitchen Faucet.
  2. Supply Lines.
  3. Silicone caulk.
  4. Plumber’s Tape.

First of all, if you are thinking to replace your old Faucet, please look underneath your existing sink. Carefully see the number of holes present here. It should present between 1 to 4. Then replace the old faucet following the procedure I’m gonna show you now.

First Step: Remove the old Faucet:

Turn off the water valves; turn on the Faucet to alleviate pressure with the help of a basin wrench. Switch off all power if connected here.

Before displacing this old faucet, take a picture of your whole plumbing set to use as a reference in further.

Disconnect and remove the spray heads. Remove the water supply tube. Remove your old Faucet and gently clean all grime or in the build if present onto the sink surface.

Final Step: Drop your new Faucet:

As already you have removed your old Faucet so now it is the turn to install a new one. But prior to installing your new Faucet please keep in mind that all faucets differ from each other so, their installation process will also differ, you should follow the dedicated installation procedure for your Kitchen Faucet.

First of all, place your rubber or plastic gasket over the kitchen hole after setting of the deck plate forward for the next step.

Insert the faucet line into the hole. Installation of washers and nuts underneath the sink should be securely performed. If you have a pull-down faucet, attach the hose (quick connect) to the main supply pipe. Make a trial by pulling down the house, whether it is perfectly fit or not with the help of a plumber, tight the water supply line.

Remove the Aerator from the spray head. Run the Water, in an aerator free condition for several minutes. Finally, recheck the total system, whether everything installed properly or not. Once re-check is finished, turn the water supply off and replace the Aerator in its previous place.

Seems to be tough? Don’t worry. This video by Moen will make it easy for you:

It was once upon a day when we were not conscious enough to make our kitchen smart and functional.

But time is changing, and we are using many stylish, and useful kitchen fittings and equipment to reduce our hazards and to increase our kitchen’s lucrative value many times.

In this modern era, we are going through a very technical period. Every day we are applying new fittings from under sink kitchen water filter to stylish kitchen rack shelf, which are making our kitchen gorgeous and functional. Anyway, do you know how many types of kitchen faucets are available now?

Kitchen faucet and its types:

Either fancy or simple, all kitchen faucets are consist of these following parts-

Aerator: Water comes at high speed through the pipeline, so Aerator is here to reduce the water flow. It also helps to splash the curbs.

Spout: It is the mandatory cause it delivers water from Faucet’s body.

Valve Controls: It maintains the water flow rate as well as water temperature.

Body: Very functional parts of your kitchen faucet. It functions to blend the hot and cold water spout.

Supply line: basically, they are the supply line or utility line connected with your home’s hot and cold-water pipes.

But in touch less faucet, you’ll get a few more extra parts including motion sensor, power supplying device etc.

Now let’s see how many types of kitchen faucet can we find out in the market. Based on the presence of holes they are three types-

  • Single-hole
  • Two holes &
  • Three Holes (Widespread).

Again, based on the presence of a number of handles, they are two types-

One handle & Two Handles.

Based on the position of how they set, they are two types-

Deck-mount and Wall-Mount.

But surprisingly based on Spout style, they are seven types-

Straight, Shepherd’s Crook, Gooseneck, Articulating, Pull-out, Pull-Down and Hands-Free.

Construction materials of kitchen faucet:

Kitchen Faucet is made of various graded materials. Such as you can buy kitchen faucet made of stainless steel which is better than every other material.

Some manufacturers also applies a protective coating onto the stainless steel to resist any spots or fingerprint on the faucet body. You’ll get this coating on Moen Touchless Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet.

By the way, Plastic and zinc faucet are also getting huge popularity nowadays. If you see the plastic or zinc or brass faucets, you will be unable to make them separate from each other. They are almost same to look when seeing from outside.

Brass faucet is the most popular, as they are durable and easy to cast. This faucet comes with a variety of models and design. Moreover, brass faucets are light in weight and much cheaper than other faucets.

However, if you want to feel the difference between them, pick them onto your hand. Plastic and zinc faucets are also light in weight. But, I like stainless steel faucets. Though, it’s a bit expensive, it’s peerless in ensuring the satisfaction and longevity.

Touch vs Touchless Kitchen Faucet; which one is for you?

touch vs touchless kitchen faucet

Both the touch or touchless kitchen faucet are handy enough to help you accomplish your daily kitchen work (such as preparing a meal and clean everything, etc) very quickly and easily. Though both of them are consisting of almost the same performance, debate may occur among the sweetest couple that which one is better for you?

Most probably you already knew about the basic definition and mechanism of action for both the faucets. The only difference I can see is that the touch faucet requires a manual hand action whereas a touchless kitchen faucet requires no manual action to start water supply.

Sometimes, I need water supply on my hand, but it becomes almost impossible for me to press the handle. Before installing the touchless faucet, I had to call either my superman or my children.

This doesn’t happen everyday. So before deciding which technology will suit your demands and meet your specifications, it’ll be wise for you to consider the following facts-

1) Touch Kitchen Faucet:

a) Mechanism of action:

Already we know that one sensor is integrated into the spout of this type of Faucet. This sensor has the capability to sense the presence of the electricity of users body.

This sensor is so sophisticated that when the capacitance of your body increases, it starts to water supply.

Again on a second touch by you, it starts to water supply off. These sensors are well enough to understand the difference between touch and any grab. For this feature, you can easily clean your kitchen appliance or rinse your vegetables without dealing with your kitchen faucet on or off!

b) Advantage of Touch Faucets:

Cleaning of the meal and preparing them is a messy process always. How many times has someone has to clean the meal or clean the faucet, is uncountable.

So think one thing, if you have to clean any sticky or messy meals and if you have to touch the faucet with your messy, sticky hands how comfortable will you feel then?

The biggest advantage of this type of kitchen faucets is that you don’t have to touch the faucet with your dirty hands.

Using your elbow, or back portion of your hands, even by a gentle touch onto the neck of the spout, causes waterfall to run. As a way, the faucet is not only stayed out of your messy and sticky hands, but it also saves some time, also increases faucets lasting efficiency. If you don’t have to clean the faucet repeatedly, that means the product is trends to last long without decreasing its beauty.

c) The disadvantage of Touch Faucets:

Frankly speaking, installing of any touch faucet is not a simple process. Moreover it needs battery or electric supply to run the faucet.

In the case of battery-powered faucet, you have to change the battery after a certain period of use.

And for electric faucet, after each month you have to pay an extra amount for your electric bill. 

2) Touchless Kitchen Faucet:

a) Mechanism of action:

The touchless kitchen faucet contains a sensor which is located under the neck of the Faucet, at the base of the Faucet. It can detect your movement and can start operations without touching anything.

b) Advantage of touchless kitchen faucet:

Firstly, you don’t have to touch the faucet or its handle each time you wish to start the water supply on or off. So it’s not going to create a huge impact on your cleanliness process.

It reduces the wipe away of dirty or sticky faucet repeatedly, and it also reduces spreading of potential germs onto the kitchen sink.

Finally, this kitchen faucet contains such a sensor, which is capable of preventing any accidental activation much better than the touch kitchen faucet.

I know you feel bore to read more, because I’m not a good writer and I’m sorry for that. So, here’s a visual representation of other cool features of touchless faucet-

c) The disadvantage of touchless kitchen faucet:

Same as touch kitchen faucets, they are powered by batteries or electricity. The greater if it is powered by AA batteries. But you can power it also by any power supply kits.

If you are not going to adjust with the AA batteries, you can use a/c adaptor and can enjoy a nice long-lasting performance.

As you can see, both the kitchen faucet has some advantages, and some disadvantages, both of them has almost maximum simulators with a few different actions.

So when it turns to pick up my opinion, I would like to recommend installing a touchless kitchen faucet as it’s more decorative and stylish. And the best part is that it can surprise anyone who’ve never used it.

However, now let’s see how to pick up the best one for your sweet home kitchen.

How to choose the best kitchen faucet

A kitchen faucet is not only used to supply hot or cold water, but it is also an important item by which your kitchen gains an attractive design. There are various types of kitchen faucets available in the market, some of them are simple in design some are simple in price, whatever, one faucet never featured all benefit.

So before buying any kitchen faucet, you have to investigate the details thoroughly to spend your money on the right kitchen utensils and these facts will help you.

10] Never put all your concentration onto the look of the Faucet:

First of all, never mistakes to buy a faucet only if it is lucrative to you. Always keep in mind that you have to buy a faucet which is sustainable and durable. So, if needed, talk with one faucet designer, manufacturer or retailer and try to know the details. It is better to select such faucet, which is lucrative as well as very convenient.

09] Thinks of your budget:

It’s very important. Basically, a kitchen faucet is such a thing; you cannot replace it repeatedly within a short time. You can afford approximately 300 dollars to buy a kitchen faucet. Spending more than 300 dollars will offer you obviously more features. Less than this amount may offer you an attractive faucet, but it will make you suffer in the future.

08] Featuring Utilities:

You cannot select thousands of various utilities into one faucet, rather than you can select one perfect choice which will give you a maximum benefit. Self-retracting head touch less or touch control, temperature indicating light, multiple spray mode, stain-resist spot, 360 degrees swivel spout- these are some utilities you should think about before buying a Kitchen Faucet.

07] Installation process:

It is an important fact, which you should think carefully before buying any of your kitchen faucet. Check your sink, and look at the number of holes presented there. Based on the presence of the whole number, you can choose one hole, two, three or four holes faucet.

You can obviously install one-hole faucet onto your three- or four-holes sink. But in that case, you have to use an escutcheon plate to cover the remaining holes. Some brand of kitchen faucet may offer their product with an inbuilt escutcheon plate, if not buy a spare plate.

06] Warranty and customer service:

Warranty and customer service carries from brand to brand. Everyone wants a product with long-lasting features. Obviously, if any brand is offering you that feature, that means this company stands with the product quality to a great extent.

As you cannot go a long distance with your installing kitchen faucet, so before buying this, see the manufacturer policy regarding products warranty and customer service. Some manufacturers will offer you a quick response in case of your product defect or any difficulties while installing it.

05] Category of Kitchen Faucet:

Different people have different choices. So, to please their different customers, manufacturers  produce a variety of kitchen faucet having a variety of features and benefits. For example, many people may put their importance on the temperature controlling capacity of the fauve, where others may only think of the spout and spray head of the faucet.

Each type of kitchen Faucet thereby offers you some sort of special characteristics, which is not present in others.

So, fix your demand and make a list based on this. According to your list, research the various types of available faucet and select the best one.

04] Find the best brands:

Cheap brands can never manufacture the best products. A product from a trusted brand will never lose your hope and trust. Presently there are various brands.

So, it’s not so easy to select one from the crowd. You better come to my house and see how my Moen Touchless Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet makes me smile whenever I go to my kitchen.

03] Design:

If the product is lucrative, it doesn’t make sense that it will be useful for you. You need such a design, which will meet 100% of your purpose.

Before buying a too small so cute faucet, you should think that is there any room or place to install a heating instrument?

The dimension of the faucet is an important consideration. Always see the counter’ vertical space and spouts height. A narrow sink with a low hanging cabinet force you to buy a short faucet but through all of this you can fix your issues consulting with an experienced kitchen consultant.

It is not saying here to ignore the visual attractiveness of any faucet, rather mote, a lucrative faucet will make your kitchen very aesthetic and good looking.

02] See the handle:

The Faucet can be constructed with one handle or two handles. So, it’s a secret I am telling you, two handle faucet is very pretty if installed into your bathroom. But in case of the kitchen sink, try to select one handle. One handle faucet is simple in design, easy to clean and facilitate more space to install the heating arrangement.

01] Pull-down or pullout, which Fauve should be your choice:

Pull-down sprayers or old side sprayers, both of them are available in the market. But the problem is, in case of old side sprayers, you may have to face a leak, but in the case of pull-down sprayers, they are much more reliable and user-friendly.

Cleaning and Sanitization of your kitchen faucet:

Faucet mainly used a lot in our regular life. Sometimes a necessary cleaning usually removes small smudges. But for more serious cleaning, you will often need to use cleaners. Whenever water flow has been compromised, you need to replace the filter and clean it.

There are so many ways to clean kitchen faucet. Below, I have given three best strategies to clean your kitchen faucet and maybe you can guess who taught me all these things

Clean soft stains with Water:

You should be able to remove small smudges without any cleaning materials. It is the primary solution to clean kitchen faucet.

Use a gentle cleanser to remove harder stains:

Sometimes it is impossible to fix cleaning with water. Then we need to wash our faucet with a gentle cleanser. Vinegar or all-purpose cleaners should work well. For a natural cleaner, we have to mix white vinegar and water then apply it to the faucet.

Use vinegar or bleach to disinfect:

When your faucet gets attacked by germs and bacteria, you can use either bleach or vinegar to recover.

For vinegar, you have to mix white vinegar and water properly. Vinegar is so safe to use. It kills most of the problematic bacteria.

For a bleach solution, you have to mix one tablespoon of bleach with a quart of water. Don’t forget to use gloves because you can be affected in your hand or skin by this mixer.

It’s so crucial to sanitize your kitchen faucet because if you don’t sanitize your drain correctly, you will face a lot of trouble. Faucet is one of the essential elements in a home. For all of the value it brings, the least that homeowners can do is to clean the faucet every few months.

Prepare a sanitizing solution:

Take a sponge or cleaning rag to the Aerator, making sure to blast it with running water to push away particulates as you loosen them. You can use a stick to clean the way where water passed.

Just make sure to moving water and trash that exists in faucet fluently. Because if water can’t pass in the way, it will occur a lot of hampers in the draining system. So, it’s necessary to take a vital step in ensuring the sanitization of your kitchen faucet.

Tips to remove grime and junk from your kitchen faucet:

A beautifully clean kitchen sink with its faucet will give you a thousand dollars happiness. But, because of your simple heedlessness, your faucet maybe attacked by grime and junk.

Along with the problematic grimes, some microbes may build their nest onto the sink fixers, which may be a potential problem to your sink. Certain types of those microbes may cause stains on your fauve or sink, whereas some may cause bad odour.

So, there are several ways to remove these grimmest and junks from your kitchen faucet in the following way-

  1. Firstly, know the details of your kitchen faucet and its constructed materials. It is mandatory to know the cleaning materials and tools to complete the cleaning procedure successfully. Also ask the manufacturer, which cleaning materials and processes are referring by them. Using any metallic scrubber or brush may not be suitable for every faucet, in that case, use a heavy cleaning cloth.
  2. Try to do regular cleaning of your faucet fixers with mild soap and warm water along with cloning cloths. After each cleaning with this process, wipe the whole sink with an unused dry cloth. Your kitchen will shine a lot.
  3. To remove the buildup grime onto the faucet, mix half a cup of white vinegar with a half a cup of mild hot water. Merge a soft cloth into the mixers and then softly clean the inbuilt area with this cloth.
  4. Baking soda is an awesome cleaning agent, which can remove some short of stain too. Take a small amount of baking soda on an unused toothbrush and apply one or two drops of water. Scrub the stained area with this toothbrush; enjoy a stain-free shiny kitchen faucet.

Any kind of microbe growth onto the kitchen sink may cause serious health problems in your family. So it is mandatory to keep your sinks microbes free.

To avoid the hazardous microbial removal process regularly, you can buy some sort of kitchen faucet with a built in antimicrobial’s technology. This antimicrobials technology will make your kitchen sink or faucet capable of inhibiting all kinds of microbe’s growth.

And the interesting thing is that this antimicrobials technology never wipes or washed away from your faucet or from the sink.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Question):

Question: Which one is best among touchless faucet or compression faucet?

Answer: Compression Faucet is the oldest kitchen faucet which has a manual operation. The water flow thereby controls by the obstruction cusses from compressing valves (which is operated by single hands). As compression faucet is run by a manual compressing on its handle, so it is not flexible to use and may leak anytime.

Question: What is the removal procedure of any buildup into the sprayers of the faucets?

Answer: At first, take some vinegar into a sandwich bag. Rap the sprayers with the sandwich bag. Cover it with a plastic bag and secure it using with a rubber band.

Keep as it is for around one hour and let the sprayers soak the vinegar. Any minerals build up into the sprayers will submerge into the vinegar and washed away from the faucets.

Question: Do touchless faucets need battery?

Answer: To run a touch less faucet, you have to provide a power source to the faucet. Without this power source, faucet sensors, valves, and other electronic parts can’t run.

You can run your faucet obviously with the help of a few batteries. Battery-powered kitchen faucets are always trended to use any latching solenoid valves which can give energy in the absence of any electric power. You can use 6 AA,4 AA batteries according to the brand of your faucet.

Any ordinary battery will serve you only for up to a maximum of two years. We suggest, therefore, to use a battery-powered faucet with quality full branded batteries.

Question: What is the working procedure of a kitchen faucet?

Answer: Actually, it also varies from brand to brand. If you are using a motion sense faucet, that means it will offer you hands-free operation. You just have to create a wave in front of the sensor which is presented on the body of the faucet.

When the sensor will be able to sense the wave of motion, it will start to begin water flow from the spray heads on to the sink.

However, for touchless faucet, the temperature of the supplied water can be controlled by a different controlling system. 

And old type kitchen faucet has a manual operation arrangement. You have to pull the side spray heads using your one hand.

Question: What is the procedure to get hot water from the kitchen faucet?

Answer: First of all, turn off the power connection if present any, then turn off the water supply. Open the sink underneath the cabinet and see there are two valves controlling system are present accordingly.

If you want to get hot water, turn the right knob which is located underneath the sink. Close the doors, turn on the water supply. You will get your hot water.

Now you’ve come to know about the ins and outs of a kitchen faucet. Now you can easily decide which one should you go for.

And you’ve already noticed that Moen Touchless Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Faucet not only provide a user-friendly function, but it also increases the elegance and loveliness of a kitchen hundred times.

So, if you want to spellbound your friends and neighbors in your next marriage anniversary or birthday celebration party, you can consider installing this one which is undoubtedly the best touchless kitchen faucet to make anyone surprised.

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