Blaze Rotisserie Kit Review For Kamado And Gas Grill

Rotisserie kits are a must if you are planning to grill right on your griller. This extraordinary kit allows users to grill on the gas or any other grill without any additional hassle. 

Amongst all the renowned rotisserie kits, Blaze also is very well known for its incredible service, user experience, and long-lasting performance. Blaze Rotisserie Kits are available for all versions of gas griller. I will illustrate the pseudo details on behalf of them.

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3 Blaze Rotisserie Kit Reviews

Today, I will talk about a very detailed shade of this remarkable Blaze Rotisserie Kit. This entire symposium will help you to make a decision, purchasing the appropriate rotisserie kit. 

I have also included an ample installation guide so that you don’t suffer in times of installing. After reading the entire article, you won’t surf into the ocean of confusion, I guarantee you. 

So, let’s jump right into the major part…

Blaze Rotisserie Kit For 40 Inch 5-Burner Gas Grill

The following rotisserie kit is only compatible with the 40 inch 5-burner Blaze Gas Grill. If you’re having this exact version of the gas grill, make sure that you’ve purchased one of the rotisserie kits. I assume that you haven’t purchased one yet. 

This rotisserie kit consists of motors, two forks, and a counterbalance along with the spit rod and handle. It adds simultaneous versatility to your grilling and makes the grilling experience better than ever before. 

Now, let’s look up to the key feature at a glance-

Top Features

  • 120V motor covered with stainless steel 
  • Two forks and counterbalance 
  • Spit rod and handle 
  • Incredible versatility 
  • Perfectly fits in Blaze 5-Burner Gas Grills. 
Dimensions44″ x 4.5″ x 4″
Weight5.5 lbs
Fit for5 Burner Gas Grills

This incredible kit can bear up to 15lbs of food at a time. In case you’re planning to grill a big chunk, make sure that the rotisserie kit is near to your hand. Otherwise, the experience might go terrible. 

Using the rotisserie kit, you will be able to grill a whole chicken, a big pack of beef steak cuts, ribs, and what not? 

The kit also comes with a 120V motor which is covered by stainless steel. You don’t have to worry about severe bad weather while you’re grilling outdoors. This rotisserie kit is a lifesaver, honestly. 

Apart from these key features, the rotisserie kit also offers a long time of warranty to its users. You might get an extended warranty which will most likely be more than one year, by contacting the developer or manufacturer. 

Nevertheless, a single rotisserie kit lasts up to two or three years flexibly. Though, it depends on how often you’re using the kit; and how you are operating it. 

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Postscript: If you have the Blaze 32 inch 4 burner gas grill, you can purchase the Blaze Rotisserie Kit for 32 inches 4 burner gas grill. The specifications are merely the same as the one I was discussing. It is just compatible with the 4 burner gas grill. You might not be able to get along with it if you’re the user of 5 burner gas grill.

Blaze Kamado Rotisserie Kit Review

The rotisserie kit for Blaze 20″ Kamado grill is corresponding to the one I reviewed earlier. Yet, some pseudo details significantly departed Blaze Rotisserie Kit from Blaze 20″ Kamado Rotisserie Kit. 

Firstly, Blaze 20″ Kamado Rotisserie Kit is fully compatible with the charcoal basket, which is a prominent feature, no doubt. This feature will surely be going to help you to cook food with rear indirect heat. 

Now, let’s look forward to the key features at a glance- 

Top Features

  • Heavy-duty motor coated with stainless steel
  • Compatible with the charcoal bucket 
  • 304 stainless steel concussion 
  • One year of warranty
Dimensions22.62″ x 6.12″ x 5.75″
Weight8.08 lbs
Fit forBlaze Kamado

Additionally, the kit consists of a heavy-duty motor that will increase efficiency with just a fingertip. Point to be noted; the motor is stainless steel coated like the previous one; and entirely waterproof. 

Nevertheless, this rotisserie kit is also durable as well. It has a very powerful 304 stainless steel construction that will help you last durability. This means little concussions wouldn’t impact the kit. You will be able to use it very adequately. 

Again, like the previous one discussed above, you will get a flexible one years of warranty if you purchase this Blaze 20″ Rotisserie Kit. The warranty might increase if you can contact the manufacturer.

If I sum up, the rotisserie kit for Blaze Kamado Grill is pretty much worth it. In case you do not believe me, try to purchase one right now. You will surely be amazed by its services, trust me. 

Key Features To Look Forward To Before Selecting A Rotisserie Kit.

As I have discussed earlier, rotisserie kits are the most necessary element of all if you’re using a gas grill; and admiring to grill right on your griller. 

Now, the rotisserie kit comes with some exceptional features. You won’t be able to operate the kit if any of the features are absent from the bucket list. 

In this very portion of the article, I will give you a glimpse opinion of which features to look after when you’re purchasing the rotisserie kit for your precious gas grill. I hope you will enjoy this. 


The motor is a unique and substantial part of a rotisserie kit. Without the help of it, your rotisserie kit is simply useless, I must say.

Because when you’re placing an entire chicken on your grill- the first thing you’ve to make sure of is the heat distribution. Without distributing heat properly, the meal will end up uncooked, and it will taste substandard. 

Spit Rod 

Spit rod is another substantial element, likewise the motor. Many people usually call it a Skewer. No matter how it calls, its usage is enormous. Basically, the spit rod helps the meal to stay steady right on the burner. Once the pack is stable, the user turns the burner and starts the heating procedure. 

The spit rod typically comes with a thumbscrew. This fork-shaped thumb screw goes right into the core of the meat pack and stuck the meat with the spit rod. Without using the spit rod, you will not obtain adequate enforcement of your gas grill. So, make sure that the rotisserie kit you’re purchasing has a spit rod along with it.

Drip Pan 

The drip pan is not that essential for a gas grill. Yet, many rotisserie kits offer a drip pan along with it. Drip pans are mainly used for collecting excessive oily substances from the pack of meat. It could be the fats in either way. 

No matter what the thing is, the drip pan will collect it for sure. As it is a necessity, make sure that your rotisserie kit consists of a minimal drip pan. If it doesn’t, collecting extra elements or fats might turn troublesome for you; and it will consume your valuable time while you’re grilling stuff. 

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How To Install A Rotisserie Kit 

Now, the most magnetic part ventured. If you’re a newbie griller, this part will tremendously help you. Keep going with the article, and you will find the best possible upshot from it. 

First of all, a mediocre rotisserie kit consists of nearly some of the common elements. Those are- 

  • Spit rod 
  • Forks 
  • Counterbalance 

Let’s install a rotisserie kit implying all these utilities in an adequate manner. Follow all the steps illustrated down below- 

  • Firstly, lay out all the rotisserie kit parts and make sure that you have all the items. 
  • Remove the grates from your gas grill and remove the warming racks. This will create more space for working and will help you to customize things much more easily. 
  • Attach the motor bracket with the help of a counterbalance to either the left or the right side of the grill using the screw provided with the kit. 
  • Attach the motor to the bracket and tighten all the screws. 
  • Take the spit rod and place both the fork onto the spit, facing one another, and tighten the screw. 
  • Place the square-shaped end of the spit rod into the fitting of the motor. 
  • Place the spit rod to its appropriate place and turn on the motor. 

There’s that. Your rotisserie kit is ready to use. 

Some Security Inspections To Follow 

Before starting using the grill, I would like to share some of the security inspections with you so that you don’t suffer in times of grilling. Keep a very sharp eye on each and every point, and don’t take any of the issues lightly. Otherwise, it could be life-threatening.

  • Keep children and pets away from the griller. It’s appropriate all the time. Do not allow them to play with the grill or rotisserie. 
  • Do not leave the grill unattended when you’re using it. 
  • Don’t even dare to touch the spit rod when you’re grilling stuff. It might have ignited your hands. 
  • Double-check the gas sources before switching the motor. Make sure that there’s no leakage. 
  • Do not operate the rotisserie kit if any of the plug and chords are damaged. 
  • Turn the rotisserie motor switch to “OFF” before removing the plug from the outlet.
  • Keep any electrical supply cords away from water or hot surfaces.

If you can follow all these inspections before jumping into the procedure, I guarantee you that you won’t suffer in times of grilling. In addition to that, your grilling experience will increase drastically. 

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What Is A Rotisserie Kit

A rotisserie kit will allow you to grill your preferable meal right on your gas grill. The meal could be a pack of beef, an entire chicken or ribs of pork. No matter what it is, a rotisserie kit will inevitably help you to grill the stuff appropriately, without any additional nuisance. 

As the rotisserie kit comes with a mighty motor, the motor helps the spit rod rotate. As a result, heat reaches every part of the meal, and the grill gets a minimal and delicious taste. 

The fork attached with the spit rod helps to catch the big chunk. In addition to that, a drip pan that collects excessive materials is always provided with the rotisserie kit. 

Can You Add A Rotisserie To Any BBQ

If your gas grill doesn’t have an external heat source, you can add a rotisserie kit to your grill. It ultimately depends on the heating system, though. Nevertheless, before beginning with adding the rotisserie kit, you can use indirect heating sources. 

Many gas grill uses indirect heat for grilling. You can also light up burners that are residing on the outside of your gas grill. 

In a nutshell, ‘yes.’ You can add a rotisserie kit to any BBQ grills. All you have to do is maintain some of the fundamental primary anticipations and look after your gas grill’s configuration. There’s that. 

Why Do You Need A Rotisserie

Grilling along with a rotisserie kit is arguably the easiest way of grilling. Once you perfectly set the rotisserie up, half of your work will be supposed to be done. 

In addition to that, when you’re busy cooking food, the juice will always try to escape in times of cooking. But, using a rotisserie kit prevents this. The rotisserie kit won’t help fluids running from the spot, and you will get a perfect blend and legitimate taste. 

Adding a rotisserie kit not just increases the taste of your meal. It drastically increases productivity as well. You will be able to cook foods very quickly by using a rotisserie kit.


If you’re a very festive person who loves to cook, grill, and party with friends, then this rotisserie kit is a must-have item in your outdoor kitchen cabinet. Because, without the help of it, you won’t be able to grill meat perfectly; and without grilling stuff, a party becomes inadequate. 

This kit not just helps with the grilling; it boosts the productivity rate of grilling and figures out the best possible results. In a nutshell, if you don’t have a rotisserie kit, I will suggest you buy one and dap into the plane anew.