Blaze Outdoor Vent Hood Review (42-Inch and 36-Inch)

Generally, ‘vent’ means hidden. But as a part of the kitchen, a vent hood means suctioning all the windy dirt and greasiness. It is also called an exhausting hood as it takes away all the oil and greasy dirt from the kitchen and makes the area breathable enough to survive there and cook.

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Blaze Outdoor Vent Hood Review

A kitchen vent hood is a must-have item for the kitchen. It makes the kitchen environment healthy. It is set above the stove to remove the direct greases away. You may find many vent hoods in the market but can get confused about which one to buy. 

Let’s clear your confusion and know about some usable kitchen vent hoods.

Blaze Outdoor 42-Inch High Capacity Vent Hood 

The Blaze 42inches vent hood is a high-end product in the market. The size of the vent hood is just perfect as it covers the whole area of your kitchen stove or your grill on the outside. 

The most flexing and attractive part of this vent hood is its huge size because this huge size can easily give you a better service by protecting your kitchen area from unwanted greasiness and dirt.

Starting from an elegant and smart look to stainless steel’s durability, this vent hood is nothing but your kitchen’s best friend. It can easily cope up on the outside too. 

Top Features

  • Maximization of capturing dirt
  • High power controller
  • Illuminated LED lights
  • Elegant and technical design
  • Premium baffles
  • Made of 304 stainless steel
  • Can work more perfectly in outdoor grilling
  • Perfect in size.
Dimensions36″ x 42″ x 18″
Weight136 lbs
ColorStainless Steel

You have to install it correctly by watching the manual direction book. I bet this is the smartest ventilation product you may ever find. Features can be counted a lot, but the only use you will find is giving the product a try. 

As we know that before buying anything, we should check about it in detail, that is why let’s know some detailed information about the Blaze 42inches vent hood.

Size & Depth

The size of this Blaze vent hood is 42inches. Its inner venting depth is 36inches. That means it has a huge space for inhaling and keeping all the greases inside it until you clean the inside area of it weekly or monthly. The depth of the hood gathers the highest amount of dirt and greases.

Outdoor cooking always seems like a difficult task as it creates a huge amount of smoke that spreads vastly. A good quality vent hood will filter the smoke, take away the unwanted and harmful particles from the air, and refresh the environment to enjoy your outdoor cooking. You know, the more, the better. This large-sized vent hood will be your best friend.

Usage of LED Lights

Your cooking zone will look illuminated as the vent hood has 4 LED lights settled on the front side. It will create a fantastic look. You will not have to face any issues if the kitchen’s lighting or any other space is a dame. These LED lights will make your day and night both whenever you use them. 

The lightings are tiny in size and are too comfortable. The look of your cooking zone will brighten up by using this illuminated hood.

Power Controlling Ability

The Blaze 42inches vent hood has high power controlling ability. It gives a high-quality performance as it has two 1000 CFM speed blowers that blow away all the dirt and greasiness. Thus the kitchen surface looks clean. The hood should be installed a bit higher than the stove to cover the area nicely and give a better performance. 

Premium Quality

This vent hood is enriched with premium features that ensure a good performance and a longtime service warranty. The whole thing is made of 304 graded stainless steel, which is top-notch in quality. The baffles are technically made to prevent the greases from going to the cooking surface. 

It has a withstand along with it to ensure perfect outdoor cooking too. Its suction quality is 60% greater than any other vent hoods in the market now. So, it can be a good choice as your cooking partner.

Why wait for more? Order the great Blaze 42inches vent hood now and enjoy healthy and safe cooking.

Blaze Outdoor 36-Inch Vent Hood 

The most attractive feature of this product is it can be installed in a suitable high position of the cooking surface so that you can easily work without any hindrance. It will give you work comfort. Its grease intake capability is innovative. The size of the hood is similar to the depth of the canopy. 

The vent hood is made of premium materials so that you can’t doubt its capability. It can inhale the highest amount of smoke a cooker can produce. 

This vent hood is environmentally friendly. 4-speed controllers help the hood absorb the smoke or take it away to ensure your safe cooking. You will not regret buying this vent hood for sure. Give it a try!

Top Features

  • 36 inches venting depth
  • The exceptional technique of removing smoke
  • Halogen lights
  • High suction power
  • Deep canopy
  • Creates an easy view of the cooking zone
  • Stainless steel baffles.
Dimensions36″ x 18″ x 42″
Weight136 lbs
ColorStainless Steel

The Blaze 36inches vent hood is one of a kind in its way. With the classic look of this product, along with suitable materials and better service, this might be a dream vent hood for any cook. 

Let’s know about it in detail.

Venting Depth

The canopy depth of the vent hood is praiseworthy. The 36inches vent hood has a depth of 36inches inside too. It can easily take away the unwanted external smoke around your cooking space. 

It has few suction motors that grasp all the dirt and greases inside it. The depth is well enough to grasp as much as a vent hood can ever produce at a time.

Halogen Lights

This is the unique feature of this vent hood. Very few vent hoods have this amazing and attractive feature. Halogen lights make the cooking area illuminated both day and night. 

So, if you are planning a cooking party at night outside, do not hesitate at all. These lights will give you an easy look at your cooking surface and make your cooking easier.

There are four halogen lights on each vent hood. These enhance your evening or night cooking. You can control the brightness or can dim them according to your demand. The knobs of the lights are illuminated too. These have a reddish tone. 

Stainless Steel Baffles

The baffles of the vent hood are made of stainless steel. We know stainless steel is a premium material and more durable than any other raw material you may find. 

The baffles are changeable and can be replaced at any time. These are dishwasher safe and pretty easy to clean. The baffles help to control the lids easily and easy to remove them while cleaning. 

High Power Maintenance

The power controlling ability of Blaze vent hoods is impressive. 2 motors can be individually controlled as it has individual switches. When you set the power at the highest, each of the motors produces about 1000 cfm power. 

This power uses itself in suctioning the smoke you want to remove. Together they create 2000 cfm power that gives an outstanding performance. Through it struggles while removing and grasping the smoke, but somehow it succeeds in doing so. 

So, you can think of buying this Blaze 36inches vent hood for your kitchen. It will set itself both in your indoor and outdoor kitchen. Do not hesitate to bring this vent hood to your home. 

This will minimize your cost and will give you a pleasant performance for sure. 

What to Look for Before Buying a Vent Hood

Cooking in an outdoor space can be as fun as challenging at the same time. Producing a vast amount of smoke by the outdoor cooking equipment is one of the major reasons.  Vent hoods are what you need at this point. 

Vent hoods clean the air of the grilling area and keep that environment suitable to attend a feast. And about solving this problem, the blaze outdoor cooking vent hood is a blessing.

About buying a vent hood, some points might be noticed before ahead. First, the filtering system it provides you with. If its motor can’t absorb the smoke and clean the air properly, change it. 

Secondly, it’s height and weight. You have to choose your vent hood according to the size of your house or which suits you the most. Let it also be a part of your inner decoration. 

Thirdly, the metal your vent hood is made of might be good. Stainless steels area good choice. Unless it might get rusty in a few times of regular use, another thing to mention is the motor performance. 

If the motor creates a weird noise while it’s turned on, it might be not very kind to your guests as well as to you too sometimes. So make sure the engine isn’t noisy before you buy your vent hood. So apparently, it’s a great choice indeed. 

How’ll it be getting all these exceptional abilities with a smart look in just one product? The Blaze vent hood is what you need to get a bit of ease at your work with all the qualities mentioned above. 

Its powerful twin motor system is alone enough to clean the air of the grilling area with significantly less effort.  The motor isn’t noisy at all. The furnishing smart look with stainless steel might be a creative choice to decorate your kitchen. 

With a soft view of the cooking area and increased comfort for the cooks, the Blaze vent hood offers both. This smart cooking appliance is also very lightweight and size varied. 

Choose the size you want according to your choice and need. Blaze will provide you with all you need. The two independent and individually controlled motors remove the exceptional smoke and keep the environment clean.

Interestingly, this vent hood provides you with led lights, which means it lets you cook it at any time, daylight or night, whenever you want. The higher allowable height creates a more comfortable working area for the user. 

The grease-free metal also gives this product a fantastic look. All the qualities mentioned make this product eye-catching and suitable to use. 

That is why giving a try to this product won’t be a bad idea. So, bring your blaze vent hood home today.

Why Blaze Vent Hood Perfect Choice for You

Before buying any vent hood, you should know about its manufactures, detailed information about it like how it has been made, which materials have been used to make it so far. 

There are some standard and valuable features that a vent hood should have. Before going to any comparative discussion, let’s know the Blaze vent hood has good quality features or not.

A vent hood should be made of premium and good-quality raw materials. That means the manufactures of it should be top-notch. Stainless steel is one of a kind and durable material. The Blaze’s all vent hoods are made of stainless steel. This will ensure you a long time warranty.

The baffles of these vent hoods are made of stainless steel too. These are easily movable and can be easily handled.

One of the most remarkable qualities of Blaze vent hoods is that they are easy to clean and wash. You need a rubbing cloth and dishwashing soap. The surprising fact is you will not have to wash or clean it regularly.

The venting canopy depth is up to 36inches which is enormous. The hood’s width is enough to grasp and remove all the smoke that will be produced during cooking time.

The most attractive feature is that few illuminated lights enlighten your cooking surface both day and night. So, you do not have to worry about outdoor cooking at night. 

The brightness of the lights is adjustable too. This is the most charming feature, I must say. You may not find this fantastic feature in any other random vent hoods, indeed. 

Generally, random vent hoods handle and create around 300 to 500 cfm power at a time. But the Blaze vent hoods make 1000 cfm power each which is the highest power controller you will find in any market. 

Each vent hood has two power points. So, the calculation concludes that each vent hood produces around 2000 cfm powers at one time while cooking. This is the highest I can bet. 

As you can see, the Blaze vent hood has all the important features a regular and good vent hood should have. You will find it very useful once you start using it for regular purposes. You will find your kitchen are healthy and safe from now on. 

You will not have to face any issues while cleaning your kitchen as the vent hood will grasp all the external dirt all the time when you are cooking.  That is why I can suggest you buy and try the Blaze vent hoods. This will be the perfect choice for you, I guarantee. 

How to Install a Blaze Vent Hood

If hiring a contractor is too much to do, then you can install your vent hood by yourself. An average of the users can perform this job by them. This can be easy as well if the exact rules and steps are followed till the very end. The installation process may vary in some cases where the structure is different, but the overall technique is the same.

Firstly, the interior damper has to be installed. Then the screws have to be taken off, and the motor housing has to be removed from the vent. Next, the vent holes should be marked, and the screws should be attached again. 

This step might need a little concentration and energy at the same time. Once this crewing process is done, the vent hood is ready to be attached to the machine.

After this main to-do job is done, the wiring process starts. In this process, you should know about the power lines and switches, but you don’t have to worry about it in some cases. 

When the wiring and connection are made, you have to reinstall the motor in the vent. And your work is done! Blaze vent hood provides customer-led lights which illuminate the cooking surface any time of day or night.

If you have issues with installing any other step, hire a contractor, and you don’t have to do anything else. They’ll do all the steps mentioned above with an adjustable amount of payment. Make your kitchen creative with the help of this intelligent cooking appliance. 

Once this product is installed, it is ready for its regular ventilating mission. Use it whenever you want. It will always help you with its powerful and noiseless motor. So order and install this product in your home today.


Some find the vent hood unnecessary. Many people still do not know about this product or do not have proper knowledge about this product at all. I hope, through this article, you have come up to understand what vent hood is and how helpful it is. 

Vent hoods are one of the most valuable and kitchen-friendly items. It keeps the kitchen environment safe and clean. Anyone who has a problem with excessive smoke should set and install a vent hood in the kitchen to drag away all the excessive smoke from the cooking zone. This will take the dirt and greasiness away too. 

You can have faith in the Blaze vent hoods. Buy the size according to your budget and kitchen area. These vent hoods are reasonable in price and easy to handle. Use it to the fullest and enjoy safe and happy cooking. Good luck!