Blaze Freestanding Grill Review In 2023

If you’re passionate enough about grilling to try a commercial-grade freestanding grill, then you’ve come to the right place. Today I’ll introduce you to the Blaze freestanding grill. It’s a large and high-quality grill that you can use for both personal and commercial use.  

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I’ve tried to put together a thorough review of this grill so you can understand all the upsides and downsides. Keep reading through the review to learn whether it’s the perfect grill you’re searching for or not. 

Blaze Natural Gas Freestanding 40-inch Grill with Lights

As the name suggests, it’s a freestanding grill. You can use it for both indoors and outdoors grilling, depending on your convenience. The grill features in-built lights. These lights make it the most suitable grill for nighttime barbeque parties. The cooking surface of this grill is so large and you can cook all your guest’s food at once. 

Let’s get a visual image of this grill in our minds. First, you have to know is that the grill features five burners. There are in-built lights on the knobs and inside the grills to make grilling convenient at night. 

Triangle cooking rods create beautiful sear marks on the meat and ensure that all the food gets even heat. Using this high-quality freestanding grill, you can create separate heat zones to make your cooking more precise. 

Key Features 

  • 40-inch freestanding grill 
  • 5 burners 
  • In-built lights 
  • Cast stainless steel
  • Lifetime warranty 
MaterialStainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel
Weight197 Pounds

Another fascinating benefit you get with Blaze is its warranty. You may have heard about their lifetime warranty. It’s one of the reasons why users prefer this grill so much. 

It’s tough to bring all the spectacular features in one article. But I’ve tried my best to enlighten you about what you’ll be getting if you wish to purchase this grill. Let’s start without any further ado. 

Cooking Power 

Each burner of this grill can provide 14,000 BTU. So, you’re getting near about 70,000 BTU in total. It’s the perfect range of heat for cooking your favorite dishes. In addition, there is a rear rotisserie burner featuring 10,000 BTU, making the total cooking power of the grill 80,000 BTU. 

Cooking Rods 

The cooking rods on this grill are made of stainless steel and are triangular in shape. In addition, they’re heavy gauge and 9 mm thick. These rods ensure that the food gets maximum connection with the surface and absorbs heat as per necessity. You also get fascinating sear marks on the meat because of these rods. 

Stainless steel is excellent for retaining heat and distribute it evenly on all your food. Another plus side of stainless steel is that it’s super easy to clean. The food particles come right off without excessive scrubbing. 

Cooking Surface 

You can cook large food portions at once using this Blaze freestanding grill. It features a cooking area of 915 square inches. In addition, there’s a removable warming rack you can use for keeping your food warm. If you don’t want to block any cooking surface by having a warming rack over it, simply remove it. 

Ignition System 

We all understand how bothersome it can be to light the fire for your grill manually. If you use this grill, you can enjoy a pretty straightforward automatic ignition system. It features a simple push-and-turn automatic ignition that can turn your grill on within moments. The days of spending hours lighting a grill are over. 

In-Built Lights 

The knobs feature lights for easy control even when it’s dark. However, that’s not all. There are also interior lights for convenient grilling at night. That saves you money by installing extra lights, especially if you do a lot of your barbeques at night. 

Flame Stabilizing Grids 

The grill features grids for stabilizing flames and you can minimize the chance of any flare-ups and prevent your food from burning. 

Heat Zone Separator

You can create separate zones using the five burners. There are stainless steel separators to keep the heat separately. You don’t need a charcoal grill to customize heat distribution anymore. This gas grill will do just fine. 

Drip Pan 

Blaze always makes your cleaning and cooking easy. A drip pan accompanies the grill to hold all the oil and drippings to keep your cooking procedure cleaner. 


The grill is freestanding, so there’s a cabinet below the grill to hold the gas cylinder. There are two doors in the front that you can open, and two shelves are there for holding essential accessories. 

Beneath the cabinet are wheels for transporting the grill without excessive physical effort. 

Temperature Gauge 

On the lid, you’ll notice a thermometer. Unlike many grills, this freestanding grill comes with an in-built temperature gauge. There’s no need to buy an extra one because this one will provide accurate readings. Keep your food’s temperature in check to make sure that no one is left hungry.  

Post-Purchase Service 

If you didn’t know already, Blaze grills are backed by their unique lifetime warranty. So, if you’re looking for a grill for life, there can’t be a better option than this Blaze freestanding grill. Besides, their customer service is pretty prompt, so you have nothing to worry about. 

Fairly Priced 

When compared to other luxury grills, this one doesn’t charge you money out of the blue. Considering its size, structure, and material, you’ll understand why this falls under a high-end luxury grill. 


There hasn’t been any argument about Blaze grills’ durability. All of the brand’s grills are extremely durable and backed by their lifetime warranty. So, if you’re worried about replacing your grill, there’s nothing to worry about. 


Just because it’s a large grill doesn’t mean you can’t transport it with ease. The grill features wheels underneath the stand so that you can freely move it from one place to another. Relocate it from your home to the backyard according to your preference. 

What I Don’t Like 

Inconsistent Flame: Some users experienced inconsistent flames while using this grill. However, that’s not true for most users. I didn’t find any issues with this grill, but I include everything so you can judge the grill better. 

As I’ve already mentioned, a few users reported about the inconsistent flames. Most users found the grill perfectly fine. So, I suggest getting the grill from a trusted source so you don’t go through any hassles. 

Why Blaze Freestanding Grill Is A Perfect Choice for You

This freestanding grill is perfect for someone looking to up their grilling game a notch. When you’re tired of changing your grill frequently and want to settle down with one, Blaze is the option you choose. This heavy-duty grill is one of the most durable grills you’ll ever find in the market. 

However, the grill is not all about durability. Along with high-quality stainless steel material, you’re also getting all the convenience combined in one grill. It’s easy to clean, can hold a lot of food at once, offer even heat distribution, and has more additional features than many other grills. Besides, considering the features, it’s an affordable option for you. 

So, if you’re interested in installing a commercial-grade grill at home, I recommend you try this one out. You won’t be left with regrets. 

Blaze Freestanding Grill Vs Napoleon Freestanding Grill

If you’re also considering a grill from Napoleon, let me enlighten you about a few differences between these two grills. Napoleon Prestige Pro series offers a lot of thrilling features that you won’t find in a Blaze grill. 

For instance, the Napoleon freestanding grill comes with more detailed lighting. The knobs can change colors, there are more lights in the grill compared to the Blaze grill, and there are additional accessories like a cutting board, infrared side burner, ice tray, etc. The cabinet is also more functional compared to the Blaze grill. 

So, if both grills are close in price, which one is the better choice? Both Blaze and Napoleon are equally popular as luxury grills. Users who don’t like extra features and want a classic, straightforward grill will always go for a Blaze grill. 

On the contrary, if you’re excited about fancy features, you may want to consider the one from Napoleon. Note that the body materials of these grills are different. Blaze features premium-grade stainless steel, whereas the Napoleon grill features galvanized and powder-coated finishing. 

So, if you leave somewhere near the ocean, you may want to consider the Blaze grill for maximum rust resistance. Nevertheless, the Napoleon grill is also highly rust-resistant. Blaze is just comparatively better in this attribute.  

Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance

Now we’re talking about the hard part. If you don’t take care of your appliances, they don’t last very long. Blaze freestanding grill will last alright, considering its quality. 

However, if you intend to keep the grill looking new forever, you need to maintain it accordingly. Let’s see what you can do to make your grill feel better. 


You may have heard about curing like a million times. Let me increase that number. It’s crucial to cure new grills. Do you know why? Because there might be chemical particles left from the manufacturing process. You don’t want to consume that, do you?

So, after unpacking and assembling your grill, turn it on and set the temperature to the highest it can get. Remember to keep the cover closed. It not only burns and melts unnecessary particles but also kills any harmful bacteria that might be sitting on the grill. 


The next step is to move on to the seasoning process. After you’ve cured your grill for about fifteen minutes, lower the heat to medium and open the lid. You’ll need long tongs for this step. And a clean fabric. Take the fabric and dip it in your preferred oil. 

You can choose any oil that goes well with the food you’re cooking. Make sure not to over soak it. The fabric should be wet enough but not so much that it drips. 

Now, use the tongs to hold the fabric and run it all over the cooking rods. Once the smoke stops, do the same process again, and your grill is seasoned. The next thing to do is following your preferred recipe. 


There are two types of cleaning when you use a grill regularly. Once is light cleaning that doesn’t require much time and effort. Another is deep or thorough cleaning. 

Every time you cook something on the grill, clean the cooking rods right after you finish cooking. When the cooking rods are still warm from the heat, removing the food particles from them gets easier.

Or, if you don’t want to clean it right away, make sure to heat up the grill before cleaning. Use a proper grill brush to scrub off all the excess food debris from the surface. 

If you’re thinking about giving your grill a thorough cleaning, you’ll need a bit more time and effort. After several grilling events, it’s time to deep-clean the grill. Many parts of this grill are removable. 

For starters, you can remove the cooking rods, the flame tamers, even the burners. Removing them will expose the whole grilling area, and you can clean it using a grill brush and a scraper. 

For the outer part, use mild soap mixed with water. Soak a fabric and wipe the body clean. 

Final Words

If you’ve already exhausted yourself by searching for the perfect luxury grill, Blaze freestanding grill is the answer to all your problems. If you’re confused about your decision, you should go through all the alternatives before purchasing. You can always get the opinions of fellow bbq-lovers to feel confident about your decision. 

Remember that all manufactured products will have one or two flaws, no matter how expensive they are. You can’t get all features in one grill. Prioritize your necessities before you make the decision. So, what are you waiting for?