Why every mom should buy a toy drone for their kids?

We are living in an era when science has reached its supreme level in terms of lucrative inventions. It is impossible to spend a single day without using any scientific technology in these days.

I am very much impressed about the latest invention which they call DRONE and I think after enjoying a cup of green tea with me, you also will love toy drones for kids if you’ve little angels who’re very much addicted to mobile games.

This small thing (toy drone) can be controlled with a joy-stick or control pad. I was not that much interested about it or never tried it before. But, for some reason I take interest on this newly arrival product and honestly I am impressed and hope you also will be impressed if you know the wow features of this one.

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Drones are kinds of things that usually the military forces use to take a sneak peek on their enemy or maybe for spying. But, I never knew that there are toy drones available for the kids and adults. You can take the feel of an investigating militant with these toy drones.

Toy drones are almost replica of the original spying drones. They are usually four blade rotator and many have cameras with them. The control system is very common just like a video game controller.

There are many kinds of drones available in the market but as per interest and personal cause I started to get introduced only with different toy drones so that I can buy a good one for my sweet little kids.

My idea of Toy Drone for kids

When I saw my two kids stuck with the mobile screen all day long and not much interacting with others then I become real worried. My eldest kid is just 8 and started using spectacles due to eye problem and I am very sure that the problem came from their mobile screen ray and radiation. Junior soldier is also following his senior in this case, playing mobile games all day long hiding under the……

kid busy with game

I tried to take them out for playing outdoor games but they show ZERO interest to the outdoor world.  I even took them to the stadium so that they may turn their attention to football or basketball and they were even playing video games in the stadium gallery.

Even I brought a cute cat in my house to convince my kids to take the cat outside for a walk but still they were playing or watching something on the phone and not even responding to my proposal.

I went to their school and asked their teachers how they are doing at the school and they also disappointed me by saying that my kids are very introvert and unsocial.

They are not even preparing their lesson very well and always keep silent during the whole school period. They don’t even talk to other students and that’s why they don’t have any friends (Can you imagine a kids life without friends?) which made me terrified about their mental and educational future.

I decided that I have to do something to take them out, see the world, make friends and enjoy life to the fullest. As I was surfing my social media account, I saw one of my favorite celebrities from Hollywood (to know his name, you’ve to drink a cup of coffee with me) posted few pictures with his little kids that they are passing quality time in central park.

kids are playing with toy drone

He has two kids just like me and they seem very happy in the pictures. They are running, laughing and playing in a very jolly mood. Suddenly I noticed a remote control on the hand of one of his kids. I get interested what is that thing he is controlling with that?

I started finding what that was actually and in one picture I found something flying over the trees, after a close look at the photo I found that it is a toy drone.

On that very moment, an idea hit upon my brain that I can apply this method on my kids too. I was very excited to that and believed it may be the solution I was looking for a long time.

First Experience of flying a toy drone

After getting the idea of drone I went to a nearby supermarket and found a good gadget shop there. I described the shopkeeper about my situation and he handed a box and charged $20.

I was happy to have that and return home to play with my kids. After reaching home, my kids became very excited to see that and unboxed the drone at once. It was a small yellow color toy with four blades.

yellow color toy drone

We found a few things like remote controller, user manual, and a cable inside that box. We took that drone outside and start flying but there was a problem.

The drone just falls and broke at the very first time we tried to fly it. The drone was very unstable and we were not experienced with that controller, as a result, it was damaged on the spot. We were very sad as per the incident.

Our Second Experience with a little improvement

The day after our first drone crash I again went to that shop and told him about what happened. He said I was not experienced about the control system that was the reason for the crash.

I asked him for a better one and he showed me few of those but I was not convinced to buy again from him. Because, I also asked him to teach me how to fly it, but he taught me how to say NO to an unfriendly shopkeeper.

So, I decided to buy my next drone on online. I tried to find my desired one on the internet and found one that matches my search mostly. They also offer amazing user guide in video format. So, I ordered that at once and got it next day.

Again my kids were ready to enjoy the thrill so was I. This time I had to pay around $50. Maybe online shopping is a bit expensive. Anyway, this drone is designed like a big quad which can fly very well. It’s lightweight and way bigger than the previous one.

These are the items we found in the new box:

    • A nice quad-copter
    • One set rotating blades
    • Blade protection guards
    • 4G remote controller (RC)
    • 7V 500mAh LiPO battery
    • USB charging cable
    • Card reader
    • Screwdriver

This could be loved by the kids for its size and smooth control system for indoor and outdoor use. The most important thing for a drone is the smooth control system (I felt it after the first drone crash) and in this sense the 2nd one was easier to handle than the previous one. It was very easy to fly and a fantastic showoff in the sky in front of others.

Another good thing was it comes with an HD camera. The 2MP HD 720P camera is not that much awesome but it would be fun for those little kids. So, it can be liked by all but those who have passion for aerial photography and shooting videos as a gift.

However, another crash happened after just one week of flying. The drone broke out and we were unable to find out what was the problem.

I’m not sure but the problem with that drone was that the drone had only 5 minutes of flying time and also no wind resistance as well. So, there was nothing to do but to bring a new one as I’ve noticed something interesting in my kids.

Finally we got the best toy drone for kids

This time I decided to have a perfect one and so I didn’t make any hurry to choose. I took my time and spend about four days on many online shopping websites and youtube.

I compare many products and saw many reviews and videos too. Then after one week of operation search light I found the desired one, The Altair Aerial AA108.

After enjoying several hours of flight with TheAltair Aerial it seems to be the best toy drone for my kids which comes with a capable camera.

This quad-copter is really an ideal product for kids, non-advanced and advanced pilots. It has three function flying modes and single button takeoff also one-button landing to get the youngsters to a convenient and comfortable fly.

  • Best feature 1: Three flying modes
  • Best feature 2: The 120° broad-Angle 720P HD Camera
  • Bonus: Smartphone-ready, kid-friendly, safety flight modes, bonus battery & props

This topcellent one has a clear camera quad which is fun for young children on an outdoor mission. It impresses my kids with an immersive First Person View (FPV) flying experience in every possible flight they wish.

The most excellent part is that newbie can learn very easily how to fly this cutie at their chosen speed and easy to control system. The three levels in the drone are Beginner’s level, Mid-level and Advanced level respectively which is (to me) a must have feature for the toy drones.

Some impressive flight features of Altair’s AA108 RC:

    • The Altitude Hold Function
    • One-touch Take Off & Landing
    • Heading Hold, aka Headless Mode (ideal for kids starting out)
    • Flying See-App for iOS/Android
    • Custom Flight Routes using the Smartphone app
    • Virtual Reality Mode (with VR Goggles )
    • Real-time First Person View (FPV) video control

Why It’s Great for Kids

There are some reasons which make me consider this drone as the best option for my kids and I’m sure, your kids also love it.

The above features are expected to find in very expensive and costly drones but be ready for the surprise. This high configuration drone is obviously an excellent choice for your kids in a very affordable price.

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This feature-packed drone is an excellent choice for kids because it acts. As a training craft, young pilots can enjoy a 300 feet (100 meters) control range which gives a smooth and decent ride.

To make sure you don’t lose your view there are alarm system (which is another must have feature for the drone that’s designed for the kids) for low battery and out-of-range on the Controller.

Your Eyes in the Sky

The Aerial AA108 comes with a 720P, 120° wide-angle camera that can take good still photos and video. The camera allows you to see what the drone sees through a Smart-phone screen having iOS/Android. FPV allows young pilots blows away and gets them a fantastic flying camera quads experience.

The remote controller even has a stand to hold most regular Smartphone in the right place on the controller. By the way, it is not mandatory to have or use a smartphone or a smart device just to fly the drone.

You do need a Smartphone if you want to fly in FPV and enjoy the Ariel view to draw a flight path for your quad to follow. The Smart device and App named Flying See by UDI RC add extra features to this amazing drone.

At the first stage it’s recommended to fly using the controller only. FPV is suited for intermediate and advanced flyers. So start using this when you already completed the beginner level. The important point is that you can experience more and more thrill as skills develop.

Things to consider before buying a toy drone

Comparing with other similar products, it’s very hard to find any bad sides in the Altair Aerial AA108 camera toy drone.

Those previous drones have many limitations like short flight time, no wind resistance, no extra battery, long charging time, no good camera, unmarked controller, no display, no apps, no alarm etc which are must have features in a toy drone for kids.

On the contrary the only limitation you can find in Altair Aerial AA108 is short flying time that is a real obstacle for beginners though it is way too good from the others. There is an extra battery included that makes the max 10-13 minutes flying time to about 25 minutes.

And the good news is that it only takes around 45 minutes to charge fully when done at room temperature. Though in normal wind the drone works very smoothly but try to avoid winds over 10 mph.

As it is a lightweight drone, kids can fly it indoor when the outside weather is not suitable. Before doing that, make sure your kids have great control over their drone otherwise many valuable things in your house will be broken.

The camera quality is not that much awesome but as the camera is still you cannot get 360 views. The final gripe is that you can’t expect cinematic quality footage from a toy drone on such price.

Tech Specs of this Drone:

  • Size: 9.9 x 9 x 4.1”
  • Weight: 3 oz. (85g)
  • Controller: 2.4G RC
  • Flight time: 10 minutes
  • Flight range: 100m (328 ft.)
  • Camera type: 120° Wide-Angle 720P
  • Recommended age: 14
  • Charging time: 45 minutes

The Pros

  • Great value for money
  • 3 level flying modes
  • Easy/safety flight modes
  • pare set of props
  • Three speed modes
  • Ideal camera quad-copter for kids
  • Bonus battery
  • First Person View (FPV) capable
  • Smartphone-ready (which i don’t like)

The Cons

The Short flight time, trimble over 10mph winds and no camera stabilization, without these dark sides, I didn’t notice any other cons of this amazing toy drone. Maybe, I’m already impressed with it, so, can’t see any major issue in this drone. But, feel free to comment below if you get any other cons.

Price: About the Price, you should remember that I’m not the seller of this drone, nor do I manufacture it. So, I can’t guarantee that you can get it at the same price that I’ve bought.

Price may change at any time. Anyway, this wonderful piece of beauty will cost you not more than a couple of McGuire’s The Grand Burger which is really very cheap in comparison to the other contemporary products with same amount of features this one comes with.

The kind of features this drone is offering in such price tag is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. I will say it’s a great deal and don’t forget to grab it on.

Changes To My Family

happy family

As I have learned a lot about the toy drones in the way of finding the best drone for my kids. Those discussed above is very good to use as a toy for kids and adults as well. When I brought one of those drones in my house didn’t tell anything to my kids and start flying in the backyard.

My kids heard the buzzing sound and come outside asking what I was doing. I smiled and hand over the control to my eldest son and then start watching their flying. They were bit amused with the previous two drone experience. But they seem very happy and energetic as per the new flying game this time.

They start flying one by one and start running behind their drone. I was feeling relived by the scenario what I was waiting for a long time. From that day the drone activity became regular in my family and we started spending time in the backyard and my children started being social.

As they are playing outside, many neighboring kids are coming to play with them. They are not just flying drones outside but also playing other outdoor games. Now the addiction of mobile games is almost gone and they are doing well in their school too.

I am really happy to see the changes that have come to my family. That’s why it seems to me that every mom should buy a toy drone for their kids. What’s your answer to this burning question?

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