3 Blaze Smoker Box Reviews For 2022

Smoker boxes have been used broadly since ages. It could be a cheap add-on to your barbecue grill. No matter what type of grill you’re using, the smoker box will surely fit into your favored one. 

Now, what is a smoker box? Well, a smoker box is a metal box filled with wood chips that will fit under the grate of your grill and will provide you with a distinctive smoky vibe to your grilled meat. If you want to enjoy the smoky flavor despite using a gas grill, then a smoker box is a must-have item for you.

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4 Blaze Smoker Boxes Reviews

In this very article, we will be talking about four imposing and delusional blaze smoker boxes. We will also discuss the pros, cons, and essential features of those. I hope it will help you. 

Let’s bang on without further ado..

Blaze Extra Large Smoker Box 

This delusional and very minimal-shaped smoker box is promised to give you a smoky vibe during grilling. Ever since this belongs to Blaze, you shouldn’t worry much about the quality; I believe Blaze is one of the very trustable and quality brands in terms of outdoor kitchen appliances

In case you’re still having confusion about the essence of it- let’s have a look at the features of our very own Blaze Extra Large Smoker Box.

Top Features

  • Minimal in terms of shape 
  • Made of stainless steel 
  • Adds gratifying flavors to the meal 
  • The design allows adding wood chips 
  • Welded seams recycle the liquid steams
Dimensions18.5″ x 4″ x 1″
MaterialsStainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel
Weight2 lbs

Have you ever thought of grilling meat with a gas grill? I assume that you have done. The problem is, a gas grill won’t render you that very distinctive smoky flavor you were supposed to get using a charcoal grill. What to do now? Shall you stop using the gas grill and shift to low-key charcoal grills? 

No, not at all. Here comes the magic of smoker boxes. The Blaze Extra Large Smoker Box will provide you precisely the exact vibe you were supposed to get on your blaze charcoal grill. Using this smoker box is more accessible as well. It’s minimal, light in weight and can easily be carried wherever.

The stainless steel exterior of it will grant you longevity. In addition to that, you will be able to add wood chips, which will eventually turn into charcoal and add flavor to your meat. 

Last but not least, you will get a one-year warranty along with the product that could extend later on. 


Despite being very useful, the Blaze Extra Large Smoker Box has some significant cons.

  • It takes too much space inside the grill. If you use a rotisserie for grilling, then this might be troublesome in some cases.
  • Controlling heat could be time-consuming when you’re using the smoker box. 
  • Rust can occur in some materials using the smoker box.  
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Blaze Portable Smoker Box

As we have headed towards our second product, I want to let you know a fact. Blaze Portable Smoker Box is one of the most stunning and user-friendly smoker boxes in the rat race most likely. 

Carrying big damn accessories is always hectic. When it comes to enjoying or partying with friends, who wants to take extra nuisance? If you’re a travel enthusiast or simply enjoy BBQing outside frequently, this unique smoker box will help you and make your experience much soothing than ever before. 

Nevertheless, if you’re still surfing in an ocean of confusion- Let’s see the top features of this product at a glance. 

Top Features

  • Lightweight 
  • Thoroughly portable.
  • Made of 304 stainless steel construction.
  • The design makes it simple to add wood chips to your barbecue.
  • Rich for the insignificant shape, it takes less space inside the grill.
Dimensions1.13″ x 18.75″ x 2.5″
Weight4 lbs
Made withStainless Steel

Blaze Portable Smoker Box is very light in weight. This only weighs four pounds; isn’t it ridiculously gorgeous? You can carry it out wherever you want, and this wouldn’t be big trouble, I guess.

On top of that, it consists of a non-stick steel coating. A bit precisely, 304 stainless steel coating has been used to build this Blaze Portable Smoker Box exterior. 

It’s necessary to be in minimal shape for a smoker box. Even more inevitably, if the surface is not made of a non-stick substance, the cleaning process after the cooking would gladly rip off your satisfaction. 

In that case, purchasing the Blaze Portable Smoker Box will definitely be worth your investment. Because the exterior of it is exceptionally non-sticky and the cleansing process also requires a lot less energy. 

Appending wood chips to this smoker box is easy as well. Predominantly, it’s because of the shape. As the smoker box having a delusional body, you can easily add any wood chunks to it. Some conventional wood chunks are- Apple Wood Chunks, Oak Wood Chunks, and Cherry Wood Chunks.

As we illustrated earlier, this smoker box weighs only four pounds. For this, you can take it anywhere you want. In addition to that, it has a miniature shape and will perfectly fit under the grates of your BBQ grill. You don’t have to worry about the space any longer.


If we review the demonstrations explained above, we can give feedback to this smoker box. It’s inevitably one of the best smoker boxes existing in the market. Yet, it has some disadvantages. 

  • The chips skillet will become sticky over time and will need to be cleaned after each meal. 
  • It won’t contribute to your cooking; only add flavor to the meal. 
  • It will create excessive smoke in some cases.
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Blaze Professional Smoker Box 

Blaze Professional Smoker Box is for professional usage. This has a very extensive and durable stainless steel coating that remains solid even in soaring temperatures. Also, it sustains wooden chips for adding flavors as well. 

Blaze Professional Smoker Box weighs one pound less in comparing the previous one we have discussed earlier. Yet, it guarantees you the best performance ever. 

Let’s look forward to some of the top features of it-

Top Features 

  • Large and wide design 
  • Easy to add wooden chips. 
  • One year of extended warranty 
  • It perfectly fits under the grill grates.
  • Has a premium and non-sticky exterior
Dimensions19″ x 10″ x 1″
Weight3 lbs
MaterialStainless Steel
ColorStainless Steel

As we mentioned earlier, this box has been using broadly in professional sectors. So, purchasing this for your personal needs wouldn’t be a good idea, in my opinion. Yet, you can acquire one of these if you’re holding a sort of business. 

A fundamental question might have surfed in your head. That is, what made this Blaze Professional Smoker Box so much inevitable? Well, in a word, it’s for the shape. 

The most miniature formation of the smoker box has made it come on top of the user’s favorite list. Yet, the design is large and broader than the other smoker boxes we have discussed earlier. 

This smoker box contains a very premium cover made of a 304 stainless steel coating in terms of the exterior. It’s non-sticky as well. 

You don’t have to take additional nuisance while using this smoker box. You can clean this after you have done with the grilling. It’s easy, trust me. 

In a nutshell, I would love to recommend you to purchase one of these if you’re holding enterprises, corporations, or any local business regarding grilling. 

It will not just help you to increase your productivity but drastically enhance the taste and add gratifying flavor as well.


Let’s look forward to the cons of Blaze Professional Smoker Box- 

  • The smoker box will need a lot of monitoring to keep an eye on the warmth and make sure the fire doesn’t become too frigid.
  • Charcoal may have become stuck in the funnel and fail to fall as needed.
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Blaze Gas Grill Smoker Box 

You can grill meat and can get smoky flavors with the blaze gas grill near to your hand. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? No matter how surreal it sounds, it’s possible. Not just this, with Blaze Gas Grill Smoker Box, everything is possible. Stick with us. You will perceive the evidence. 

Predominantly, gas grills have come to the market for providing a better and elegant grilling experience to their users. 

For a certain time being, users got agitated when they noticed their grill constantly failing to provide them with a smoky taste. Meanwhile, smoker boxes have been developed. It boosted up the user experience and taste at a fingertip.

Top five features

  • Easy to set up and easy to use 
  • It comes in with a delusional shape 
  • Compatible with wood chunks 
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Easy to carry and consumes less space

No matter which type of grill you’re using for grilling the meat. You will always wonder to enjoy the smoky flavor along with the juicy meat chunk. 

Here comes the Blaze Gas Grill Smoker Box, which will provide you with an intensive and gratifying smoky vibe to your grilled meat. 

This smoker box is made of 304 stainless steel, and the exterior is easy to clean when you’re done with grilling. Though, it might add additional grease into the grates of your gas grill. Using essential lubricants will help you to get rid of that. 

As the gas grills use propane tanks as their fuel source, you might have to add an external fuel source for getting the external flavor. Yet, it completely depends upon the configuration of your gas grill.

If we sum up, investing in a smoker box wouldn’t be going to be much worse if you’re a heavyweight user of the gas grill. So, make the investment and enjoy all the fantastic utilities.


  • As the box is small, you may not be able to place a large number of wood chips within, causing you to spend time replenishing during cooking.
  • It rusts fast, according to some users, making it a less durable alternative than other smoker boxes.
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What To Look For Before Purchasing A Smoker Box

In this part, I assume that you’ve made a decision to purchase a smoker box. Now, what are the primary anticipations that you have to follow before making the purchase? 

No matter of worry at all. I am here for you. Go through this portion. All of your confusion will be blown like naphthalene. 

Material Used 

Before making a purchase, make sure that the smoker box is made of durable metal. Stainless steel is the best. In terms of Blaze Smoker Box, you will most likely be getting a 304 stainless steel coated version along with all the versions we discussed above, which are excessively durable and have a long-lasting endurance. 


Size matters a lot when it comes to smoker boxes because it will play its role by lingering inside of the gas grill. If it consumes a considerable space, things would be much more troublesome, no doubt. 

Non-steaky Exterior

If you want to make a purchase of your very desired smoker box, first make sure that it has a non-steaky exterior. Otherwise, the cleansing process after getting done with the grilling might turn troublesome; and it will take time and bother you drastically. 

All Blaze Smoker Boxes consist of a non-steaky exterior, luckily. You don’t have to worry about this portion if you purchase one of the Blaze Smoker Boxes. 

How To Use A Blaze Smoker Box 

We have come to the very end of this article. Last but not least, I want to share the procedure of using the Blaze Smoker Box with you. Let’s go- 

At first, make sure that you have filled the smoker box with dry wood chunks. The purpose of soaking the wood chunk is to keep them from bursting into flames. 

Because there are no openings in the bottom of the smoker box, the firewood must not burn up. Yes, you may use wet wood pellets in your smoker box, but they will take time to develop generating smokes. For the best results, we suggest using dried wood chunks.

Following that, Set the smoker box as close as possible to the source of heat. That means on top, including its burners on either a gas barbecue. 

If you’re using charcoal, lay it immediately in atop of that anyway. To get the smokebox hot enough to start producing smoke, put your burners to the hottest temperature. Depending on your grill, it might take about 10 minutes for all the boxes to heat it.

Lastly, you can turn your burners down to standard cooking settings after the smoker box starts generating smoke. All across the cooking process, it will keep hot enough to generate smoke. Put your meal on the grill and enjoy the smoky deliciousness. 


Smoker boxes are good enough if you are a big fan of smoky BBQ grills. Purchasing it will surely be worth it—mark my words. Nonetheless, if you are still having confusion, please go upwards and give this article one more detailed read. Hope that will help you. Additionally, this entire deep dive will be going to help you in the long run, I hope. I do terribly. Make it happen and get the most soothing smoky experience ever.