The best under sink water filter | When do you really need it to be installed?

While faucet water filtration systems bring probably the most inexpensive way of drinking healthy water, I was looking for the best under sink water filter when I became pregnant for the first time.

No no, this doesn’t mean that you need a water filter when you become pregnant, rather you must need an under sink water filtration system to be installed as soon as you come to know about what’s in your water.

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If from your research, it becomes clear that there’s pesticides, germs, odours, unwanted particles, chemicals or any other harmful elements that no one likes to drink, then you should consider installing this amazing under sink water filter to ensure a healthy water supply for your sweet family.

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Another name of water is life. But if it is polluted, then water can be the cause of various diseases. There’s no confusion that the groundwater or the water which is extracted from the river is completely free of contamination by two-way filtering.

But, the reason for using a personal water purifier is the pipeline through which this water is supplied to us. Due to leakage or old pipes, water becomes contaminated. In addition to not regularly cleaning our house tanks, water becomes unhygienic.

However, there’s nothing to worry about if you’ve the above water filtration system installed in your house. So, how about to have a look at the details of this water filter which is loved by thousands of happy customers-

Why it’s considered to be the best under sink water filter for small family

This water filter is brought to you by Filtrete and manufactured by 3M, which is one of the most trusted and popular water filtration system manufacturers. It is available in 5.75-inch x 15.625-inch x 4.25-inch professional size which is very helpful to install so easily under your kitchen sink.

Ion exchange resin and superior granular activated carbon are the key ingredients of this filtrate kits. This Filtrete consist of-

  • Filter head/lead
  • 5-inch x 3/8 inch hose tube.
  • 3/8 inch x ½ inch adaptor (Faucet)
  • 3/8 inch tube Insert
  • 3/8 inch tube Ferrule
  • 3/8 inch tube Compression Hex Nut.
  • Two mounting screws.
  • One 3us-pf01 filter cartridge.
  • Filter Replacement remind sticker
  • Filter performance datasheet.( instruction listed, remove 6 percent of chlorine, 6 percent of bad taste and bad odour, 8 percent of large and small particulates 99.99 percent of microbes, sediment sand, mud, soil, silt,rust etc. Also, another instruction, not to remove fluoride from the water.

This Filtrete can produce 1.5 gallons of filtered water per minute at a rate of 25-125 PSI pressure, 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. This filter will give you 2000 gallons of filter water for six months duration.

But, if you use heavily, it will not survive for six months. So, to my consideration, it’s good for small family and not so good for any industrial or commercial use.

Anyway, this under sink filtration system by Filtrete uses filters which needs to be replaced after every six months. Depending on your family size or water-consuming quantity, the time frame for filter replacement may vary from 3 months to six months.

So, don’t forget to see the levelled instruction onto the filter, each filter life is noted on there. And you’ll be surprised to know that this Filtrete removes 50 microns to 5-micron size particles, chemicals, sediment, pharmaceuticals, lead from the water.

It also removes all types of’ microbial contamination from the water increase water taste and reduces waters lousy odour. Finally, this Filtrete makes raw water safe for our drinking.

Features of this filter:

  1. Ensure a healthy water supply:

This filtration system filters all microbial cyst, dirty particles, sand, mud, odour, silt, rust, sediment from the supplied water. 

It also filters sediment and chlorine test, which ensures by the 3M testing result. Therefore you can ensure that water filtered from this filtrate is maintaining your robust security. 

  1. Easy installation procedure:

The filtrate offers you a straightforward installation process, by which you can install this under sink filtration system within thirty minutes without the assistance of any technician. So your can save your wallet here.

  1. Warranty:

This filtration system provides a six months of warranty. So, enjoy a six months pure water drinking journey without any tension.

  1. Colossal capacity to supply pure water:

You can get approximately two thousand gallons per day. It maintains water flow at 2.25 GPM.

  1. Interchangeable filters:

After using six months of the existing filter, or if you feel you need to replace or interchange the existing filters, you can obviously do it whenever you feel like doing it.

  1. Assist by 23624:

Prior to replacing any filter, text reminder to 23624, and enjoy an easy filter change.

  1. You can set this filtrate for any faucet.
  2. This filtrate got a certificate from NSF (NSF certified standard 53 and 42).
  3. Fresh and purified water:

This Filtrete offers you fresh, purified water at a reasonable price. You can enjoy 2000 gallons of pure filter water through only one filter kit for six months durability.

  1. Satisfaction guaranteed:

I’m so pleased with this filtration system that I’ve seat to write my review on this product only because of a simple request from Topcellent. To be honest, by using this product you will be satisfied for sure.

But, if you see any unwanted issues, inform it to the manufacturer immediately. They are always with you with their professional customer service team. With your one call, they will present at your door.

Installation procedure:

If you’ve touchless kitchen faucet and don’t have any experience of installing any under sink filtration system then it’ll be better calling the experts to install it for you. Anyway, the installation process is not so critical.


Stop the water supply. Connect faucet hose pipe onto the immediate output filter head. 


Connect the hose pipe to the input of the filter head.


Attach filter with the installation system, turn on the water supply.

Follow your user guide or manual which was provided with the filter for vast information with related image instructions.

Since water filters are quite straightforward, there are many additional parts available that can be purchased separately and added to filter water more efficiently.  This type of electronic indicator will tell you when to change the filter, as well as give instructions on the connection.

When you are going to change the plumbing on your own, you can make your job easier by opening and applying its screws. This electronic indicator will adjust colour if you lose the filter functionality and also set alerts for filter changes. And this video will get you going to install your under sink filter by yourself:

Pros and Cons:

Once I went to visit one of my friends home. She was so severely attacked by diarrhoea, needs to be hospitalized immediately. After one week of the hospital when she returns at home I saw that her doctor recommended her to replace her old conventional filter.

If you’ve an allergy of exposing mechanical parts of your kitchen filter in front of other people or have a very small space into your kitchen, installing this filter will make your under sink cabinet so affordable that it’ll make you feel pretty with this product.

Filtrete not only save your kitchen place, not only it ensures your health security, it’s also a choice of excellence which gives its users a 100 percent mental satisfaction with its topcellent service.

Sara my ex neighbours, when she changes her apartment, I suggest to replace her countertops filter with this under sink filter. She has two little kids, often created problem by playing into the kitchen with the countertops filter. That’s why I suggested Zara installed her filtration system under her sink and locked the cabinet door so that her babies never can play anymore with the filtration stuff in the kitchen.

Pros @ a glance:

  • Effective filtration system.
  • Easy and fastest installation procedure.
  • Budget-friendly among the other same category’s product.
  • Ensure healthy matters.
  • Offers six months durable filter kits.

Cons @ a glance:

  • In case of heavy use, it will not last for six months.

What’s water filtration system:

water filtration system
Natural Process

Water filtration system is the process of separating dirty particles, microbial cyst, and healthy risk chemicals from the water. The filtration process is accomplished with a substance defined as a filter. Unwanted solid materials remain onto the screen as residue, and water free of microbial or chemical contaminants fall as the filtered liquid in a separate container. 

The main component of any water filtration system is the filter. Most filters are made to remove water minerals, such as lead, chlorine and other harmful substances.  These are the problem with water in many places. However, there are some filters that remove hidden organisms, such as bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria and viruses are many microbes that are not visible to the naked eye, so they penetrate easily through the prefilter screen. So the water that goes into your family goes from the bacteria inside and makes everyone sick.  Some common bacteria, such as giardia, cryptosporidium and helminths, cause diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, and so on.  

The only way to bid on these issues is to pass the water through an active filter before drinking.  After filtrating the water, you can keep it in the refrigerator to avoid any risk.

Why is filtration necessary?

why do you need water filter

Filtration is a necessary process presenting anywhere in nature. Water is such an essential element of our daily life; we cannot even think more than a few hours without drinking it or using it. By filtration, water is getting free of pesticides, germs, odours, unwanted particles, chemicals, and so on.

This process provides not only purified water, but it also enhances water quality, such as it reduce bad odour, increase product test etc. Water safety is a relevant term, which you can ensure by using a filter. 

If you drink properly filtered water, you can be sure that the chance of attack of any water contaminated disease on you or your family will minimize to a safe zone. 

The filtration process removes cryptosporidium and Giardia from the filtered water, which in turn reduce 33% possibilities of gastritis problem in our body.

Besides this, Filtration of water is vital for a child’s brain development. Pure freshwater helps to increase a child’s immune system too.

Water purification or water filtration is a process by which the removal of unwanted chemicals, biocompatible substances and harmful gaseous substances from water or water.  The primary purpose of this process is to produce pure water or water for various purposes.

Most water has to be purified for human consumption (drinking water), but the water purification process is planned for many other purposes, including use in medical, pharmacological, chemical and industry.

There are several types of water or water purification processes. These are physical processes, biological processes, chemical processes, etc.  Physical processes include filtration, sedimentation and distillation.

Organic processes include slow sand filters or biologically active carbon. Chemical processes include the use of electromagnetic rays such as fluorescence and chlorination and ultraviolet rays.

The process of purification of water can reduce the concentration of various types of parasites, bacteria, mosses, viruses, fungi in the water. It can also as well reduce the amount of contaminant (due to rain) from water collected from the surface.

The quality of the food-water quality is usually determined by the government or by international standards. Depending on the purpose of water use, the concentration of contaminants in the water is determined to be the minimum and the maximum.

The quality of water or water cannot be determined by objective testing. Water cannot be purified through the simple process of separating all possible contaminants from that source by leaking unknown source water or using a standard filter used at home. 

Even natural spring water – which was considered useful for all practical purposes in the nineteenth century – is currently advised to use, if necessary, through experiments.  Chemical and microbiological analysis (however, expensive) is two tests that determine what kind of information is required from the tests.

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) of 2007, 1.51billion people are deprived of safe drinking water; 4 billion people suffer from diarrhoea every year, with 88% of people suffering from diarrhoea due to unsafe water and inadequate and unhealthy toilet use. And about 1.8 million people die every year from this diarrhoea disease.

The World Health Organization estimates that about 94% of these diarrhoea patients can be eliminated by environmental changes such as safe water supply.  Millions of lives can be saved every year by adopting simple techniques like chlorination, filtering and solar disinfection and collecting water in a safe container. Improving public health by reducing the mortality rate for patients with waterborne diseases is a huge plus for developing countries.

Types of Water filtration system:

Filtration process may be physical, mechanical or biological. A kind of filter removes one kind of germ or component from the water.  Since some filters remove little more bacteria than others, the best decision is to find the kind of screen that will meet your needs.

If you find that any harmful substances need to be excluded from your water, you will be able to find a water purification device that can meet your needs. There are numerous types of filters for purifying water, some of which work better than others.

  1. Carafe Filters:

This model is basically a jar with a filter on top.  To use this filter, the water has to pore over, and the filter will drain the water on the left.  This filter is small and inexpensive. Although great for one or two people, it will be a little challenging to meet the water demand in a family of four, as it has to be given several times daily.  The average price of this carafe filter is less than any other conventional filter available in the market.

Advantages: It does not take up too much space and eliminates chloroform and lead.  Cheap at prices.

Disadvantages: It takes time to purify water and cannot hold much water.  Water should be filled several times for continuous use.

  1. Pocket-Mounted Filter:

This filter is directly connected to a water mill, purifying it when the water is flowing.  This is very easy to change. Only if you open the old screw and apply the new one. This medal can also refine the flow of water.  A pocket-mounted filter will be available for only Tk.

Advantages: It is Cheap and easy to use.

Disadvantages: Reduces the flow of water and does not always fit with all calls.

  1. Counter Top Filters:

It’s similar to a carafe filter in size but directly connected to a call.  Although it will purify you with a lot of water in a short period, it can become dirty again because of its fixed size.

Benefits: Purifies a lot of water in less time. Like Carafe filter, this filters will not take much expense from your money bag.

Difficulty: It can be noisy and does not always fit all calls.

  1. Under Sink Filters:

These models are one of the most effective models, but require professional installation, which can cause many costs to go beyond the budget.  Underneath these are sinks, which allow you to hold a lot of water. The average price of these filters will be around 300 dollars

Advantages: Very quick and efficient in keeping a lot of water.

Disadvantages: Because it is expensive, sometimes it requires modification to the kitchen.

  1. Reverse-Osmosis Filters:

These filters are very active among the available filters.  This filter is effective in meeting household water needs. It releases water through a screen.  These filters are the only ones that can remove arsenic from the supply water. But there is one problem with it that it is regularly cleaned with bleach. And the screen needs to be changed very often.

Advantages: Very efficient and the price is much lower than that.

Difficulty: Filtering takes extra time, and extra water is wasted in the filtering process.

  1. Hole-house filters:

These filters are much more efficient, filtering the water needed for the entire home.  This means you get pure water only when you open your faucet. But to set this filter, one has to change the previous line through the professional person.

Advantages: And relatively less expensive.  Lasting

Difficulty: Do not remove large bags.  Plumbing changes are needed.

Why do you need the best under sink water filter

As you cannot drink sink water directly from the faucet or the main water supply line, so, it is mandatory to filter your raw water to make it drink worthy. So to filter the supply water, you have to filter it.

There are various systems by which you can filter your raw water into your kitchen. Under-sink filtration system is such a way; you can filter impure water by hiding the filtration system under your sink.

So, under sink filtration system is the best option for you if you don’t like to showcase your filter that may destroy the beauty of your kitchen.

As you know, a kitchen is a place where we do not have such a massive area so that we can use them as it is. We own a limited place into our kitchen; we have to arrange our entire kitchen appliances, countertop, furniture and other necessary utilities very technically into this limited place.

Under-sink kitchen filtration system offers you to drink healthy water while it helps you to save a lot of space in your kitchen. To save more space in your kitchen, you can buy a magical kitchen rack shelf. However, as you can secure the total filtration system by locking the cabinet door, so it is somehow safe for your children too.

You can choose under sink water filtration system, rather than choosing any conventional one in case of expecting better water pressure as this filtration system offers you better water pressure and higher water flow at a time.

You need a sound filtration system that is capable of supplying pure water which is free of all types of physical, chemical or biological contamination. 

If you have a daily habit of drinking one or two gallons of pure water regularly, you can set under sink filtration system. It is an exceptional and very affordable system that helps you a lot in your kitchen.

Stage of water filters functions:

There are three stages by which we can demonstrate the features of a filter. 

They are-


It is the first stage of a filtration system, which is termed as pre-filter.  Porosity size of this filter is five microns. Large particles, dust, rust or sediment are filtered primarily through this filter.


Submicron filter is involved here as a functional stage. This filter works to filtrate bacteria, cyst, virus, chlorine, VOCs from the pre-filtered water. So this is the stage to remove any microbial presence from pre-filtered water.


This stage is performed by a carbon filter. You have an option for using a carbon filter, such as as-GAC, pleated, Wraps, or radial flow etc.

A carbon filter is performed to reduce odour, inorganic substances, VOCs, chlorine from the filtered water comes from stage two.

Under-sink vs. countertops water filtration system:

See the below table and take your decision to select the best one-


Counter top filtration system

Under sink filtration system

Installation place

On kitchen counter top or on the kitchen wall.

Under the sink

Occupying place

Occupy lots of places. Can see the total system from outside.

Almost occupy no functional space. It is stay hidden under the sink.

Installation procedure

Easier than Under sink filtration system.

Not as easy as countertop filtration system.

Purified speed

Almost both are works at the same speed.

Almost both are works at the same speed.

Filtrate water delivery speed 

Slower than under sink filtration. Filtration speed is one liter per one minute.

Faster than counter top filtration system. One liter purified water per fifteen seconds is the output here.

How does under sink filter work?

Unlike other reverse osmosis processes, under sink kitchen filter, don’t contain any storage water tank. They supply water according to your demand. They even don’t need any connection with water drain.

The main function to supply filter water on users demand is to supply cold water into the filter through a plastic tube pipe. Then from the filter, the supply of filtrate water onto the faucet.

As a whole, the system always stays at constant pressure, so whenever anybody turns on, the faucet gets filtrate water.

In this process, water is subjected to the filtration process. If you wish you can use a different delivery system on which only cold water will go through the filter, and hot water remains unfiltered.

Anyway, this filtration system is installed so that only drinking water Of your need can be filtered in demand able way.

There are a variety of filters available according to their specific properties.  Such as carbon filter, carbon filters with resins, alumina or arsenic reduction filter, ceramic cartridge or filter, and so on.

So, each of the cartridges has specific properties by which you can fulfil your particular demand.  You can afford your filtration system with one layer of one type of filter. Again you can set your filtration system by mixing two or three layers of the different cartridge or filter substances.

See the below-listed contents and took your decision on how to set your filtrate to meet your choice.

  1. Reduction of odour and bad taste:

Activated carbon filter.

  1. Reduction of general chemicals such as- chlorine, chloramines: 

Notably featured carbon filter to reduce chlorine and chloramines.

  1. Lead and heavy metal reduction:

An especially featured carbon filter with metals removal resins or KDF activated carbon filter.

  1. Arsenic reduction:

Activated alumina or arsenic reduction cartridge with iron oxide or anion resin.

  1. Fluoride reduction:

Activated alumina.

  1. Nitrate reduction:

Nitrate selective anion resin cartridge.

  1. Hardness reduction:

Cation resin cartridge. 

  1. Sediment reduction:

Spun polypropylene cartridge. Various micron sizes spun polypropylene cartridge are available. 

  1. Cyst (Cryptosporidium, giardia) reduction:

Sediment filter, ceramic filter or carbon block filter.

  1. Bacteria Reduction:

Ceramic cartridge. 

  1. Ph increase:

Calcite cartridge.

  1. Mineral reduction:

Deionization cartridge.

  1. Hydrogen sulfide odour reduction:

Activated carbon, carbon with KDF.

What to look for when buying an under sink filtration system?

Brands are very important when it comes to buying filters. Because there are companies that specialize in one type of filter and they carry on with it.  It’s not like a dress – it works as a brand filter or not. When buying a water filter, look at its functionality.

You can also buy old water filters, but better not to do this.  Before buying, you need to see if it works correctly. The old filter is a health hazard because when it gets old, the filter becomes life-threatening.

As a result, what it filters will not be secure.  New filters are relatively less expensive than an older filtering system, and there are numerous new filters that can be purchased very easily. When you buy a filter, store it in a place that is dry and clean and can be used on your loved one.

Anyway, there are several factors on which you should put your total concentration while buying yours under sink filtration system.  Health, convenience, and efficacy are the main major’s things and need to be measured by these factors. 

So, some factors are-

  1. Flow rate:

The flow rate of a filtration system is the ability to filter no of gallon water per hour or per day. 

For a commercial kitchen or a kitchen using for a big family, will need a filter with great capability to filter more gallons of water.

If you have a simple family or if your kitchen is only used for any single hand, you will need a filter with low capability. 

The typical range of GPD for any standard filter is 50 to 100 gallons per day.

Never waste your money for a higher flow rate unnecessarily if you have smaller needs.

  1. Filter type:

There are several types of the filter containing several layers of the filtration system. The best filter always contains a minimum of five stages to seven-stage filtration system.

Generally, there is a pre-filtration system to filter comparatively large particles, dirt, and other particles from the raw water. Following the pre-filter system, there are several filtration stages of filtering finer particles like chlorine, led, arsenic etc.

Pre-filters can be of varieties types such as-

Carbon filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter. Following this, many filters further set inbuilt with an RO membrane or a carbon polishing filter.

And filter manufactured in this way able to perform removal of 98-99% contamination.

So, always gives top priority to select any filtration system, which contains a multistage filtration system and able to remove 98-99 % contamination. 

  1. Ease of installation:

You have to choose such a filtration system which enables you to install your filtration system easily.

Filtration with a quick installation system will save your money by not hiring any technician into your kitchen while installing your under sink filtration system properly.

Choose a quick sanitary cartridge; it will fast your replacement of cartridge.

Other additional features:

Such as filtration system inbuilt with faucets,  clog-free filtration system, will help you to find any lead free construction along with worry less repairing system in every few months.

You can also choose a filtration system with a corrective technology so that in case of less water pressure, you can fix your issues.

A filter with a double sealed feature can minimize your water wastage amount by prohibiting leakage on the system.

Cutting edge leak stop valve also help you to prevent any leaked of your filtration system.

Getting a filtration system which is environmentally friendly and more efficient to make you able to run your filter with a less expense and with minimum hazards.

How to Choose an Under the Sink Water Filter?

Now you already know why do you need an under sink water filter. But, one more thing you should know to get the best one as well as to ensure the best performance. 

So, don’t forget to confirm the below-listed considerations of you’re under sink filtration system before you own it:

  1. Arrange proper room for you’re under sink filter:

An appropriate room for the filter with its connection pipe is mandatory at first. So ensure proper room for placing the filtration system at first.

  1. What is your water composition? 

Know the details of the impurities contamination of your natural water supply. A DIY (do it yourself) water testing kit will help you to do this. Ask your water supply company about the details composition of your using water.

Always keep in mind that, if you are using any water supply from your city or if you are using public water, they are responsible for disclosing the water composition to you.

  1. Buy such filter, which can remove all pollutants from your water:

Each filter is specialized to perform any particular contaminants. So discuss your filter supplier associate and take a review of all available filters so that you can select the most suitable for you’re under the sink.

  1. Choose a filter which is capable of removing odour from the water:

It is essential; you should choose such a filter that can filter the ingredients, which are responsible for producing odour.

If your filter remains unable to supply you odourless water, it will difficult for you to drink it.

  1. Activated carbon or reverse osmosis, which one do you prefer?

Activated carbon use in a replaceable cartridge. Presence of carbon in the filter captures pollutants, particles and pesticides and stores them into the cartridge. 

On the other hand, a reverse osmosis system will filter large particles from the raw water and finally washed them to the main drainage system. There is a reservoir storage tank with this filtration system, so excess filtrate water can be stored here. Reverse osmosis system works with heavy pressure.

  1. Faucet with inbuilt filter is not bad:

Many under sink filtration system are now available with an inbuilt kitchen faucet. You can drink filtrate water from this faucet; besides this, you also can use normal tap water for any cleaning or cooking purpose with this system.

  1. Set your budget:

Between 100$to 300 $, you can set your budget. This budget will confirm you to buy a standard under sink filtration system. 

  1. Looks for your filter into a big chain mall:

Looks for a major chain such as Home improvement store Lowes store.  You can also go through your locally renowned hardware shop to buy a good filter.

  1. Shop online: 

The renowned brand also sells their item onto their websites. Such as e-bay, Amazon, overstock and some other online retailers.

  1. Consider a professional installation:

Install your under sink filtration system if you are expecting their warranty. Many companies have a deal of giving warranty only when you installed yours under sink filtration system by experienced professionals. 

  1. Know the details of your filter from the associate:  

It is true that most under sink filtration system is featured with an ease system. You have to ask your Associate how to change the cartridge and what to do if the filtration system is malfunctions or breaks anyhow.

Removal of under sink water filter (Step by step guide):

Under sink water filter is mandatory to filter the raw water supplied from the public corporation. You cannot even think of drinking unfiltered contaminated, and polluted water is unhealthy and risky for you.

Anyway, though you cannot even think one day without you’re under sink water filtration system, sometimes you may need to remove your old under sink filtration system and replace a new one.

Accessories need to the removal of your old filter is-

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Metal sink cap
  • Hammer


Open the under-sink cabinet and locate the cold water pipe.

Step -two:

Locate the shut-off knob of the cold water supply line.


Turn on the faucet line to run out any trapped pipe water, so that you don’t need to wipe the excess water from your kitchen floor while disconnecting the pipe from the main settings.


Locate the small flexible tube (which extends from the faucet to the cold water supply). You can loosen the under connection and above connection metal nut anticlockwise with the help of a wrench.


The hose which is attached with The T fitting, remove it by unscrewing the base nut.


Pull the top and bottom pipe together, turn the nut clockwise and connect both the pipe closely together.


Tighten the nut tightly with the help of a wrench.


Find the screws, which hold the filter in its own place. Remove those screws with a screwdriver.

Carefully detach the filter from its place.


Place the water supply turn back to the faucet.

Feel free to have a look at how my friend changed his filter if you’re still confused. Though he used a different brand, but the process of removing a filter is not different.

Easy guide to Remove your water filter faucet:


Carefully observe your cabinet, see where your faucet is still attaching with nuts or screws. With the help of a wrench, move each nut anticlockwise and remove the water filter faucet.


Hold the filter faucet tightly and pull it upward 


Cover the top of the sink by a metal cap.

Fix this cap onto the sink opening using a hammer.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question):

Question 1: Can I remove water contaminant disease by using this filter?

Answer: Yes, you can. By using this filter, you will able to filter away all microbial or chemical contaminants from the supply water which is responsible for producing any water contaminant disease into our body. But you have to keep in your mind; only drinking of filter water will not solve your problem until you are maintaining a healthy and systematic lifestyle. That is, you have to maintain proper cleanliness of you, your living place, your kitchen and finally your all family members everywhere in everyday’s life. 

Question 2: Describe two benefits using this filter.

Answer: You can get benefited in two ways using this filter. An under sink filtration system always gives the opportunities to save a special place in the kitchen. So, you can make your kitchen more lucrative by hiding the mechanical parts of this product, along with you can use that extra saved place for fulfilling your other purpose too.

Secondly, this product is an excellent healthy product which can ensure your drinking water purity by various tastes.

Question 3: What is the pre-filter, what is the relation of pre filter with this filtrate kit?

Answer: Pre-filter is also a filter which is used in the filtration system to primarily filtering the large-sized particles.  Though the final cartridge is capable of filtering those large particles, ore filters are installed in every filter machine. Because to reduce a massive load onto the last screen, along with to increase the efficacy of the primary screen.

Question 4: How this filter can improve water quality?

Answer: It may sound illogical, how a filter can increase the quality of any water? But it is true that by filtration process through this filter water quality improves a lot. This filter can reduce water bad odour and increase water taste by filtering relevant chemicals from the water. Chlorine contaminants can reduce by this filter, but it is featured not to filter fluoride components from the same water. As this way, it increases water qualities.

Question 5: What is the advantage of this filtration system conventional water filtration system?

Answer: Conventional water filtration system only may have one advantage, and that is they may have a less expensive than any under sink water filter. Nowadays, as technology upgraded so much so under sink filtration system is also a blessing for us.

Unlike other conventional filtration system, this filtration system is more attractive, functional, useful and helpful too. Any standard filter will never give you 2000 gallons of water within six months from one screen. Under sink filter works at high pressure that you can get filtered water at high speed in case of your huge demand.

2 B Concluded:

The safety and health of your family is the key to you. By all means, everyone should get healthy food and safe water. Although the water filter is not always cheap, it is an excellent investment to protect the family. By eliminating harmful chemicals from water, you can be sure that your child is not receiving anything harmful to his or her health.

Having a water filter will not be difficult for you to maintain.  Most filters can withstand 1000-2000 gallons of water, so keep track of how much you are using each day and rotate your screen periodically.

If you do not do this, the screen will become dirty and discoloured, and the water will take a long time to be transported.  Replacing filters costs is not so much in comparison to your families’ health issues; this replacement will protect your family.

So maintain it well. Whether you want to install an under-sink or countertop filtration system, pocket-mounted filter or many other filters, such as a hole-in-the-house filter, all are useful undoubtedly.

But, if you’ve already decided to go for the under sink, then Filtrate will offer you the best under sink water filter.

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