Why do you need a garage floor snow containment mat before you own your dream car?

Your dream car may overturn the eye-catching beauty of your dream house if a garage floor snow containment mat isn’t installed there in your garage. Do you know how?

Being a first-time car owner, I was completely in the dark about the effectiveness and merits of the snow containment mats. But one of my bosom friends came to my dream castle and awakened me about the winter monster who have come to my dream house hiding under the back seat of my own car and this monster is now smarmy to destroy the beauty of my house.

But, I wasn’t afraid of that monster because my friend also gave me a car windshield guard to save my car and a magic stick to kick out that dirty monster and thus to keep my garage floor dry and clean. Here’s this magic stick-

It’s a garage floor snow containment mat

Yes, my curious friend has found it to be the best salvation from messy fluid spills and their heavy impacts on the garage floor in the winter. It is easy to install and you can shift when needed and a cheaper alternative to expensive tiles meant for your garage floor. 

But you need the best product to get your purpose served. A containment mat that is made of the most durable material and able to gulp huge amount of water should be the ideal mat. TruContain Garage Floor Snow Containment Mats are the best option in terms of durability, water holding, various sizes, and intelligent design and construction.

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I will share everything that I have found in its favor as the best garage floor snow containment mat in this article. In addition, I have sought answers to several questions related to this garage accessory and the answers will greatly help you reach the right product for you. Here you go.

What is garage floor containment mat?

Garage floor mats are a rollout sheet made of vinyl or polyester that protects the concrete floor from abuse and decay caused by ice, snow, and road salt. They are made to contain gallons of water or diluted liquids that gather on the garage floor dripping mostly from the parked cars and your boot. 

And containment mats are a special type of garage floor mat featured with a raised edge to contain extra liquid so that melted water doesn’t touch the bare floor. You can cut them into any size as per the size and shape of your garage floor. Thus a containment mat comes equipped with edge tacked with high-density foam to withstand car wheel moving over them. 

Two most favorite materials for any garage floor mats are vinyl and polyester. Both the materials feature superior resistance to water and chemical particles. While vinyl mats are a cheaper alternative, you will need a thicker vinyl piece to effectively bar the water from reaching the puddles and pools on the floor surface. 

Vinyl mats are easy to cut into the desired shape with a utility knife. Polyester is a high-end matting option compared to the vinyl and durable enough to last longer. Nowadays you will find a go-between option as most polyester containment mats come coated with PVC to provide with superior sealing against ice, snow, road salt and more.

But it is not the material that determines the quality of a garage floor sealing option rather the construction is crucial to ensure the quality of a product. Floor mats are made broader by joining smaller sheets and heat-welding is applied in those seams where two sheets meet.

Heat welded seams provide the best seal and water or abrasive liquid cannot sip through. Reputed brands appear with garage floor sheet designed with heat-welded seams.

Therefore, a garage floor containment mat is the finest option to fight winter damage to the garage floor and TruContain garage floor mats are the ones that will provide you everything that a containment mat is meant for. Let’s dive deep into a quality product for more insight.

TruContain Garage Floor Snow Containment Mat – The Best not the Cheapest

TruContain Containment mat is the ideal snow containment garage floor mat with a bit raised boundary along with the top quality construction and material. This is a go-between garage floor mat in terms of weight. You can choose the right size from varying sizes and weights. Let’s dig deeper into the features and benefits.

Highly Raised Edge & Easy Clean Option

TruContain containment mat offers every benefit you might ask from a product like this. Two benefits need focused mentions that include the tall edge and easy clean & storage convenience. Like a commercial-grade containment mat, it offers a 1.18″ of raised edge to contain both liquid and solid substances to the last tiny bit. 

You can clean this mat more conveniently as the debris will remain on top of the mat confined by the 1.18″ raised edge. A push broom will help you excellently in this regard and thanks to the compatibility as you can use a vacuum for further cleaning. So far storage is involved, it is as simple as just cleaning, drying out, and rolling it up.

Heavy Material and Superior Construction

It offers superior waterproofing as the seams are heat welded very unlikely to tear along the pressure point. Heat-welded seams speak volume of the product quality as water and liquid spills stand still in those junctures unable to pass through the sealing. 

TruContain sticks out in the crowd of the rivals by virtue of its high-quality fabric. It is a breeze for the PVC coated material to protect the garage floor from all adversaries of winter climate. The exclusive truck trap as a material is high-end in line with the high-intensity seams. What more do you want?

TruContain garage floor mat gathers all the popular features of the containment mats that have created a craze among the consumers since its inception. And in a single garage floor mat, you are having sustainable design and heavy-duty fabric, spectacular color to decorate your home garage, and ready-to-roll-out assembly. And the price it claims is high but all these amazing features and benefits compensate for this high-end cost. 

Let’s have a look at the wow features which TruContain comes equipped with. They are meant to serve, protect and keep your property value intact. 

Amazing Features of TruContain containment mat @ a glance: 

  • Heat-welded seam with built-in edge
  • Faster installation and zero assembly requirements
  • Stronger and longer warranty statement along with discounted exchange
  • Industry-grade material (25 lbs PVC)used in the truck industry
  • Backed by heavier fabric and ripped mat swapping program.  
  • Lighter to shift but tougher to withstand tear and wear
  • Can bear with high abuse environment
  • Wrap-around and closed cell foamy edge to withstand car wheel pressure
  • Dedicated customer service and helps while installing

Cons but not dealbreakers:

  • Cost you an extra amount of $ 20-30 but the 4X longer warranty pays off
  • Heavier than the competitors and cause inconvenience while shifting
  • Tends to crease and wrinkle at shipping that requires immediate knocking at the customer service

My take: TruContain containment mat is beyond doubt one of the best in its kind. And the difference of the extra dollars in cost is nominal compared to high-end the benefits it offers to the car owners. The stand-out garage floor sheet provides you with safety, beauty (gray color), and protection of your property. 

In line with the claims, it sells the highest in number in both Canada and the United States. This is the best but not the cheapest snow containment garage floor mat.

Why do we use containment mats for the garage floor?

With the advent of the winter season, garage floor becomes the most vulnerable place of your home. Ice, snow, thaw, and road salt are the by-products of your car maintenance that melt on the floor surface.

That freezing liquid seeps into the cracks or forms white stain if there is a rift or sits on the floor or if there is no crack on the floor. Freshly painted floors treated with epoxy coating tend to have no cracks inside the floor concrete. 

The case in point is that in either case, the harm is imminent for the bare floor. Primarily to protect your garage from this two-fold damaging effects and to make cleaning more convenient we use garage floor containment mats. Let’s explore the causes deeply. 

To save your floor concrete

Road salt is a highly abrasive chemical substance used in the construction of the roads and your cars carry these in while sheltering in the parking lot of your garage. This salt mixes with the liquid melted from snow and ice to form a strong solution that makes its way into the pores of the floor concrete. The diluted solution form brine crystal and slowly eats away the concrete. 

But if your floor is covered with a containment mat, nothing will reach your floor surface let alone the porous interior of the concrete. The mat being a thicker vinyl or polyester sheet hold gallons of water and other particles remain on the mat surface. Therefore, we use garage floor mats to save the concrete.

To discourage white stain on the floor surface

white stain on the garage floor surface

You rest assured thinking that a recently painted and epoxy coated floor will not allow the freezing water and the road salt enter deep into the garage floor. You are right to think so but you are ignoring the fact that all the messy substance from the car outing and sudden storm may condense on the floor surface.

The condensed ice and snow will create a white stain not only causing discomfort to the eyes and sense but it will peel off the thinner upper layer of the floor. Therefore, you should cover your fresh floor with a quality garage floor mat to keep it free of ugly stain build-up. Yes, both the mat covering and stain cleaning will cost you but a mat will save you time and property.

Decorative Purpose

Other than saving the floor surface and concrete, garage floor mats will add to the aesthetic look of your garage. Containment mats matching the look and color of your vehicle will make your parking space a feast for the eyes of the onlookers. The TruContain Containment mat is the perfect selection in this regard thanks to the attractive gray color matching the garage floor and surrounding.


To buy a quality garage floor will not break your bank. Moreover, they add to the resale value of your home as the garage comes under crucial scrutiny along with other important space of your house while resale is considered. So, you must insulate your garage floor with a containment mat for safety, beauty, and monetary benefit.

How to keep your garage floor dry in the winter?

It is common sense that garage weather in the winter will remain wet and humid if this parking lot is let go unattended. Whenever I am saying unattended parking lot I refer to the gathering of ice, snow, water, and road salt inside the garage. Accumulation of the said ingredients on the garage floor will not only harm the concrete of the floor severely rather it will turn the garage air humid and wet. 

Now, this is not the least expected as you will desperately want your garage space to be warmer than the colder outside weather. Moreover, it is crucial that you keep your garage floor dry for the following reasons:

  • Protecting the floor from pitting, scaling, staining and cracking
  • Barring property damage caused by the increasing moisture
  • Safety Reasons – to tackle personal falls due to slippage and vehicle skidding

But it will obviously give the pain of keeping the wet materials at bay from your garage because the material carried with the car tires and body along with your boot will melt sooner to collect on the floor. To make things worse, the process will repeat as you may not stop taking your car out and parking in a regular interval if not on a regular basis. And they will not dissipate or evaporate spontaneously to keep your parking space dry. 

Therefore, it warrants several painstaking jobs to maintain a dry or warmer garage. These tasks include preventive measures to keep the garage interior dry and curative measures to bring back the warmer garage air if it has gone damp and sticky.

Preventive Measures: They involve conscious efforts to be away from the harmful effects of a humid garage damaging both for people and property. 

  • Check the outer garage walls for cracks, rifts, and leaks
  • Trace the drainage issues along the exterior walls if any exists
  • Dismount or pull any items or appliances stored on the interior walls to track any signs of a water issue
  • Clear any debris and ice of the sloped driveways  of your garage
  • Check the weather stripping existing inside the garage and replace it if found dysfunctional or install a fresh one
  • See the garage doors or window fittings. They should close tightly along the bottom end to bar the intrusion of wet materials. 

The aforesaid steps will keep your parking lot dry to tempt you to enter the warmer garage interior while returning from winter car outing. 

Curative Measures: They are the steps to implement sooner at the sight of any condensation inside the garage.

  • Apply a squeegee to remove the accumulated water or condensed slush out of the inner garage floor
  • Melted snow or ice will create liquid over the floor that will require moping and soaking the floor up
  • Any dry/wet vacuum will prove functional to collect tiny debris and water
  • A ceiling fan may prove instrumental to blow-dry the floor and interior of the garage
  • Put use floor mats under snow blowers and shovels while applied to break condensed build-ups leading to more water
  • Park vehicles on the large size containment mats
  • Place vinyl strips along with the floor spot where the wheel rests
  • To go economical, use cardboard along with the floor space where the wheel touches

One more surprise from my friend Robins-

How to keep your garage floor clean in the winter?

Winter is the nasty time of the year especially for the car owners when you will encounter a muddy and slushy garage floor. Not only because your car tire will bring snow, ice, deice, and other dirt while entering the garage to get parked but your boot will carry snow as well to melt on the floor. 

Moreover, the unpredictable storm is most likely to smear your garage with mud, slush, and runoff just after you have a moped or wiped the floor of everything. Therefore, keeping your garage floor clean is not as simple as to give a thorough cleaning once or twice a week. It is much more that include:

Invest in Containment Mats

The two most notorious culprits are ice and snow that wreak havoc on the garage concrete. They enter the pores on the concrete as water and freeze at the drop of the garage temperature. Water expands after freezing and the expansion accelerates the damages in the form of pits, scaling, chips, cracks, and spalling. 

To address these issues, the best solution is the containment mats that can protect your garage floor from the said damages. TruContain snow containment mats will prove the wiser selection. They will blot the icy water in gallons to let you squeeze the water at your convenient time.

On top of that, that type of mats provides extra traction for the vehicle wheel compared to the slippery floor. You can roll them up when you don’t need the mat since the end of winter to before the advent of the same.

Apply Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Coating for garage floor

Next to roll up containment mats on your garage floor comes epoxy coating as another viable solution for garage cleaning in the season when the garage mess is on the rise. Epoxy coating resists cold water entering into the concrete as it fills the pores or rifts on your concrete surface.

What happens to the melted ice or snow is that they evaporate fast on the floor surface. Thus the said coating is not a cleaning task itself but it makes cleaning easier and more effective. 

Scared of slippage or car skidding? This concern may get better addressed in the course of the coating as it will sum up with a finishing touch of a slip-resistant aggregate. 

On top of making your garage an easy-to-clean space, this will add to the shiny look of your house. The garage floor having plated with the epoxy coating will look like an exclusive sales floor raising the resale value of your home.

Sprinkle with Snow

If you fail to give your garage a thorough wash once or twice a week for a busy work schedule or staying away from home, it is likely to grow muddier and form build-up here and there.

In that case, sprinkling fresh powder and snow across the garage floor will soften the stubborn build-up and mud in less than 10 minutes. And now you can apply your garage broom to sweep any messy substance out of your garage. 

You should scrub the floor until it looks shiny clean. The snow crystals may come your way by sticking to your broom bristles for nothing but taking a bit more time in the process.

Pre-parking Brush off

Most of the mess comes sticking to the tires and the outer surface of the vehicle. Therefore, pre-parking brushing off your vehicle has proved to be a smart move as a preventive measure. It is more convenient and hassle-free to brush off the car before parking it inside than mope up a messy and muddier floor. 

This is not a difficult task anyway but it requires experience and cares as amateur careless handling can cause a scratch on your expensive car glass and pull off some paint. But you can do it yourself and the rule of thumb is to pull the stuck ice without pushing them even slightly. A little bit of pressing or pushing the ice may cause the said inconveniences. A long-handled broom or snow scraper will prove pretty helpful for you in this connection.

Utilize Cardboard Boxes

You can address the cleaning in a more economical way than investing in garage floor mats or epoxy coating. On the upside, cardboard boxes can blot a lot of water and you may have a great number of them around you. 

You should be a bit tricky in this case and never apply the same board twice as it can leave a permanent mark of water that may result in refusal of the over-soaked cardboard by the centers.

By the same line, they will downright reject any such boards bearing oil stains and vehicle gravel. Therefore, replace the soaked-up cardboards with a fresh one and toss them inside the bin before falling apart.

Install Snow Blower or Ceiling Fans

To cut down utility cost and reduce heat loss, most homeowners don’t opt for HVAC systems – heating or cooling systems. But that cost them dearly in the long run as the garage tends to grow humid with reduced ventilation. Things take worse turns when the pits, puddles, and cracks on the floor take longer to evaporate the liquid and sometimes leave them freezing. 

A better alternative in this connection is investing in a snow blower or a ceiling fan. They can dry the floor rapidly and evaporate the puddles and pools on the floor will dissolve faster before clotting.

Weather Stripping the Garage

As it has a mention already that your garage goes dirty not merely by foot traffic or ice, snow, and road salt your vehicle carry them in. Sudden storm in the winter can make the garage messy and dirty like never before. Drop in the frequency of your car outing will fail to keep you and your car parking lot clean and shiny if and when it happens. What is salvation?

The only and efficient sealing to this intrusion is weather stripping your garage especially the one with a poorly sealed door. Cracks in the garage door panels and issues with door fittings are the vulnerable spots that the storm finds easy access to throw its slings inside the garage. That may warrant calling an expert in the trade.  

These are the smarter tips to keep any garage floor shiny clean whatever blustery outside particles are.

What happens to the garage floor during the winter?

Winter comes with the freezing temperatures, snow, ice, and more that may cause telling effect on your garage floor if and when carried with your vehicles and boots. To make things even worse, the road salt smearing with the vehicle’s tires form a briny solution when mixed with the melted and freezing water. 

Besides making the garage interior unhealthy for you, they invite and inspire severe damages to your garage floor. They include: 


Salt combined with other chemicals applied on the streets at the time of construction makes access to the garage with the vehicle. These salts get dissolved with the freezing water making a way in the puddle, pool, and crack in the concrete. The solution makes weaker brine but stronger dilution to eat on the structure of the floor.   

This brine freezes and refreezes with the drop and hike of garage temperature and make salty crystals expanse sheltering in the concrete pores. This is the culprit for which you encounter chipping on the surface of your garage floor. This is known as spalling that may lead to even worse consequence known as crack if left untreated for long. 

A garage floor insulated by containment mats or treated with epoxy coating can resist this damage but this should be your precautionary steps. Once the damage appears on the surface, there is no cure but repairing the floor anew. 

Subflorescence/Staining on the Floor:

Other than scaling and spalling inside the concrete floor, wintry weather will take you through nasty stains on the surface of your garage. This subflorescence will not only create discomfort to the eyes rather is damaging both for people and property. 

But they take longer to form staining on the floor as it requires the melting of the ice and snow and then freezing to form salt crystal on the pores of the surface. This too can wreak havoc on your garage floor unless you clean the floor of the decaying salt residue. 


Using the garage floor mat will protect your garage and car shelter against damaging winter intrusion. To get the ableist protection, you need the right product and a snow containment mat is the better alternative in this connection. As far my analysis reaches, I will suggest TruContain containment mat as a safeguard against any and every damage winter storm and winter car driving expose.

You can decide on your own as I have covered the crucial points you require to get full knowledge for an informed decision. Make your own choice. Wish You a warmer, safer, and healthier garage floor with TruContain garage floor snow containment mat.

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