Blaze 32-inch Charcoal Grill Review

It is a matter of the fact that a charcoal grill is a grill that gets flamed by burning charcoals under it. Its generation of fuel is burnt charcoal. 

Many people say that eating food made on charcoal can cause some health diseases that may turn into cancer in the future. But the concept is wrong. The Blaze charcoal grill is a lot safer than the other charcoal grills.

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Let’s clear people’s misconceptions about charcoal grills and know more about their cooking methods and overall usage.

Blaze 32-inch Charcoal Grill

Food lovers who love grilled foods can buy charcoal grills to have the authentic and traditional taste of grilled foods. You will not get this unrivaled taste from gas grills. Nothing but the charcoal grills has the features to give you this awesomely flavourful taste. 

Any seafood item, chicken, or meat barbeques can be cooked over charcoal grills. The Blaze charcoal grill’s reviews are enchanting enough. It promises premium quality and better services than ever. This amazingly built grill can be a perfect friend of yours when you want to throw an outside party.

Top Features

  • Use of stainless steel as the primary material.
  • Perfect in size.
  • Luxurious quality.
  • Heat controlling system.
  • Ease in cleaning
Dimensions22.13″ x 56.25″ x 57.25″
Weight198 lbs
MaterialStainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel

When anyone plans to throw a party, their first bucket list counts for a grill. Now the utmost question is what kind of grill will be perfect for any occasion? 

Well, there is a grill with some extraordinary features and the mesmerizing attractive look that anyone who comes to your house will praise about your grill.

I hope you have guessed what the grill is. It is the Blaze charcoal grill. I can guarantee that the people who have the wrong knowledge about using a charcoal grill will be cleared with the perfect instructions. Just give the article a read at least once.

Let’s now move on to the further discussion on the wondrous features of the Blaze charcoal grill-

Constructional Material

Every machine or utensil, whether for cooking or any other, must be made of a raw material representing all the features. No matter how good quality it bears, the overall judgments are done seeing the base construction of that machine. 

Kitchen essentials are also judged by the material that is used in those and stainless steel endures more than any other metallic product. The manufacturing system of stainless steel charcoal grills is significantly organized.

The Blaze charcoal grill is constructed with 304 stainless steel as the base material. Stainless steel keeps any structure away from the excessive heat from the sun and keeps the design durable than others. It assures a built-in long-lasting formula. 

The 304 stainless steel is constructed for the longevity and rigidity of the grill. The charcoal grills’ reviews are always complimented because of its fantastic base construction with the durable stainless steel material. If you buy the Blaze one, be sure that you can use it for a pretty long time.

Ideality of Size

You can use this charcoal grill at your thrown parties and for everyday purposes. The overall size of this grill is 550 square inches. Those are huge, right? It weighs about 198 pounds. This 57inches tall charcoal grill is worth your money with its huge body and a large grilling surface.

The grill’s surface is made of steel, too, which you can use outside safely. Few hooks allow the charcoal tray to get set onto the height from the flame according to the consumers’ demand. 

As you know, charcoal grills are famous for giving a traditional taste to the food. The thick reticulated grilling surface gives stunned marks on the food, which provides a smoky flavor and a beautiful look of the grilled foods. 

The meaty steaks wear a juicy and attractive look by getting cooked on the flame of the burnt wood chips and charcoal. 

Premium Quality Grill

The Blaze charcoal grill is very premium in quality. The manufacturers made no compromise with its features. If you want to keep the grill safe and more durable, and rust-free, then you can buy a grill cover and keep the surface grilled when it is not in use. 

The grills that are made with heavy and durable materials are more appreciated and liked by the buyers. Before buying a grill, you always want to know what kind of features does the grill has? Is it heatproof and rustproof? Can it tackle the pressure of heavy usage or not?

Your answer is a big yes. This grill owns the most top-most features that a grill can have. It is a go-to charcoal grill. Its unique cover captures and preserves the heat inside it while you cook something. It is more like magic is going on inside it.

So, there is no doubt about this grill’s features. You can trust Blaze for accuracy and premium quality grills.

Temperature Adjustability

People think that, as charcoal is the primary fuel of charcoal grill, so the flame of it gets higher time by time once it is flamed. But this Blaze charcoal grill has a power and temperature adjustment system if you want a little bit less or more power. 

The charcoal grill gives infinitely even heat across the griddle surface so that the food over it will get the same touch of heat.  

But if your food does not cover the whole surface, there is a power-adjustability system you can use to turn off and on the burners for adjusting the temperature and controlling the power for perfect cooking.

Its double-layered covering system lets the smoke inside the grilling surface for a better traditional smoky flavor. The hanging system enables the food to get grilled directly on the flaming charcoal for better results. 

Though this grill takes comparatively more time to get preheated once it is ready to cook something, it just does magic, nothing else.

Simple Cleaning

Remember one thing- never go for cleaning it just after completing the cooking. Have your meal, enjoy the steaks and let the grill be excellent. Once it gets cold, only then you can start cleaning and washing it the way you do. 

A soft cleaning sponge with liquid dishwashing soap is more than enough for cleaning a charcoal grill. Rinse it with fresh water and let it dry under the sun. The heat of the sun will wipe out the remaining light greasiness of the grill. Do not worry that time as the sun’s heat will not create any issue to the grill. 

‘The more premium quality, the better durable services’- live the line after buying your favorite charcoal grill. If your grill has the qualities mentioned and described above, then you can buy it with full faith. Or, if you can’t find such perfections in one item, then you may go for Blaze’s one. You will not get disappointed. That is what I can guarantee.

What to Look Before Selecting a Charcoal Grill

When you decide to buy a charcoal grill, you have to check for a few essential features that your expected charcoal grill should have. Let’s know some details about what features a charcoal grill has to be bought by any consumer.

Freestanding Configuration

A grill that is not built in any place can be roamed both inside and outside. If the charcoal grill has a freestanding configuration, you can drag it both inside and outside wherever you want. Anyways, the freestanding design provides mobility to all the places you want. 

Grill’s Size

After you have decided what kind of charcoal grill you need you will surely think about the grill’s size. When determining the grill’s size, it is better to ask yourself how many people you will grill for on a regular basis. 

Another question you should think about that what the maximum number is of food you would need to grill for at once. 

Size is upper than everything. An extensive charcoal grilling surface helps you to make cooking easy. I think a medium charcoal grill that is 27 to 32 inches in size is perfect for both a small family and a family that parties a lot. Just buy and set up the cooking technique you can dream of.


Luxury is the highest class, and it is known for extreme longevity and longtime warranties. These are built entirely from stainless steel. It heightens its standard if the controlling system is digital. The quality is just top-notch I must say. Hardly you will find any issue with this grill. Try it and enjoy it. 

Cleaning Method: Many grills in the market have healthy configurations but are too hard to clean. This will throw you in a great dilemma. So not only checking for the designs but also knowing about its cleaning processes is very important.

The Significance of Cost

Pricing is an essential thing. The main point is that charcoal grills are not so much costly as electric grills or gas grills. But still, you need to find the most qualified yet affordable one. 

Investing money in an average standard charcoal grill would be a waste of money for sure. That is why knowledge about the features and pricing details of the grill you are willing to buy.

I hope you understand what features are most needed in your grill and why they are essential. So, if you are willing to buy any charcoal grill, go through the elements there or not any then by with precise knowledge. 

Does The Blaze Charcoal Grill Worth the Money

From my perception, yes, it does. The Blaze as manufacturers never compromises with the features of all of their products. The Blaze charcoal grill is one of their finest, sound, durable products.

If you roll your eye to its features, you can see that-

It has swift mobility. As it has a freestanding configuration, it is super flexible and movable. So, you can move it where you feel to cook. This flexibility is its plus point that will attract the customers.

Stainless steel is always the magic maker. All know it. This charcoal grill is made of 304 stainless steel, which is commercial grade. So professional, right? You are buying a charcoal grill for regular or party cooking, and it is experienced – so good combination. 

Its luxurious features ensure the grill’s durability. Invest your money where it can be worthy of. The Blaze charcoal grill is definitely worth your money. Cleaning a grill is now everyone’s concern. No matter how excellent and serviceable the grill is, the consumer will lose interest in it if it is hard to clean it. 

The Blaze charcoal grill is accessible to both use and clean. You will find it too easy to clean the grill, just like cleaning a regular dishwashing process. 

There is a hook system of steel in the grill that helps the lid hang and not create any issue. Moreover, the cover of this grill is double-layered so that your food will be in double protection, and the food will absorb the smoke with more perfection. This will make the food tastier than ever. 

Many grills do not have a temperature adjustment system. Once you flame the grill, you cannot control the heat. But in the Blaze charcoal grill, there is personal power and temperature adjustability. However, it takes a bit longer for the grill to get preheated. But its unique features are definitely worth the money. 

You will not find so many beautiful features in just one charcoal grill. The Blaze has owned all the consumers’ hearts in a short time with its fantastic service. So, you can be assured that the Blaze charcoal grill will be worth your money.

Blaze Charcoal Grill Vs Char-Griller Charcoal Grill- Which One to Buy

Rivals roam everywhere. The marketplace of any item is always full of rivalries. We should have proper knowledge about its configurations and then decide which one would be better for us. Let’s discuss more.

The Blaze charcoal grill is 550 square inches in size; whether the Char charcoal grill is 625 square inches in length. Who is on a business line or owns a restaurant and wants a grill to buy the Char’s one. But in general, people do not use charcoal grills in a restaurant for their late preheated formula. 

But if you want to buy a charcoal grill for your home, then go for the Blaze’s one. It is just perfect in size that you can use it for regular purposes, even for parties.

In Char’s one, you have to adjust the temperature before starting cooking, or you can say at the time of putting it to get preheated. After starting the cooking, you cannot modify the heat ideally at that time. That might bring change to the taste of the food you are cooking.

But in the Blaze’s one, you can adjust the power button and the grill temperature anytime you want. This feature owns the entire praises that this grill deserves. It earns one point in this case.

To control and check the heat, there is a built-in mounted gauge inside the Char charcoal grill. A meter is never that much safe to use besides any flame. 

On the other side, the Blaze charcoal grill comes with a separate BBQ checking thermometer through which you can check the heat of your grill and control it according to your need. So, Blaze grill is safer for you.

The Char grill’s lid always stays cool even if the grill is on heat or not. That is an outstanding feature. But let me tell you one more thing that is more important. 

That is- the Blaze grill’s lid is double-layered that keeps the food in an airtight environment so that the smoke can get into the food accurately, and you can enjoy the charcoal smoky authentic and traditional taste.

The Blaze charcoal grill is made of 304 stainless steel, which is commercially graded. For this reason, it is more durable than any other grills. But the other one does not own this feature. So, you know now which one you need.

Though the Char charcoal grill has many suitable configurations, the Blaze charcoal grill gets a few more scores for being amazingly perfect and comparatively better serviceable. I hope you shop for the perfect one. 

Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance of This Charcoal Grill

The cleaning process and the maintenance of this charcoal grill is not a challenging task at all. If you clean it regularly, it will help to extend your grill’s life. After every usage, give it a soft wash to remove the food particles and the greasiness. 

  • Let the grill be excellent after your use.
  • Apply vegetable or palm oil using a rag or folded paper towels once the grate is clean. This step is good to be done before starting cooking as it will prevent rust. 
  • After that, spray some grill cleaning spray if you want. 
  • Let the grill get dry under the sun.

This is how you can easily clean your Blaze charcoal grill on your own. Its maintenance is pretty straightforward. If you do not clean it after usage, then the ashes will make it rusty permanently. Keep your grill clean easily. 


Are the hooks of this grill made of stainless steel too? 

Answer: Yes, the themes that help the lid hanged or covered according to your want are made of stainless steel too. If it wouldn’t happen, then the joints would become rusty permanently. That’s why these are made of 304 stainless steel too.

Is the grill cleaning spray needed after washing it with detergent soap?

Answer: That depends on how the grill is. Grill cleaning spray contains high chemicals. If the grill still looks greasy even after cleaning it with detergent, then you may spray some cleaning spray and rub it. This will help a lot.

Is the grill made only outside the zone of the house?

Answer: Though it has a sound mobility system, it is not bounded for outside only. You can set it inside your house’s kitchen too. Do not hesitate in this case. 


I hope the confusion that people have about charcoal grills is apparent now. Flamed charcoal gives a traditional and unique smoky flavor to the food. Grilling is not a tricky thing. It is easy if you know the procedures and the maintenance. 

The Blaze charcoal gives promises a better service with its premium features and striking looks. Hurry up and buy this grill if you haven’t yet. Enjoy safe cooking and enjoy a delicious meal at your home.

Good luck!