How to Use a Smoker Box on a Gas Grill | Make Different Flavors On Your Regular Grilling Foods

Do you like the smoky flavor in your grilled food but don’t have an opportunity to make a fire? No problem, here you get 6 steps on how to use a smoker box on the gas grill. Check out this article to know the detailed info.

In the USA, there are many states where firing is prohibited. We’re living in Los Angeles, which is a region of these types of cities. But my younger sister and I are smoky flavored grill food devotees. Though we like smoky flavored food, I have to use a gas grill for cooking our delicious food due to firing prohibition.

Once, I came to know about the smoker box from one of my neighbors. After that, I learned to use the smoker box on the gas grill to enjoy our smoky foods.

Today, I am sharing with you how to use a smoker box on a gas grill? If you don’t have a smoker box, no fear mat! I will tell you the step by step process of turning your gas grill into a smoking machine!   

What is a Smoker Box

In simple words, a smoker box is a small pot and made from stainless steel or cast iron. There are many holes in the box’s upper and lower lid to spread the smoke in the grilled food. You can use this little box in your gas or electric grill to make smoke. 

To get the smoky flavor from the smoker box, just fill the container with wood chips, set it in your gas grill, and turn on the grill’s switch.

Benefits of Using a Smoker Box

Though a smoker box tiny in size, it can offer you different flavors on your regular grilling food. Some of the benefits of having a smoker box 

  • It provides you a smoky flavor on your propane grilled. So you can taste smoky tasted meat, steaks, and fishes with your gas grill.
  • If you use a smoker box, you don’t need to throw wood chips directly on your gas grill to produce smoke. 
  • You can use a smoker box in a charcoal grill or gas grill. So you can avoid direct heat to produce smoke. 
  • You should add wood chips to the smoker box without damaging your propane grill. 
  • There is a hole in the smoker box to collect the ashes of burning wood chips. So it doesn’t make your grill too much messy.

Where is The Best Position for a Smoker Box

Yes, it is a reasonable inquiry you have to know to get the smoker box’s maximum smoke. The best position of placing the smoker box is the top of the gas burners. When you put the box over the burners, it will get the maximum heat and produce the highest smoke. 

You won’t get enough smoke unless you place the smoker box in the right position. So be careful while setting the smoker box. 

There are different types of grills but the gas grill. You can also use your smoker box in those grills. For example

Charcoal Grill: In a charcoal grill, you have found a suitable place on the grill’s bottom side. You can place your smoker box in that place to make smoke.

Electric Grill: In an electric grill, you can place the smoker box beneath the grill’s grates. Because when you keep the meat on the grill, it will get the maximum smoke.

How to Use a Smoker Box On a Gas Grill | V-shaped Smoker Box

Now, it’s come to the magic time to describe to you the 6 steps of using a V-shaped smoker box on the gas grill. First time I learned the process from my neighbors. Then, I researched and experimented with getting the best smoke procedure by using a v-shaped smoker box. 

After a lot of experiments, these six steps could satisfy me to get my desired smoky flavor. Let’s dive into the smoke ocean to get your favorite smoky taste. 

Preheat The Gas Grill: First, you have to preheat your grill to make it ready to place the smoker box in your grill. You can turn on only one burner of your grill to preheat the grill. It takes 15-20 minutes to get the desired preheat.

Prepare The Wood Chips: When you turn on the gas grill burner to preheat the grill in the meantime, you can prepare the wood chips to burn. You can use dry or soak wood chips according to your preference. 

If you use dry wood chips, then there is nothing to prepare. But if you use soak wood chips, there are some jobs to do. Soak your selected wood chips for at least 30 minutes in water. 

Loading and Placing The Smoker: Before loading the chips in the smoker box, keep them on tissue paper to drain. After draining chips, place them in the smoker box and shake them to even placement. 

Then open the grill lid and remove one grate to set the smoker box. While removing the hot grates, use a metal tong not to burn your fingers. Now aging, close the grill’s lid.

Start Indirect Cooking and Smoke-Producing: Since you preheat your grill before placing the smoker box, the chips get fire and produce smoke within a few minutes. When the smoker box starts to produce smoke, place your meat or steak on the grates. 

Heat Adjustment: If you don’t observe the grill’s heat, there is a chance of excessive heat. That’s why you have to adjust the grill’s inside heat. When cooking, check the inside temperature of your grill with a thermometer. And adjust the heat from 225° to 250° Fahrenheit to avoid catch fire on the grill.

Cook the Meat Until Getting Expected Smoky Flavor: How much time you need to cook that depends on the density of your steak. If the steak is thin, it can take 45 minutes to 1 hour to cook the steak. But if the meat is thick, it can take more time to cook. So wait until the meat is cooked and getting the expected smoky flavor.

How Should You Use Your Smoker Box If It Is Not V-Shaped

Using a smoker box on your gas grill is a safe and easy way to get the smoky flavor in your food. You can make fire and produce smoke in your gas grill through a simple smoker box. 

A V-shaped smoker box is the best one in the smoker box. But you don’t be worry if your smoker box isn’t V-shaped. Here is the process of using the smoker box on the gas grill.

To create fire, take your smoker box and place it empty on your grill grates to preheat the box. When the box is preheated, open the box’s lid with a tong, and put as many wood chips as you need. Then shake the container to spread the chips evenly. 

Now, close the lid of the grill to get the maximum heat. Wait 10-15 minutes to make a fire on the box. Open the grill’s lid after catching fire on chips. After that, close the smoker box’s lid to extinguish the fire and produce smoke. 

Then, keep the box under the grill’s grates and over the burners. Place your meat, or steak, on the grates. Always observe the grill’s temperature and adjust the heat according to the recipe’s requirement. Cook your food until getting the desired smoky flavor. When you finish cooking, then get ready to eat. 

Precautions to Avoid Danger While Grilling

You must be aware while you’re dealing with fire. Use hand gloves, metal tongs, and other necessary safety equipment to cook with a grilling machine.

  • Never wear synthetic cloth during cooking.
  • Take away kids and pets from the grilling area.
  • Always observe the grill’s inside temperature.
  • Keep sand beside the grilling area. If the grill catches fire, quickly throw sand into the grill to extinguish the fire. 

Tips and Tricks of Using Smoker Box On a Gas Grill 

Knowing some useful tips and tricks will help you prepare your tasty grilled food quickly without facing any hassle. Even some hacks can mitigate your grilling time. Let’s know some useful smoking hacks.

  • Make ready all the ingredients of recipes before firing your grill.
  • Check out your propane cylinder. Is there enough gas or not? If the cylinder has enough gas to cook, then it’s ok. But if it doesn’t have enough gas, make ready the second one.
  • Set your grill on a flat and straight surface so that it will not move while cooking. 
  • Ensure adequate airflow to make the environment suitable for breathability. Otherwise, you can’t take a breath due to a lot of smoke.
  • There are many wood chips, and all of them have a different smoky flavor. But, naturally, you don’t like all tastes. So choose your favorite wood chips to get your desire smoky flavor. 
  • You can use soaking wood chips or dry wood chips in your gas grill. Choose one between these two. 
  • If the grill produces more smoke, reduce the temperature level to adjust the insides smoke. 

All these simple but useful tips may assist you to enhance your grilling experience. 

What If My Smoker Box Eventually Warp

Wrapping or messing up the smoker box while producing smoke is a big issue if your smoker box isn’t developed with stainless steel. If your smoker box eventually wraps up, change it, and buy another one.

And while choosing a smoker box, you have to consider the smoker box material. The best and the heavy-duty stainless steel will reduce your smoker box wrapping problem.

Wet Wood Chips or Dry Which Is Better For Smoking

There is storming out debate about using wet wood chips or dry wood chips to produce smoke in gas and charcoal grill. Once, people thought using wet wood chips was better than dry wood chips. 

But the scenario is changed. You need a sustainable temperature to cook food evenly and get even smoke flavor. If you use wet wood chips, it takes more time to produce smoke and fluctuates cooking temperature. 

Not only that, you need more fuel because the damp wood chips first dry and then create smoke. So the cooking process takes more time, and you have to wait to enjoy your food. 

But using dry wood chips is preferable. Dry wood chips take less time to make smoke and while comparing with wet chips. It saves you money, time, and effort.

If The Chips in Your Box Do Catch Fire

It’s very disappointing to catch fire on your smoker box. You have to take some precautions to avoid catching fire. 

For example, warp the chips with aluminum foil, place the smoker box in the right position, always adjust the grilling heat, don’t fill over chips in your smoker, and use a heavy-duty smoker box. 

All those precautionary steps can help you to avoid fire. But, if the smoker box catches fire, instantly switch off your grill. 

Clean and Maintain Your Smoker Box

You have to clean your gas grill and smoker box after every usage. Here, I am describing how I cleaned my little smoker box. 

First, I remove the box from the grill. Second, I gave it some time to cool down and then collect all the ashes with a metal spoon. After collecting the ashes, I kept them in the waste bin. Third, I brought out food greases with a putty knife.

Fourth, I washed it with mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. And Fifth, I pet the smoker box with a dry cloth to make it dry because rust catches quickly in a witty smoker box.

With these five simple steps, I cleaned my tiny smoker box and used it year-round. You can also follow these steps to clean your smoker box.

Alternatives to Using a Smoker Box

A smoker box is the best option to produce smoke on your gas grill. But what do you do if you don’t have any smoker box near you? Do you leave the hope of tasting smoky foods? Oh, no. You can make your own smoker box. Do you think, how? 

Here is the process.

You need some things to make your smoker box. And yes, all of the items are very easy to collect.

  • A foil pan
  • A piece of aluminum foil
  • Some wood chips and 
  • A pen or pencil

The procedure of making smoker box 

Take the foil pan and aluminum foil and fill the foil pan with wood chips. Take as many chips as you need.

Then wrap the chips filled foil pan with aluminum foil. While wrapping, make sure, there doesn’t have any space to enter oxygen.

After completing foil wrapping, make some holes on the aluminum foil with the pen or pencil to come out of the smoke.

Yes, you have completed making your handmade smoker box. Now, place it on your gas grill burner and give it 15-20 minutes to create smoke.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  • How long does a smoker box last?

You can’t use one smoker box for a very long time. You have to change the chips every 30 minutes. If you cook for a longer time, you have to replace it 8-12 times. If you don’t change them, you won’t get your desired flavor.

  • Can you use the smoker box in the oven?

Yes, you can use the smoker box in your oven. Using the smoker box in your oven, fill the box with wood chips, and place it on the bottom of your oven. Then set the oven rack on the box. Keep the meat steak on the rack, insert the pan in your oven to cook the food.

  • How many Wood Chips do I need?

The number of wood chips depends on your recipe and cooking time. If you cook for a shorter time, you need fewer chips, and if you cook for a longer time, you need more chips. You have to add 2-3 handfuls of wood chips after every 30 minutes to get enough smoke. 

  • Will smoker box work on “X” model grill

One word answer is yes. It isn’t a matter of consideration which model of grill you use for cooking food. The smoker box will work for every model of the grill if it gets heat to produce smoke. 

  • When to add more wood?

If the smoker box’s chips are almost burned, you have to add more wood chips to the smoker box. Be aware when you are adding wood chips to the box because the box is still hot. You can use long-handed tongs to add more chips to the box.

  • Can you put charcoal in a smoker box? 

Yes, you can put charcoal in a smoker box to create smoke. Even you can mix up charcoal briquettes and wood chips in the smoker box, and it works better and offer you a different smoky flavor in your grilled food.


After a long journey of reading this article, you have already known how to use a smoker box on a gas grill. 

I know before you taste grilled food with your gas grill. But if you try a smoker box on your gas grill to get the smoky flavor in your food, you can realize the difference between regular grilled food and smoky flavored grilled food. 

And if you are a novice in grilling, then I hope you have known some grilling tactics that you can experiment with in your next time grilling.

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