3 Blaze Grill Cart Reviews For 40, 25, and 44 Inch Grill

Who does not love outdoor grilling parties? But there is nothing that can be more tiresome if you are the host of an outdoor grilling party. And while grilling outside, you also need to go inside your kitchen to bring BBQ accessories. 

This one problem with outdoor grilling can make this amazing event tiring for you, right? So, no need to worry. We have a very easy solution to fix this issue.

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The best solution to add more storage space for your outdoor grilling is a grill cart. A grill cart gives you enough space to prepare and serve your food. So, you do not need to go inside to bring the BBQ sauce, spices, or any utensils.

Blaze grill brings several best quality grill carts. And all of their grill carts are durable, strong, easy to clean and handle.

Today, I will help you find the best Blaze grill cart to meet your cooking needs and requirements. 

3 Blaze Grill Cart Reviews

One of the best reasons to use the grill cart is, it makes the grill versatile. So, you can be benefitted from the grill while grilling. With 45 years of robust experience of their professional team in the industry, Blaze Grills have used that experience to develop, innovate, and manufacture their awesome products. 

All the Blaze Grills carts are pretty easy to use. Let’s check out the top 3 grill carts and reviews of this brand to explore some aesthetically appealing BBQ utensils.

Blaze Grill Cart For 40 Inch Gas Grill

If your home has enough space to have a grill cart, this 40-inch traditional blaze grill cart is for you. For a freestanding gas grill, a 40-inch blaze grill cart in the outdoor decorous the outdoor grilling to the next level. 

While providing high-quality at such a pocket-friendly price, it is designed to be compact yet versatile. The side shelves augment the area of grilling and give you an excellent cooking environment. 

Below the grill, there are two front doors with solid rounded handles, where you can store grill cover, propane tank, and other bbq accessories. For any defects in manufacturing or poor workmanship, it gives you a lifetime warranty.

Top Features: 

  • Durable for any outdoor conditions
  • Spare storage system
  • Space for a propane tank and other accessories
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made of stainless steel
Dimensions28.37″ x 75.5″ x 50.25″
Weight315 lbs
MaterialStainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel

Blaze grill cart is new in the industry, but it has already won the heart of the users. Their quality and quantity stand-still the same as their advertisement. 

The durability of this product is something you can count on. It gives you a lifetime warranty on every part except for the electronic components.

From assembly screws to the whole cart from top to bottom is made of 304 stainless steel. If you have doubts, you can check by taking a magnet near the cart. It will stick like glue.

You can remove the side shelves from the cart if you find them unnecessary. It’s easy to clean. You can easily discrete the parts and clean the whole cart part by part. It’s a moveable cart. You can relocate it anywhere anytime you want.


  • Poorly printed directions
  • It takes more than two people to assemble

Blaze Grill Cart For 25-Inch Gas Grill

Small house, little space? The 25-inches blaze grill cart is the best! For a small bbq space, a 25-inch blaze grill cart is perfect to go for. 

The cart is one of the lightweights among the other blaze carts. Its weight is only 62 lbs. It’s a  stainless steel constructed cart that’s why it’s durable for any outdoor conditions.

The size might be small compared to the others, but two drawers and two folding shelves increase the cart’s space and make the whole process of bbq-ing easy and orderly. It’s easy to maintain and easy to clean.

Top Features:

  • The whole frame is made of stainless steel
  • Two drawers for keeping accessories
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Folding shelves gives extra space to the cart
  • Lifetime warranty
Dimensions22.25″ x 49″ x 35.5″
Weight67 lbs
MaterialStainless Steel

Your house might have a small space for a grill cart, but that cannot take away the aspiration to have a cart of your own. If your home does not have enough space to put a big cart, then a 25-inch blaze grill cart is perfect to have.

This 25-inch blaze grill cart is easy to relocate for its weight. And the wheels give some extra advantages while moving it. The heavy-duty locking wheels help the cart to stand still and prevent the cart from moving too much.

The cart looks small in size, but there is additional space in it to keep your accessories at your hand. The drawers are big enough to grasp a sufficient amount of accessories inside them. The drawer’s handles are cozy to grab for closing and opening.

It is specially designed to house the Blaze 25-inch 3-burner gas grill. The lard management system in the cart is well designed. Leftover drippings automatically go through the drain port under the drippings pan, making it easier to pull out the waste.


  • Poorly printed direction
  • Takes time for a bbq-ing extended amount of food
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Blaze Grill Cart for 44-Inch 4 Burner Professional Grill

A grill cart is the foremost essential that helps you to make your bbq-ing more orderly and enjoyable. While bbq-ing, if you keep moving from one place to another to bring your cooking accessories after a while, the matter becomes annoying.

We bring you this 44″ blaze grill cart for your professional grill to get rid of the hassle. It’s made of stainless steel. There are two drawers available in the cart and two folding shelves for managing accessories. 

You can detach the shelves from the cart in case of a space problem. The cart is easy to move because of the four heavy-duty casters.

Top Features:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Two drawers and one door for keeping accessories and propane tank
  • Solid handles
  • Two folding shelves
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
Dimensions22″ x 63.38″ x 35.5″
Weight111 lbs
MaterialStainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel

You have plenty of space in your home to put an extra-large grill cart, then this blaze grill cart is perfect to have. The 44-inch grill cart is one of a kind in its genre. 

The design of the cart is one of the things that get the attention of the customers. For people who love to have big parties or get together, this cart is impeccable for them. 

The cart is made of stainless steel from top to bottom, which is suitable for any weather and makes it long-lasting. And for being stainless steel, oil and spices do not stick in the cart. The cart does not need to be extra rubbed to wash. It’s made it easy to clean.

The side shelves enlarge the size of the cart. In the extended area of the cart, you can use it to keep your outdoor accessories near your hand. It saves time from running here and there. You can easily fold them when you no longer need them or detach the shelves from the cart if you don’t need them.

The cart has two drawers and one front door. You can keep your plates, towel, glass, and other things in those drawers. And in the front door, you can lay out a propane tank without any hassle. These drawers have round-shaped solid handles, which makes the drawers easy to open and close.

The four-wheel makes it easier for the cart to move and relocate it anywhere you want. These four heavy-duty casters have a locking system in them, which prevents the cart from moving too much.


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Sharp edges
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Things to Consider Before Buying A Grill Cart

After checking out the list, now it is your turn to choose a grill cart for your grill. Here, we will discuss some key factors that you should consider before buying a grill cart. So, check them out!

Easy to Clean 

While buying a grill cart, an easy cleaning process is one of the considerable factors that you should bear in mind. If you use your grill cart for chopping veggies or preparing food, especially before you have started grilling, you want the cart top material to be cleaned easily, right? 

If you do not clean your grill cart properly, bacteria, yeast, and other microbes can grow. So, we are highly suggested buying a stainless-steel grill cart.

As it is antibacterial and pretty quick to clean, so you can easily chop or prepare your food. But in case, you just only use the grill cart for food serving, then you can choose any metal or plastic one. 

We do not recommend any wood grill cart. Because it is very tough to clean. That’s why it can cause bacterial growth. So, if you want to use a wooden grill cart, then put protectants or use a plastic chopping board on the top.

In terms of easy cleaning, Blaze grill carts can be cleaned easily and quickly. Besides, you do not have to take any extra hassle for it.


The point of using a grill cart is to have additional space for cutting, marinating, preparing, and serving food. While buying the grill cart, you should make sure that the grill cart should have plenty of space for your cooking area. 

But remember do not go for the too big one. Otherwise, the grill cart will take too much space in your yard. 

In general, you need at least enough grill cart space to keep all the essential BBQ accessories, sauces, and garnishes that you need in your cooking. 

So, you do not go inside your kitchen to bring these essentials. And all the Blaze grill carts include enough space. So that you can easily keep your cooking essentials in it.


One of the reasons to buy a grill cart is to get additional storage space for all your grilling accessories and utensils. You can get different shelving options. 

For instance, you can use one shelf to keep the food plates, or serving foods, another one for drinks, etc. So, before purchasing, think about how many storage options you will get to make your work hassle-free while arranging a BBQ party. 


Portability is another important factor to consider before purchasing a grill cart. But if you only want to use the storage option of your grill cart and do not want to move it, then you do not need to think about portability. 

However, if you want to take the grill and grill cart to your friend’s house, then portability will make the work easier. Also, in bad or cold weather, you need to move the cart inside, so it will be better to choose a grill cart that can be easily moved around. Some grill carts include wheels, so they will become pretty easy to transport. 

With the high-quality casters, Blaze grill carts are easier to move from one corner to another corner. Most of their grill cart models come with two or four casters to ensure better portability. 

Size and Material

You also need to think about the size and material. If the grill cart is too big, then it will be difficult to move around from one place to another. So, if you want to move your grill cart, then it will be better to choose a lightweight and small design grill cart. 

But in case you only want to move the grill cart for storage options, then based on your ability to transport the cart twice or thrice in a year you can determine the weight and height.

Remember, if you want to use a grill prep cart, then try to ensure that it should be similar in dimension and height to the grill itself. So, it will be easier to transfer. But if you want to make a grill-in-table, then keep in mind that it should be compatible with your grill model.


Please do not get confused with the storage space, because both are not the same. It is the feature of storing the grill cart during the winter season or after-party. If you want your grill cart to fold up for storing, then it will be better to consider. Besides, you can also keep your grill cart in a small room.

But most of the grill cart models cannot be folded or stored easily. That’s why it is wise to go for a weather-resistant and better quality grill cart for your grill.


It is better to buy something that is high quality, solid, robust, and durable. The grill cart that you will buy should be able to withstand adverse weather and also cutting,  prepare. 

Besides, it should be heat-resistant as the cart. So, try to consider the construction materials and frames that have been used in the grill cart must ensure its longevity. So, it can be a successful long-term investment.  


Outlook and appearance can be important factors. You can buy a grill cart that can easily fit the grill design so that you can make your outdoor kitchen area more attractive. 

Blaze grill carts come with a stylish design. So, enhance the elegance of your yard with the Blaze grill carts. 


Fixing the budget is a very essential factor to consider. So, fix your budget according to your needs and requirements to make your investment-worthy.


Now you have a clear idea of which is the best Blaze grill cart for you, right? Though there are many different and important considerable features. All the Blaze grill carts we have discussed through this article are top-notch, feature-rich, and best carts in the market. So, try to pick the one that perfectly suits you.