Here is how a clear bottom fishing kayak makes my crush fall in love with me

Sometimes having a great idea which makes you out of the box like watching colorful sea-fish from clear bottom fishing kayak may lead you to your dream girl. It’s really difficult to understand the mind of a girl especially when she is your crush. But, it becomes so easy to make that crush girl fall in love with you if you have such an authentic fishing kayak.

Hard to trust?

Yes, it’s not that so easy. But you know, hard work and consistency always pays off. That actually happens with me a few days ago as I fall in love with a naiad like beautiful girl of my college at the very first sight. I had no idea that on that very day I was going to meet that girl who would be my soulmate.

Because there were hundreds of other damn smart boys in the queue before me. But, I never gave up like others or even never tried to propose or impress that water nymph like others. I did something so amazing that those smart idiots were kicked out from the queue and I became the number one to express my pure love to her and everything became possible because of that transparent kayak. You see how beautiful is this…..

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  • 2 Seats
  • 2 Paddles
  • Perfect for couples

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It’s even more surprising on the water. If you feel like having a ride on it to enjoy the stunning scenery of the underwater where thousands of colorful fish swim with the water nymphs, feel free to check it’s surprising price on Amazon.

Clear your love way with clear bottom fishing kayak

Though I am going to share my personal experience, it will definitely show you how to propose a girl in such a way that she can’t refuse you and see how it becomes possible when you’ve such a cool stuff. 

I’m not that athletic to swim like a dolphin in the crystal water to convince her. Her condition was to show her something unique and this amazing glass bottom kayak helped me to show her something that she never seen and thus as she promised, she becomes mine.

Do you believe in love @ first sight?

As a college kid I never felt the scarcity of friends or companions around me but something happened on that very day that drives me crazy. I was a very ordinary kid with normal daily activities like most of you. There was a huge arrangement in our college due to the Valentine’s Day celebration program.

The whole college was decorated in a fancy manner but the most attractive segment was the Quiz contest. The person who wins the quiz contest will get a candle light dinner in Sinatra Las Vegas with his/her partner.

I was so excited about that contest though I didn’t have any partner yet. I was planning to go with my best friend Stella as if I win the competition. I was very confident about my win and took part in the competition.

But, I failed to win…..

Whether it was my bad luck or good luck I don’t know because I lost the competition but won my love. Let me be clear, the contest was won by a girl with heavenly beauty. The announcer announces the name of the quiz contest winner and a girl, no, no, a faery queen straight from the haven board on the stage and the whole crowd silently shouted WOW!!!

whole crowd silently shouted WOW

Every boys present there was staring at her mouth open chest up and all the girls with jealous eyes. It took about three minutes to shut my mouth and make myself behave like normal. Actually most of the boys were feeling the same as I was feeling on that very moment.

The host introduced her with the crowd and pronounced her name. What a name. A name can even be so beautiful I didn’t know. Alexandra. What a perfect name just like her perfect appearance.

Anyway, the host asked her a few questions and when he asked with whom she would go to the candle light dinner, she said she had no boyfriend.

she had no boyfriend

Believe me all the boys felt a kind of relief and became happy inside as they all have a chance. The host asked her what kind of boy she liked to be her boyfriend. To hear her answer all the boys put their vigilant eyes and rabbit ears towards her.

What she said surprised us all. She said –

I will propose that boy who will gift me such a thing that I never seen before on my birthday coming next 17 of March

There were many segments and even a concert after the quiz but I could not remember how the time passed as I was only staring at her all the time and decided I had to be her man, yes me. 

Journey to the jungle of idea from where that clear bottom fishing kayak came out

At first I was very confused about what to do or not to do but unable to find any solution for my problem. I was worried sick thinking what was the thing she never saw in her life before. I came up with the decision that I have to know about herself first to dig out that mysterious thing.

So how could I get information about her where no one will help me as everyone is in the same competition. Suddenly an idea hit upon me and I ran into the college library to find the student directory.

The fortune may be with me as I didn’t have to burn much coal to collect her details. There was very little information about her likes and dislikes. But it was enough and an interesting fact I’ve discovered from her hometown.

I found out that she is from Denver and this city has no ocean area even, there is no river in that city except a few small lakes. So I started thinking that there may be a chance that she has never seen a kayak of ride on it. And if she even had seen one then possibility was still there because I was thinking about a crystal clear bottom kayak.

I was not sure about the plan would work or not but I could not afford to miss my chance. To buy such thing I was not an expert though I had a yacht (my dad gifted it on my 21st birthday). So I went to my mariner uncle who is an expert of such things.

He told me that it is very easy to buy such things but what I had to focus on the product quality and that is what matters. After a few days of online  search, I found one which likely to match my choice and I didn’t forget to take my uncles suggestion before placing my order.

Why this crystal clear fishing kayak?

Most of us know about kayaks and kayaking, it is common in these areas where rivers and lakes are available. But the idea of a clear bottom kayak is not conventional. It is a new addition to the kayak world.

This clear bottom kayaks is used in leisure purpose mainly. Many use it to enjoy the beauty of the underwater natural world. Now it’s one of the most popular water activities. You can see how they swim, what they do and how they make love with the water nymphs. You can see these all even without diving into the water if you float on such a wonderful kayak.

The kayak I ordered is designed by the Crystal Kayak Company. It is a 100% crystal clear kayak that lets users observe the underwater world. This renowned manufacturer features durable but lightweight construction to ensure its best service.

It is designed for conditions ranging from totally flat to breezy and choppy waters both in rivers and sea shores. It has removable frame, seats and inflatable chambers which allow us to customize it for easy stacking, storage and transportation.

The advanced polymer hull and corrosion-resistant hardware used as its main feature which makes sure to turn heads on easy handling. It is a hot favorite choice on the water for its wave resistance design.

This is an incredible fun toy for the individual enthusiasts and adventurous couples to have some romantic adventures in the blue water.

Features of this clear bottom fishing kayak:

  • Unique design 
  • Aluminum structure for stability
  • Able to take anywhere
  • Lightweight  
  • Assure great Comfort
  • Modern and tasteful infrastructure 
  • Environment friendly

Comfort & Size

Crystal Explorer is designed in such a shape that can easily hold two adults even up to 425 lbs. Its 338 cm long and 85 cm wide size is enough to sit comfortably and even starch your legs. The aluminum frame gives great grip from long waves. Its adjustable seats and platforms can be removed anytime for more space. It is very comfortable for one or two hours ride and for paddling there are two paddles available with the kayak.

Manufacturing Details

Kayaks are made from Lexan which is the highest quality polycarbonate available in the world. Each kayak hull is perfectly designed under computer supervision and every hull has been carefully shaped to fit the Crystal Kayak standards.

A bunch of highly trained assembly technicians place GE Lexan with 6mm thick sheets into the vacuum mould in order to create a perfect form which is previously molded there. Computerized latest laser-guided machinery performs all the necessary steps to give the hull a smooth perforation.

This laser-guided machinery also completes the steps for framework and attaching hardware. To ensure the best service quality, required checks are minutely performed throughout the hull creation process. It is very important as they offer an industry leading 1 Year Warranty service. To protect your kayak from yellowing, it has been layered with UV absorption lacquer.

The layers are 40 microns thick with a concentration level at 6%. This UV protector lacquer layer is applied to both sides of the Lexan hulls to assure the ultimate level of yellowing resistance on your kayak. To avoid scratching on bottom it is advised that try not to drag the kayak on the beach or surfaces rather just lift them. It’s not that much heavy.

Do forget to rains out after every use to avoid sediment, salt water and sand which could also cause scratching. However, if scratching does occur by any mistakes don’t worry! Once the kayak hits the water, the water fills in the scratches and they will no longer be visible.

Kayak is on the way to be shipped, but…

Order is placed, the dream kayak is on the way to be shipped. Now it’s time to offer her that kayak on her birthday which leads to a big problem. When I asked my best friend Stella about how I could gift her The Crystal kayak, Stella laughed out loud.

She said was I gone mad that I wanted to gift her kayak and in front of the whole college. She added that what she would do with that here in college? Ride on it and roam around the field?

I was a bit angry but agreed with her that giving it here in the college would not be any effective idea. So, I and Stella decided to take her to such a place where we can actually get the true use of this thing.

If I would give her in the college she might not understand its best part and everyone will laugh at me just like Stella. So I started searching for such a place where I could take her but main problem was why in the world she would come with me to see what I’m gonna show her.

Now I again requested Stella to help me in this context. She said that it was her responsibility to take her there where I would gift the crystal Kayak. I was very worried about how it would be done, how Stella will manage her to come. But I had faith in her because I knew she has the magical power to do so. So I focused on my part.


Stella was busy convincing her but I heard a few bad news that made me more nervous about my love. I heard that many smart and handsome boys already tried to propose to her in different ways but she refused them all.

At the same time, this news also makes me happy in this sense that there’s still a chance. But scared again thinking that if she rejects me also…. Ohf…. What a time…. That was the hardest time I spend before proposing her. Days were like stuck for me, every second seemed to me like a day, but finally the time comes.

The Best Destination to sail that clear bottom kayak

As Stella was doing her job, I was busy preparing the surprise that I was going to give her. I was in a dilemma that there were about three places where I could take her for a kayak ride. At first I thought I would take her to Colorado River as I heard a lot about its beautiful natural surroundings. But it is a place which is a straight six hours distance and can’t be reached by car; a train journey was inevitable from our Santa Monica College.

Then I thought about Truckee River a place with numerous beautiful destinations which is also about four and a half hour journey from Santa Monica. Then suddenly I wondered why I was searching places so far as I have the most beautiful place near me. Maybe love makes a man mad …!

Anyway, I forgot about the San Diego beach which is known as one of the best travel destinations in my country. The nearest beach is only two hours and a couple of minutes away from our location.

beach life in san diego

The weather alternates here between gloomy and delightful and that makes it more exotic. You even don’t need any extra protection from sun or wind because those are too health friendly. The water temperatures range from the low 50s in winter to the low 70s in the summer.

Both times is perfect for enjoying the stunning beauty in this place. The tidal range in San Diego is relatively very mid windy. The maximum you can get is of about 8 feet of change around the time of new and full moon phases only but it was too far from our time.

At that moment the tides were only about 2 feet high that makes it more suitable for kayak riding. I decided to take Alexandra there as it was not far from my college and would be easy to convince her for such a short ride.

Fortunately, one of my best friends lives in San Diego. I call my friend Shawn who lives there and told him my situation and asked him to make the necessary arrangements. He told me not to worry for that.

The Surprise that a clear bottom kayak can offer

As Stella was working on how to convince Alexandra for such a long ride with us, I didn’t contact her for days for my arrangements here in San Diego. I called Stella and she said it was very difficult to convince her for such things but as she planned properly she managed her to come with us.

I was surprised that how Stella managed her. At first Stella created a group of friends and managed them to say a lie to Alexandra that we are going to have a day tour in San Diego for beach volley competition. It already has been dug out that Alexandra likes beach sports.

So when they offer her to come with us she at first hesitates a little but finally became ready. I was so happy to hear that and finally the long expected day comes. I took my Porsche 911 with me and Stella again spells her magic and put Alexandra into my car.

As we were going, I asked her a few questions about why she was so interested in beach sports. She replied with a sad tone that she brought up in such a place where there is no river in her city though she loves water and beaches.

And due to that reason she used to watch beach games and water activities to satisfy her hidden desire. That was the reason she was ready to go to enjoy the game as well as the water and the beach.

I told her that don’t worry I promise you that you will have the best surprise of your life there. She asked me several times what that is, but I said wait dear it will come to you in time.  As we reached there, we went to the hotel and get ready for the beach. And in the meantime, I asked Shawn to prepare the surprise.

As we all gather in the hotel compound I asked Alexandra to wear a blindfold so that we can give her the ultimate surprise. She hesitated a little but got ready for that. We took her to the beach and put her on the kayak which was anchored perfectly.

She feels nervous as well as strange, I see. All of my friends ran from there to leave us alone. Only I and Alexandra were there on the kayak, crystal kayak. I moved the kayak into the crystal clear water and reached around 50 meters away from the beach. Then I asked her to remove her blindfold. The very moment she opened her eyes, her mouth opens and said WOW!!!

There was clear water beneath us and many colorful fishes were there. It was a heavenly scenario even I was amazed with the view. Thanks to my friend Shawn.

Alexandra was so excited and she was jumping and clapping like a little kid and for that, both of us fall in the water but fortunately the water was not that deep and we both knew how to swim. While swimming, I  asked her to remember what she told in the valentines day. She becomes even happier and shouts that – I’ve never seen this before. It’s amazing and it makes me feel that I’m now in the dream….

We again rode on the Kayak and by the time all my friends came forward and shouted as one Surprise!! Alexandra happily replies that she is really surprised.

A big thanks to All……

As Stella and Shawn told her how I managed all these things and how desperately I was in love with her she became speechless and hugged me. Alexandra said that as I had given her one surprise so she’s also going to give another one.

She in front of everyone sat on her knees on the beach, hold my both hands and said those magical words that I can even clearly hear now.

You already know what she said holding my hands, right?

Everybody there was so happy and we enjoyed a lot on the beach and from the beach we all headed to the Sinatra Las Vegas. Really love is impossible without friends and also thanks to Crystal Kayak company for their amazing clear bottom fishing kayak.

Warning: if you do not know how to swim then never forget to take life jackets with you while kayaking.

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