Blaze Portable Grill Review In 2023

Want to cook a sunny meal during your summer outing? Nothing could be the best option than owning a portable grill then.

In most cases, campers, travelers, tailgaters, or picnickers get bored with the cold, home-cooked food. But with a portable grill, all those dissatisfactions might disappear in a blink. You can enjoy your outdoor adventures with instantly grilled barbecues. 

But how will you choose the best one among so many variations? Blaze portable grills, in this regard, are truly trustworthy names. They make some outstanding bearable luxury grills to accompany you on your next trip.

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Here we are going to review one of the best handy outdoor grills from the Blaze family- Blaze Professional Portable Gas Grill. Apart from carrying it outdoors, you can also use it in your backyard or terrace.

Let’s explore more about this blonde Blaze grill.

Blaze Professional LUX Best-In-Class Portable Gas Grill

To start off with the specialties of this amazing outdoor grill, it is the best one you can rely on for grilling fish, meat, or vegetables perfectly. No hot or cold spot issues are there. In fact, insanely even-heat distribution capability is one of the major reasons you should go for it. 

Being powered by propane gas, this portable grill is smoothly connected to propane tanks for an uninterrupted fuel supply. And the smaller size will easily make its space even into your smallest toting bag. Like all other Blaze portable grills, this too is made with premium quality material. The eye-catching stainless steel outlook shines bright.

Apart from using it as a portable grill for outdoor use, you can preserve it for years as a dazzling showpiece for many years.

Top Features

  • Incredible even-heat distribution 
  • 201 square inches wide grilling surface 
  • Compatible with 1 LB propane cylinders 
  • Solid construction with premium-quality stainless steel
  • Two front-facing clasps lock the lid while carrying or storing
  • Professional grade 12-gauge stainless steel flame thrower ignition 
  • An outstanding searing temperature along with firm and faithful flame

Dimensions14.5″ x 27.13″ x 15.13″
Weight51 lbs
MaterialStainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel
Power SourcePropane
SeriesProfessional LUX
BTU12,000 BTU
Grilling area201 square inches
ETL certifiedYes

For this propane-powered grill accessory, we can strongly say that you get back what you spend. Though this is not the cheapest grilling appliance, the conveniences it offers do justice to the cost.

Let’s dig deeper into its core specifications below!


In terms of gas grills, the material says it all. And this pro outdoor grilling tool is made of 302 corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Therefore, you get to enjoy an out-of-the-ordinary heat retention capability from this tool.  Not only the rust-resistant material prolongs its lifespan but also it protects the shiny outlook of the grill longer.

Even-Heat Distribution 

Thanks to the 12000 BTU cast stainless steel H-burner that produces incredibly high heat within the fastest time frame. We all know how high heat production plays a vital role in searing something, that too outdoors. On top of that, the heat is equally shared over the grilling surfaces. As a result, the dishes you grill on it become more flavorful than ever.

Power Source

As a propane-powered gas grill, it is much easier to carry in an outing than a charcoal one. The manufacturers designed it in such a way that it connects to a 1 LB propane cylinder or a 20 LB tank. 

Furthermore, the propane tank includes an adapter to let you connect to the grill without any hassle. Usually, a propane cylinder supplies fuel for two hours. If you wish to cook more, you must carry a tank in that case.

Cooking Rods

How can we not talk about the 12 mm heavy-duty hexagonal rods?  On one hand, these rods help reach outstanding grilling temperatures rapidly. They allocate the heat uniformly by catching up with the grilling items directly. Besides, the cooking grids leave striking grill marks on the food which makes them more tempting.

Flawless Formation

Even being made of high-quality stainless steel, some grills are not well made enough to withstand the traveling troubles. Here comes this Blaze Professional LUX Gas Grill to your rescue. The solid construction makes it a power player in the field of outdoor cooking accessories.

The high-performance construction is meant to make the tool long-lasting. We loved the solid grates and the stainless diffuser plates that are robust and reliable to endure the highest temperature. Furthermore, the same commercial-grade components like the Blaze Built-In Professional Grill make it a more decent deal anytime.

Attractive Exterior

Talking about the external outlook, first, let’s talk about the impressive stainless steel color which will immediately catch your attention.  As the outer part of this Blaze portable grill is made of heavy-duty stainless steel too, the soft and shiny tint makes it an art collection as well. 

Grilling Surface

The stainless steel cooking grids provide 201 sq of grilling surface. Therefore, you get sufficient surface to sear conveniently. 

Front Facing Clasps

The grill comes with two frontal clasps which we found very useful. You aren’t going to use the grill throughout the year, right? So, when it’s out of use, the clasps will keep the lid in place by locking it securely. These hooks help you carry the char-grill l safely too. 

Effective Ignition

This cartable grill has a simple yet effective ignition system. The push and turn flame-thrower process is so easy that even a beginner can start the fire on. Moreover, the flash tube ignition offers an alternate flaming system. 

Flame Tamers

In order to reduce the flare-ups, the flame tamers work like magic. This is one of the insanely popular features of the Blaze propane grill which makes it outperform the competition.


As Blaze grills are followed by a best-in-class lifelong warranty( might change anytime), this is no exception as well. But remember, the warranty is applicable for the original buyer only, no transfer is allowed. 

If you register the grill within the next thirty days of purchase, the warranty of manufacturing defects, cooking grids, flame tamers, stainless steel burners, and heat zone separators is applicable. 

What We Don’t Like 

Although the Blaze Professional Portable Propane Gas Grill from the LUX series is flooded with favorable features, there are some minor flaws we didn’t like.  

A Bit Heavy:  These grills weigh 51 pounds. As a portable grill which is a bit heavyweight to carry conveniently. But the weight comes with the heavy-duty components the char-broil consists of. 

Although the weight range is not suitable for a hiking trip, you can still take it to the beach,  amusement park, or camping spots. Moreover, the sturdy architecture and durability make up for the weighty physique.

Inconsistent Heat Holding: Another drawback of this professional-level BBQ grill is that sometimes you might face temperature fluctuation. But for searing steaks or grilling smokey burgers, constant temperature is much needed to keep the flavor unchanged. 

In this regard, Blaze could have been a better job by maintaining a constant temperature throughout. However, if you keep a close eye on the heat fluctuation issue, this is not a big deal though!

Apart from these two minor issues, the bearable grill is a great grab you shouldn’t miss by any chance.

Why Blaze Portable Grill Is A Perfect Choice for You

If you are an avid outdoor explorer, a portable grill is an absolute must for you. Otherwise, you will end up with the same chilled sandwiches again and again. 

To make your outing a little more exciting, food is the core component, we guess. But how can Blaze be your best friend in this matter? Have a look below and you will get the answer. 

  • Balance Between Quality And Cost

Blaze is one of the best sellers of outdoor kitchen appliances. But they do not sell the cheapest accessories at all. Rather they always maintain a subtle balance between quality and cost. For instance, their portable grills are way superior in quality to many contemporary brands’ grills. 

Still, they offer a reasonable price point considering customers’ contentment. That’s why their portable grills are the most affordable initiative to high-end grilling games, we must say.

  • Effective Appliance for Outdoor Kitchen

With 45 years of experience, the expert team of Blaze engineered their blonde grills with the latest technology. Reasonably, they perform great in any hostile outdoor conditions and still maintain the exterior aesthetically. Being tailored with heavy-duty stainless steel along with professional-quality burners,  they suit any of your BBQ cravings competently. 

  • Great for Grillers-on-the-Go

If a full-size grill isn’t working for you, go for a Blaze portable one keeping your eyes closed. This will work for sure whether you are a frequent traveler or having a small balcony in a narrow apartment. 

But a Blaze bearable grill is particularly great for grilling on the go. Put it in your travel pouch and start the journey. No matter where you end up landing, their barbeque broil won’t disappoint you for an instant cooking session.

  • Commercial-Grade Material

Unlike any average grilling tool, Blaze made their portable kitchen appliances with high-quality 304 stainless steel. As a result, they are free from rust, corrosion, and deterioration. However, you can also choose between 304 heavy-duty stainless steel or 316 marine-grade construction. 

  • Safe And Secure Traveling 

As you are looking for a conveniently carryable grilling tool, it must be unharmed while being shifted from one place to another. Here we suggest giving the Blaze Portable Propane Gas Grill a try right now. 

That is because it comes with two forward-facing locking hooks- the most advantageous add-on to keep the lid secured while traveling. So, travel as much as you want, and rest assured your Blaze buddy will be okay!

  • Uncompromising Performance 

Most portable gas grills sacrifice performance for portability. But Blaze is an exception in this case. This propane grill from Blaze offers premium performance while still being comfortably cartable. 

Blaze Portable Grill vs Weber Portable Grill

Those who are into the grilling game for quite some time, all have heard about these two big names in the industry- Blaze and Weber. Both are world-famous brands for manufacturing outdoor kitchen accessories. 

So, it’s difficult to choose just one. But a forthright confrontation would help you decide on why you should go for the Blaze, not Weber in terms of a portable grill.

All Weber products are backed by 10 years of warranty. But the Blaze offers a lifetime warranty for the portable professional gas grill. So, choosing Blaze would be wiser, we guess.

In terms of cooking grates, Weber’s ones are easier to clean. But Blaze doesn’t disappoint as well with the hexagonal cooking rods. While Weber offers durable cooking grates for consistent grilling, the Blaze amazes the users with beautiful grill marks on the food.

Weber portable grills are capable of high heat retention. The porcelain-enameled lid helps reach a high grilling temperature. Blaze, on the other hand, is more famous for even heat distribution. 

Another good thing about Weber portable grills is their easy ignition system. And the flame is quite easy to control. However, Blaze in this regard performs the same but adding an extra amenity- the heat zone separators. It allows you to cook two different items at two different temperatures.  What an excellent add-on, isn’t it?

Although both Blaze and Weber share some common features in their portable grill department, we think Blaze is slightly ahead in this competition by a lifetime warranty in many aspects. 

Cleaning, Care, and Maintainance 

To prolong the lifespan of a Blaze grill, proper care should be taken on a regular basis. Only then it would accompany you on outdoor trips for so many years. 

As this Blaze professional grill has a stainless steel construction, you need to be very careful while cleaning it. For a polished outlook, use a stainless steel cleaner. And using any harsh abrasives is strongly prohibited. 

To keep the grill well-maintained, don’t forget to clean it after every grilling session. You need to rub off the grill grates thoroughly. 

A gas grill would take 5 to 10 minutes for a regular cleaning session. And a seasonal deep cleaning requires around 30 minutes.  You need to have a grill brush or a regular steel brush for scraping the grates, scour pad, scraper tool, dishwasher or mild detergent,  dish gloves, and last but not the least, hot water.

Let’s look forward to how to maintain a Blaze professional gas grill accurately. 

Regular Cleaning

For a regular cleaning session after every use, scrub the grates with a brush when they are hot. You can also heat them up for 10 minutes and then clean them once they are cooled down. Note whether there is any grease buildup inside the burner hood. If yes, then clean immediately with soap water, and a scouring pad.

Deep Cleaning

For seasonal deep cleaning before storing the grill, thoroughly clean the grill grates, burner hoods, grease pan, firebox, and lid with a mixture of hot water and mild detergent/soap. Rinse each part entirely and then let it dry completely. 


To maintain the same shiny exterior of the Blaze Propane Grill as the new one, you need to store it properly besides cleaning. Once you’re done with the washing process, store the grill in a safe place using a protective cover. 

Be sure, no dirt, debris, or other particles can affect it. If no cover is available, put the grill by coating it with a plastic tarp. It is at least better than nothing.

Please remember that you need to store the grill once it has cooled down, not in hot or warm conditions.

However, proper cleaning, care, and maintenance can add some more years to a portable grill’s lifespan. But it wouldn’t make them imperishable. After a certain period, you need to either replace the entire grill or some parts of it.

But the Blaze grills last pretty long if you carefully follow the instructions above.

Final Words

A Blaze portable grills is a blessing in any outdoor adventure. Be it grilling or barbecuing, this is one of the most efficient equipment for outdoor cooking. The strong and sturdy structure, incredible workmanship, and upgraded technological inclusion are three major concerns in any portable grill. This portable propane-powered Blaze grill wins the race by fulfilling all these criteria. If you opt for a commercial-grade grill at a cost-effective expense, you should definitely pick it. It is instantly usable in any campsite, park, or beach to make memories with your near and dear ones.