Cuisinart Grill for Pontoon Boat-A Small Packet of The Big Bang

Can you imagine how romantic it is to enjoy the silvery beauty of the moonlit night from the deck of a small boat? Your romantic dinner with your soul partner can be even more romantic if there’s a dish of deliciously grilled chicken wings. Maybe I know what are you thinking now… The cuisinart grill for pontoon boat is brilliantly designed to help you make your dream romance come true.

This grill machine is a total package of enough cooking space, lightweight, easily portable, high temperature, and  of course a good performer on the blue water. You can pick it for your next pontoon trip.

My little chap Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style grill is reliable, durable, easily portable, fits in my small pontoon boat’s deck, uses a little propane for cooking my food, and many more to tell about it. Do you really want to know more? Well, then click on the above image of this small but nice grill or simply scroll down…..

  • The full grill is made from stainless steel.
  • Perfect choice for picnic, camping, tailgating.
  • Fast and simple set up 
  • Two burners combined with 20000 BTUs
  • Enough space (276.75″) to cook a whole chicken, turkey, and briskets.
  • Offer warming, baking, roasting, and searing opportunity.
  • Very lightweight (22 lbs) and portable.
  • Stylish design.

Overview of my cuisinart grill for pontoon boat

Cuisinart is an excellent combination of “Cuisine” and “art.” The innovative design, superior functionality, and top-notch quality are basic of Cuisinart CGG-306 model grill.  

The grill’s stainless steel construction, stability, long-lasting performance, simple assembling process, and easy cleaning and maintenance attacked my eyes when I purchased it from Amazon. When I went to any boating outing, I took it with me and enjoyed a board of excellent grilled chicken wings, salmon, and a rack of ribs with its 21.5*19*15 inches cooking space. 

The high amount of BTU with two gas burners of this grill ensures less time-consuming cooking. It’s 700 degrees Fahrenheit temperature panel is enough for evenly cooking, so we didn’t face any temperature controlling problem while cooking foods. 

What Makes Me Surprised-Surprising Facts of Cuisinart Boat Grill

At the intro of this review, I have told you, I have been using this champ for the last couple of years. When I used it, some features make me surprise. The features are

  • Dynamic Functionality: The Cuisinart has dynamic functionality with a high level of performance. I can cook different kinds of grilled food recipes with this grill within a few minutes and, of course, without any hassle. 
  • Cast iron stainless steel material: The Cuisinart uses strong stainless steel to build the whole grill surface and inside components. So I am using it without any fear of catching rust and getting damage. 
  • Little size with large cooking space: When I used this grill, it seems to me that it is a small packet of the big bang. It’s inner cooking space as big as unbelievable. The Cuisinart has 276.75″ of large primary cooking space where I can cook a whole turkey or chicken or 8-10 meat steaks. This cooking space is enough to feed 12 guys.
  • Two gas burners with 20000 BTUs: The Cuisinart has two gas burners to produce heat to cook food. Each burner offers me 10000 BTUs, which means a total of 20000 BTUs. This wide range of BTUs helps me quick heat-producing and cooking.
  • Lightweight and portable: As I am using this grill for my pontoon boat, I prefer a lightweight grill that I can easily carry to my destination. And I am pleased with this 10 kilograms grill because simply I can carry it in my car. The Cuisinart CGG-306 has two foldable legs to place the grill on your boat surface. When you don’t use the grill, you can make it smaller by folding the legs. And you can unfold them to use when needed. 
  • Durability: The Cuisinart offers me 3 years of warranty of its CGG-306 model grill. So thorough relaxing I can use the grill for 3 years. I am passing my two years of use and have remained one year of warranty. In these two years of my grilling experience, I don’t face any problem.

What to Look for Before You Buy

Maybe it seems very simple to buy a pontoon grill, but typically it is not. When you want to get the best performing grill, there are many things involved. You will find many options in the market crowd, and all the grills have different features. So you have to consider some unique features to pick the right choice that can meet your needs.

Here you get a list of features that you must consider before shopping for a perfect grill for your pontoon boat.


First, think about which purpose you want to buy the grill. It is said that a good plan is equal to do half of the job. So you should not neglect it. Some Pontoon grills have stands with it, and some have legs to set the grill on your boat. 


Material is another consideration factor that you must focus on while making a buying decision. If the product material is the best in quality, then the product will last long. When you use the grill on a pontoon boat deck, there is a high chance of catching rust with the touch of salty water. But the stainless steel protects your grill from any rust.


Durability means stability and how much time it can serve you without any other replacement or damage. The stainless steel construction materials ensures the grill’s long-lasting performance and you need not think about its quality and durability.


There is a proverb that “safety fast,” and you should follow this proverb in every space of your life to avoid any unwanted and unexpected problem in your life. The area of the pontoon boat is not too big.  When you cook food with a grill on a pontoon deck, you have to maintain many things and group members at a time. 

So you have to keep in mind the safety features while buying a pontoon grill. Try to choose this type of grill, which has an extra cover to protect fire flame; well design to control fire and heat, fuel connectivity is well decorated and easy to use.


You find different sizes of a grill’s model for your pontoon boat in the market. But all sizes of the grill are not perfect to meet your purposes. 

As you use it for your pontoon boat, it will be wise to choose a middle-sized grill. But by considering the size, don’t forget to check out its inner cooking space. If you select a small size grill, obviously it has a small cooking space, you can’t get enough comfort to cook food with it. If you choose a big size grill, it will increase your fueling cost and doesn’t fit in your car or pontoon boat. So be very careful about this feature. 


The weight of the grill depends on the construction material of it. If your grill is heavyweight, it won’t be easy to carry when you transfer it from one place to another. But if you want to set your grill on your pontoon permanently, you can skip this criterion. 

But always you should choose a lightweight grill which is easy to carry. Another big positive note, if your grill is light in weight, it helps you maintain the boat’s counterweight. 

Grilling Area

The most important thing is the grilling area of a pontoon grill. When you are on a trip, you don’t have a lot of time to cook food twice or more time to feed hungry stomachs. That means you have to cook food at a time for all. So as big as the main cooking area is, you can feed that many people at a time. 

You find different shapes grill in your reach, but a rectangular shape grill can be a perfect choice to get a large cooking space in a middle-sized grill. 

Fuel Type

You can use any kind of fuel like charcoal, electricity, or gas to make heat to cook food. When you are considering fuel, you have to think which fits best in your pontoon. In most cases, all people prefer charcoal or gas to prepare grilled food in pontoon because electricity is unavailable in marine.

Maybe foods preparing from charcoal give a better taste on your grilled food, but it is not perfect for use on a boat. Charcoal handling is complicated on ship as the wind may spread the charcoal flame here and there. Even it needs extra space to store and keep the charcoal dry is a little bit challenging on windy weather.

So gas or propane is the last and best option as the fuel of pontoon grill. Moreover, handling with the gas cylinder is more flexible than charcoal. And the tiny Cuisinart grill is the right option to meet this feature.


BTUs are the another most important things that you should check before buying a grill. BTU stands for (British Thermal Unit), which measures a unit heat production capacity. Obviously, the more BTU, the more heat a unit can produce to cook your food.

Take into consideration that grill with a high level of BTUs, so the grill makes more heat, and you need less time to cook your delicious food. But, don’t think that every food requires a high level of heat to cook, and you can’t cook any food in lower BTUs. There are a lot of recipes that need lower BTUs. 


By knowing a specific dimension of a grill, you can easily understand the grill’s size. Dimensions express the grill’s size in the number of measurement units. You must take this feature on your consideration while making a buying decision about a grill for your next pontoon boat trip. 


Who doesn’t like to get certainty about a grill’s life when he/she buy it? I think everybody loves to get a minimum warranty where he/she invest his/her money. So before investing your cash, ensure your investment security for at least some years. And a warranty can ensure the security of your money. 

Moreover, having a warranty means the grill company has enough confidence that it will not damage within some years. And you won’t have to go repairing shop to repair your grill, or you don’t need to replace any parts of the grill. So pick up the grill, which has a warranty.

What I Love

When I was preparing foods in any adventure pontoon trips with this amazing Cuisinart grill, I love some of its super effective features. For example,

  1. It fits in my compact car.
  2. Foldable legs, locking cover, and comfortable handle makes it easy to carry.
  3. The large cooking area in a tiny size grill.
  4. Suitable for picnic, marine trip, camping, and tailgating.
  5. A simple assembly process takes less than 10 minutes.
  6. Two gas burners and each has 10000 BTUs.
  7. Required only 20 lbs of liquid propane as fuel.
  8. More than 700° temp. to cook food quickly.
  9. Efficient and safe heat controlling system.
  10. 3 years warranty.

What I Don’t Love

As I tell you about its good side till now, that doesn’t mean it has no cons. I faced some problems while using this grill. Such as

  • No natural propane using the kit

This grill is only designed for using a liquid gas cylinder. So I can’t use natural gas as a fuel to cook my food. 

  • Shallow done lid

The lid of this Cuisinart grill is not deep enough. When I cooked too many foods at a time with this grill, it made a little bit problem to cover the foods.

  • Sometimes the grates get sticky

When I cooked food with a massive amount of fat, the grates of the grill easily catch stick. In this situation, the cleaning process takes a lot of time.

Solutions to These Silly Cons

As the company knows that this grill is used on a pontoon boat, so it is very hard to find out any natural gas source to use as a fuel for this grill. So they consciously avoid this feature and make it more useable with liquid propane.

Crossing a limit is not a good sign for anything. As the grill offers you to cook a whole turkey, chicken, meat steaks at a time, so you should not cross this limit. If you cook this amount of food at a time with this grill, you can easily cover the lid, and it’s simple.

Eating a high amount of fat is not good for your health. So if you leave the fatty parts from the food before grilling, then there is no chance to get your grate sticky.

The Short Brand History of Cuisinart

A great person named Carl Sontheimer loved to know about culinary and experimented with them at home. Once, he felt no grill that he could take with him when he went out for any get-together. Then he thought to introduce a lightweight and portable grill to the grilled food lovers. In 1973 in Chicago, he established the Cuisinart brand. Till then, his company produced this little Cham grill. As he introduced different kinds of grills to the world, he won numerous awards such as ( Good Design Award, The Gold Hermes Award, and The Summit International Award) for outstanding performance in the propane grill industry. 

Must-Have Accessories for Cuisinart CGG-306

Simply you think cooking means take some foods and spices, mix them up, and heat them, that’s all. But cooking is an art, and grilling is a master of the art. It requires many utensils and accessories to cook, decorate, and serve the foods. So be a master of master art, you need some essential accessories near to your hand. Such as 

  • Grill locking tongs

Handling cooking is similar to handling continuous heat. You have to turn over the foods to cook each side evenly. But as cooking the foods are too hot, a grill locking tongs is the last dependency for you to turn over the grilled food.

  • BBQ slicing knife

Sometimes you’ll cook big meat steaks or a full-grown chicken with your grill. After cooking, you have to cut the chicken to serve it. This slicing knife is the best to slice your meat steaks.

  • Grill basting mop brush

With this brush’s help, you can smoothly brush oil on the foods so that they will not get stick with the grill. As a result, your grill won’t get too messy. 

  • Grill tool mat

Since you need many tools while grilling, you won’t get them when needed if you don’t organize them properly. A grill tool mat helps you to manage all of your grilling tools.

  • Grilling spatula

A grilling spatula is a much-needed grilling accessory. This tool helps you to hold on and hand over the cooked food.

  • Serve tray

After cooking, you have to garnish and serve the foods to your kids and trip mates. You can’t present the grilled recipes excellently without a nice serving tray. So use different shapes of the serving tray to serve the delicious food.

  • Gloves

Maintaining hygiene is a must to prepare healthy foods and prevent germs. A pair of hand gloves assist you in hygiene maintenance and protect your hands from heat. 

  • Grill cleaning brush

A grill cleaning brush is the best performer to detect and remove the food particles from the grill grate. If you rub the brush 4-5 times on the grates, the particles come out with the brush.

  • Soft scrubber

You have to properly clean your grill from top to bottom, including all sides. You should rub the grill to remove stickiness and dust with a soft scrubber. It doesn’t fall any scratch on the grill.

  • Grill cleaner

It is your wish to use a specific grill cleaner to clean your grill with ordinary dishwashing liquid. But the grill cleaner is specially made for cleaning the grill. So you can use it for a shiny look on your grill.

How to Assemble The Puppy Lilliput Grill

As the  Cuisinart CGG-306 is not a large grill, this grill’s assembling process is very simple and straightforward. You can assemble this 20 pounds rectangular shape grill by investing a few minutes. Now, I talk about the assembling procedure.

Step 1. Open the packaging and the hocks

First thing first, after bringing the gas grill into your home, remove the package. You will find two hocks, one on the left side and the other on the right side. After removing the packaging, open the hocks by which the grill is sealed. You get one grid, two knobs, two flame tempers, one grease tray, one thermometer, and 38 inches of gas hose pipe with this grill. 

Step 2. Open gas hose pipe

Now, through a sharp knife, release the gas hose, which is tied with the gas grill handle. After that, open the grill’s door, and there you will see a user manual on the top of the grill. Take the manual and read it to know the procedures. 

Step 3. Remove the grill rack

Here, you will get a stainless steel rack that is kept on the grill. Take it and remove it from the place. 

Step 4. Set the two gas burners

Below the rack, you find two gas burners. Take them and correctly set them to the right place so that when you connect the gas line, the gas burners get equal heat.

Step 5. Install the grill rack

In step 3 you had removed a grill rack from the grill. Now, take and install it on the gas burners.

Step 6. Connect the gas hose pipe

If you don’t use it now, then this step is not applicable. But if you use the grill now, then this step is applicable. On the grill’s left side, you see a hole where you have to set the gas hose pipe. Take the gas hose and put one side of the pipe in the hole, and place the other side in the gas cylinder. 

Now you have done the simple assembling process of your little has grill. 

Topcellent Tips: Don’t use natural gas as propane for this grill because it is designed for liquid gas propane. And always set your Cuisinart tabletop grill on a table that is at least three fits high than the gas cylinder. You can check this YouTube video for a better understanding.

How to Clean

Appropriate cleaning is very crucial for a grill’s health. If you properly clean the grill after every use, it will last long and serve you years after years. Here is the cleaning process by which I usually cleaned my tiny grill after every use.

What Things I Used To Clean The Grill

  • A mild dishwashing liquid or stainless steel cleaner
  • A steel brush or a putty knife
  • A soft scrubber
  • A small piece of soft cloth 

Steps for The Cleaning Process 

Turn off the control knob: When I finished cooking the foods, first  I rounded the knob to the OFF position. After that, I disconnected the gas hose pipe from the gas cylinder. 

Remove the food particles: When the grid is still warm, I carefully removed the food particles from the grid with a steel brush or a putty knife. Otherwise, the food particles will be clogged into the surface of the grid. 

Make it cool: As I was cooking my desired dishes with this grill, it is very hot while stopping the grill. So I always gave the grill at least 30 minutes to be cooled. In the meantime, I used to make a bowl of soup with a mild dishwasher and water.

Remove the components: After 30 minutes, when the grill is totally cool, remove the grids, grease tray, and gas burners. Take a soft scrubber, wet it into the soapy soup, and scrub the grid, tray, and burners. Now wash them with clean water and sock with a soft piece of cloth.

Care and Maintenance

As the Cuisinart grill is tiny in size, it doesn’t require a high level of care and maintenance. You can use it year-round with a little, but perfect maintenance, and this little care enhance the grill’s longevity.  Here are some simple instructions to take care of your grill.

Always try to clean the grease tray after every use of this grill. It helps the grill to perform correctly and to eliminate the flares up.

You have to remove the grill burners for cleaning purposes. You must do it with extreme care. When you reinstall it, please place it in the center of the orifice before attempting to relight the grill. If you fail to put the burners over the orifice, then a fire will occur behind and beneath the valve panel. Not only that, it will damage the grill and make it unsafe for future operations.

You shouldn’t give a chance to build up grease on the firebox. It will make a hindrance to get heat equally for the two burners.

Always keep the drain hole clean so that the food grease can easily drip to the grease tray. 

When you don’t use the grill, store it safely, covering it with a grill cover. 

Last but very crucial, don’t carry the grill and propane cylinder in a very close position while transporting them for your boat. Even don’t store the propane cylinder to the enclose of the grill. Who knows, this simple unconsciousness may occur in a big accident. 

So always be careful while using and storing the grill.

What Food to Bring On Your Pontoon Boat Trip

Food lovers are always waiting to taste some exceptional but delicious foods. And as you are searching for a pontoon grill, that means you are a grilled food lover. Even you don’t want to miss any chance to taste mouthwatering foods. Besides buying a super performing pontoon grill, it will not be bad to know about some grilled foods you can bring with you for your next trip.

In this section of my article, I attach three spicy grilled foods information by considering your wish. Out of these three foods, I keep one Tandoori grilled fish, one grilled steak, and one veggie item. So if you are a vegetarian, no problem, choose the third item from here.

Tandoori Grilled Fish

Tandoori grilled fish is a wonderful grilled food item which you can prepare from pomfret fish. As this item requires many ingredients and steps to cook, that’s why if you do some homework, it takes less than 15 minutes to cook.  And this grilled item is very popular among the 8 to 80. So to enjoy a nice pontoon trip, the tandoori grilled fish can be one of the best food. 

Grilled Steak

Meat steak is another excellent preparation for the pontoon boat trip. A pontoon boat outing means spending whole days on the water and enjoying the sea beach’s natural scenario. So you need extra energy, and the steaks are full of protein, so it ensures your strength. 

Grilled steak doesn’t require too many ingredients. Even you can cook it within 10 minutes. If you don’t want to spend a ton of time preparing your launch on a trip, then you can bring grilled meat steak to you. 

Garlic Grilled Veggie Salad

When you are a pure vegetarian and planning to go on boating, then selecting foods can be a great issue for you. And as there won’t have any chance to cook by taking a lot of time, so grilling is most convenient. But most people seem grilled food means either fish or meat. 

And you will become confused and think, isn’t there any food for vegetarians which can bring on a trip? No tension, dear. The garlic grilled salad is the best choice as boating food. The veggie salad cooking process is so simple so that it can be an excellent food for you. As you prepare the food from vegetables, it is very healthy and helps you keep your body hydrated.

Tips For Safely Grilling On The Boat

Now you have to busy all day long with different types of works. So life becomes dull and boring. In summer, going on a boat trip provide you with so much refreshment that you can recharge yourself for further concentrating on your regular work. So a pontoon boat trip is the best place for an outing. But if you don’t know some essential and vital tips and tricks of cooking foods on the boat, then the trip will be boring or somehow useless. Here, you can learn some simple but crucial tips for your next boat trip. 

  • While cooking or grilling on the boat, you have to follow some basic but safe cooking guidelines.
  • You have to keep clean all the cooking ingredients, cooking utensils, your hands, and the cooking area. You can use cleaning sprays to make them clean.
  • Take as much a big boat that has a vast space to set the grill and place the grill on a flat area on the ship. Otherwise, the grill will move while cooking, and that is very much unprofessional and disturbing too. 
  • Don’t use your grill when you are underway.
  • If you have kids with you on the boat, always observe your grill while cooking. You don’t know when the children will come and touch the grill. 
  • Never use any licked propane cylinder to connect the grill.
  • While cooking, follow the instruction manual to get the maximum performance.
  • Use the sharp utensils very carefully and keep them safely out of children reach.
  • Make sure that any oil is not falling on the boat. If fall, then it will make the surface slippery. And there is a high chance to occur any accident.
  • Most marine spots don’t allow firing or flaming on the boat for safety. So before going on a trip in any marine spot, talk with the authority to take flaming permission.
  • When you connect the gas hose pipe to the propane cylinder, correctly attach it and check as it is tight enough or not. 
  • Please turn off the grill when you finish cooking and rest it to cool down.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These questions are too much related to boating grilling, and I had asked many times when I made boating trips. This is why I think these questions may arise in your mind, and I am trying to answer them. Maybe you feel interested in these questions and answers.

  • Can I use a grill on a pontoon boat?

Pontoon boats are designed for entertainment and adventure purposes. So its wide and large open deck is the perfect surface to use the grill at sea.

  • How safe grilling on a pontoon boat?

If you use the grill when the boat is tied up, it is safe to use. But if you use it when you are underway, then it is dangerous for you and all the lake users. When using your grill, always keep it away from any boat fabrics.

  • How often should I need to season my grill?

You must clean it after every use. But when you store it for a long time and don’t use it. In this situation, you should season it at least after every 4 months. This will enhance your grill’s life span and efficiency.

  • Should I buy a propane bottle for my Cuisinart pontoon grill?

If you frequently like to go on a pontoon boat trip, you have to buy a propane tank. You can purchase it from your local hardware shop. If you don’t want to go there, you can also purchase it from any online e-commerce company like Amazon, Walmart, or eBay.

  • Has the Cuisinart CGG-306 grill auto propane connections?

No, everything is assembled here. Only you should connect the hose with the gas cylinder. Then it gets the propane connections. After that, turn on the knob and start cooking.

  1. How should I manage a portable grill’s food grease?

Managing a portable grill’s food grease is so simple and easy. You just have to use aluminum foil on the grease tray before starting cooking. After finishing grilling, remove the aluminum foil from the grill, wrap it up and keep it in the garbage basket. 

  • Doing BBQ party on a pontoon boat is legal or illegal?

In one word answer, this practice is legal. Though it is not permitted, you should abide by the USA’s maritime laws to save the sea environment and water. Even while doing BBQ, show respect to the other lake users.

  • Is Marine permission required to use a grill on a pontoon boat?

In most marine doesn’t allow you to make a fire on boat and the low of the country restricts it. So you must talk with the authority about using the grill on your trip before making a trip anywhere. If they give permission, then only use the grill; otherwise, you should avoid it.

  • How many burner grill is the right choice for a pontoon boat?

One burner grill is enough for trip grilling. But if you wish to celebrate your trip with more delicious food, then two burners are the best.

  • In which position is the best to place the grill on the pontoon?

Somehow, it depends on your preference. Any plain and wooden surface is quite perfect for placing the grill where the grill won’t move in cooking. But, make sure that you don’t pollute the sea’s water with the ashes or any other cooking garbage. 

  • Can I use the grill when the pontoon is moving?

If you like to do it, you can use it, but this is not the right way to use the grill on a pontoon boat. Moreover, it can cause some safety difficulties. So it is a good practice to avoid this type of grilling.

  • Which mount is perfect for setting up the grill on a pontoon?

A stainless steel mount is perfect for setting-up your grill. When you attach the mount with the grill, always try to ensure the mounting height from 20-30 inches. Nevertheless, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain the right height.

  • What should I do to handle any accidental flare-ups?

If you are aware of using your pontoon grill, I hope there will not arise any flare-ups. But if it happens, quickly turn off the knob to control heat and put down the grill’s lid on the grill. These two quick attempts protect you and your trip members from any harm.

Final Verdict

So, what things first come to your mind about pontoon grill after check out my review. You can look in inform us through commenting.

Before buying a grill, don’t forget to measure your pontoon’s space and how many partners will there on your trip. From the buying guide, figure out the relevant features which you wish to have. If the features match my Cuisinart grill for a pontoon boat, then never mind selecting it for your next pontoon grilling experience.

Give a chance to this little chap to be a part of your memory of refreshment. Wish you a wonderful trip on your pontoon boat with happy grilling.

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