When billionaires also go for cheap motorcycle leather jackets

There is a proverb we all must realize at least once in our life that is “Money is the second god.” In one sense it may be right because you can buy everything in the world with money but one thing.

Love is the one and only thing in the world that cannot be bought with anything not even money and today you’ll see a billionaire’s son who go for cheap motorcycle leather jackets only to win his love.

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Most of us are blinded from this universal truth due to the black veil of money and wealth. Luxury watches, Expensive cars, Super Bikes, Private plane, Branded clothes may satisfy our outer hunger but to satisfy our inner scarcity, we all need love.

I am not telling you that we don’t need money; of course money is a very important element in terms of our living. Moreover, money is the only medium of exchange what you need for your survival.

Anyway, being a billionaire kid I always thought, I can do whatever I want just with the power of money. But, unfortunately I was wrong and this sense brings on me a massive change when a girl rejected me. I was very popular in my college as I have lots of super cool motorbikes and gadgets that most of the boys can’t afford.

I have numerous friends who always accompany me not because I am super cool but I had cool stuff. I was very happy with my daily activities and always made myself busy with outings and parties.

There were hundreds of girls around me all the time but I never thought of falling in love with anyone until I saw my dream girl Keya (an Asian-American girl). Today I am going to share my own story of proposing the most beautiful girl in the world.

Yes, you may think why should you read my story, right? That’s because you can avoid the mistakes that I made while proposing my girl.

How we met for the first time without any motorcycle leather jacket

our first meeting

No no, our first meeting wasn’t that romantic. Before starting the mistake, I would like to share a little bit about me and my lovely girlfriend and how we met for the first time. As you already know Keya is a girl with Asian mother and American father.

She at the same time very modern American girl but with great dignity towards her Asian culture too. She got the most beautiful face in the whole universe. She is very simple girl with great taste in fashion.

I on the other hand was a careless, ruthless, manner less kid of a rich dad. I was always busy in collecting new branded clothes and Super Bikes. I was very conscious about my clothing and very aware with the brands.

I was a bike freak and used to collect all the latest bikes and super cool bike helmets available in the market. One day as usual I threw a party in my rest house and told my friends to come there for enjoyment. As offered, hundreds of my college friends came to enjoy the free food and drinks.

I was dancing and drinking near the pool and suddenly I saw a girl sitting in one corner and drinking orange juice. Though there were not that much light I can clearly see her face glowing like a moon in the dark night.

moon in the dark night

I was stuck at once and try to recognize her. After couple of minutes stare I failed to recognize her and come to a conclusion that she is new here. I start behaving like an idiot. I was staring at her and doing stupid acts with my friends.

I tried my best to make myself stable but failed to do so. I was asking everyone who was she but no one knew her. Finally, I got her name from Alexa, one of my friends. She informed me that the beautiful girl is her cousin and just moved here last week.

She was becoming bored in the house as it was a new place for her so she brought her here. I gave a tight hug to Alexa and thanked her for bringing Keya here. This is how I saw her for the first time and have love at first sight. Thanks Shakespeare……!

My First Mistake

I asked Alexa that what Keya likes and she simply told me she has a fascination for Bikes. Alexa was trying to say something more but I didn’t listen to her as I got my plan. I already told you guys that I have a cool collection of super bikes so I decided to impress her with my speedy-weedy Bikes.

Yamaha YZF R1

Yamaha YZF R1
Top Speed

Yamaha, one of the most renewed manufacturer Japanese motorcycle Company in the world. This bike is designed like a hawk ready to jump on its prey. The forward inclined Parallel 4-cylinder, 20 valves, DOHC, liquid-cooled system is used for its engine. The top speed is 186 mph (297 km/h) and it is possible just within 30 seconds.

This motorcycle can produce 128.2 horsepower (95.6 Kw) at 10000 rpm. This motorcycle can generate 128.2 horsepower (95.6 Kw) at 10000 rpm with constant mesh 6 speed transmission system production.

Though the first motorcycle from this popular series came out in 1998 its new edition Yamaha YZF R1 is officially unveiled in 2017.

Suzuki Hayabusa: 248 mph (397 km/h)

This Japanese peregrine falcon is made for cutting through the air with incredible agility and performance and this idea was developed by Suzuki more than a decade ago. This awesome machine is so unique that it instantly attracted thousand devoted followers around the world.

The bike combines massive thrust and immense power to give a silky smooth ride on city streets or the open road. The gigantic engine recreates the feel of pure power with an attitude of bold authority for both machine and rider.

There were countless engineering refinements the Hayabusa spirit got its endured design. New Graphics, Legendary inline-four power plant, Forged pistons and PVD-Coated rings, Titanium Valves, Bridgestone Tires and rear brake makes it an “Ultimate Sport Bike.” It can give you a 0-100 within 10 seconds. most of my friends just shouted WOW when they saw this bike just in front of them.

Harley Davidson Road King

Harley Davidson Road King

I was failed to impress her with my previous two bikes, so I decided to bring out my Harley Davidson road king. Everyone knows about this ultimate beauty. Harley Davidson not just charge a huge amount of money for their bikes they actually produce something beyond imagination.

My custom road king was never failed to attract the attention of the people around it. I decided to offer her a ride on this and believed that she will not miss the chance.

Engine: This green custom beast comes with an ultimate 1 Milwaukee-Eight 107 Engine with Bore 3.937 in.  The 4.374 stroke, 1746 cc (107 cu in) Displacement and Compression Ratio 10.0:1 makes this bike the true king of the road. It has 3 Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) Fuel System with 2-1-2 dual exhausts with tapered mufflers, Exhaust Chrome.

Dimensions:  Length 96.5 in Seat Height, Laden 7 26.3 in, Seat Height, Unladed 27.8 in Ground Clearance 5.3 in Tires, Front Specification BW 130/80B17 65H Fuel Capacity 6 gal, Weight, In Running Order 836 lb.


  • Main Engine Torque Testing Method J1349
  • Engine Torque 2 111 ft-lb
  • Engine Torque to (rpm) 3,250
  • Lean Angle, Right and left (deg.) 32
  • Fuel Economy Testing Method system
  • Fuel Economy 5 43 mpg Estimated


  • Wheels, Front Type 9 Impeller Cast Aluminum
  • Wheels, Rear Type Impeller Cast Aluminum
  • Brakes, Caliper Type 32 mm, 4-piston fixed front and rear
  • Indicator Lamps 8 High beam
  • battery, security system
  • Gauges styled to complement each vehicle
  • larger tell-tale indicators

Unfortunately, I again fail to catch her attention; she didn’t even look on me and my bike. I again went to Alexa and asked why you gave me wrong clues about her, “You said she like bikes but she did not even saw my bikes”. Alexa said that she likes Bikes but she’s crazy about Leather jackets and she do not like show off people.

Maybe I’m an iDiot

I have a variety of collection of not only bikes but also super cool motorcycle leather jackets. I thought if I wear any of those jackets and appear before her with a bike at jet speed but without any helmet then she may impressed on me.

So, I pick up my most favorite TOM FORD (a renewed brand for leather Jackets) from my small gallery and get on the super fast Suzuki.

This iconic leather jacket is made to the same impeccable standards wardrobe as its clean-cut tailoring and continues to inspire confidence in you whether in weekend or regular use. It is crafted in Italy from supple lambskin. There are detachable shear-ling collar which adds warmth and texture. Moreover the quilted design hints at classic motorcycle styles to anyone.


  • Detachable shearling collar
  • Collar
  • Zip fastening with press stud placket
  • Long
  • Stitched quilting
  • Press stud pockets
  • Pure lambskin
  • Specialist leather clean
  • Model wears a size 48
  • Made in Italy

This time she looked at my $5500 but not with that much interest. But I didn’t lose hope. I bring out another awesome jacket and this one is from Maison Margiela another famous leather jacket manufacturer. This one was a Bi-color leather jacket with opulent style.

The brand Maison Margiela’s subversive aesthetic is showcased in the market with this deconstructed leather jacket. It’s shaped to a classic stand-collar silhouette with green and white panels – specially inspired by motor racing styles – which will give anyone a relaxed fit. There is a red quilted satin lining for an extra layer of warmth and comfort. I wear this iconic jacket and try to grab her attention but without a couple of staring, I got nothing.

Final Try With Her Favorite Motorcycle Leather Jacket

At that moment I was really frustrated about my love, I was not sure what would happen with me. Alexa, then understood my urgency and told me that Keya already knows that I was following her and trying to impress her and she also likes me a little.

So, Alexa  gave me another valuable information. She gave me a picture of Keya where she was wearing a leather jacket and it was her favourite one. Though it was a men jacket but Keya liked it so much that she can’t resist her from buying that.

Now I decided to buy it and propose to her wearing that jacket and another one for her. So here starts the problem, I try to find the jacket in many shopping malls, markets, online but I couldn’t.

Finally when I got it, I saw it from a good brand and as usual, with very cheap price, but with dozens of cool features. In the top of the right neck there is a headphone wire system that will prevent your ear plug from slipping.

Left side on the chest there is a media player pocket. There is a wallet pocket inside the right chest to protect it from being stolen. Just under the wallet pocket there is an iPad pocket. On the left below the chest, there is another side pocket for carrying important documents like license, passport or ID cards.

Just over the waist there is a key holder also. The important part is the lower part which gives you a belt that will help you to adjust the size easily. Not only that the good materials are used in the main chain and will offer you no sagging, no wrinkles, and obviously water resistant, all with a surprising price tag.

I bought two of the finest one and wear it at once and started journey to propose my dream girl. I wore one of them and took another in my hand. I already asked Alexa to made all the preparation and bring her to the college field.

She along with my other friends decorated a small area on the field with flowers and balloons to have a romantic scenario. I didn’t know how they managed Keya to come here and what they said about that decoration but they did their job well. After all, they are my friends!

I was very nervous about this as I never proposed a girl before. I was thinking about some romantic lines that may help me to impress her but I was becoming blank at that moment. I stopped thinking and went there a rose in my one hand and that jacket in another and bend my knees in front of her and said, “Will you be My Jacket Partner?”

Everybody including Keya laughed at me for my funny proposal but her answer was more than my expectation…..

Pro Tips For The next Romeo before proposing his Juliet

After our relationship, I asked Keya why she didn’t even notice me though I was wearing more expensive and good quality clothes and bikes with me? She simply replied that what you trying to do were just a fascination for me but what you did with the jacket that was your love.

When you were moving around me with luxury bikes and iconic clothes that seem to me that you are trying to fall me into your trap of money, or maybe showing your attitude. But when you find out my likings and proposed me in front of everyone, I thought this is pure love, genuine emotion that is why I couldn’t help but fall in love with you. She also said that while I was trying to follow her she liked it but she hates the way I did that.

She thought I might be thinking that she was a cheap girl who will fall in love with me just because I have expensive Bikes, she was more frustrated when I start wearing super expensive jackets perfectly matched with my bikes. She did ignore me at that time because of my idiotic behavior.

What I realized from this is that having immense reaches is okay but you don’t need to show them to everyone or every time.

I may be able to buy almost everything that a man can expect but it is impossible to buy ones love with it. If you are also trying to impress a girl, then do not make the same mistakes I made.

The best way to impress a girl is to find out what she likes most and then try to represent yourself in front of her in the way she wants you to see. Only then it could be hoped that you can get her.

So friends I have shared my secret what stimulates my girl to fall in love with me and in this journey, next to Alexa, that motorcycle leather jacket played the most significant role. Now looking forward to hear yours. How did your friends help you in your love case?

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