Char-Broil Patio Bistro Electric Grill Review- Why Most Users Consider It

Large cooking space in a super tiny grill – it seems to be impossible. But my next-door neighbor Angela tells me this whenever she shares her char-broil patio bistro electric grill review and self-grilled crispy turkey wings with me.

The taste of her wings is so delicious that I’ve also become a big fan of her so beautiful electric grill. Isn’t it tiny and beautiful?

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  • Applied TRU- Infrared technology 
  • Tiny size to fit your patio or balcony
  • Total 320 square inches of large cooking area
  • Front handle for easy mobility
  • Integrated heat control
  • Lid- mounted temperature gauge
  • Removable warming rack
  • Indoor and outdoor usability 

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The Char-Broil is now #2 (second) in manufacturing electric grills. Urban people of the United States like me and you already know about the popularity of the electric grill machines who live in a flat or canto where flame or smoke is not allowed.

You can enjoy mouthwatering grilled foods in such an apartment if you have a grill of this type, and the performance of the Char-Broil 20602109 electric grill is awesome. It’s a cost-effective and environmentally friendly grill. Now, I’m gonna reveal all the key features of this beautiful grill machine.

Overview of The Char-Broil Patio Bistro 20602109 Electric Grill

High quality, greater temperature controlling system, porcelain-coated grates, and slim fit with the large cooking area are the most amazing features of this masterpiece.

As it is an electric grill, you don’t have to think about any wood, pellets, charcoal, or gas to fuel it and to cook your desired dish.

Though it is only 26 inches high, 24.2 inches wide, and 38.5 inches in length with only 47.6 pounds weight, you can easily cook 12 pieces of chicken wings at a time to feed your guests.

Even heat to all the grill sides is one of the prerequisite conditions to get mouthwatering grilled food. Its TRU- Infrared technology spreads heat evenly between the food and the flame, so there is no chance to get uneven or uncooked food.

As it distributes the heat evenly there, you don’t see any flames up while cooking. Moreover, it has no hot or cold spot on your entire food.

Angela says – As I have been using this electric grill for the last couple of years to enjoy our grilled foods, I love the integrated heat control system, hassle-free cleaning process, easy mobility, portability, and durability. If I didn’t get all the superb, efficient features within an electric grill, I won’t use it for such times.

You’ll be surprised to know Chris Robbins started producing the amazing Char-Broil Patio Bistro Electric Grill at Columbus in the USA in 1948.

That means they make this product for 72 years, and by upgrading the grill quality, they have got a sky-high reputation among the best seller electric grills. Isn’t it a great feature to rely on its excellent performance?

What Makes Me Surprised About This TRU-Multi-Purpose Infrared Electric Grill

We know that every season is not perfect for enjoying grilled food. But who loves grilling in himself/herself like me whenever they get any time they like to grill. And the patio grill is the best way to taste grilled foods at the cost of a few bucks for electric bills.

Obviously, this electric bill isn’t more than the restaurant bills. Grill food lovers know and like to prepare as many grilling recipes that you don’t just hear.

But the place where I live in the United States, that area does not allow smoke, making fire, and doing a barbecue party outside the apartment. And it is true f

or the more or less regional site of the USA. That’s the electric grill machine is my last dependence to quench the thirst for grilled food.

In this case, an apartment-based tiny electric grill is a blessing for me and you if you are also a crazy grilled food lover. These are some hot features of this exclusive grill machine which I’ve got really exclusive –

The large Cooking area:

Though it is tiny in size it has 320 square inches of total cooking area from where 240 square inches is the main cooking area, and another 80 square inches is the secondary cooking area.

When we cooked our food only for ourselves, then this 240 sq. inches is quite okay for us. We don’t need to attach the extra 80 sq. in. rack.

But when some of our close friends came to our apartment and indulged in eating grilled foods like chicken, salmon, vegetables, cheese, king-size burger, etc. because they knew that we both are grilled food enthusiasts.

Then we had to attach the extra rack to increase the cooking space and prepared foods for them. Thankfully, it has these special features; otherwise, it would be a massive problem for us. 

Smart heat controlling system:

When I want a real taste to my grilled foods, it is essential to control the heat according to the recipe’s demand. Because every recipe doesn’t need the same amount of heat to cook.

As I have used my small-sized but efficient grilling machine, I didn’t have to worry about it. It has an integrated heat controlling system. 

Lid-mounted temperature gauge:

It provides you the opportunity to control your griller’s increased heat. If the grill machine reaches its highest temperature level, you can easily and smoothly control heat. That means there is no chance to burn your food.

Non-stick coating:

The grill is made from a durable porcelain-coated grate. It helps prevent your food from sticking. This non-stick coating of the grill makes it rust-resistant. So you can easily clean it after every usage of the grill only by spending 3-5 minutes. How fast the cleaning process is than another grill! 

It saves your valuable time. But to maintain its excellent non-stick coating, you have to be aware of using other grilling accessories. Otherwise, it may damage this non-sticking coating.

Removable warming rack:

Assume that some of your relatives or a group of bosom friends come to your house without informing you. And there you want to entertain them with some amazing grilling foods. 

So you can attach the removable warming rack to increase its 80″ of cooking space and can handle the situation without any hassle. In reverse, if you like to cook only for your family members, then its 240″ area is enough. 

Pull-out grease tray:

As you set up the CBPB electric grill in your patio or balcony. So you don’t like that it makes your balcony too messy. They understand your concern. That’s why they provide a grease tray with it.

It holds all of the drained food greases, so your balcony remains as clean after cooking foods as before. You have to pull out the grease tray from the grill, remove the oil from it and clean it with a milt dishwasher and warm water. 


here is a handle on its lid and two caster wheels in its lag. You can hold that handle and pull it to take to your apartment balcony, patio, backyard garden, or where you like.

Not only are those places suitable for placing this grill, but also you can set it up on your kitchen countertop. No matter how small your kitchen countertop is! It is tiny enough to set it in a little place.

The Features Which You Have to Consider While Buying

When you decide to buy any cooking appliances, you naturally look for the perfect one that can offer you tasty foods for a long time and fit within your budget. No one will like to buy the same kitchen appliances or this type of product every day. No matter what a cheap price it is! 

At the same time, all the grill machines are not perfect for everyone. Because one’s demand is different from others. But as I am a grill food lover, I have used this machine for the last couple of years.

So I can share my own experience that I had looked at before purchasing this electric grill.

First, I made a checklist of the features that I need from a grill machine. So I might not miss any of my preferences. What I had included in my checklist are listed here-

  • Cooking Surface

As my wife and I both are grilled dish lovers, we have to randomly cook grill food. Even we don’t need any specific occasion for tasting that yummy food.

So I kept this feature on the top of my checklist. And 240″ main and 320″ total cooking surface is quite enough for our three family members, including our 5 years old son John.

  • Durability, Efficiency, and Beginner-friendly

I don’t like to take it to the repair shop to repair it after some usage. So I want to get a durable as well as an efficient grill. Even that must be easy to operate and thanks, God! It’s beginner-friendly and also durable.

  • Easy Temperature Control:

When I purchased this grill machine, I was a beginner to grill. So it was one of my requirements that the grilling machine must come with an easy temperature controlling system (if you grill, you’ll come to know that temperature controlling is the key to perfect grilling). So, you should consider it before buying. 

  • Perfect Size:

From the very beginning of this story, I have told you that where I am living there, outdoor smoke is not allowed. So I’ve to use it on my balcony or my kitchen. So, getting a small size but greater grilling quality can be a golden match for you if you also live in such an area.  

  • Value of Money:

I knew that it was not a purchase rather than it was an investment. So I wanted this type of grill that can give value to my money and serve some of the years.

  • Easy to Mobilize

Sometimes, I like to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery while cooking the food. So that time, I have to take it from our backyard to our apartment. So if the grill has wheels under its stand, it will be hassle-free to move it. And I have noticed that the char-broil TRU-infrared electric grill has this feature. 

  • Easy to Clean

I am used to tasting grilled foods frequently, so I love those grill machines that are easy to clean and even take less time. The pull-out grease tray of the CBPB electric grill fulfilled this demand of mine.

I had looked at all those features before picking my grill machine. And within these couple of years, I have been tasting excellent grill food with this. 

What You May Don’t Like in This Smoker Grill Combo

As I have used it personally so, I face some difficulties while using it. For example, as they construct it in tiny size and lightweight, its stability is not as much upgraded as an electric grill needs.

Its assemble process is a little bit time-consuming and doesn’t provide you with the necessary hardware. But it only happens for the first time while assembling. If you open the door to check the temperature of foods, it drops the heat very quickly at that time. 

  1. Time-consuming assemble
  2. Quick temperature drop
  3. Short power cord (5 feet)
  4. No smoky flavor

But when I compare its features, I have found that it has significant positive aspects rather than negative aspects. Moreover, there is nothing on the globe which has only positive aspects.

So if you don’t open its door repeatedly and arrange an electric connection beside your grill, you can avoid a quick temperature drop and power connection problem. So it can be your best friend to cook your grilled food.

Why Char-Broil Infrared Electric Grill

From the sales volume and positive customer reviews, I can easily say that there may have thousands of options in the market, but char-broil electric grill has thousands and one reason for picking up.

Those who don’t like to go to restaurants every day to eat grilled food and have no option to fire in the community, they get restaurant taste on their foods with this Lilliput but excellent grill. I will mention here some of the reasons why you should buy it.

1750 Watts of Grilling Power: There is a lot of electric grill brand in the market, but no brand offers you excellent tasty grilled food within too little cost of electricity.

When first I saw this grill, this feature told me that it could save my electric bill besides offering my favorite foods.  How nice it is for me!

Small Footprint With 120-volt Plug: it is as tiny as your pet dog and doesn’t require lots of voltage to operate. Because the CBPB knows that most of the apartment doesn’t supply more than 120 voltage in its socket, as it is the safest voltage for any apartment.

So when you cook food with this grill, just plug and play. 

Long-lasting: Purchasing a grill is an investment, so you must like to use it year after year. The  Char-Broil is made from porcelain-coated. And it is rustproof. Most of the time, rust ruins the grill’s rack and decreases its efficiency. But when CBPB then nothing to worry about it.

Trustworthiness:  Since 1948, this company supplies its grill in the market, which means 72 years. Don’t you think this time is quite enough to make trust in its quality? I think it’s enough time.

Even you can rely on this grill in any situation. Either there is rain, falling snow or thunderstorms, or coming guests. No matter.  You can cook 20 large size burgers at once with this grill. And 20 pieces of burgers are enough to feed almost 12-15 months. 

Short Cut and Easy Maintenance: after enjoying delicious grilled food, who likes to give too much time to clean the grill? I think nobody. I especially don’t like it. But it is a must to clean it for future use and increase its lifespan. As it has a grease tray, so it protects the grill from being messy with drained oil and fat. 

When my wife cleaned it after cooking, it took 3-5 minutes to clean it with soap soup and a paper towel. But when my wife went deep cleaning, it took 25-30 minutes. You don’t need to go deep cleaning after every usage. You can go with it every month or every couple of months.

Stylish Design: though it is only an electric grill, I think everybody likes to get an elegant design rather than a traditional design. The craftsmanship of this grill is just mind-blowing.

When you see it in the market with other grills, your eyes stop for some seconds on it. Besides its stylish design, it is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. 

Compact Enough for The Small Patio: when you are looking for an electric grill for using in your patio, you need a tiny size but greater efficient grill. The Char-Broil electric grill is too small in size to fit in your small patio or balcony. 

Roll It Away for Easy Storage:  if you like to store it on your balcony, you can just roll it to make it smaller. Open its stand, make it smaller, and just store it.

What Advantages You Get Over The Competition 

The more time passes, the more we become dependent on electricity rather than gas or charcoal fuel due to its availability. But the char broil wins against the competition. Let’s reveal the winning features.

  • Grilling surface

It is the first and foremost feature where the char broil beat the rival two companies. It provides you a total of 320 square inches of cooking space, which is enough to cook for a family get-together. 

While the George Foreman offers you only 240 square inches and the Meco Aussie offers you the smallest, only 200 square inches of cooking space. 

  • Affordable price

The most competitive electric grill brands offer all those features at a higher price than the Char-Broil.  You can get the char broil at a low cost. That means it saves your money without sacrificing any demandable features. 

  • Warranty

When both two competitors come in the competition by offering only a year’s warranty, the char-broil says they provide you with a full two-year warranty. That means you will get a one-year extra warranty than others.

  • Colors

It provides you four different colors so that you can pick up one from those colors. But in the meantime, the other companies can’t reach anywhere closer to colors.

How to Assemble Your Char-Broil Infrared Grill

To taste the even cooked and juicer grilled food with this electric grill, you have to assemble it. Here is the step by step process of how I assembled my electric grill.

Step 1. Unbox the package and attach the wheels

First, unbox the package and bring out the grill equipment from the box. Then attach the wheels with the two lags of the grill. You have found washers, screws, and bolts to attach the wheels. Set up all those how the manual shows and tighten them with a manual or electric screwdriver.

Step 2. Prepare cord holder

since it is an electric grill, so there is an electric cord with it. And with this cord, the grill gets the electricity connection. There you see screws to attach the cable with the legs. So tight them.

Step 3. Set up the legs with the main grill

You may call it legs or stand. In the first step, you attach the two wheels with the legs, and the remaining two legs are wheel-less. Now it’s time to connect the legs with the grill. There it has a red triangle on four of the legs. You have to match up the triangle and set them up. 

Step 4. Attach the branding plates to one-third part of the legs

As there are four legs, you find two separate plates with the brand name. In reverse sides of plate A and B are written to match up the legs. Take them, attach with the legs, and tighten the screws. 

Step 5. Attach the accessories racks

Above the brand nameplate, there is a knob to set up the accessories rack. There you can also see a round shape knob in the racks. So match all those knobs and set it up.

Step 6. Set up the side tables

As you need different accessories while cooking, you have to keep them beside your hand. This is why the grill has two side tables. To attach the tables, you find four screws with it. Just tight them with a wrench.

Step 7. Attach the heat shield and lid

In the first step, you have prepared an electric cord. Now attach the cable with the heat shield. There you have found some bolts to secure it; just tight them by rounding your hand. After this, set up the lid on the grill and tighten the screws.

Step 8. Insert the grill plate, warming rack, and grease tray

It is the last step of assembling your electric grill. Now take the grill plate, warming rack, and grease tray one after another. Please place them in the appropriate space.

When you go to do the job, it seems too many steps to perform. But if you go through the manual once or twice with proper concentration. And then start performing the simple task by following the instructions; it will be easier for you. 

You can check out this YouTube video for a further detailed process. 

How to Clean Your Lilliput Electric Grill

Assume that when you are waiting to taste a beautiful piece of chicken wings, you try to take it off from the grill, but it sticks to the grates and breaks a part of the wings.

Then you feel what a  food tragedy it is! If you wish to prevent this type of disaster, you must clean your super smaller electric grill after every use. 

It is fortunate or unfortunate for me. I don’t know how much time I cooked food with this grill; my sweetheart wife took the responsibility to clean the grill. Now, I will share what process she followed while cleaning. She says

Oil the grill grates: When you started grilling, I wiped some oil on the grates because it helps to prevent food from sticking. For this, I dipped a wadded paper towel in a little oil and brushed the oil evenly over the grill.

Collect the extra food: When you finished grilling, I found some of the foods remaining in the grill every time. With a long handle nylon brush, I collected that and kept them in the dust basket.

Pull out the grates and wash: After cooling down the grill, I had pulled out the grates from the grill. And clean them with a soft scrubber and dishwasher soap. As it is not too big, that’s why sometimes I washed them under the faucet of my kitchen sink.

Make it dry and replace: Though the grates are porcelain-coated and rustproof, I like to keep them dry. Normally, I used a piece of soft cloth or a piece of paper towel to keep it dry.

It is not that I do it because I have to do; rather, I like to do it. Because when I look at the grill, it seems that it is a new piece of the grill, not two years old.

How to Take Care of Your Patio Bistro Electric Grill

When you want to keep alive a relationship years around, you have to take care, love, and affection. That’s not only for human relationships. It is also true for your grilling relation.

Like any other relationship, you have to take care and do proper maintenance for your super tiny Char-Broil electric grill to get year-round performance.

  • Before plugging your grill with electricity, check and recheck your electricity voltage. Because if the electricity voltage is more or less than the grill requirement, it can ruin your favorite grill.
  • Always try to place the grill on a plain surface with proper space. Don’t think that as it is tiny in size, so it doesn’t need any space. 
  • If you use an oil coat to prevent food sticking, don’t use too much oil. Because too much oil makes fire ups. It will be better if you cook oily food, skip oiling the grates.
  • Never use any metal tongs or any other metal utensils while cooking. 
  • Don’t use any hard brush to clean the grates after cooking; rather, use a super-soft nylon brush.   

Topcellent Tip: If it is your first time to use this grill, always try to burn off any coating which is used while shipping. It is not any hard task. Just give an electric connection and make it fire; it will burn.

Must-Have Accessories of Char-Broil Patio Bistro

You have to use some grilling accessories to get an excellent grilling experience, taste even cooks, and juicier food. Some of the essential accessories are

Tools and utensils: when you cook food, you have to take the food off, catch them, and press for even grilling. In this time, you need to use tongs, spoons, and many tools. 

Outdoor kitchen accessories: when you use your grill in your backyard, you have to use a table and mat to organize your tools.

Premium nylon grill brush: when you clean the grill for next use and get the healthiest foods, you should use a nylon brush to scrub the grates because the metal brush is harmful to it. 

Grill cover: when storing the grill, you need a grill cover to protect it from dust and moisture.

An Interesting Story of Using This Grill

When my wife and I arranged a party to celebrate our son’s 5th  birthday party. As there was rain with thunderstorms, and our invited guests refused to join our party. Our son was then disheartened, but after a while, we decided that we won’t make our son’s birthday in vain by doing nothing. 

So we changed our plan and invited some of our next-door neighbors. They came to the party, and we were almost 12 guys. We altogether started our celebration of our son’s birthday party.

We brought out some baby back ribs, cheese, salmon, and chicken wings from our refrigerator to entertain our guests. I connected the Char-Broil Patio Bistro with electricity, and in the meantime, my wife prepared all the foods to grill.

During this time, our son was playing with the neighbor’s children in his room.

When it got the connection, I turned the switch on, and it took 5 minutes to preheat. Then I set up all the wings, fish pieces, and ribs into the grill. It took 30 minutes to cook.

While cooking, I checked the inside temperature on the lid gauge of the grill. I controlled the temperature with its knob when needed. 

When I finished cooking, we all enjoyed the juicer grilled wings, salmon, and ribs. Moreover, one of my neighbors wanted to know where I learned to cook these delicious foods because he loved the food. 

After enjoying grilled food, our son cut a cake where our son’s lovely picture was printed and lit 5 candles. 

He thanked us and kissed his mom for making an alternative plan. 

But do you know whom did I thank? Yeah, I thanked my favorite Char-Broil Patio Bistro. Because if I didn’t have this, I couldn’t think of an alternative plan. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answer

As there are different types of grills in the market, so you should know something about it when it comes to the electric grill. And this is why the users frequently ask some questions. Here I am trying to give 5 questions answer. Let’s start

  • Are electric grills better than gas grills?

In a short answer, Yes. It is healthiest than gas, charcoal, or pellet grills. It produces carcinogens and safe our environment by not producing smoke.

  • How long does a char-Broil grill last?

It lasts at least five years. But with proper maintenance and care, it lasts up to 10 years even long. 

  • Can I use an electric grill outside?

In recent years, electric grills are designed to use outdoors. So you can easily use it outside. But it doesn’t mean that you will use it in the downpour and soaking wet grass.

  • Does an electric grill need a lot of electricity?

One word answers, “No.”  An electric grill is more energy-efficient than any other grill. It needs only 1400-1800 watts of electricity to cook. That means in the USA it will cost $0.17-$0.20 per hour.

If you use your grill for one hour per day, it will cost &5.11-$7.00 per month. How energy saver and economical it is!

  • Can electric grills catch fire?

Which grill you use, there will be a chance of catching fire if you are not aware of using it. So when you use an electric grill, you must use a proper electricity connection with the appropriate cord. Otherwise, it may cause any danger

Final Verdict

Now, maybe you are thinking, is it the right decision to purchase this grill or go to other options. Yes, it’s true that deciding to buy anything is a little bit challenging when there are many options at your hand.

I can help you to make your purchasing decision as you have read the full story of the char-broil patio bistro electric grill review. So already you have known all the features of it.

Now recap all the features and observe, is it cover all that you want in your grill? If yes, and as it is fit in your pocket so you can decide to buy it today. Have a good day!

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