Blaze Professional Infrared Searing Burner Review To Change The Grilling Game

As you know, a professional infrared burner outperforms any regular gas grill by ensuring an even heating surface. Yap, even heating is the key thing of this type of searing burners which you will need to offer a batch of exclusively delicious steak, rib eye, brisket, or something else of the meat prepared on an infrared burner, for your bbq-bitten diners.

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Being incorporated with the infrared technology, the infrared burner by blaze creates an obstacle between the flame and the grates. This is how it produces burning heat to cook the food, especially the meat more flavorful within the shortest possible time.

Blaze professional infrared searing burner comes with a dozen of other cool features. Let’s explore them all before making any decision for your dream restaurant. 

Blaze Professional Infrared Searing Burner Review

As you can already guess, this very product is architectured with infrared technology to be used by professionals. But it is very much recommended for beginners too. You can use it with the Blaze professional grills to sear meats and vegetables.

Furthermore, it is an ideal replacement for any of your conventional burners in the Blaze professional grills.

If you are a BBQ enthusiast, I would say that this Blaze Professional LUX Infrared Searing Burner is a must-have for you not to ruin your BBQ party.  

Because not only does it produce a high temperature to well-cook the meat but also retains the original flavor and adds more moisture. 

So, this is undeniably an excellent add-on to your appliances.

Top 5 features

  • 18000 BTU output
  • High heat production 
  • Compatible with Blaze Professional grills
  • Professional searing of meat and vegetables
  • Perfect replacement for a standard  Blaze burner

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Morning shows the day and the name shows the deal. Blaze has designed this infrared burner for professionals. So, you’ll have some striking things in it which will help you show off your barbecue skills before your fans which Salt Bay is doing every day.


Dimensions16.88″ x 8.5″ x 3.63″
Weight7 lbs

High Heat Production 

Grilling demands a really high temperature, you know? With a traditional burner, it’s very time-consuming to reach that heat. Here comes Blaze to your rescue. With their new infrared searing burner, you can get the high heat needed for searing meat, that too, in the quickest possible time.

Easily Replaces Standard Burner

Are you confused about how to switch out from your standard Blaze burner?  No worries. It’s quite easy with this product. Just let the standard grills cool down.  Then shift it to the infrared one. Being designed with Blaze’s special technology, it is convenient for any of their professional gas grills.

Uniform Heating

In the case of grilling something, we all know how important it is to attain the perfect crispiness. Blaze searing burners do that easily. By spreading heat evenly, they help you cook the food well. Consequently, there is neither a cold spot nor a hot spot on it. 

Being unaffected by any environmental elements like wind, this luxury burner from Blaze uses uniform radiant energy to cook food. As a result, you can cook better and faster.

18000 BTU Output 

Yes, it supplies 18000 BTU- pretty high compared to its contemporary infrared burners. BTU output plays a vital role when it comes to reaching high temperatures. 

That’s why this searing burner from the Blaze family is considered one of the best infrared searing burners of recent times. Because it is incomparable in producing the highest temperature quickly. Resultantly, you feel less bored while cooking your desired dish.

Professional Searing

As already discussed, high heat production and even heat distribution are two of the specialties Blaze professional burner stands out for. Also, as the name suggests, you will be searing meat like pros because of the power production. 

As a powerful burner using infrared radiant technology, it locks the moisture and flavor in your favorite food, regardless of what you grill. You can grill meats like chicken or beef, fish, or even any vegetables of your choice. 

Whatever the item is, the unique technological inclusion will make it taste better than ever. The juicy flavors will certainly satisfy your heart and your diners too.

Sturdy Exterior 

Being assembled in the USA, the flawless feature of the exterior is another plus side of this burner. Though the primary cooking surface isn’t specified, the product dimension says it all. It has a depth of 16.88 inches. The 3.63 inches height and 8.5 inches width also make it a great add-on as an outdoor appliance. 

Although from the dimension of 16.88×8.5×3.63 inches it might seem smaller than other brand’s burners. But when you use it, you can feel the difference. The solid construction makes it appropriate for everyday use. 

This is what does justice to its a bit expensive price range. It’s a long-time deal, resultantly, bang for the buck in terms of performances.

Moreover, the stainless steel color is quite eye-catching to grab your attention. 


Can you guess how much weight did Blaze put on it while making it? Only 7 pounds. Yes, you read right. Pretty lightweight compared to the similar products from other brands, isn’t it? But that is one of the biggest conveniences of this Blaze professional infrared searing burner. Wondering how? 

Let’s explore. 

You are going to use it while grilling, searing, or barbecuing, right? Then you will be carrying it outdoors quite often. Here comes the advantage of this lightweight infrared burner. 

Just pack this with other outdoor kitchen accessories without putting on much weight on your packings. Furthermore, the minimal design makes it easy to maintain as well. 

Less Fuel Consumption 

This luxury burner from Blaze Grills is designed in a way that it would reach the highest temperature within the shortest possible time yet consuming the lowest fuel. You can preheat the entire grill for just three minutes. 

What’s more, if you estimate the fuel consumption rate, you will be surprised by how less energy it utilizes to offer flavorful dishes like professional steakhouse chefs. Reducing fuel wastage is a big plus to immediately go for it.


The next add-on to this amazing infrared burner from Blaze is its one-year warranty (may change at any time). You will get a one-year replacement warranty on purchasing from the original owners if any manufacturing or craftsmanship defect is detected. You better read their service policy for more about their warranty.

What Features Should A Professional Searing Burner Have

Out of so many alternatives, selecting the best searing burner is quite a challenging task, especially for first-time buyers. 

To get you out of this puzzle, I have prepared a list of the remarkable features an ideal infrared burner should have. Let’s walk through the criteria below to decide on a professional searing burner.

BTUs (British Thermal Unit)

While deciding on your pick, always look for an infrared burner with at least 8000 BTUs. As these burners are famous for producing intense heat and distributing the heat evenly, BTU is a crucial component to look for. 

Because it directly affects how high heat the burner will reach at best. Talking of the Blaze luxury burner, it comes with 18000 BTUs- pretty high from the required point. That’s why it is one of the most desirable searing burners incorporated with infrared technology. 

Searing Capability 

Regardless of the BTU output, some infrared burners are poor in providing professional quality searing. A perfect searing means getting the exact crisp, color, and crust while broiling meat or any other item. 

As searing burners evenly heat the cooking surface, it’s easier to attain the steakhouse-quality when it comes to grilling. Be sure to check whether the burner has the required searing ability or not. Otherwise, you will end up making your guests disappointed with the poor flavored food. 

Blaze, in this regard, is way ahead of the competitors by tailoring a professional-level searing burner that has incredible searing capacity. 


High heat production is a must in any infrared burners. Unless grilling meat or vegetables will be a waste of time with uneven cooking. So, try to check how much heat your burner can produce in how much time.  

Usually, infrared burners should reach up to 1800 degrees F which is three times hotter than gas or charcoal burners. Only high heat production can retain the required moisture in order to keep the food juicy. 

However, the Blaze professional infrared searing burner review shows that it is completely credible in propagating high temperature a professional level grilling needs.


The next vital feature of a standard infrared burner is the making material. As it has to withstand really high temperatures, the material should be sturdy enough to seal the deal. 

Stainless steel, in this regard, is the most recommended material you should choose. It is pretty durable even after frequent use. I suggest avoiding aluminum-made burners as they cannot counteract severe heat production. 

I hope you have already decided to invest in a Blaze professional burner as it is made of stainless steel. See, this is how it will value your hard-earned money by serving for a long time, longer than your expectation.


To be honest, weight is an important factor to judge a searing burner. As for infrared ones, most of them are built with heavyweight construction. But is it really necessary to be weighty? 

Not at all. For instance, the Blaze luxury burner is pretty lightweight. But it is more durable than many others. Moreover, it is easily portable. 

I personally recommend buying an infrared burner having a weight of less than ten pounds. Again, the Blaze one wins the race weighing seven pounds only. 


An infrared burner is meant to be used frequently, mostly in outdoor camping. So, the making mechanism must be firm and fierce. Apart from going through the severe temperature, it also has to withstand other environmental factors. 

So, the construction should be consolidated enough to make it preeminent. However, material plays the dominating role to decide on a burner’s formation. 

If it is engineered with a reliable element like stainless steel, the structure doesn’t disappoint you, just like the professional burner from Blaze Grills won’t. 


Last but not the least, the burner you would be dealing with should be the one you would be comfortable with. It should not have a plethora of new rules the user might find intimidating. 

Of course, an infrared burner needs some time to get accustomed to it because of the latest infrared technology. But it should not be too bothersome to learn. 

The installation, cooking surface control, temperature balance, energy efficiency, ignition process- all these should be user-friendly. Also, it should be safe enough to avoid injuries. 

The Blaze Grills did an amazing job in this respect by manufacturing an easy-to-use burner even for beginners. 

Care and Maintenance 

How long a searing burner would serve you also depends on how you maintain it. So, care and maintenance are two conclusive facts for the long lifespan of your burner.

Talking of the Blaze burner, the following tips are pretty helpful in terms of cleaning and maintenance. 

  • Check frequently if there are any cracks or rust on the screen. Be careful because they can cause uneven heating and delayed cooking.
  • After each use, leave the burner on high heat for five to seven minutes. This will burn all the remaining food particles. 
  • Regular cleaning of the venturi tubes is an absolute must to maintain steady gas flow. This will remove any dirt or debris to make the burner more effective.
  • After a five to seven minutes burn-off, let the burner cool down. Then use a soft brush or gentle cloth piece to clean it thoroughly. 
  • Use a wooden toothpick to clean the clogged holes. Of course, you need to separate the grill first.
  • Do not try the heating-up process for more than ten minutes. 


To conclude, I would like to suggest going through the article carefully if you need a premium-grade infrared burner. The Blaze professional infrared searing burner may not be the cheapest option out there. But it certainly is a great grab considering its conveniences. Furthermore, it is appropriate for beginners to professionals to add an exclusive essence to whatever you grill on it- be it fish, vegetables, or meat. The solid syntax, credible craftsmanship, and heavy-duty performance make it even more desirable.

So, why not try this latest product from the Blaze family? I am sure your grilling game will be elevated to the next level. Best of luck!