She was stealing an ezyroller classic ride on But I couldn’t stop her Do you know why?

Thanks to ezyroller classic ride on for not just making me free from those worries but most importantly making my girl smile. Yes, it makes my girl smile as well as makes her days full of fun.

That’s why I couldn’t stop her from doing so. Keep reading this short but interesting story if you want to know how an ezyroller classic can make your little kid’s days happier.

Maintaining a kid of course is not an easy tasks rather the hardest one. As a father of only a single child I could understand it from my own daily struggle. For me, the impossible job is to understand the time demand of my kid.

How she performs her daily activities is quite different in every other day. So it became tougher for me to cope with her changing nature. Yesterday she might be playing with her Barbie doll but today she is playing football. So, all these things make me more confused about my role as a father.

i am a confused dad

But I noticed something different when she first saw the ezyroller classic ride on

This very product can be the best alternative for those kids who love Bicycle or Skates and I don’t like my girl to ride these things due to her age limit. As far I know it is very hard to ride a Bicycle for a six years child. At the same time it’s dangerous too and this same obligation can be applied for Skating also.

On the other hand, Ezyroller Classic rider is very comfortable and safe for every kid who has reached 3 years old barrier. I have the practical experience that how this ground touching invention changed my girl’s daily life and made her happy again.

I’m gonna share my charming daughter Christy’s story of stealing an ezyroller that turns out as the solution of her grief.

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Ezyroller Classic rider is a kind of toy rides for kids especially for 3-12 years old. It is a three wheeler which allow kids to sit on it and ride like a Bicycle. It is very safe and reliable as it stays only six to ten inches above the ground and that makes it easier to use for such small kids.

The finest part is that you don’t need to worry about falling from it because it happens then no injuries will take place as it stays almost on the ground. But for your concern you can use knee caps for your kids.

There is a handle which is easy to operate and even for more safety there is a brake also just over the right rear wheel. The replaceable rubber wheels allows it to run smoothly both on roads and off-roads. There is an adjustable handle bar that allows several kids to use the same vehicle and above all it offers really some funny rides.

I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying it and I’m sure you also will try it when your kids will be in their school. Moreover, it comes with a very wallet friendly price tag. You can check price on Amazon without putting your shoes off.

The scene behind her stealing an ezyroller

My lovely princess just turned six years old last Sunday. To celebrate the day we went for a long drive as my daughter loves it too much. We went to the Central Park in Manhattan, New York City as my princess wished for going there. It is the only green place available in this jungle of concrete. We walked on the green paths bare footed and this makes my Christy smile.

There was a small lake inside the park area and we also ride the water boats as my princes ordered me to do so and her words are like a command to me. I personally like ice-crème very much and after seeing an ice-cream van over there I offered her to have an ice cream.

But she simply said it’s not good for your teeth and start walking. I thought in my mind that how she has changed within only three years but hide my feelings instantly. I asked her what she wanted to eat then and she replied that she wants nothing.

I keep insisting her and finally she stops before a Hot-Dog shop. We took two special hot dogs and that was really awesome. The kind of juiciness in the sausages amazed me and the flavor of the three type sauce was just wow.

After having such delicious meal my princess ordered me to take her to the riverside just a few kilometers away from the park. So I started the car and went to the Manhattan River. We spend about an hour and then I took her to the shopping center to buy some gifts but she didn’t take anything except a dark chocolate. I was very depressed that may be I failed to raise that motherless child properly. Yap, I’ve lost her mom 3 years ago.

Anyway, it was about 4pm in the afternoon and our home was four hours drive from the Manhattan River. I started my car and thinking about my baby’s future that how I could manage her to raise properly. I saw she was sitting behind watching outside aimlessly through the windows.

I was driving through the wood and became nostalgic about my wife. She (my wife) was very fond of waters and we often did go to different places for water activities. According to my wife, water is the only thing that can give her the immense pleasure and help her forget the gloominess of life.

But, the saddest drama of my life is that I’ve lost her in her favorite water. I can’t forget that horrible shark attack. It’s just like yesterday we were enjoying Hookah diving in the sea. My Christy was only three years old and I wanted to bring her in the water.

But my beloved wife said – no let her stay on the Yacht. Though I told her not to worry about our little angel, I can manage her. but my wife remains farm on her words. So we leave her on the Yacht and we were having fun in the water.

Our sweet princess was watching us from the deck and screaming and clapping in happiness. We were diving together but once I decided to explore a little more (it’s natural to think so into the crystal water) and went a bit far from my wife.

And all of a sudden I heard the shouting of my little child and what I saw was horrible. I was not prepared for that.

A Bull Shark attacked my wife and there was blood everywhere. Luckily there were a lifeguard boat near us and they saw the incident. They came there at once and shoot the Shark but in the meanwhile my wife fainted due to excessive blood shed.

We took her to the hospital but the doctor declared her dead. It was the worst day of my life. Suddenly my daughter Christy shouted Dad, Stop, Stop the car! As I was thinking about my wife, I forgot that I was driving. I became surprised and thought there maybe something ahead us and we were about to crash.

But thanks God there was nothing like that. I without stopping the car asked her what happened. She replied – take reverse. I was unable to understand what was going on but you know, I can’t deny her order.

So, I put the car in reverse and at a point she told me to stop. At the very moment I stopped the car I saw she get off and start running towards something. I was in a hurry that I could not even have time to park the car.

I left my car on the road and start following her and after a few minutes I saw she was standing and watching something with deep interest. There were some children of her age playing with some kinds of weird thing.

They were racing with one another with that toy. I noticed that my girl was like grasping the scenario and suddenly she told me to go back to the car and start it. I asked her ok let’s go together then she said no –

you go and start the car, I am coming.

There was something in her voice that I could not resist myself from obeying her order. So I came back to my car and keep it on run and within a few seconds I realized that my daughter was in the back seat and shouting go daddy go…

I was in a shock that how could she come back so fast and what is that strange thing she was holding on her hands. Suddenly I saw a few boys were coming towards our car running and again she shouted go fast….

Then it was clear to me that she had done something terribly wrong and as a father it was my duty to make her understand what she did was not right. So, I turned to her. But, what I saw was so heartwarming for me that I couldn’t say anything. I saw a kind of shine in her eyes and she was looking at the thing on her lap she just stole from those kids.

I could not say even a single word because maybe that was the first time I was seeing her face with such grace in the last three years. She used to stay quiet all the time after she witnessed the horrible death of her mom.

I always try to keep her happy but you know it’s not that easy. I always tried that she might not feel the absence of her mother but you know no one could replace a mother, no one.

The whole way back I noticed that that magic was still on her face and that makes me happy at the same time. So I decided that I would talk to her after we would reach home.

We returned home at that time when it was almost dark. It was 7 pm late evening. The moment I stopped the car she get down and start playing on the driveway of our nest. I saw a three wheeler thing with a metal body and a seat made of cloth maybe.

She jumped on it, sit and start racing all by herself.  I realized that she liked it so much that she even stole that. I just take a picture of that thing and went inside the house to investigate what was that.

Amazing Discovery

Seeing my girl super excited and happy with that strange thing I was feeling like the perfect Dad in the world. I put the picture on the internet and start searching what that thing was and I discovered that it is called EzyRoller Classic specially designed for small kids.

As my girl liked it. So, I must know the ins and outs of that new thing and from my investigation I found some amazing results. I saw thousands of good reviews of parents that how they are using that product and how much their children love that roller.

Product Description

EzyRoller Classic rides combines the control system of a bike and the fun of a scooter still it’s very unique, like no other ride you’ve ever had.  The unique design is not a loge, not a bike, not a scooter, the EzyRoller moves like a snake, without chains or pedals, using easy right-left leg movements. EzyRoller moves and turns silently without chains or batteries. It gives the opportunity to enjoy new locomotion possibilities that can’t be experienced on any other bike or ride-on in present market.

  • ​Designed especially for children of 4 years and above.
  • Comes unassembled. Easy assembly requiring adult supervision; all tools and parts included in the box.
  • Recommended for riders under 150 lbs.
  • Designed to be used on flat/smooth surfaces indoor and outdoor. It is not designed for slopes, down hills, jumps, uneven surfaces, grass or sand. Using the brake on slopes can damage the wheels.

Inside the Box

  • 1 EzyRoller
  • 2 Size-Extensions so it grows with you
  • 1 Owner’s manual with assembly parts

Sit comfortably with your back firmly against the back of the seat. Put your feet on the push bar. Push on your right foot and then your left to advance your EzyRoller forward. Turn using your feet.


  • Smooth Riding: On this sit down scooter your child can sail smoothly across playgrounds and sidewalks. The EzyRoller Ride on Classic provides hours of fun for anyone; no matter you are 4 or 14 this ultimate riding machine is guaranteed to be a blast for everyone.
  • Ride in Comfort: this thing will not only allow you riding in style, you will be riding in comfort too. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. The EzyRoller Ride on Classic has a comfortable seat removing strain and pressure from your Child’s back.
  • No Paddles: You heard it right. No pedaling is needed on this crazy cart. This EZY Rider isn’t like your usual riding toys. This Classic has a foot bar which allows your child to get this racing machine moving as easy alternating movement of legs on the foot bar.
  • EXTENDABLE FOOT BAR: In this EzyRoller Ride you can do the same as you can raise the seat or remove the training wheels on a bicycle. The Classic ride comes with 2 steel extensions so that it can match with you’re the growth of your child. It does not matter that the rider is a lad or teen, the EzyRoller ride will last for years without any problem.
  • DIMENSIONS: there is a steel frame of 28-39 inches in the EzyRoller Ride with a platform which is 17.6 Inches wide and 13.5 inches tall. Though this riding machine is light weight of 12.8 pounds it is safe for riders’ ages over 4 years to 14 and a supporting weight up to 150 pounds.

Placing Order

I saw my daughter loved this awesome product. So, I decided to buy, buy a few of them (I have a plan to make those kids surprised). I found that product on some super markets near our area but th0se were way too costly.

No, actually money doesn’t matter as it was the question of my princess’s happiness. But if you have better and more reliable options then why go to any other places. Yes, I ordered from Amazon as they were offering the best rates with highest quality.

There were few other online retailers offering the same product at comparatively lower price tags than Amazon. But their customer feedbacks were not positive at all.

On the contrary, Amazon has a great reputation in case of customer satisfaction.

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I ordered five Ezyroller Classic Rides of different color to fulfill my plan which I thought on that very time when my daughter stole that product.

I noticed that she was very busy with her new companion that she didn’t have time even for talking with me. I was thinking what we could do more to make this thing more interesting and funny.

I started playing with her and we made and race track in our backyard and racing with my girl. It took two days to reach the delivery in our house but how these two days passed playing with her I could not remember at all.

A delivery man knocked at the door and my lovely daughter opened the door. She saw some big boxes were here as I ordered them. She thought they are the famous giant burgers that I might be ordered for her.

The Surprise

The moment she unboxed the boxes what she saw made her happier than she may became after getting the burgers. She said “I love you Papa” and hugged me. She suddenly ran into the house and returned after two minutes wearing red velvet dress.

She was looking so gorgeous that I could not close my eyes. It was about 4 pm and she asked me “Dad let’s go surprise my friends.”  I was so shocked how this tiny little angel understood I ordered so many to give those kids from whom she stole one of them.

Without making further delay I start my car and load them in the car. She was so excited that she kept talking all the way how she managed to steal the Ezyroller Classic Rides from a boy and how they were running after her.

She was laughing by her own and that was the most beautiful scenario in the world for me.  We reached there after two hours driving and like before she went there first and I followed her. There were many children playing but one boy was seated on a corner with heavy heart.

The moment he saw her came running and he was begining to rain his anger on her. But, in the meantime, I reached there with the boxes and the boy complained to me about my daughter.

Then I without saying a word start opening those boxes. Seeing those new Ezyroller Classic Rides others also gathered there and started talking to her.

Seeing this, the parents who were sitting far came near to see what happens. When they came, I told them the whole story from the beginning and after hearing that no one could stop laughing.


As I opened the boxes they were not assembled but it was not as hard as winning an Olympic medal. There was an instruction manual inside each box and there were pictures to make it easier to assemble. You may be needed a Screwdriver but don’t worry you can get this tool also inside the box. And those boys helped me in assembling these new rollers.

The process is very simple. Just bring all the pats out of the box. First attach the handle with the platform with auto attachable Screw then take both parts of the left and right sides and attach the bolt there with pre opened screw head.

Now take the screwdriver and attach the rubber wheels in the right places. Finally take the seat and attach it with the seat bar. It took me only five minutes to assemble the whole thing.

There are two Size Extensions so it grows with your child. The kit also includes two additional extension bars that can be inserted, thus lengthening the distance from the rider’s seat to the foot bar handle. With two extension bars that are two different lengths, it gives you 4 different combinations of lengths so your child can achieve for best rider fit distance.

After I completed the assembling process my daughter gave it to that boy from whom she stole it and they became very good friends. Others took the rest Ezyroller Classic Rides and they start playing and I also started, oh no, I started talking with their parents.

I noticed one of the parents was laughing loud and it makes me nostalgic as her mother used to laugh like that. She had become the perfect replica of her mother. I could not take my eyes off from her smiling face because it was very rare scenario for me.

I could not even remember the last time I saw her smiling was like that. As she became their friends she invited them to our house for racing and pizza party in our backyard. I also invited the parents and they accepted. They came the next day and we had a great time together. From that day we go there on a regular basis and they also come to our place sometimes.

Now I see, my little daughter’s that misdeed leads to a great relationship and endless fun for all. The ultimate result of stealing that ezyroller classic ride on was not that bad. Anyway, I couldn’t stop her that day only because she has already lost her mom. So, I never become rude to her and it shouldn’t be. Hope you won’t mind it and obviously never let your kids to do such misdeed.

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