How much does it cost to own a private plane?

Even if we don’t have enough money, we like to know how much does it cost to own a private plane as Jack wanted to know the departure time of Titanic though he had no ticket. No matter if we can afford it or not, we feel pleasure to talk about the super luxurious things. 

It happens almost with every one of us. I am telling you these silly things because I also have faced such a situation recently. I am an aircraft freak who always wanted to own a giant bird and I had enough funds too.

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But as you know, sometimes you can’t do things according to your will, sometimes you can’t buy your desired things even if your wallet is more healthier than hippopotamus. I hired many planes before to enjoy my flying but never got the opportunity to buy one.

Disclosure: In this story, you’ll not get any literal answer to the given question, rather you’ll get an idea.

Recently I’ve got such an offer that matches my budget but unfortunate me, failed to fulfill my dream of having a private aircraft. Today I am going to tell you my failure story where I wanted to fly but I had to float, I had to float on a cruise ship. Don’t worry, the ship is not mine, I was just a traveler like other five hundred passengers boarded on this ship.

My Childhood Dream of Owning a Private Plane

From the beginning that means from childhood I was a bit different than others. Ha ha now you understand why I was showing sympathy to those mean people because I am one of them. While most of the kids were busy playing with different toys I was looking in the sky to find something.

I never asked for any toys to my parents because I didn’t like the common toys. I saw most of my contemporary kids used to play with toys like buses, Cars, Animals etc but I used to play with paper, to be precise with paper plane.

I wanted to fly a plane not just to play with them. There were plane model toys available but I avoided them coz my wish was to fly a plane not to play with a replica.

So I used to build my own plane with papers and then fly them away. At that time toy drones were not available like today. If they were then maybe I would ask for that one to my parents as you can actually have the feelings of a pilot while controlling them.

But alas, the time was not as technically advanced as we are now. My parents saw my activities and tried to take me to the park and nearest fields so that I could play with other kids. But I always used to sit on one corner and play with my own paper planes.

Literally my parents were very worried about me and even in one time they took me to a doctor also for my strange behavior. Fortunately, the doctor was able to make my parents understand that I was normal, just a little different from others and they don’t need to worry about.

By the time they understand my fascination for planes and try to bring me toy planes but still I was not interested in them. So time passed away, I became teen then youth and finally a middle-aged person now.

Still I am too much hungry for plane rides and yah you could ask me why I didn’t became a pilot. Hush! That’s a long story, will tell you another day. For now I can say, due to family business and I was the only child of my parents, I had to choose business instead pilot.

My First Flying With a Charter Plane

When I was twenty seven I got married to my college girlfriend Lauren and that was the first time I hired a private jet to go to my wedding. As I told you, I am a huge freak of aircrafts and always wanted to have one but due to lack of enough money I could not buy one.

But I planned to do something special in my wedding as it is one of the most important day of my life. I wanted to surprise everyone even my parents and Lauren were not informed about the ride.

So on the day I took them to the airport and asked them to check in, they were not surprised because Lauren and her family lives in another city so we were supposed to go by plane but when I tell them that we are going on a private jet they became astonished.

I told Lauren to choose a marriage hall near her airport so that it would be easy for everyone to reach the wedding area. They were waiting at the airport to receive us but when they saw us landing from that private Jet all were standing mouth shut. We then returned again to my home with Lauren in the same Plane. The plane I hired was a Beech BE200 Super King Air.

Beech BE200 Super King Air


When you will Step inside the next-generation Beech craft King Air B200, you’ll be just steeped in a sense of awesomeness. This is the aircraft known as the most successful turbine-powered business aircraft of all time.

This plane has earned its distinction by maintaining a tradition of engineering excellence and establishing an exceptional value. If you compare this with other aircrafts it is comparatively very cheap for short routes.

The King Air is a very versatile aircraft mostly used by the business personals, the military and also for medical excursion flights across the world.


There is a much Spacious Cabin inside not like others narrow block. There are nine seat configurations with two complementary small dining tables. It is a Great fuel saver. Offers access to airports with shorter runways. Also you can find a very well decorated Pressurized cabin.

The latest King Air B200 offers greater capability, comfort and dependability than any other comparable airplane by featuring enhancements like a Collins Pro Line 21® avionics. The manufacturer is Beechcraft offers 59 cu.ft. Luggage Capacity and 226 kts speed. You have to pay $1150 for a one hour ride.

My 2nd flying with The Most Pocket friendly Charter

As I have the experience of hiring a plane and a great attraction for them I always keep my eyes on the online hiring sites. Since my marriage I didn’t board on a plane. I was very upset and feeling a kind of hunger for another plane ride.

So I decided to make a ride again with my wife but the problem was money. At that time I had a huge loss in my business and that was the reason I had a scarcity of money. But still I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate the day in a grand style after all it was our first marriage anniversary.

So I started to read all the news in newspapers related to aircraft and almost made myself stuck with the TV channels. I also had an eye on the online sites for any better offer. I listed hundreds of different offers or packages from different sources like TV, Radio, Newspaper and online.

The problem was none of them were matching my budget and that made me tensed. As usual my wife didn’t know anything about my plan because I wanted to give this as a surprise. As I was in depression she asked me about what had happened to me.

I didn’t want to waste my plan of surprising her so I said due to business problem I was in a little tension. I didn’t lose hope I kept my search going and just a week before my anniversary I got an awesome deal from an online company.

They were offering about to 50% discount on a private jet named Diamond Twin Star. I without making any delay contacted them and confirmed my booking. I took my wife to the airport not just for giving her the only aircraft surprise but also another after reaching our destination.

My wife had never seen the Niagara Falls. Though I had been there only once I was only ten; so my experience was not complete then. At that time the U.S side was closed and Skirting Lake Ontario alone with humbling.

She was way too happy after knowing that we were going to ride a plane and of course a private one. She became speechless when we landed on the Niagara Falls. She was like freak out in tears and hugged me tight saying “I love you.”

For the next leg of their trip, we went to forgo the comfort of the hotels for the natural beauty of the caves of West Virginia. The serenity was so divine that we were lost on the depth of that beauty.

Diamond Twin Star

The great Diamond Twin Star is a twin engine light aircraft ideal for short-range flights mostly but can be used for long flights. It has very improved and powerful turbo diesel engines which gives an outstanding performance and safety record.

Most amazing fact about this beauty is the great cabin view point. You can enjoy the ride as like you are the pilot. There are only three seats available but for couples it is the best choice. Because you have that fantastic feeling what a pilot actually feel, you can enjoy the thrill to the fullest.

The Twin Star is ideal for one or two passengers with a small amount of luggage that simply wants to connect between two or three points. This is the only private jet that maybe offering you both speedy journey and money savings.

The unique design of this aircraft is that it offers breathtaking views for passengers, who can sit either in the flight deck or directly behind it. Most exciting thing is that you have to pay only $500 for an hour. Can you imagine you can hire a whole aircraft with only five hundred dollars?


  • – Very Low hourly rates
  • – Able to land on a very short runway
  • – Assure Comfort
  • – Modern and tasteful interior
  • – Greenest aircraft available on any charter market

Comfort & Size

This Diamond Twin Star is designed in a very unique way. The back is similar to a saloon car but front like an American muscle car like mustang. Though it has a very small cabin Diamond Twin Star offers maximum comfort within the tiny space.


  • Manufacturer name: Diamond
  • Model Name: Diamond Twin Star
  • Available Seats: Three (2 for passengers 1 for pilot)
  • Hourly Rate: $500 per hour
  • Luggage Capacity: 2 cu.ft.
  • Regular Speed 132 kts
  • Interior Height: 1.2 meters
  • Interior Width: 1.2 meters
  • Classification: Small Prop Aircraft Category
  • Range: 1129 nm

First Buying Experience (unsuccessful)

Though my wife was happy with what she got, but I was not. The feelings of my childhood dream always poked me to have something of my own. As I was a regular news checker of daily activities of aviation companies, I can relate everything about my buying a private jet of my own.

Being inspired by my business profit by that time, I discussed the matter with one of my business partners who were also interested in personal jet. His name is Mr. Robert Muller, also a business person of merchandising just like me. He once shared his story of how he became interested in private plane.

The man is actually from Germany but came here in America ten years ago due to his business deal and settled here for the same reason. As a businessman he had to travel a lot from his home country to this country as he had business in both places.

He was fed up with the regular journey not only that the most irritating matter is to book tickets in advance. According to him the most hazardous thing is the flight delay due to no reason. There is another problem of international flights that most of them long transits.

You can feel the utmost irritation when you have to wait for a long time in the queue. For those reasons he was very upset for his daily activities. One day as we were discussing some business issues he told me about his problems and suddenly I thought he could be my man. I told him about my love and passion for aircraft and told my experience about charter plane.

He showed very interest on my topic and we start discussing about the prospects of having a plane of our own. As I was a good business person yah not that much successful, I offered him to buy a plane of in partnership.

He at first seemed a little tensed but then said ok let’s do it. So we came to deal that we would buy a plane with forty and sixty partnership and we would use it according to our will and when no one would use it we can lend it to others.

We both were agreed to the terms and conditions. Then we started to find out which aircraft would match with our criteria. We contacted several agencies but unable to find any suitable deal.

Anyway, after around one month, we got a call from an aviation company about the Embraer Phenom 100 model private airplane. They invited us to go for a test ride on that beauty and honestly we were not that much foolish to miss such a chance. We had a wonderful journey of about an hour and we were pretty sure about the deal.

Embraer Phenom 100 – Private Jet

Embraer Phenom 100

The Embraer Phenom 100 is a stylish and one of the most popular private planes that proves its effectiveness with pilots and passengers alike. In Europe and USA this particular plane is one of the most popular in the VLJ (Very Light Jet) category.

The Embraer Phenom 100 is designed by BMW, known for their most fantastic craft works. The Embraer Phenom 100 offers a private lavatory which is very rare in such category plane. Here is not the end; it is one of the largest baggage holders in its category. The Embraer Phenom 100 is mainly an attractive choice for a short flights but also suitable for long fights also.

The Phenom 100E is the upgraded model which is introduced in 2014 as it provides a lot more than its previous model. The improvements can be seen as it included the premium seating system that means you can feel like a meeting room of your own office.

As it already had a lavatory not adds a solid door to make it more protected than before. The most exciting introduction is a state-of-the-art Prodigy flight deck system also a perfect multifunction spoiler.


  • The new sleek aircraft design
  • Designed my BMW
  • Modern, Stylish and spacious interior
  • Superior performance
  • Largest baggage capacity
  • 2,182 km flight range

Comfort & Size

The designer company that means The BMW-designed interior has been hailed The Embraer Phenom 100 as ultra stylish. There is an available sitting capacity for four persons but the seats are placed face to face and a table between the seats.

This plane has one of the largest cabins in its category to make sure the available room for every person. Each seat is fitted with pilot-passenger communications and a laptop port to feel free to contact the pilot. There is a glass panel to have the 360 dirge views. The cabin is fitted with a refreshment centre to make your journey more comfortable and memorable.


  • Manufacturer Company: EMBRAER
  • Available Seats:  5 (four for passengers one for pilot)
  • Hourly rates for Charter:  $2152
  • Luggage Capacity: 67 cu.ft. 
  • Model name: Embraer Phenom 100
  • Regular Speed:  380 kts 
  • Interior Height: 1.52 meter 
  • Classification and Category: Small Jet
  • Top Range: 1078 nm
  • Interior Width: 1.78 meter

We liked every inch of this awesome plane and wanted to finalize the deal. When we asked for price the owner said he wanted $4 million but we had a different opinion. Mr. Robert and I decided to offer $3.5 Million and did so but the owner didn’t accept our price. He was not in a mood of compromise and asked us for leaving. By putting a heavy stone on our heart we left the place at once and my first experience turned into a failure.

Another Unsuccessful Attempt of Owning a Giant Bird

I was badly disappointed after the first experience of owning a private jet. In this state I spend about two years but still I hired fifty five more planes for my personal use. I once thought that I would forget about my plane dream but the more I wanted to forget the more I became attracted.

I was having a very controversial time regarding my passion. I was in a dilemma whether I had to do. Then after a long discussion with my own self I decided to buy a plane of my own not with partnership or any other means.

Might be a brand new one will not possible but a used one would be fine as well. So again I started my mission of buying a private jet of my own and after several days’ research I found out a person who works in such areas.

I met Mr. Bunberry Otunga who works for an agency dealing with used aircrafts. I got his information from an online airline service website and went to his office to meet him. After having formal greetings I discussed my passion and desire of having a private jet.

Mr. Otunga was a very amiable man with a great sense of humor. He told me forget about the plane have some fun with a hot air hostess. Jokes apart, he took my urgency very seriously and told me to give him 7 days and he would definitely find an awesome deal for me.

I was like waiting for his call just like a boyfriend wait for his girlfriend. And finally my mobile showed me Mr. Otunga’s ring and he told me to be in his office at once. He showed me a picture of a plane named Pilatus PC-12 a one year used plane owned by an Ex military personal. I asked him for details and price then he told me about this one with pin point discussion.

my Pilatus PC-12gsb

Pilatus PC-12

Mr. Otunga presents as – Behold, I am presenting you the Pilatus PC-12; the integrating double turboprop engine into an aerodynamically-advanced airframe which combines excellent economy, reliability and versatility.

This plane, the Pilatus PC-12 was made in Switzerland. This is known as a corporate commuter and utility turboprop aircraft. Though it has the capabilities, speed, comfort and safety of a twin-engine turboprop it is a comparatively cost-effective aircraft than other private jets.

This powerful queen is certified in twenty countries for single pilot commercial Instrument and Flight Rules operations. You don’t need a long runway even no runway to take off this mini bull. It can also operate from fields, grass and gravel strips also. This particular Pilatus has a developed PC-24 system that can use short runways, gravel and grass strips which is really a unique and rare feature in jet aircraft.


  • Can configure up to 9 seats
  • Single pilot operation
  • Short runway capability
  • Low operating Costs
  • Bigger baggage area available
  • Large rear cargo door
  • Can be used for air ambulance and cargo operations also

Comfort & Size

The Pilatus PC-12 has bigger cabin than most small jets and also can be compared to many medium sized jets cabin size. As nine seats available you can use all the six for passenger of can be used two for crews also. The six executive chairs are fitted with cabinets and tables.

The amazing fact is that the executive chairs can be arranged for private relaxation or as conference-style seating for four. The baggage area can be accessible in-flight and offers great baggage capacity than any other private plane.


  • Manufacturer name: The Pilatus
  • Seats Available: 7 (six for passengers and crews and 1 foe pilot)
  • Hourly Market Rental Rate:  $1656
  • Luggage Capacity: 38 cu.ft. 
  • Model Name: Pilatus PC-12
  • Regular Speed: 285 kts 
  • Interior Height: 1.52 meter 
  • Classification and Category: Small Prop Aircraft
  • Top Range: 1845 nm
  • Interior Width: 1.4 meter

Decision making

After hearing all those lucrative words from Mr. Otunga I became very excited about the plane and wanted to see that with my own eyes. I asked for price and he said the new one is $4 million but this one is one year used so let’s talk to the owner first.

We went to that military person named Mr. Kenedy. He showed us the plane and also offered us a ride. After 30 minutes ride I decided to buy that one. After a huge controversy we finally came up with a price of $2 million and the owner offered $2.5 million.

So I wanted a week to think over the price and returned home. I discussed that deal with my wife and she was very happy to hear that. But the problem was the money, I didn’t have such amount on that very time so I asked one of my business partners for a million dollar.

He was ready to give me that amount but he told me that as I was buying with loan how could I maintain the other costs? I was alarmed by his words and asked him what were these? He told me that if I buy an airplane then I must have a Pilot to operate, I would need a hanger for keeping it, the fuel and maintenance cost, government permit and so on.

I was shocked with his words as I never thought about those things before. Then I sat with pen and pencil to figure out the crazy operating cost of a private jet and unfortunately I got that there are some hidden or anonymous cost too…

Anonymous Costs & Others

If you are thinking this is it then wait my friend there are more. To buy an aircraft you must have permission from the government and also have a license for your plane. In this process, about $10,000 of more will be gone.

Apart from this for cleaning painting and small repairs will be your spending. So in total it will be about another couple of hundred thousand dollars. There are some costs called anonymous costs it is like you didn’t get transit at an airport and have to wait for one hour or even using an airport will also cost you money.

Deal Cancel

baby is about to cry

After calculating all the things I came to a conclusion that it may be possible for me to buy a plane for myself but almost impossible to maintain its other costs. I was a successful businessman but still it seemed that buying a plane and maintaining its regular cost is way too high for me.

I thought I will buy a plane definitely one day but not that day. So with a heavy heart I called my dealer Mr. Otunga and discussed my situation. I told him to cancel the deal and if possible find a single engine small and comparatively cheap plane for me. Unfortunately at that time single engine planes were not available in the market so I started waiting.

Most Expensive Charter

Though I was not successful to buy my own plane, I didn’t stop my journey. As a business person and private plane lover I always find a scope to ride a plane with ultimate pleasure. A couple of months ago there was a board meeting of our business association group.

The board decided to have an annual outing with the board members. As we were discussing about the place and other things suddenly a thought hit my mind. As we decided to go through plane in business class so I offered them for a better solution.

As you know we are the board members and have a handsome budget for this business tour I discussed my proposal of chartering a private plane with same specification. They gave me the duty to hire such plane with business class facility.

I was really happy with that and start my searching for the best and big private plane available. After three days of restless search, I found my desired plane and showed it to my board members.

They all were very happy to see that. Though it was very costly it is worth the price. After the tour all of my members thanked me personally for this wonderful air ride and also praised my choice. We selected the Boeing Business Jet from famous Boeing Company. We had to pay $19 560 per hour for this beautiful giant. This was the most expensive plane I had enjoyed so far.

Boeing Business Jet – BBJ

Boeing Business Jet 737 inside

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) is usually based on the well-known 737 airliner family of Boeing Airline Company. This plane has the world’s best flight range and cruise speeds together in any private jet.

The extremely spacious and versatile cabin makes it one of the most prestigious private jets on the VVIP charter market in the whole world. The BBJ is mostly used for VIP group travel by major world governments and also other high profile organizations like ours.

The Boeing Business Jet extends the Variants across the Boeing family. The iconic aircraft such as the 747 and latest Boeing 787 Dream liner is also fall behind in front of its massiveness. This plane charge a huge amount of money but believe me you will get double feedback from its service. 


  • Best flight range in the world
  • Excellent cruise speeds 
  • Great Spacious and versatile cabin
  • Huge luggage capacity
  • Offers VVIP status

Comfort & Size

The 5,390 cubic feet of cabin is highly-customizable desired by the owner.  The cabin can be configured almost any you want. This place will act like a luxury apartment in the sky. The most popular configuration is to divide the total space into four compartments.

First compartment contains the board room, second compartment a lounge, third compartment a VIP bedroom and finally a business office in the fourth compartment. There are two lavatories with shower facilities.

Also you can find a Separate galley, washroom and luggage storage inside the plane. It is also possible to convert the BBJ cabin to hold larger numbers of passengers in VIP seated rows, similar to a first or business class airline cabin.


  • Manufacturer Company: The Boeing
  • Available Seats: 30 ( can be configured to 35)
  • Hourly rates: $19 560 
  • Luggage Capacity: 640 cubic feet
  • Model Name:  Boeing Business Jet
  • Regular Speed: 450 kts 
  • Interior Height:  2.16 meter
  • Purchase price: $150 Million 
  • Classification & Category: Long Range Jet
  • Available Range: 6141 nm
  • Interior Width: 3.53 meter

Determined To Buy

I was really very happy with my family and business as both of them are running very smoothly. But there is one thing that bothers me all the time that I must have my own private jet no matter how big or small it is.

I am not a mid aged person and by the grace of the creator I have enough funds to buy a mini aircraft and also to bear its regular expenses. I already told you that I was waiting for the single engine plane though it was not available then but now.

I never lost the contact with my old agent who worked for aviation companies. So I called Mr. Otunga again and asked that any single engine plane was available or not. Mr. Otunga gave me good news saying a Bonanza G36 was available.

This time I am determined to buy this one and went to see the plane and its condition. The plane was almost new as the owner bought it a few months back. I wanted to buy a used one to avoid the permission and licensing problem, they took too much time to deliver. I saw the plane and had a test flight and almost fixed the deal. But I took time to discuss with my wife about that as the owner demanding $950,000.

Bonanza G36

The Bonanza G36 is the aspiration of any pilot and owner who desires unmatched craftsmanship. The piston-engine makes this a powerhouse and it is designed and built to be certified in the rugged utility category.

This plane is ready for any adventure with first-class technology and comfort with world-class quality. The Bonanza G36 is featured by the latest technology in integrated cockpit avionics and the Garmin G1000 NXi.

It offers an improved graphical interface, more powerful hardware and higher resolution displays. Bonus functionality to improve situational awareness, and optional wireless technology, managing the flight deck has never been easier to operate.

Comfort and Convenience

The Bonanza G36 is the only plane that treats passengers to the most comfortable ride found in any piston-engine aircraft. You don’t even have to sacrifice the hauling convenience. The wide and long interior can quickly be reconfigured into four different layouts. T is very simple to reconfigure to accommodate passengers or special cargo.

Features and Options

  • Standard ADS-B Out and In
  • Optional wireless data base
  • Standard Garmin ESP) and (USP)
  • Integrated VFR Sectional Charts
  • IFR Charts with Night Mode
  • Garmin Context  Satellite Iridium
  • COM frequency decoding
  • Vertical Situation Display
  • Optional Surface Watch 
  • Enhanced graphics for faster processing
  • Improved joystick with smoother panning
  • Simplified maintenance


  • Manufacturer Company: Beech Aircraft Corporation
  • Available Seats: 6
  • Luggage Capacity: 10 cubic feet
  • Model Name:  Bonanza G 36
  • Regular Speed: 176 kts 
  • Interior Height:  1.27 meter
  • Interior Width: 1.07 meter 
  • Purchase price: $1 Million for New one
  • Classification & Category: short Range Jet
  • Available Range: 920 nm

Everything was in favour of me, but….

My joy knows no bounds as Bonanza G36 comes with all the features I was looking for. I came back to my house dancing to give this surprising news to my wife but in contrast, I got the surprise.

When I reached home, my wife came to me holding a poster or something like that and asked me about how I was doing.

Nothing stopped me to tell her everything. I also told her all the amazing facilities the plane offers and of course it’s surprising price. But I noticed that she was not interested at all. She was just listening to me like I was delivering a boring lecture in the class.

When I finished, she argued that I’ve already enjoyed hundreds of plane rides throughout my life and in her opinion it was more than enough.

She told me that “Now it’s time we enjoyed a cruise ship ride” then she showed me the paper she was holding in her hands. It was a cruise ship traveling company offering world tour for 90 days and she wants me to confirm our tickets.

Though I was not prepared to take such a long leave, but I had to confirm our cruise ship tickets and had to drop my idea of buying that giant bird. I had to do so because I love her. No matter how much does it cost to own a private plane, you know sometimes despite having the ability, you cannot do whatever you want to do…..

Guys, I have to go now as my wife is calling me. Yah we are now in that cruise ship together and of course it’s much more enjoyable than any air ride. Honestly, now I am not that much unhappy because we are together floating on the blue water that is the loveliest part of our love…..

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