Is it very expensive to learn cycling?

If I say “NO”, it won’t be completely true, because to learn cycling, you’ll need a cycle, gears, physical fitness and a bold heart to face and defeat the obstacles. So, I like to say that it’s very interesting

and at the end of my personal story (exactly how did I learn) you’ll come to know how expensive it is to learn cycling.

How did I learn cycling: My Way

A bicycle always gave me the impression of being a wild and geared stallion since my imagination developed. And I always dreamt of cycling in early childhood. But I failed time and again.

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Instead of learning how to ride a cycle, I got injured several times.  Eventually, I reached out to a young man in our locality who was fairly an expert at riding.

Afterward, I learned cycling by following his instructions. By the way, cycling can be challenging for a newbie. It needs much patience along with practicing regularly.

I learned and advised passion

I caught sight of the people even when mastering advanced tricks of cycling was not over or just when I finished the basics. It was because of the passion I developed by the time I successfully learned basic cycling.

Heartfelt thanks to my non-professional but passionate instructor. More than briefing me on how to learn to ride a cycle, he transmitted the passion of that self-transportation successfully in my system.

Yes, the feel is just great as if you are taming a wild but geared stallion.

That is just what I did too later on. I inject the craze of cycling into the people more than instructing them. Otherwise, cycling basics are all the same.

Why and how do I formulate my learning experiences finally?

how do I formulate my learning experiences finally

The folk around me -children or grown-ups- always ask me how I learned cycling. I was accustomed to giving them particular devices based on the techniques executed, mistakes committed and corrected while trying to learn riding.

Enough as starting, several novices succeed in cycling well through my casual advice. With the increase in the number of cycling enthusiasts seeking my instructions, I grew self-conscious of the effectiveness of my instructions.

At this stage, I formulate a course on how to ride a bicycle easily. Believe me, it was just the sum total of the directives I learned and used to give the same to the people seeking my guide. But this time I give a damn in this regard so that they sound properly arranged.

No way! Rising acceptance drives me more than the confidence as an instructor.

As expected this time, responses were bigger and the result was even more encouraging. This success has inspired me to share all these in a blog post.

Here you go….

Before getting on the Geared Stallion_

the Wild and Geared Stallion

YES, I fondly call my bicycle – the Wild and Geared Stallion.

Cycling is healthy for you and friendly for the earth and environment.

Whatever, learning to ride on a cycle is not easy at all, particularly at the beginning. But knowing the basics beforehand will make this tiring task a breeze.

You can say these are the hard and fast rules if you want to end up being an efficient cyclist.

Better to make it clear, you can learn on your own but first-hand instructions will surely save your time, body parts, and the two-wheeler.

Why did I start in the park?

I start in the park

A suitable ground is crucial to start with. That can go the bigger way to learn cycling spontaneously. A flat, smooth and extensive ground is the precondition to learn cycling precisely within a short period. Because this is the ideal ground to teach you pedal strongly.

I started in a park rather than trying on a narrow road as per the suggestion of my cycling guru. Because falling on the grass is rather fun than injury.

But after a few days, I took to the flat road as I fall scarcely now and have a considerable exposure to what bicycle riding involves.

And soft gravel is not that tough to cause a serious bruise from gentle falling. I had to found out a location whatever far from the traffic jam and legal for cycling.

At this stage, I avoided the broken roads and hill but I had to switch there later on. I will definitely share why and when.

My guru told me – Insulate your joint by wearing riding gears

Nobody could escape joint injury and skin scrapes at first time riding. It is usual and requires precautions. Therefore, unguarded and casual starting can cause grievous body injury.

So putting on best cycling gears and suitable riding clothes are must protect your joint along with the entire body. Baggy pants and long skirts are always avoidable as these may be caught by gears and tires inviting a terrible accident.

I started with quality knee and joint guards but committed the mistakes of wearing baggy pants and still suffering the consequences. I was foolish to think that loose pants will be convenient for body movements while riding.

My maiden riding helmet was a gift

riding helmet was a gift

A helmet is another crucial gear both for an amateur or expert cyclist. Nobody could expect to get a safe riding until and unless equipped with a compatible helmet.

Not to differ, a fitting helmet can protect our skull from getting ruined. Maximum two-wheeler accidents are head injuries leading most often to death.

In my case, this comes as a warning rather than a tip or instruction, “broken bone can be repaired but the broken skull couldn’t”.

Saying this, my instructor handed over a helmet to me he used to put on at practice.  To my utter amazement, it was my size and accessorized with straps to fasten my chin and neck.

Hey, chances are narrow that you too will get a fit helmet as a gift.

Just fun buddies!

But you can have your skull gear after your mind from the market. There are helmets matching your age, level, and type of riding.

Roads are now busier that require you to be more concerned of your life. A fit and tight helmet can ensure your head protection when riding. Even it will save your head if you get an accident. So you must put on a helmet before going to learn cycling.

I wore the gifted helmet and had it harnessed properly with the straps so long this matched my skull size.

I ignored my cycling level and trail for the emotion-ridden background of my first riding helmet. But you should select your one basing on the level and trail you are now on.

Don’t wear it so tight that the straps dig into your skin.

Though I was advised to ride during the day

ride during the day

You could ride a bicycle both at night and in the day time. Though you will find it comfortable to ride at night in the free ground, it can be dangerous for you.

At night, vehicle drivers couldn’t spot you owing to darkness. Besides, it might be difficult for you to visualize the road properly. As a beginner, my recommendation for you to ride during the day what I did also.

Being pretty confident after a considerable length of practice, I embarked on the fun and zest of the night riders. I enjoyed it to the core. You can enjoy too but in the proper time and preparation.

But whenever I went on my geared stallion at night, I never forget to wear reflective gears and clothes.

And I always made sure that the cycle headlights switched on and the body frame covered with personalized reflective stickers. All these were to make me easily and clearly visible to the approaching drivers from every direction.

Time to mount on the stallion

Time to mount on the stallion

Well, I’ve by now shared the pre-mounting preparation I took or was told to take. These are crucial before start cycling. These are crying need for you to get a safe and comfortable riding practice.

I was super excited as now it’s high time to go to the ground and ride on the stallion. Here you go with the guidance I received and I followed to learn cycling the efficient way.

And later on, my personal friends and acquaintances got guided and benefitted by implementing at their riding lessons.

I managed a compatible and quality cycle

Pay your attention here, because this even can break the bank. A perfect and consistent cycle is much needed to learn cycling without frequent harassment.

Your active cycle will assist you to learn cycling in a short period and the most effective way. Even you can get rid of all the accidental causes whenever your cycle is stable and fit. I couldn’t expect to have comfortable cycling without a perfect cycle anyhow.

So, it’s essential for you to manage a compatible cycle. When I am saying compatible, I mean to say that your height must match with the target cycle to ride on.

Because mere adjusting the seat height, you cannot feel comfortable with cycles far shorter and taller than you. This guide on how to find a bicycle of your size helped me greatly.

But that doesn’t mean you will consider compatibility over quality. What use starting with a cycle that will create issues after issues that is common with cycles with compromised quality? Go for a branded option like Diamondback known for quality.

I needed nominal adjusting of the cycle seat

adjusting of the cycle seat

Once the proper cycle is picked, it’s time to adjust the seat according to your height. As a beginner, a lowered down seat can be much beneficial for you.

You could touch the ground by sitting on the seat in case the position becomes lower enough.  

Besides, a lower seat allows you to stop the cycle through your leg easily from the full race. However, it’s possible to adjust every cycle’s seat as your wish and need.

As I have chosen a cycle my size, my cycle seat was almost adjusted that save me much ado in this connection.

I mounted the seat from the left side

After adjusting the seat, your next step is getting on the seat. You have to cycle by sitting on the seat all the time. Try to keep the balance of your body and put your weight on the seat during the time of cycling.

Whenever you get on the seat, naturally your body moves around. At that time, you can’t keep the balance of your body. In this perspective, you have to plant one foot on the ground to keep body balance.

I am a right-handed person. So I put my right leg on the other side and rest the left leg flat on the left side ground. For your information, do the reverse if you are left-handed or left is your stronger side.

My bicycle has brake levers attached with the handlebars

As we all know that the brake system allows you to stop the cycle or lessen the pace of racing. You have to check out the brake of the cycle.

If your brake is disabled, it might cost you dearly as you couldn’t afford to stop the cycle at the right time. An accident is imminent without having the braking system right on your cycle.

So whenever someone reaches out to me to get advises on learning riding cycle, I never forget to add emphasis on this point.

And testing brakes is not tough anyway. My practicing cycle has a common setting and I could squeeze the brake levers affixed with the handlebars – the front brake with the right handlebar and the back brake with the left one.

Now a day, many bicycle manufacturers tend to set the backpedal or coaster brakes that entail pressing down on the pedal to the backward direction.  So checking brakes is crucial enough for safe bicycle riding and must for trainers.

I learned to keep my eyes straight ahead

Your target is to learn cycling at any cost (very expensive lol). So, you have to be patient and try more and more.

One more thing to take serious note of is that you have to keep your eyes straight forward. Your focus should be towards the long distance you heading to.

Never look at the bottom of the cycle. If you do it, you may fall immediately causing severe injuries.  You have to concentrate on looking towards the direction you want to go.

Initially, I suffered several falling and getting hurt but a reminder from my instructor crossed my mind then.

That was, “Keep saying yourself repeatedly that look far and straight to the direction of your racing.” That proved very instrumental to be able to give my attention towards the approaching trail.

That would not come instantly as was the case with me. It happened with me without knowing when.

I kept paddling and ignore whatever directions the cycle move to

Now you’re at the final step. It’s time to start paddling the cycle. You have to keep paddling spontaneously without distraction. With the nonstop paddling, you could learn cycling easily within a short period.

The time you will put weight on any paddle, the cycle will turn this side and move in a cycle. Without trying to drive straight, you should follow the course it takes until it stops. After several turns like that, you will gain momentum to drive your way.

I used to mount off and restart again to paddle it straight but failed every time. Later on, I surrendered and let the cycle take its course to find it go in straight line before too long.

I squeeze brakes – to stop, to slow down, and to shift track

I mentioned earlier; the brake allows you to pause and decrease the race of a cycle. Whenever you are absorbed in paddling, you may need to stop cycle for various reasons.

You need to hold brake mildly while racing down a slope to keep the pace under control. Slow your rush by pressing brake levers when to take sharp turns.

When you need to stop, you should slow the pace down by braking before the ultimate stop by putting the legs on the ground.

That’s it!

These are the common factors to learn cycling. Anyone can learn to ride a cycle by following these instructions. Hopefully, they could get better result instantly whenever they follow these rules.

I took a Caveat after successful completion of the basics:

As per the advice of my cycling coach, I took a caveat before starting my self-transportation on the streets. I could master ultimate balancing only after this course of mounting and dismounting slopes in this caveat.

It is crucial enough to feel a breezing effect and thrill while faced with a mild or semi-steep slope along your track or road.

To my experience, it is better to spend a little time racing up and down on a mild slope after the successful completion of the basics. Mounting up and down the slope will help you master the tricks of shifting tracks while speeding fast.

It is likely, you will come across ups and down for whatever purpose you use this transportation – daily town commuting or regular hobby ride.

Final Thought

The popularity of the bicycle as transportation is on the steep rise for many reasons – fitness concern and earth-friendliness being the prime.

Vehicle fuel is one of the dangerous culprits that accelerate the greenhouse effect and cycling is free from this concern. On its top, cycling is the best physical exercise along with daily commuting to school, office, and town surfing.

For all the benefits possible to derive from this, cycling enthusiasts have been multiplying since the end of last century.

And they look for someone who affords to teach them how to ride a cycle the easy way. It is challenging but not too tough to succeed in learning.

In fact, anybody can learn to ride it on his own. But following first-hand instructions or coaching under professional cyclists will reduce the toil and save time and energy.

But long time and consistent practice are not enough to be expert in this game. It certainly requires passion and zest for it.

However, I felt the passion at learning stage instilled by my instructor; this is how I learned cycling the easiest way and it was not so expensive. Feel free to write a comment if you want me to disclose exactly how much money did it cost me to complete my learning.

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