Blaze Outdoor Trash Bin Review For 2023

Cleanliness is the only genre of having a new and healthy life. No matter how much stuff you use in your daily life, you will not get adequate satisfaction without maintaining proper hygiene. Even you will have to face lots of pessimism if you and your surrounding environment are not cleaned regularly.

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To maintain hygiene around you, trash bins or trash drawers can be your good helping partner. Are you bored of changing the ordinary trash bins? You can give a try the blaze outdoor trash bin for better convenience. It is a super classy and durable product. 

Why wait for it? Let’s know more about this fantastic product.

Narrow Roll Out Trash Bin By Blaze – Blaze Outdoor Trash Bin

The Blaze outdoor trash drawer is one amazing product that has top-notch qualities. Can you believe a trash bin is made of stainless steel? Is that even possible?

Yes, it is possible! Blaze company has made it possible. An easily accessible and movable trash bin additionally made of stainless steel is such a startling thing. Not just outdoors, this product can be used indoors too. This versatile, structured trash bin should be on your shortlist.

The Blaze outdoor trash bin has been made for your convenience so that you will not have to worry and change your trash bins now and then. Give the writing a read to know more about this helpful stuff. Your mind will turn to a positive answer for sure.

Top Features

  • Easily movable
  • Firm and durable enough
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Well-designed and polished trash bin.
  • An adequate containable storage system
Dimensions19.63″ x 13.88″ x 26.38″
MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity42 Quarts

The Blaze is a well-known company that is known for its amazingly featured products. Almost all of its consumers love these glaring products. If you want to join this successful consumers’ team and use intelligent products, spend some pennies on this affordable Blaze outdoor trash bin.

Let’s have some knowledge about this trash bin-

Stainless Steel Material

Stainless steel as a raw material of trash bin? In a trash bin? Yes, Blaze has made it possible. As you know, trash bins or trash drawers are used to keep the environment clean by keeping the trash inside them; using stainless steel for making these is just near the accuracy.

Stainless steel has a heat-resistant ability. That is why it has been used in this outdoor-friendly trash bin so that if you keep it outside your house, the outer environment will not make it corrosive at all. 

Moreover, it is one of the most lasting materials anyone can use to make any stuff. Makers of it are pretty confident about their solid and creative invention. This super convenient trash bin has come with so many positive reviews.

This trash bin is a movable trash drawer that has a large cabinet inside it. A stainless half-circle handle is attached to the drawer for easy grip. A perfect size trash bin is kept inside the cabinet. 

So, we can say the substantial outer shelter made of 304 stainless steel is enough to keep the trash bin safe and firm from getting rusty soon.

Enhanced Durability

The Blaze trash bin has double-layered steel protection for better firmness and durability. This feature will make you assure that your trash bin is safe outside and will last more than your expectation.

It is made perfectly to get set on your grill island and let your grilling zone hygienic. I mean, who does not want a cleaned cooking area. Keep it at the place you want and set its configuration well. You will find it sturdy enough. 

It dries the trash so that you will not find any clownish leakage of your greasy trash from the bin. The outer steel drawer keeps the inner container safe. 

Generally, regular trash bins last just a month or a couple of weeks. But try the Blaze trash drawer, and you will get amazed by seeing its rigidity.

Facile in Usage

This trash bin has the feature of rolling out as it is shaped as a drawer. Like the handle of a regular drawer, this product has a handle made of stainless steel to roll out the drawer and put all the trash inside the bin kept inside the trash drawer. 

The trash drawer gives the inner bin, and extra protection as the drawer is solid and rigid. For this, the container will stay safe and will not get cracked easily like the other regular bins. 

The rolling-out system is super flexible and accessible. The Blaze trash bin is super easy to use. Just drag the drawer’s handle outwards and put the trash in. 

When the garbage takers come, then give him whatever you have inside the bin. Let me give you a tip: use a polythene bag or plastic garbage black bag inside the trash bin and throw the trash inside it. 

This will provide you with better protection from garbage leakage, and you can easily pass the garbage to regular garbage takers. Pretty easy!

Ample Storage

The inner capacity of the trash bin is 42 quarts which is enormous. The weight of the whole trash drawer is almost 36 pounds. Can you imagine how much trash you can store inside this? Even if you forget to clean it for 2 to 3 days, there will be no issue as it has ample space inside it.

This bin is narrow in shape so that it can get fit in any congested area. The bevel diagram in a round figure gives a whole look of constructional fidelity. 

If you have a space for outdoor kitchen accessories, this trash drawer bin is just perfect for you. The stainless steel material is used just for it to maintain its quality always until it expires.

Do not worry about where to put the trash because Blaze is always there for giving you the solution. Buy this durable trash bin for your outdoor kitchen area, and you will get better service and satisfaction.

Elegantly Designed Look

The Blaze trash drawer comes with a perfect elegant look along with a touch of technically intelligent design. The whole thing’s surface is polished from every angle which gives an indefectible look. 

This rectangular-shaped narrow trash bin gets fits in any crowded space. If you think that keeping it outside will absorb dust and make the thing rusty, then dear consumers, you are going wrong. Because it is a beneficial product, have a try!

Its unique features enhance its durability and overall outer look. Its unique structure of it is an accomplished and intelligent solution for saving space. As there are no keen edges, it will not be any risk if your children are around it. 

From my perception, this Blaze outdoor trash bin with a rolling-out feature is one of the most valuable products anyone can have. It beats all the other regular trash bins. Its better and elegant features give a whole bright look and provide a good quality service. 

If I were at your place, I would buy this for my kitchen area. No more waiting then. Grab this and check out its outstanding services on your own. 

What To Look For Before Buying An Outdoor Trash Bin

Varieties of trash bins are enormous in number in the market. You will find tons of brands considering suitable trash bins for regular usage. But how many of them are worth the consumers’ expectations?

Before buying an outdoor trash bin, a few important things need to be checked. These are-

  • Material

In the trash bin’s case and before buying any single product, you need to know and check what materials are used to make this. Constructional knowledge is essential before consuming anything. 

A trash bin should be durable. If you buy a trash bin without knowing its proper configuration, you may find it getting rusty after a few days of using it. Those products which are made of stainless steel last longer than any other ordinary ones. So, try to buy a stainless steel trash bin.

  • Capacity

The trash bin you are buying, whether it is significant or not but it’s inner should have enough ability to bear your house’s regular trash. 

Whoever has an outdoor kitchen needs a large capacity trash bin. Whatever the shape is, how much garbage or trash it can take inside is more important. 

  • Easily Movable

The trash bin should be a bit light in weight and easily movable. Easy movable ability will make your task easy? Do you want to know how it is possible? Let me tell you.

If the trash bin is a bit lighter in weight and easily movable, you will not have any issues while making it empty and giving the garbage to the garbage collector. That is why handling your trash bin should be easy. 

  • Structure

Checking the form of the trash bin is essential. If it is too wide for your outdoor space, then it will be inappropriate. A narrow trash bin with enough space inside is perfect to suit any place. 

  • Serviceableness

No matter how much money you spent, it will not be worth the money if the product does not last long. Durability is all a product needs. Check out the guarantee paper of the product and know its durability and serviceability. Only then you may buy that.

If a trash bin has these qualities, you can choose it for your outdoor space.

Does the Blaze Outdoor Trash Bin Worth the Money

In my opinion, yes, it does. The Blaze company does not compromise the quality of its products. The Blaze outdoor trash bin is one of their most refined, serviceable, durable products. It is the most beneficial product in your outdoor kitchen.

Waterproof, rustproof, and heatproof qualities are there in this bin. Stainless steel is the magic maker. Who thought that a trash bin would be made of stainless steel? 

Rather it enhances its rigidity. It is firm and easily movable. That is why you will get comfortable enough while using and emptying it. 

Just think once, which trash bin has so much better features? You are amazed at the Blaze trash bin’s beautiful qualities, right? It has so many productive features that no other trash bin can be this well serviceable and beat it by any part, I bet. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining the Blaze trash bin is not hard at all. Instead, it is super easy. A trash bin is where everyone puts the trash in their kitchen or any room in their house after cleaning the room. But the trash bin also needs to get cleaned almost every other day. This is how you will maintain hygiene. 

If you use the Blaze trash bin, you can easily clean it by following a few easy steps. These are-

  • Pull out the trash drawer and take the inner container out.
  • Make the trash bin empty by throwing the garbage.
  • After emptying it fully, rinse the whole thing with clear water.
  • Put a spoonful of liquid soap. A dishwashing soap will work great here to remove the garbage’s stinky smell.
  • You can scrub the bin with a piece of cloth or with a sponge if the inner space is greasy.
  • You may spray some germ-cleaning chemicals if you want. It is totally up to your choice.
  • Then rinse the whole thing again.
  • Lastly, let the trash bin dry, and then it is ready to be used again.

See how easy the process is! Super simple and easy, right? The smooth and polished body has made the cleaning process easy. 

Material defects are not the reason for a product’s decaying. The maintenance becomes the reason too. So, maintaining a product properly is very important. To keep the Blaze outdoor trash bin, you need to do is-

  • Emptying the trash bin daily.
  • Using detergent while cleansing.
  • Using any disinfecting spray would be better.
  • Air drying is required for removing greasiness. 

By following these steps, the durability of the Blaze trash bin will be enhanced a lot more than expected. I hope you have read all the cleaning and maintenance procedures thoroughly and are thinking of doing the same if you buy this product, right? Think again.


Is there any external cover needed to secure the stainless steel? 

No, it is not required. The 304 stainless steel used in the Blaze trash bin is rust-free and heatproof. It will not let the stainless steel get rusty at all. 

This quality is one of the best qualities any trash bin can have. The protection quality of it will keep it safe in any weather. So, no extra cover is needed at all.

Does it serve a longtime warranty?

Yes, it does. The Blaze trash drawer gives a longtime warranty as it has super powerful features that enhance its durability. This makes the trash bin sturdy and rigid altogether. These unique, high-quality features assure the customer a long warranty.

Will scrubbing the trash bin with soap make any scratch on it?

No, not at all. Instead, it is more critical to properly scrub the trash bin with liquid soap to remove the dirt, stinky smell, and greasiness. Its surface and body are smoothly finished and polished. That is why scrubbing on it will not leave any scratch on its body.

Does the Blaze outdoor trash bin take a lot of space?

No, the Blaze outdoor trash bin is narrow in size and has enough space for putting the trash. Generally, the outdoor kitchens are not that big to keep a giant trash bin. 

That’s why the makers of this product have thought about your convenience and made the trash bin narrow so that you can keep it wherever you want. 


Trash bins are needed to keep the environment clean and safe. Especially in this pandemic time, it is more important to have a perfect trash bin. If you are confused about which trash bin will be ideal for your outdoor kitchen, then the Blaze company has an ideal solution for you. That is the Blaze outdoor trash bin. 

I hope no more confusion is left after reading this article. Those times when you used to throw the trash here, and there are gone. Now make your living bright by having intelligent products in your life. So, do not waste your time and money on those items which are not helpful. Buy the Blaze outdoor trash bin now. Stay cleaned. Stay safe.