Do steering wheel locks prevent theft?

Though a car steering wheel lock helps to prevent your precious car from being disappeared, but I don’t know why most of the car owners don’t use this security device.

A car, specially a private car is obviously a very important thing to everyone because it not just carry us from one place to another but at the same time it carries our precious moments.

Just imagine that you entered into a coffee shop to have a great coffee to reduce your stress but when you come out and you see your car is gone. How would you feel, especially when the car is a Ferrari F60.

I can understand the situation because I was there when my best friend lost his spectacular ride just outside a famous burger restaurant in Las Vegas.

We were been to a holidays in Las Vegas but on our way back home we wanted to enjoy the best burger in the world known as Hubert Keller’s Fleur 5000.

My friend became senseless on the very moment he realized what had happen with his car. That was a crucial moment we had to face back there. We had to take him to hospital for further treatment.

But nothing would happen if my friend had listened to my words what I told him few months back.

When got his Ferrari on his birthday which a long cherished dream his joys were no bound.  I suggested him to buy a very common thing but very important at the same time. Yes a Lock, but not an ordinary lock a special one The Club 1102 LX car steering wheel lock which I am using for a long time and I’m pleased to see it’s effectiveness.

Today I am going to share my friends story with you so that you can aware yourself from such incidents. But first let me introduce you with The Club 1102 LX lock which ensuring the safety of my car for a long time.

I got this amazing thing from my father and I always thank him for this amazing lock system. It is the easiest lock system to use but hardest to break out.

The Club 1102 Car Steering Wheel Lock

The Club 1102 Car Steering Wheel Lock

Before going to my friend’s sad story it is mandatory to inform you about the ultimate car saver The Club 1102 LX lock system. This unique product is not like any ordinary common locks that are available in the market.

Even it does not look like them and its function is also different from others. The Club 1102 LX Series is a Steering Wheel Lock system not wheel nor door lock. This Series of Steering Wheel Lock features a chrome-plated locking housing and a laser encrypted key that resists picking, hammering, and Freon.

According to many automotive experts this patented vehicle steering wheel lock is the number one selling mechanical and anti-theft device for cars and trucks in the United States. Even some says that the Club brand is synonymous word for automotive security.

This unique steering wheel lock is highly visible and provides a strong visual deterrent that alerts a potential thief and make sure that your car is protected from the thieves. It is virtually impossible to defeat its security system.

Time and effort is the primary enemy of a thief and in this case the club 1102 LX is best because it has proved that it takes about 8 hours to break this lock with a hammer. The new and improved solid steel hooks are the thing that provides even greater security than before.

The manufacturer is the Winner International which brings this quality product as a part of the Club family. Winner International is such an organization that is committed to provide products to meet everyday safety and security applications.  By selling a steering wheel locks the Club brand name guarantees that you are buying peace of mind.

This product is manufactured for innovative quality security and safety by such a team you can trust. Because their motto is-

We are dedicated to serving and building safer communities.

Yes, you can expect this, because it is the Winner International’s mission towards the automotive family.

  • This unique lock features an intense blue, red and silver metallic color
  • The Club’s patented self-locking feature locks with single pull
  • High security lock with three laser encrypted keys cannot be duplicated
  • Resists sawing, prying and Freon
  • Prevent hammering attacks from outside
  • Wheel side can be adjustable
  • Universal fit for any model cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs

What happened due to not using any car security device

I can guarantee you that I have the awesomest and craziest friends in the world. Andy, Alex, Robert and I are known as the four horses of our university college. We were friends since elementary school as we all belongs to the same neighborhood.

We had elementary school high school together and luckily we got admission in the same college for further study. We were very naughty from our early childhood and since then we had a common dream to going to Las Vegas.

After long years we finally got the chance to be there and we could not afford to lose that chance. Roberts’s father had gifted him a Ferrari F60 few months back as it was his birthday so we wanted to have a party for this gift.

But due to unnecessary reasons we were unable to match our times together but that came at summer break. We decided to go to Las Vegas by road and made a seven days holiday plan. We started with our two cars Roberts Ferrari F60 and my Porsche 911.

We started our journey crazy journey from California to Las Vegas by car but make this trip more memorable we listed a few name to visit like Los Angeles and San Diego and few other places…..


We at first went to the Los Angeles to enjoy the long beach and the harmony of the sea. Malibu beach is the most iconic and attractive place in Los Angeles. It is said that you haven’t seen any of the L.A. tourist attractions if you haven’t seen the beach.

afternoon in malibu beach

So we make the drive out to Malibu and sink our toes into the soft sand on one of Malibu’s warm sands including Zuma point, Duma point and Paradise Cove. We enjoyed the jaw dropping views from the shore and there you can enjoy leaping dolphins, craggy bluffs and incredible sunsets are completely unforgettable.

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort

Many people primarily travel to Southern California for Disneyland, “The happiest place on Earth.” Walt Disney’s made this theme park more than 60 years ago but its magic and excitement is always super excited.

In 2001 about 30-plus more rides and attractions are added by an army of Imagineers. Disney fans of all ages can meet their beloved characters and can enjoy the fireworks, rides and cheer on parades.

This all will take you to the exhilarated experience of being into a Disney Pixar movie. We not only enjoyed our favorite characters but also the surrounded shopping district and fantastic hotels there.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios is an incredibly fun movie amusement park. We had the best times in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and thousands of visitors come here to see the beloved world created by J.K Rowling.

The tram ride is the most attractive one go through park’s many other famous movies and TV shows with live entertainment, movie theaters, and nightlife. There are more than 2,600 entertainment industries icons have been honored with a star on these 15 Hollywood blocks in the Hollywood Walk of Fame just near the universal studios.

The Dreamy Las Vegas

We spent three days to enjoy those awesome places and we were satisfied with our experience back there. Our next stop was Las Vegas to enjoy the world famous Casinos and most mouth watering food items.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace was the first thing we wanted to see here in Las Vegas. Caesars Palace was dreamed up and built by Jay Sarno.  His love for gambling led him to Las Vegas, where he dreamed of a casino which will be much more glamorous than the Strip and so build the Caesars Palace in 1966 at a cost of $24 million.

This was unlike anything Las Vegas had seen before. He is the one who set the standard for the themed-hotels that are so common in Sin City today featuring the great fountains and pools and employees in Roman-themed uniforms. It was an immediate hit and the casino was seen in several Hollywood movies since it opened its doors.

The Venetian Las Vegas

Another great attraction of Las Vegas is the Venetian Casino resort. Venice is famous for its canals and singing gondoliers in the world but travelers now do not need a passport to ride the Grand Canal at the Venice.

The Venetian Casino Resort in Nevada’s largest city Las Vegas is offering you the cool view and feel of Italy here. The Venetian Casino named their premier shopping mall the Grand Canal and shockingly they really built a canal through it.

Gondolas is even have costumed singing gondoliers that makes it complete. Their job is to guide their visitors under bridges and balconies to help us discover the exterior décor that mimics the real thing. Couples usually come here to have picture of kissing each other under the Rialto Bridge as here’s the sailing is too smooth.

Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street is such a vibrant that no visitor to Las Vegas should miss. The experience will be an asset to our precious memory. The attraction divided into a five-block section of Fremont Street formerly known as Glitter Gulch in the past decades.

The Fremont Street Experience will definitely wow the senses with the top-notch sound and light show. Most adorable thing is the decor of Colorful lights and loud music take place several times a night under a 90-foot high canopy.

All the Casinos and other businesses shops turn off their lights to signal that a light show is about to begin. Approximately 12 million LED lights streak through the pedestrian mall which can always be described as totally awesome located in the historic section of Las Vegas.

How about our Hotel Experience

We stayed in a hotel named the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a five star hotel to please your need both mentally and physically. If you are looking for a very good hotel with an exceptional view from many rooms this is the perfect place for you.

The fascinating pool along with many other good features makes it more vibrant to its customers. Most amazing thing is that there is a replica of Eiffel Tower in front of the hotel. Those who dreamed for partake of the Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris can be satisfied with this 46 stories high tower.

Such heights ensure that it is a Vegas landmark to be remembered for good. You can have 360-degree views of Las Vegas became more nostalgic at night with particularly stunning views of such a city that never sleeps.

The service of the experienced stuffs was so amiable that will make you come back again to this miraculous hotel. All those times we used hotel of private parking for our cars but still I didn’t forget to lock my cars driving wheel with my exclusive The Club 1102 LX lock whereas Robert leaves his car with no lock.

The delicious accident because of not using a steering wheel lock

After heartwarming three days here in Las Vegas our final destination was the Hubert Keller’s Fleur Restaurant inside the Mandalay Bay Casino (Address: 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA) to fulfill our stomach and satisfy our long cherished wish to have the most expensive burger in the world.

We read thousands of reviews about this ultimate beauty but never had the chance to taste it. It was pre decided that we will have this beast on our way back home. So as it was the last day of our trip we parked our car outside the Fleur restaurant but before that I didn’t forget to lock my car and as usual Robert has a massive faith on his traditional locking system.

As dive in we ordered that Fleur 5000 as it was the signature burger of this restaurant. After one hour of long wait we got our desired beauty in front of us and we can’t describe it in words that how fantastic it was not just by looks but also by taste.

This tiny masterpiece is the one of its kind by Mr. Hubert Keller world’s renewed chef. Tons of ingredients were used to shape this burger, a of Wagyu beef patty, Topped with best quality foie grass and premium quality truffle and many herbs and spices.

The secret ingredient prepared by the chef himself and caramelized onion, grilled mushrooms and different kinds of cheese like Mozzarella, Emmental, Cheddar, Gouda, Taleggio, Parmigiano-Reggiano makes this one out of the world. They also serve a 1995 Chateau Petrus known as one of the finest wine in the world.

After having a tremendous dinner with such delicious meal we took coffee to enjoy our rest of the ride but we never imagined that there was a surprise waiting for us. The very moment we came out we saw that my Porsche 911 was at its place but Roberts F60 was gone.

Robert’s mug was slipped out of his hand mouth open as he realized his car was stolen. He became senseless and fall down on the ground. We for a moment were stunned and could not understand what we should do then.

At first we took him to the nearest hospital for treatment and informed his parents about this incident. Robert’s father took the first flight and came to see him in the hospital. That was hell of a moment we had to experience back there.

The Confession

Robert regains his sense after few hours and saw his father sitting next to him. He said to his father that he was sorry for what happened back there. Uncle said it was ok, but he should have been more conscious about his car.

Car steering wheel lock effectiveness

Robert confessed that I told him several times to use the lock system I was using but he never listened. Uncle asked me as my car was also there why the thieves left it there?

Then I show him my Club 1102 LX locking system and gave a brief about its functions. Uncle took this life sever in his hand said this was hell of a strong 4.2 pounds 5 x 9 x 4.2 inches product that saves your 4 million dollar car.

He asked me about its price and he was literary surprised when I tell him the price was less than $50. He also asked me where it could be found; as I had bought it from I told him so.

He decided to buy it for his own car. Robert was so amused after losing his car but uncle told him that he would buy him a new car but before that Robert had to promise him that he would use the Club 1102 LX lock in his car all the time. Robert promised to uncle for that and uncle even ordered two of the locks online from there in Las Vegas.

It really works. You see, there are thousands of Police in every cities, but sometimes somewhere something is stolen. So, does it mean that Police are of no use? Just like this, a steering wheel lock prevent car theft.

And above all, to ensure the security of your million dollars car, can’t you buy a security device of few bucks? What are you waiting for? Don’t be foolish again and check out The Club 1102 Steering Wheel Lock price on Amazon.

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