Blaze 30 Inch Gas Griddle Review In 2022

The product ‘Blaze 30inch Built-in Gas Griddle’ is nothing but your expectations meet completion. It is the most affordable and go-to gas griddle you can ever have. Deficient maintenance is needed to use it. Isn’t it sound cool? 

Very few products come up with a longtime warranty, affordable price to buy, low maintenance to cost, attractive features, easy controlling methods, and lastly, easy application. This is what you need, right? Blaze knows what their clients want and manufactures the product just as a way of filling their satisfaction level. 

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Blaze 30 Inch Gas Griddle Review

A gas griddle is a perfect composition of aluminum and steel. Sometimes iron or carbonated steel is also used to make this. For commercial purposes, people generally use A36 steel as it is comparatively more serviceable than other steel. But for homely usage, stainless steel is everyone’s first choice for its stain-free feature.

Do not get mixed with the conception of grill and griddle. The grill is a wide area of open ironic thick nets where the food can get cooked by direct heat. But a griddle is a metallic plate where the food can be cooked.

If you want to have safe and perfect cooking through a built-in griddle and can’t choose which one will be a go-to griddle with a touch of perfection from all alongside, then you can go for the Blaze 30 inch Gas Griddle. Through this griddle, you can do your cooking both inside and outside. 

You will find its equipment with top-notch design and craftsmanship. 

Top Features

  • Longtime Warranty 
  • Wide Grease Trough
  • High Power Adjustability
  • Stainless Steel Burner and Cover
  • Accurate Measurement of Cooking Plate
Dimensions28.37″ x 30″ x 12.37″
Weight121 lbs
MaterialStainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel
Cooking Surface495 square inches

This Blaze Gas Griddle will let you provide itself along with a stainless steel protector to avoid unwanted burns. A total of 36,000 BTU power with illuminated controlling knobs will give you a smooth and safe cooking environment. 

To make your outdoor cooking a lot better and easier, this cooking machine is ready to be your priority. Just go through its original and dazzling features. These features not only make it extraordinary than others but also make it the best. 

You are now wanting to know some assembled and accurate details about this griddle, right? Let’s not make you wait for your outside live dining and let you know how you will win through buying this fantastic product.

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Let’s have a look-

Perfect Size of Cooking Space 

The griddle is a surface made of steel where you can cook safely outside of your house whether it is for a party or regular cooking. The depth of the griddle pans refers to 20 to 30 inches. 

The griddle should be thick enough to provide a safe distance between the controller and the cooking surface, as well as being deep.

The Blaze 30inch Gas Griddle is ready to give you a huge and flat cooking space of 495 square inches. As you can see, the surface is bigger than the other regular electric gas grills. 

This size is perfect for an extensive quantity of cooking. There are bright control knobs so that you may have consistent handling and light wear.

If you want to begin your outdoor cooking as a family quality time spending or any house party arranging, the gas griddle must act as your cooking partner. 

Eggs or regular garnishing and juicy and delicious steaks can be made on this affordable and huge surfaced cooking gas griddle pan. The griddle pan’s dimension is exactly what you’re looking for.

High Power Maintenance

Who doesn’t like a natural gas griddle that cooks more rapidly and requires less energy than it’s ever been? If you want to know how much power this product can have, the answer is it has few U-shaped burners. 

Every single U-shaped burner produces 18,000 BTUs cooking power, and its total power production is 36,000 BTUs all over the entire thick and flat cooking plate. 

That means the griddle gives incomparably even heat across the griddle surface so that the dishes over it will get touched by the heat all over it with the same amount. 

The whole 495 square inch griddle pan will take the 36,000 BTUs of power altogether. But suppose your food does not cover the entire surface, and you want a little bit less energy. 

In that case, you will find there a power-adjustability system, through which you can turn off any of the burners to adjust and control the power for perfect home cooking.

Best Material- Stainless Steel Burners

It has to be admitted by everyone that stainless steel goes a long way and is more durable than any other metallic product. The manufacturing system and the designs of stainless steel burners are significantly organized according to the customers’ convenience. 

Stainless steel burners are the least expensive and more durable, and environment-friendly burners you can have. The stainless steel burners used in the Blaze griddle machine have a few technical qualities, these are-

It has around 304 stainless steel burners that are U-shaped as productivity and also has a core flaming conjecture and a secondary flashing tube postulate for reliably producing a huge flame to raise.

Its unfailing flame thrower ignition makes the grill as simple as to use. A heavy-duty 304 stainless steel is constructed for better durability and longevity as the gas grill is ETL certified. 

The burners control knobs are illuminated, which will make your evening cooking more attractive and will also create an orderly appearance.

The product has a stainless steel lid or covers that protect the griddle pan when it is not in use. You can even cover the griddle while cooking to give a smoky flavor to the food. 

The stainless steel cover is the best thing to cover the pan; otherwise, the rusty surfaces will leave unwanted smoke to the food. So, try the Blaze 30inch gas griddle to extend your basic cooking needs. 

Extensive Greasing Trough

The gas griddle of Blaze has a full-width grease trough. The trough is a little bit wide stick typed open container where the greases automatically come and get deposited for a while before getting cleaned. 

The grease trough used in this griddle directs the grease to go downside towards the drip tray so that the greases and dirt, and oily components can easily get cleaned. 

This grease trough has a tiny hole at the middle that allows and indicates the grease down towards the trash large pot for cleaning. Isn’t this amazing? 

You will not have to worry about cleaning and enjoy a house party by cooking and using the gas griddle for a long time. The griddle is so serviceable that you will definitely want to use it. 

Warranty for A Long Run

The Blaze 30inch Gas Griddle provides a long-time warranty to all of its users. An authentic longtime warranty on which you can ultimately have faith in its authenticity. 

Not all products or not even all manufacturers can proudly talk about the authenticity of their products and can’t even assure the product’s warranty time. 

The gas griddle testimonies against any of its manufacturing and any equipment of it. To make sure, it cannot be directly used over such a surface where it’s raining as the rain might create complications to the grease trough. 

If you think positively, then the thought might come to your mind that who else cooks under the rain, right? So, you can use a cover for it if you want to enjoy your cooking to avoid direct rainwater attacks.

Effortless Temperature Control

This item has few stainless steel burners. Each burner has its own controlling illuminated knobs so that you can control the temperature all over the cooking surface according to your wish and want. 

The burners that will not require use for a particular time can be switched off. So simple, right? You can even control the temperature in case of what kind of food you are cooking and how much temperature you need.

The most attractive feature of this gas griddle is that it gets pre-heated really fast. If you somehow forgot to put the griddle on pre-heat, there is no worry at all. It does not take much time to get heated and also the food gets cooked fast.

What To Look Before Buying A Gas Griddle

A griddle is a flat cooking plate or surface for cooking delicious breakfast kinds of foods like sausages, eggs, French toasts and snacks types of foods, and sandwiches, etc. It is not believed, but small steaks can be cooked on the gas griddles. This is indeed a feature of this high-powered natural gas griddle

Before buying a griddle, you have to check a few things. These are-

  • The griddle you are going to buy is healthier or not. Like, it has the hygiene components with it or not.
  • Can the griddle be easily assembled and carried outside of your house or not?
  • Have a conversation with the dealer about the griddle you are buying to have complete knowledge of the product’s authenticity.
  • The measurement of the griddle is a crucial feature. Take the friendly size according to the want.
  • Choose the griddle with a broad grease trough for easy cleaning.
  • The griddles should not allow the dirt to get sipped into the whole body. 
  • The whole gas griddle should be energy-saving.
  • The plate should be deep and thick to have a gap with the burners.

So, these features should be noticed firmly before you tend to buy a griddle.

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Blaze Built-in Griddle Vs Blackstone Griddle- Which One You Should Buy

If you come up with a comparison between Blaze 30inch built-in gas griddle and the Blackstone griddle, then you will win by achieving the Blaze gas griddle.

If you do an excellent search to gain knowledge of which one is better, you will be amazed at how much better the Blaze gas griddle is. Read more to know why.

The blaze natural gas griddle is none other than a griddle that works with natural gas. On the other hand, the Blackstone Griddle works only with propane gas. 

Propane gas is more costly than natural one. So, who wants to pay an excess if you can save some? Apart from this face, propane gas is very detrimental to health. 

If you cook around this gas, it will go and affect your lungs badly. That is why natural gas exceeds the expectation at this point. The Blaze griddle collects a point in this case.

The Blackstone griddle pan is 470 square inches, whereas our very own Blaze gas griddle is 495 square inches which sounds unbelievable, right? It is true! You will get more space in the Blaze gas griddle. 

In the comparison of the power, the Blaze griddle is more potent than the other one. The Blackstone griddle can produce 30,000 BTUs of power. 

In contrast, the other gas griddle can produce 36,000 BTUs of energy which is a lot more than the previous one. So, you can cook your meal faster than ever with the described gas griddle.

The blaze’s control knobs are illuminated so that you can enjoy your night cooking time with an attractive-looking griddle. Consequently, the Blackstone griddle does not have this illumination. It has just a push button to start up. Lacking the knob adjustability might give you a negative vibe of cooking. 

The first one’s control knob is adjustable so that you can control it according to your demand. The control knob on the Blackstone griddle, on the other hand, is similar to a push.

Last but not least, our Blaze gas griddle has a grease trough, but the Blackstone griddle has a grease catcher. The catcher is shaped like a regular pot which is less accessible than cleaning a long trough.

Now, you can decide which gas griddle you want. I hope you will now choose the Blaze 30inch built-in natural gas griddle for its unique and attractive features, along with being super reasonable.

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How To Season Blaze Gas Griddle

The Blaze 30inch natural gas griddle does not need to get seasoned before using it for cooking. But some essential techniques you will need to follow to avoid unwanted burnings or pan’s excessive heat. 

As the griddle gets hot very fast, there is a chance of it getting hotter. In that case, you can throw a few ice cubes onto it, or you can even sprinkle some cold water to lessen the excessive heat of the griddle. The gas supply must be temporarily off while doing this.

After using the griddle, wait until it cools off. To clean the plate, use a rough cloth rather than a sponge so that the food will get rid of soon. Use a spoon of vinegar mixed with water solution for better cleaning. Use a cloth with a spatula to clean the rods over the burners.

To clean the grease trough, drag the scrub according to the way of the stainless steel grain. Move your hands downwards so that the grease will be wiped out quickly because of the sloping trough. 

This is how you can season a griddle. But you must keep all the precautions in mind and apply them accordingly when those will be required for seasoning the gas griddle.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

The maintenance of the Blaze gas griddle is not that much harder than you are thinking of. It is super easy! To maintain it, at first, you will have to know about the cautions you have to maintain while using it. 

Never let your fingers go inside the openings while it is hot. Always clean up the surfaces and every part when the whole thing is cooled off properly.

Non-metallic abrasive pads should be used to clean the griddle pan to remain the same as before though slight color changes can be found after the first usage. 

An essential thing to keep in mind is not putting the hot griddle pan directly under cold running water. Because that might create a crack on the griddle, wipe away the dirt gently through a brittle pad. There is a non-stick cooking spray found in the market. You can use it too to avoid the griddle pan getting rusty. 

The maintenance is not troublesome at all if know-how. Settle down the burner properly on the stands again after using and cleaning it. 

Excessive humidity or sometimes improper maintenance can cause harmful effects on the stainless steel grains. So, you just have to be alert about the place where you are going to use this griddle. 

Read the safety instruction booklet given with it before starting to use the Blaze gas griddle. Try to become familiar with the procedures.

Inspect the burners first before starting to cook on them. Maintain the natural gas griddle to greet your expectations.