Why should you use a knee compression sleeve support for running?

As soon as I stepped into college, something happened that made me bound to use a knee compression sleeve support for running. Yap, a teddy bear type overweight girl who never even walked for a single minute is now running regularly without any issue and my secret is this  amazing Single Wrap Knee Compression Sleeve Support.

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Cool Features @ a Glance

  • Anti-Odor Wave
  • Anti-Slip Silicone
  • 3D Knitting
  • 4-Way Stretch
  • Perfect for Recovery Aid

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How this knee compression sleeve support changed me

It’s a long story. But, it’ll be of great value to you if you want to lose your weight or want to stay in good shape.

At high school a girl is still considered as a teen with her naughty and innocent smile. She does not think about anything, not even what people think about her. They are busy to enjoy their lives at its fullest.

But something happens that changes her life overnight as soon as she put her foot on the college. College is such a place where thousands of changes took place physically and mentally in a girl. It is high time for showing ones creativity, sense of humor, fashion and obviously expertise on studies as well.

This is the era when what people expect from you is more important than what you want for yourself. You can’t see but feel an invisible competition among everyone who looks better than others.

looks better than others

I was so excited but honestly not that serious about me and my teddy bear type body. As a high school completed hussy, I never thought that I would look so awful due to my imbalanced diet. I never ate any healthy food instead of fast food dipped in oil.

I used to eat at least three to five big chips packets. Extra-cheese burger, smoky chicken wings and delicious cakes were my favorite foods for regular menu. For such oily consumptions on a regular basis, I have gained a bear type figure that is literally impossible to attract anyone.

I chose a dress and wanted to buy it as I thought it would be the best one but while trying it seems too tight to endure me. It happens all the time. Because of my overweight, I couldn’t get what I wanted.

I was very worried sick about my college and trying to figure out what to wear and what to avoid. Still I was not that much serious about my future or my ugly fat body. Then something happened that changed me entirely.

Why did I start running

My life in the college didn’t start very smoothly whether others had a super excitement for this life. My first day start with a humiliation as everyone was staring at me like an alien from another world.

Many of them were laughing at me; some even called me polar bear. But, it wasn’t a problem for me as I had super powers of ignoring others while they stared at me, learned from the High School,  I tried to make friends and unfortunately no one was there to hold my hand.

I started to go to the college facing down and attending the class like a hostile place and then return to my house again facing down. This was like regular activities of mine and I never feel the excitement or enthusiasm like others did.

Then a girl from a different department finally grabbed my hand and became my first friend in the college. I met her in the college field while I was gulping my lunch.

Maybe you are thinking that why in the world I was eating in the field instead of the canteen. Here is also a sad story written in my diary.

As no one likes me, I used to eat alone in the canteen but there most of them looked at me like they are watching a monkey eating a banana in the zoo.

monkey eating a banana

They used to laugh at my eating habits as I ate a lot almost double than a regular person. Can you imagine what it looks like when everyone is staring at you to have some fun.

So I started eating in the field, but I was curious why Lisa was there. Lisa told me that she doesn’t like too crowded place while eating so she chose this place. We used to spend time together and became best friends. Yea yea I know what are you waiting for. Here’s this story….

It’s My Crush Who Made Me Running Every Morning

As I have a friend now, my life is not as boring as before. But then love at first sight type something happened, actually someone came to my life. One day while we were eating in the college field we saw a couple of boys playing football in the field.

Among them one guy stole my heart beat for a few seconds. The boy was about six feet tall with great body and nice cuts muscles. While he was running over the field as they were playing football, every part of his body was becoming more and more attractive to me.

I noticed that he had great upper body with a picture perfect six packs. He worked hard or may be because of running, his legs were very strong and that makes him a great athlete. For a moment I forgot my lunch and staring on that handsome hunk but Lisa woke me up.

She asked what happened to me, why I was not eating. I replied, “My heart is full.” I showed her that boy and asked her if she knew him. Lisa told me that he is RON, the most popular guy in the college.

He is the team captain of our college football team and also a bodybuilder. He spends most of his time in the Gym and field. I could see his nicely cut biceps, giant triceps and wide shoulder. The body is not very huge or very lean; there was a perfect balance on every part of his body.

I had a huge crush on him. Lisa informed me that almost half of the college girls had a crush on him but he never gave a shit to anybody. I decided that I will propose him no matter what. As I thought, I tried to talk to him many times but he never even looked at me so.

I never got the chance to say anything. He was always surrounded by lean and hot girls and he seems to be enjoying a lot with them. So I decided that I will lose my weight at any cost just to get that boy in my life and will do anything for what it takes.

It’s where the bad days began

bad days

As I have already decided to lose my weight so I was searching for effective ways that may help me to reduce my fat early. Lisa and I spend hours on youtube and other websites to get some effective tips and we came to a conclusion that Running is the most effective way to cut off the extra weight. Since then I started running in the park every morning. I also had to give up eating my favorite foods.

Here in the park, I made a few friends who were also trying to do the same as I was doing. Being a fat girl I used to get tired very early. I could not run for a long time and I was also unable to control my diet properly.

After a few days, I feel tremendous pain in my legs. They were so tormenting that I could not even walk properly. I was very worried about what will happen to my legs. I informed my physical conditions to Lisa and she took me to a doctor.

The doctor asked me what had happened and I told him about my running. Then the doctor explained to me the cause of my pain. Thanks God, nothing was broken! He said as my weight is too high so while I was running there was extra pressure on my legs than normal.

So he told me to take a rest from running and suggested some pain killer. As I could not move, my running stops and I was depressed again. After a few days, Laura, one of my friends whom I met in the park while running, came to visit me as she didn’t see me for days.

She came to my house and asked my condition. I was literally crying in front of her and said the whole story about why I want to lose weight but now hopeless. Then she suggested me something incredible that helped me to make my dream come true. Can you imagine what was that awesome thing?

It was a Knee Compression Sleeve Support

uflex knee sleeve

Laura told me about the Knee Compression sleeve support, a revolutionary product that helps many ways. This product is like a big rubber band which you can use on your desired area, although it is known as a knee compression.

This particular product is mostly used by the athletes. There are numerous benefits of this product. She gifted me one of these to use it on my knee and the result was just amazing. I feel relaxed and it helped me to reduce my pain.

I started to use that product regularly and now it seems I was getting more energy to run more and thus my weights started to lose in a noticeable rate.

There are thousands of brands available in the market but Laura suggested me to buy UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve. According to her, it is the best in the market. The UFlex Knee Compression Sleeve is mainly designed to give a pin-point compression to support the knee muscle or other parts.

The silicone grip ensures that the knee sleeve stays in place while you are doing any activity. Runners, basketball players, football pros almost every sports person and all athletes like to use the knee sleeve as it helps to improve blood circulation for a faster and better recovery.

This fashionable and stylish Elastic Knee Compression Sleeve provides a 4 way stretch capability and offers all around superior protection. It is a must have item for runners, weightlifters, or professional athletes.

Why it’s considered to be the best knee compression sleeve support

I didn’t forget to ask Laura why she is claiming it to be the best one and she explained it in such a way that she owns the company. But, now I know what makes her to commend the product and I can bet that you also will do the same after using it. Here’s the cool features of this hot selling pain reliever- 

Doesn’t Slip

To ensure it stays in place the UFlex Compression Knee Sleeve features a silicone band at the top of the knee sleeve. So it will stay where it is placed whether running a marathon or just wearing under your pants at work. The UFlex Compression Knee Sleeve will not slip or slide even an inch from its place. 

Comfort and Durability

This product is made in the USA using seamless UFlex Fabric, the knee sleeve is moisture wicking, ultra-comfortable, and is made to last for a long time. Unlike other knee braces that restrict your range of blood circulation, the UFlex Knee Sleeve provides a full range of blood motion. Also helps you to enjoy your favorite sports or activities without knee pain.

Advanced Compression Technology

Where other compression knee sleeves made of a flat fabric, the UFlex Compression Knee Sleeve features advanced compression technology to provide targeted support where you need it the most. By providing support to the patella and entire knee area the ribbing and compression helps you to stabilize muscles. The compression technology also helps to improve blood circulation and reduce pain and inflammation.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Knee Compression Sleeve

The first thing to consider is it’s material. If it is made of cheap material, instead of relieving your pain, it may cause you extra pain. The second thing is size. If you select a wrong size, it’ll not be able to offer you the comfort you expect. So, be careful to pick up the right size. Finally you should consider the price.  UFlex Knee Sleeves are made of the best quality materials, available in different sizes and the price is very reasonable.

My Experience of Using UFlex Knee Sleeve

As I started using it for knee pain I noticed the comfortable recovery on my legs. Knee pain or injuries can put the brakes on your pace, also may cause you to stop running altogether but the Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support, will keep you on your feet within no time. The silicon grip gel helped me to keep the sleeves stay in place during running and a fabric made from spandex, nylon, and latex guarantees a long lasting use.

Due to the use of compression fabrics, it has increased blood flow and aid fast recovery. It also can help with minor knee injuries. The minor complications like tendonitis, arthritis, and ACL and meniscus tears can be easily aid with this product.

Some of the users say that the sleeve has helped them keep moving after knee surgery or injuries. One of them saying that the product allowed him to climb stairs and drive during the recovery phase even in his old age.

The Ultra Flex Athletics sleeves also give you the promise to reduce inflammation and swelling and aid in recovery from runner’s knee as well as arthritis and tendonitis. And thanks to a supportive, ergonomic design, as it doesn’t slide down, eliminating the frustration of having to yank slipped sleeves back into place and swift recovery during problems. So, if you’re a fat person like me running regularly or recovering from knee problems don’t forget to wear these knee sleeves.

The incredible result of using this knee support

After Laura gave me one of these I bought another three to have a full support on my both legs and both hands. I started running again just after three days I got the UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve as it helped me to aid my leg pain rapidly.

I’ve started running on a regular basis again. It helped me to feel the kind of comfort while running in the park or even staying at home. Every day after my running I do not feel that much tiredness what I used to feel before and surprisingly there are no pain in my legs.

The UFlex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve aids my torment super fast. I thanked Laura thousand times as she helps me in this process. He not only gave me this miraculous gadget but also inspired me a lot in the field while running.

She has become one of my best friends. I suggested this miraculous product to my family members too. I gifted one pair of this supportive sleeve to my grandfather as he faced an accident and badly injured one of his legs.

At first he became annoyed at me but after a week of use he called me and thanked me for that product. Since his words “I can feel the pain is reducing very speedily and I can move my leg more easily”.

I was also very happy to see him getting comfort. I also suggested my mom to use that as she also have knee pain as she has to stand for a long time in the kitchen for cooking.

Anyway, my weight is also reducing on a noticeable rate and I have lost about fifteen kilograms within two months. Now I notice that many boys and girls are noticing me but not with humiliation.

Along with running, I also started my fitness class to bring my body into a greater shape. After a four months long struggle, I finally got my desired shape. Now almost every boy looks at me with profound love in their eyes and girls with ultimate jealousy.

Happy Ending of my love story

As I become the heartthrob of the college, now there are a lot of girls and boys who want to become my friend but I do not pay any heed to them as they didn’t accept me on my bad days. Yea, I’ve become selfish.

But, Lisa is still my best friend and we continued our old routine. Now I noticed RON the guy on whom I had a crush start noticing me. As now I have a great shape I get many love proposals from many boys.

But as I have a secret crush on Ron I decided not to accept anyone else because during these times I fall in love with Ron. At the same time I was very furious on him as he never noticed me and made fun of me with friends because I was fat.

Though I loved him, I wanted to teach him a lesson as he humiliated me. So I was waiting for that news and surprisingly Lisa told me that Ron is asking almost every person about your likes and dislikes but no one is able to help him.

Ron one day came to me and asked me for coffee but I simply refused his offer telling him “I do not talk to strangers”. This is the same words when I went him for telling how much I like him.

He felt very humiliated and said he was sorry for what he did to me few months back. Now he can understand how it feels to be rejected or being humiliated in front of everyone. He said he will not bother me again and start walking away.

I called him from behind and bend my knee in front of him and said “Do you know how much I love you? Ron along with every single person there were shocked except Lisa as she knew everything.

I said whatever I am today is only because of you. You do not like fat girl that is the reason I worked so hard to become what you want. I fall in love with you the moment I saw you and wanted to say you but you never gave me that chance except humiliation.

So I wanted to teach you a lesson. But I’m sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you. Ron was literally crying after seeing my expression and he also bends his knees and said something so sweet.

At first I couldn’t trust on the knee compression sleeve support, but after using it, I became a big fan of this amazing thing and it’s so amazing that not only my crush Ron is mine now, but also I’ve achieved a crush figure. Now I believe that nobody is overweight to achieve a great shape.

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