Blaze Pizza Stone Review For 2022

The overpriced pizza restaurants often bother the pizza lovers like me with their premium price range. Certainly, there is no complaint regarding the taste. Still, affording those expensive pizzas is not everybody’s cup of tea.

What about making the same flavorful pizzas at your home oven? Here comes the role of a pizza stone. It is an absolute must to bake beautiful brown crusts that will compete with your favorite restaurant’s ones. This stone or metal-made slab makes your pizza dough better than ever, even helps cooking faster.

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2 Blaze Pizza Stone Reviews At A Glance 

As I have been using several pizza stones for years, below I have picked two blaze pizza stones that are not only easy to use but also stand out from others in terms of performance. 

Let’s examine them in detail including their top features, amenities, and drawbacks.

Blaze Grill Pizza Stone

A simple tool can turn your entire game- this is the motto of this beautiful Blaze Grills pizza stone. Blaze is a dependable name in the kitchen and dining industry. And with this silver pizza stone, they only prove their supremacy.

Even if you are an amateur in this field, you will end up making great pizzas with a few practices. Considering the quality, this undoubtedly deserves a place in your kitchen. And this is the must-have outdoor kitchen accessorie  Moreover, this item is returnable though that wouldn’t happen once you use it.

Planning for a pizza party at home? Trust me, this pizza stone from Blaze is your best friend. Not only this silver stone is meant to produce a crispy crust but also to make your pies better. 

Top Features

  • The stone and ceramic blend ensures equal heat distribution all around 
  • No crack even after a frequent temperature change
  • Both FDA and ROHS approved 
  • The heavy-duty frame is highly heat resistant 
  • Commercial quality makes it pretty durable 
  • 304 stainless steel absorbs moisturizer to deliver hotter and crispier crust 
Dimensions14″ x 17″ x 14″
Weight10 lbs
MaterialCeramic / Stone

What I loved the most about this product is the one-year warranty by the manufacturers (may change at any time).

You can change it if there is any craftsmanship issue. However, the subtle symposium of heavy-duty steel in the frame and uncompromising fire-fighting stone make it the best buy to cook family-size pizzas. It is, indeed, suitable for long-term regular use. The ¾” thick stone makes all the difference. 


  • A bit pricey compared to the similar items 
  • Not suitable for Blaze Professional Grill
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Blaze Professional Pizza Stone   

Coming to the second product, it’s another industry-grade pizza stone that is completely compatible with Blaze Professional Grill. In fact, it is particularly architectured to be used with Professional grills. 

Have your house party with home-baked pizza to please your friends and family. I personally loved this baking stone that comes with a stainless steel tray. Also, the stainless steel color is kind of eye-soothing.

To create a hot baking surface, I always recommend this 15 inches ceramic stone. No way you will end up making soggy and non-crispy pizzas, not even once. 

Top Features

  • The stainless steel tray uplifts the stone for smooth baking
  • Being made with high fire refractory ceramics, this baking stone lets you prepare a well-baked pizza layer
  • Thermal shock resistance to prevent cracks due to extreme temperature change
  • Replace your cooking grids as the tray perfectly fits the grill shelf
  • 15 inches wide to offer a larger baking space
Dimensions19.56″ x 15.56″ x 1.75″
Weight14.87 lbs
Blade MaterialStainless Steel

Yes, this product is that trustworthy. What’s more, you will love that even desserts can be baked using the tray. 

A matter of dissatisfaction is that you cannot use it with Blaze Original Grills, premium LTE, or LTE2 grills. No particular complaints have been issued against this product though. Moreover, a one-year warranty is offered with it to solve any manufacturing problem.


  • Sometimes cracks earlier than expected
  • Poor packaging

What Makes A High-Quality Pizza Stone Customers Love The Most 

It’s sometimes intimidating to find the best product out of countless options. So is the case in pizza stones as well. There are numerous alternatives in the market with varying costs, components, conveniences,  and construction.  

With a view to helping you, I will also discuss some of the key features to look for in this blaze pizza stone review. Consider the following matters to pick the best grab.


The first feature to look for in a high-performance pizza stone is undoubtedly the material. It may be stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, or anything else. Steel, among them all, is the most desirable choice for a professional-grade baking stone. 

Though it’s preferable for beginners too. Having a superior heat-conducting ability,  it makes the cooking surface hot quicker than the rest of the materials. 

However,  it’s expensive, heavier, and therefore, tough to move. So, be prepared for these difficult situations if you go for a steel-made stone. If you look for a lighter stone, pick the ceramic ones. Being lighter than steel or cast iron, it is easy to carry outside. 

Although not like the steel ones, they too retain heat pretty well but take a bit longer to heat up. However, cautious care is mandatory if you want a ceramic stone to last longer. 

Both the Blaze stones I have reviewed earlier are wise selections in this regard as they prove their perfection with the subtle ceramic blend. 

The blaze stone is built with ceramic and stone whereas the professional one is purely ceramic made. Therefore, you can pick them for hassle-free carriage. Besides, their heat holding capacity is pretty strong too.

For a lifetime deal, I prefer cast iron. Being completely compatible with extreme temperatures, these will even withstand thermal shock. Just be forewarned to cool it down before drowning in water. Cast iron makes multi-purpose pizza stones you can use over the grill, stove, or oven.

Cordierite, though the most costly one, seals the deals providing the highest longevity. If you choose this as your baking stone’s material, rest assured you will face no breakage. 

Furthermore, the user-friendly feature makes it more exoteric. For a perfect crisp crust, preheat the stone at least 30 minutes ago.


Another prime concern of a quality pizza stone is the weight. If you opt for high quality, you may have to sacrifice the carrying convenience as most good stones are heavy. 

But be sure to check the weight whether you can move it or not. Also, check for the appropriate size that suits your oven. 

Between the two stones mentioned above, the Blaze pizza stone is more lightweight, only 10lbs, resultantly more easily bearable. But the other one, adding some pounds, is also portable enough.


In terms of shape- rectangular, square, or round, which is your choice?  I prefer rectangular ones as they have enough room around the surface. Therefore, it’s easier to clean after use.

Also, the versatility allows you to bake other items like bread, baguettes, etc. If the stone is dedicated to pizza baking, the other two shapes will be okay too.


 Be aware of the cleaning agents. If you purchase a stone made of ceramics, cast iron, cordierite, or any other perforated materials, it will absorb the flavor of the cleaning agents. So, choose wisely before making a buying decision. To avoid risks, clean the stone with cold water only. 

Another suggestion in this regard is that having enough space, rectangular-shaped pizza stones are the easiest to clean and maintain. However, both the blaze ones are rectangular-shaped. 

So, on one hand, they provide adequate space to bake. On the other hand, trouble-free management makes them more customer-friendly.


Apart from quality and construction, the cost is also a matter of concern while buying a pizza stone. Maximum stones cost from $50-$100. Here you need to decide which comes first-quality or cost. 

A good quality baking stone will reasonably cost a little more. For instance,  the two pizza stones from Blaze I am discussing. Both are more than $100. 

But they will serve better. I recommend increasing your budget to afford a thick and breakage-proof stone for a smooth baking experience. 

Heating Ability 

With a pizza stone, you are actually turning your home oven into a dedicated pizza baking oven. So, high-temperature resistance is an essential must in this regard. As for a standard pizza stone, it should withstand at least 600°-900°. 

Always check the specifications before buying whether your selected item meets these requirements or not. If you go for Blaze, rest assured you are having the hottest surface in the shortest timeframe to avoid mushy and moist doughs.


Just like the Blaze ones, a perfect pizza stone should have sturdy architecture. It must be constructed with high heat-resistant materials. And unglazed surfaces are the best to absorb moisture.  

Above all, solidity matters the most to ensure a long lifespan. Also, stones with handles are more convenient to carry. So, it’s a big plus who needs to move the stone from and to the oven.


Last but not the least, thickness is an elementary feature to look for in a crowd-pleasing pizza stone. The thicker the stone is, the more durable it will be. 

Moreover, it will perform better in terms of moisture soaking and heat allotment. Generally, a 1 inch thick stone is an ideal choice to avoid rapid breakage. 

You should at least choose a ½” one. Avoid thinner stones as they are more prone to cracking. You can try the blaze ¾” pizza stone to avoid a quick crash on the body.

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Blaze Pizza Stone Vs Cast Elegance Pizza Stone

While searching for Blaze, you must have heard about the Cast Elegance pizza stone too. They claim to be the best pizza stone for grill and oven. But how true it is! And if yes, why so? What makes them different from Blaze? Let’s discuss.

The very first difference lies in the material. Usually, Blaze builds their stones with ceramic while Cast Elegance is made of cordierite. Being known as thermarite too, it offers excellent thermal shock resistance. 

Apart from the material, the heat treatment of over 2000°F also attributes more strength to it. Reasonably, they claim to be crack covering. You cannot but praise their amazing thermal shock properties. 

Furthermore, they are compatible with both BBQ grills and usual baking ovens being crafted in matchless Thermarite Technology. 

Talking about the Blaze, though they are ceramic made, more fragile than cordierite, they too last long if taken care of consciously. Truth be told, they are unparalleled when it comes to making pizzas on Blaze grills. 

The solid base of heavy-duty stainless steel says it all about them. For dedicated pizza lovers, no other stone can beat the smoothness of a ceramic stone as Blaze provides in a pizza. 

Having a wonderful moisture retention rate, Blaze stones are better to make the dough golden brown- exactly what a pizza lover craves.

Another difference between the Cast Elegance and Blaze is that Blaze stones are nearly perfect in terms of thickness. But Cast Elegance pizza stones are either too thick or too thin. So, it’s difficult to find an ideal match to meet the required thickness for a crisp crust.

To be more precise, both can produce world-class pizzas if proper steps are followed. Despite having some key differences, both the brands are more than capable of delivering outstanding pizza stones for baking delicious homemade pizzas.

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Here comes my blaze pizza stone review to an end. As I am an expert in this sector and baking pizzas for years, I can guarantee that these two stones are exceptionally great.  

Regardless of your choice, you are going to fully enjoy the baking session. By following the proper instructions, you too can be a pizza perfectionist with these two popular stones from Blaze. 

I hope you will try these out at home. If you already tried, don’t forget to share your experience below.