Blaze Electric Grill Review For Your Patio Or Outdoor Barbecue Party

Electric grills are the most dexterous of all barbecue grills out there when you think about efficiency, where Blaze electric grill is no different. You will not possibly get the same amount of productivity using a charcoal grill or a gas grill.

Correspondingly, you will be able to make the food at high speed. It saves your valuable time and offers the best service, as well as so delicious food to you. 

However, the Blaze electric grill is pretty much ahead of this rat race. This tremendously surpassing grill consists of nearly everything that you might need. It comes with 9mm triangular stainless steel cooking rods, which will create gorgeous callous marks on your steaks or patties.

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It has a very classy exterior that has been made of stainless steel. Furthermore, the net weight of this grill is very light. Voila! Let’s check out the features of this fantastic electric grill.

Blaze Electric Portable 21-Inch Grill Review

Blaze Electric grill consists of very exclusive triangular searing rods, comes in with a blindly reliable warranty, and provides the best service to its users. The 1500 watt heating element ignites your steaks or patties in a fingertip.

The stainless steel flame tamers add exotics flavor to the meal and also controls the fire so that your BBQ party doesn’t get ruined. The very eye-catching exterior of this electric grill made it much more ahead of the track. 

Many people can access it at a time, which is unbelievable. There are likewise features that will make you agree with my opinion, and you will end up buying one with a glowing smile

  • Triangular searing rods
  • Stainless steel flame tamers 
  • Water-resistant
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Eye soothing exterior
Dimensions23.75″ x 23.06″ x 16.38″
Weight55.2 lbs
MaterialStainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel
Max Temp.749 F

Now, coming to the main point- the Blaze 21″ electric grill is best because it has some extraordinary features that you might not get anywhere else or by purchasing any other product. 

Triangular searing rods 

This is one of the most outstanding features of all if we start reverencing the Blaze electric grill. Because it does the most important task- keeping the food. 

At this point, we are probably thinking- what’s so crucial with rods, right? For your information, the triangular searing rods used in this grill are made by a 12mm Hexagon, which heats food rapidly. It’s promised to give you the best service that you’re craving.

Stainless Steel Flame Tamers 

The main task of flame tamers is to control the unwanted flames. So that the food doesn’t get ruined easily, and you can enjoy the best summer party ever. 

However, flame tamer does one more important job as well. It increases the taste of your steaks or patties or whatever you’re cooking on your grill. Also, it adds multiple flavors to the foods.

Water Resistance 

Electronic goods have some severe problems with water. A little bit of water is enough to rip off your favorite electronic product. It could be your most loveable PlayStation or laptop. But not the Blaze Electric grill. 

It has the incredible power of resisting water. You can work on it under the cats-and-dog rain. Nothing terrible will happen to the grill. Raindrops couldn’t lower their efficiency.

1500 Watt Electric Heating Element 

No matter what, heating is one of the essential elements when you are grilling or cooking something. Providing the meal a perfect heat is way more than just a necessity. If you fail to deliver your meal an adequate amount of heat, either the snack will lose its essence, or it will simply get ruined, for sure. 

Nevertheless, this Blaze grill comes with a premium 1500 watt electric heating element that spreads the heat uniformly all over the chunk of your beef, lamb, or whatever you are barbecuing with it. 

If you want to enjoy the mouthwatering vibe and endlessly delicious taste of your cooked chunk of meat, I would love to recommend this premium electric grill. Primarily because of this feature discussed above.  

Eye-soothing Exterior 

Last but not least, this electric grill has a very relaxed and exotic surface that will blow your mind. The very classy and catchy exterior will make people notice it from far away.

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Other Cool Features Of This Grill

As the Blaze 21″ Tabletop Electric Grill runs with electricity, there’s no chance of an accident by gas leaks or fire burn. You will be safe from this.

In the United States, more than 16000 people get an injury every single year due to unwanted fire (Source: NFPA). It’s tremendously important to get yourself away from this massive curse of fire. 

You might be thinking about the space that it will be going to consume. In one sentence, “very tiny space”. Also, it consists of nearly 55 pounds of weight. You can easily carry the grill literally anywhere you want because of its portability. In addition to that, you can use this grill indoors and outdoors.

Monitoring temperature in this Blaze grill is straightforward. So, even newbies can easily access the grill and perfectly cook anything they want. It’s not really a big deal, after all. 

The grill plates are so easy to clean. It means you don’t have to take any additional hassle after getting done with the cooking.

A Few Drawbacks but Not Deal Breakers

The only significant cons of electric grills are that- they can’t add smoky flavors to the food. Like every other mediocre electric grill in the market, the Blaze indoor/outdoor electric grill also failed in this case.

You might not be able to enjoy the charcoal-like smoky flavor in the steak that the Blaze griller has grilled, as the grill has been operated with electricity. It’s a bit disappointing.

In times of using the electric grill, you have to keep one thing in your mind. You can’t overheat stuff even if you want to. The amount of heat is limited. Also, it’s automated with the 1500 watt heating element that is attached to the grill. 

However, overheating during cooking degrades the value of food. So, it’s not a significant disadvantage in another sense.

In addition to that, there is one more massive cons of using electric grills. It will be going to cost a lot of electricity bills. If you use very mediocre electric grills for one hour a day, it will end up costing around 6-8$ per month.

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Then, Why Should You Buy The Blaze Electric Grill? 

I know there are a lot more options for you. You can purchase any of the electric grills that you want. Here the point comes, why should you buy the Blaze Electric Grill despite having umpteenth of options in your hand? 

Well, if I were you, I would surely be going to purchase one of these. Firstly, it offers a very long time warranty service, which is an impressive stint for any heavyweight user. Again, it looks gorgeous. And, it has some outstanding features that we discussed above.

Must-Have Features Of An Electric Grill

At this part, after knowing all the pseudo details about the Blaze Electric Grill, you are probably wondering about getting more into electric grills. If you do, a question might be surfing in your mind. That is, what should an electric grill have?

No matter of worry at all. This part will discuss the four significant factors that make an electric grill much more impressive than ever before.

Size and Weight

In terms of using electric devices, the dimension or size matters the most, in my opinion. Why wouldn’t it? You will never want the electric grill placed outside your home to consume half of the place. If you’re a real fanboy of using small-sized electronic products, then here comes the good news for you.

The dimension of this grill is approximately 23.75 x 23.06 x 16.38 inches, and it weighs around 55 pounds. As you can assume now, it’s incredibly light in weight than other electric grills existing in the market. Also, have a modest dimension that consumes significantly less space.

These two features will allow you to get more into the party and leave some of the space for guests.

Source of Electricity 

The main benefits of purchasing an electric grill are that you don’t have to deal with loads of blackish and weird charcoal each time. Instead, every time you feel like cooking, just switch up the power source and dap into the plane. That sounds more effective than using charcoal, or a giant deadly gas cylinder, isn’t it?

In terms of the Blaze Electric Grill, it has a 1500 watt electric heating element that will surely heat all of your necessary stuff. It’s one of the most important electric sources as well.

No matter which electric grill you purchase, before acquiring it, make sure all the electro components are working efficiently. Cross-check the parts, all the ports, and cords. Only after then, look forward to it and purchase your very electric grill.

Temperature Parameter

As we discussed above, you don’t have to deal with loads of charcoal when operating an electric grill. All things will control themselves automatically, including the temperature. But for this, there should’ve been a very idiocentric parameter that can measure heat adequately.

In terms of the Blaze Electric Grill, you will be amazed to know that 16 GA flame tamers allow users to distribute heat satisfactorily. Along with that, the tamers will also increase the great vibe and tastefulness more than ever before.

Again, if you’ve managed to purchase an electric grill, make sure that you’ve checked all the temperature parameters and the heat distribution units sufficiently. Otherwise, using the electric grill will be a terrible experience for you.

Ease of Access

Just as importantly, electric grills should be easy to access and easy to use. Otherwise, what’s the privilege of using one? You could have used charcoal grills without taking any further hassles, right?

Nevertheless, it’s a huge and important factor, which has the peculiarity of being easy to use for an electric grill. The Blaze Electric Grill is much ahead in terms of this feature. It’s pretty much light in weight and also comes in a tremendous accessible dimension. 

Trust me, and you will not get deceived by its services.

And One More Thing You Should Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Grill is Portability. Portability is not a real issue, though. But, if your electric grill is portable, it’s a plus point for you. 

Now, most of the grills existing in the market are not portable at all. They consist of a really big dimension and their size is massive. It’s very hard and troublesome to carry the grill on the spot. 

However, the Blaze Electric Grill is fully portable and has a minimal shape. Also, the weight of it is very admirable. You can easily take the grill anywhere you want, cook anything you want. 

Must-Have Accessories For This Electric Grill

While you’re using an electric grill, you should stock some of the accessories before start grilling. Those accessories will help you make your grilling hassle-free. These are here-

  • Blaze Island Sleeve

Along with the gas griddle, the island sleeve is one of the essential accessories you should have when using the electric grill.

Now, what’s the primary purpose of using island sleeves? It’s another accessory that helps you to place the grill in an appropriate place.

This extraordinary island sleeve is made of 304 stainless steel that secures the most persistence of it. Also, it consists of a large drawer that allows users to keep essential tools and stuff. Moreover, this also covers a lifelong warranty. So, purchasing one of these will be worth it.

  • Blaze Grill on Cart Covers

Cart cover protects the grill from any kind of nuisance that might be happening with it. The cover protects the grill from rains, extremely severe weather, and aversive situations which are not suitable for the grill.

However, the cart cover looks so classy. It’s picturesque and very eye soothing. You will get a total of five variations that you will be able to use for the Blaze Electric Grill. 

You can choose one from the variations, according to the number of burners and the shape of your Blaze power grill. 

Blaze Electric Grill vs Napoleon Electric Grill

Before hitting right into this very point, we were chewing over a delusional and crazy electric grill which was nothing but the grill I pictured above.

We looked forward to all the fors and againsts of this grill. Talked about the umpteenth beneficial sides of it. Now it’s time for an utter comparison.

Let’s begin with it, without further ado…

Napoleon Electric Grill is another beast, which could be compared to the Blaze Electric Grill. The primary features for both grills are merely the same. 

The Napoleon Electric Grill is also portable, consisting of a great exterior that is much more eye-soothing than any of the average grill. 

Mainly the blackish surface of it has made the grill pretty much elegant and artistic as well. Have a heat distribution element so that the food you’re cooking doesn’t get ruined.

Now, some unusual things should have been observed. If we look forward to the pricing of both two electric grills, the Blaze is much higher than the Napoleon. You will be able to purchase the “Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285E” by spending 450$ approximately whether the Blaze costs much higher.

In terms of packaging weight, the Napoleon is much lighter than the Blaze. It merely weighs 35 pounds.

However, the “Napoleon TravelQ PRO 285 E” is not waterproof. You might not be able to move on with the grill under severe weather or unusual circumstances. It’s nauseous, I must say.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the multidimensional and the most durable electric grill, I would strongly suggest you go for the Blaze Electric Grill. Trust me, and it will be worth all of your money.


The pleasant and eye-soothing exterior, heating element, sear rods, significantly less weight, and what not? You will be able to manage the meals by using it. In addition, you will be able to use this exclusive electric grill literally anywhere you want. No matter if it’s the abandoned rooftop of your house or the backyard.

Apart from the absence of smoky flavor, the Blaze Electric Grill has reached the very first position of the rat race. If we talk about efficiency, portability, ease of access, it’s merely the top of all. This exclusive and premium-looking grill has nearly everything that you might be craving right now. 

What are you waiting for then? Go and make the best investment right now by purchasing this electric grill. You will get all the benefits later on. Wish you very good luck. Happy grilling!