What type of boat requires led marine navigation lights?

Marine life is full of adventure. But, do you know how risky it can be to enjoy those marine adventures without having any led marine navigation lights on your yacht?

We were stuck there for two days. We could hear many big ships were passing us but due to technical error we couldn’t send any signal to them. Scroll down to know how did we return home.

Anyway, when we returned home, my ancient mariner uncle told me that my day sailing yacht also requires an led marine navigation light and after hearing how did we lose ourselves, you’ll better understand why it’s needed for almost any type of boats.

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  • 1 NM visibility
  • 112.5 degrees radiation angle
  • Stainless steel waterproof body
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Premium quality

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This is the led marine navigation light that you can count on

This exclusive Leaningtech LED navigation lighting kit is topcellently engineered to be used on your favorite sailboat. So, it was the right choice for my day sailing yacht. The amazing design of this navigation light permits simple bulb changing without using any tools.

It comes with a 12 volts bulb. You’ll get this light fit enough to withstand severe environments because all of its units are constructed of high quality impact resistant plastics which is promised to provide maximum strength for years to come.

Why did I choose this marine navigation light

It’s a long story that how did I come to know that I need a navigation light for my day sailing yacht.

I didn’t have the opportunity to experience the ocean until I was ten but the adventure that I’ll remember for the last day of my life has happened in the last summer when I was in Daytona, Florida with my Mom, Dad, two cousins and three family friends for a business purpose.

We stayed in the Paradise Hotel in Daytona and I literally threw my bags to jump on the big mysterious mass of water waiting for me in the back. The time was just perfect evening as the sun was just beginning to set.

That wonderful feeling of reflections coming from shimmering gold and orange light is impossible to describe in words. I didn’t waste a second to stripe off my clothes and start rolling in straight into the magnificent symphony of waves. By the time my entire body was immersed, an instant new sensation washed over me that I never experienced before.

I feel like it was my reborn and I was almost vacant completely of thoughts, feelings and emotions. All the Jet lag, tiredness, exhaustion just vanished and I was feeling like one of the billions of atoms flying in the sky.

Coming out from the water, I took a deep breath and start floating in the essence of life. Again I felt my deepest connection to the water, the sand and the mysterious creatures of the sea.

mysterious creatures in the sea

Everything about the Ocean, no matter it is the salty crust, the foamy bubbles, the sunny beach, the golden sand or the bright Sun is like a fascination to me.

Even before I saw the sea physically for the first time, I was deeply in love with it spiritually as I heard the fantastic stories from my parents and mariner uncle.

my mariner uncle

You may have one reason to come to the sea at the weekends off to enjoy a beach party with your friends. But I have many.

As I am a huge fan of water sports and water activities, being close to the sea is very easy for me to enjoy an array of water activities and amazing sea life.

There are lots of options any of them surely will make you fall in love with ocean. My favorite activities are Surfing, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Boat trips, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Hookah diving, Swimming for hours, Running in the beach, Making sand sculpture and so on are always waiting for you.

These activities not only help you stay in a good shape but also cover a major part of your vacation. At the same time, it creates Photo Opportunities for photographers. It’s actually Fun for everyone.

After my 21st birthday, most of the time, I just take my day sailing yacht and go for Hookah diving, as it is my new hobby. My mariner uncle surprised me with an awesome hookah diving system in my 21st birthday.

What is hookah diving?

I think most of the sea adventurers are habituated with Scuba diving but hookah diving is not anything unusual. Hookah diving was first introduced to the people back in the 1820s by Charles and John Deane and by the late 18th or early 19th centuries, complete hookah diving systems were already in the market.

This particular diving system pumped to supply air constantly to the diver and so the divers no longer had to return to the surface again and again to a dive bell.

hookah diving system

How a Hookah System works?

The function of a hookah driving system is very simple. A breathing hose connects the air source to a scuba regulator to provide air to the diver.

There are two types of systems, one provides single air hose called a down-line, for each diver begin at the air source and finish line glued at a regulator.

Another system provides one down-line and outlines connected to an air hose and regulator for each diver. The second system is more reliable as it gives each diver a little more freedom and reduces the risk of down-lines becoming entangled with each other.

The diver wears a standard mask and fins in a hookah diving system, they do not wear a BCD instead they wear a harness to anchor point for the down line.

There were weight belt with detachable weight pockets. To maintain the neutral buoyancy weights are taken as they are not carrying any air tanks. You can get system designed for one to four though a second stage standard regulator is used for breathing.

This adventure will emphasize the thrill you get by hookah diving that probably impossible by scuba diving. It would be the best for safety to have some sort of underwater breathing apparatus on board for any emergencies.

Hookah diving vs. scuba diving

Hookah diving and Scuba diving seems or sounds like same although they are still much different from each other. In spite of having the freedom of roaming about without the consideration of a dive hose in scuba diving, it is losing its interest due to high price.

You have to pay a huge amount of money as scuba diving tanks and all other necessary equipment are very expensive.

On the other hand, hookah diving system though having a few disadvantages in case of freedom, still has become an extremely fast growing hobby due to its convenient price.

Other important problem with scuba diving is only one person can use one tank. But in hookah diving system, even four people can take air from the same tank.

Final thing is about the air tank. In Scuba diving, you have to carry the tank under water but in hookah diving, you don’t need to carry the tank underwater as it will float on the water.

So hookah diving could be your next step if you want to explore  more of the ocean for longer periods of time without the irritating long learning process of scuba diving system.

scuba diving

What you must have to enjoy the mysterious ocean is a Yacht

When I decided to move here I asked my dad for a small day sailing yacht, But he gifted me the M.Y. LADY LAU – C 118 by Codecasa (an amazing yacht which is suitable for 15 to 20 young adventurers). I was very happy to see the yacht as it looks absolutely fantastic.

Anyway, there are mostly 5 types of yachts available in the market. You know, I’m just crazy about the blue water. So, I can’t but telling you a bit about those yachts. But, if you have zero interest to those yachts, feel free to scroll down to the main story that is on the necessity of a navigation light for your yacht.

Day sailing yachts: Those small Yachts which are less than 6 meters (20 ft) are called length Day sailing yachts. Some with humor called them sailing dinghies which often have a retractable keel, centreboard. As day sailing Yachts are designed for hourly or daily use and not for overnight journeys most of them do not have a cabin. Some of them may have a ‘cuddy’ cabin and the front part has a solid roof to provide a place for storing necessary equipment or to offer shelter from wind.

Weekender yachts: Weekender yachts are slightly bigger than the day Yachts measuring between 6.5 meters to 9.5 meters (31 ft) in length. There can be twin keels which allow them to operate in shallow or emergency “Dry Out” option. These boats are suitable for short journeys, mostly not more than 2 or 3 days at a time. Weekender Yachts usually have single cabin with a single “saloon” with sleeping pace for two to four people. There is also a small space for water and food storage. The smallest weekends Yachts are often called pocket yachts or pocket cruisers.

Cruising yachts: Cruising yachts are very common for private use ranging from 7-14 meter (23-46ft). There is a great combination of docile handling qualities, interior space, good light-wind performance and on-board comfort can be seen in these vessels. For good stability there is a teardrop-platform hull, with a fine bow, a wide, flat bottom and also deep single-fin keel with ample beam.

Most common yachts typically offer double-berth cabins; a single large saloon with galley, seating. There are also space for the navigation equipment; and a “head” providing a toilet and shower-room. The most yachts are furnished with wood paneling interior and huge space that quite capable of taking on long-range journeys of thousands of miles. These category Yachts have a cruising speed upwards of 6 knots which is pretty nice for family use.

Luxury sailing yachts: Yachts are always in the top list of billionaires as it is the best medium for luxurious time spending.  Luxury sailing yachts are generally 25 meters (82 ft) long but now you can charter a 90 meters (295ft) boat easily. There are only about one thousand or less sailing yachts in the world. In current times these yachts are evolved from simple vassals to sophisticated and luxurious boats. During last few years these yachts have evolved from simple basic accommodation vessels into sophisticated and luxurious leisure boats.

This happens because hull-building costs has reduced and the introduction of fibreglass hulls. Also the automation in “production line” and latest techniques for yacht building increased rapidly. In almost every Luxury sailing Yachts modern convenience, from air conditioning to television, radio, and navigation aids such as Global Positioning Systems can be found. These kinds of Yachts are highly automated with computer-controlled electric winches which controls the sails. Also the use of electric equipment on yachts has increased greatly. Aids such as radar, echo-sounding and autopilot and rechargeable yacht’s batteries are also available to make your journey opulent.

Racing yachts: Racing Yachts are very powerful in terms of speed and durability. Mainly Racing yachts try to reduce the wetted surface area by keeping everything light weight and pointed front. Modern designs are providing wide beam and a flat bottom with a view to providing excessive heel angle and also to promote surfing and planning.

As these boats are designed for racing it can speeds of up to 35 knots in extreme conditions and do not have full accommodation for staying overnight. Mostly these services are unavailable to reduce the overall weight. Depending on the race type these yachts can be modified for 15 to 30 crew both in offshore and inshore racing. At some rare cases specially in “single handed” races, where one person alone can control the yacht.

My Yacht belongs to the day sailing yachts group but with a slight touch of luxury.

Some of my friends also call it luxurious. Anyway, aesthetically my yacht expresses the Codecasa style with its sleek bow and portholes hull with awesome superstructure.

The Yacht can reach 17 knots at cruise speed as it has two powerful Caterpillar 3516B engines.  Each engine generates of 2448 HP to get a range of 5000 nm at 12 knots with a great oceanic navigation.

There is a top tank deck with service areas along with 5 large decks available for laundry and stowage. The latest feature is the lift which connects the all five decks. The lower deck is fill with garage and the engine room, the Main Deck faces on a Veranda which is in the upper deck with two relax zones and a wonderful piano, a saloon and a dinner table with seat arrangement for up to 18 people.

This place is so admirable for its wood inlays and decorative natural vines and arts.  On second and third decks consists of the main galley, three Guests cabins, 2 cabins for the staff and an extra crew cabin each.

How we were stuck

As there are many good sides of living marine life, there are some bad sides too. Ocean is a place of absolute thrill but there is danger on and in the water. Sea is a part of nature and where there is nature there is natural calamities. Sometimes I have to face many serious dangers like high winds, typhoons, Sharks, Hurricane, Tsunami, engine damage and so on.

Last summer during that business tour in Daytona, one day I faced a serious problem. That day, I along with my friends enjoying my new hookah diving system near an island. I didn’t forget to bring my diving system because it was my dream to enjoy diving in florida as it’s one of the best diving spots in the world.

However, suddenly a mid-ranged typhoon break out and stuck our yacht at the island shore. Due to bad weather our radio system was not working properly and we were stuck there for two days. There I see how all the highly configured electronic facilities of a luxury day sailing yacht  become inactive.

And that’s why, though my yacht is undoubtedly one of the most expensive luxury yachts, but I call it a mere day sailing yacht. It’s advanced features didn’t do anything in those days. We could hear many big ships were passing us but due to technical error we couldn’t communicate with them.

Thanks to a fisherman who saw us and then call for help. When we returned home my mariner uncle suggested me to use marine navigation lights.

He told me that if I fall in a problem and my radio does not work, then I can put these lights on and thus I can send signal to other ships that we are in danger. I liked the idea pretty much and decided to buy it.

My experience after using the navigation light

I went to the market with my friends and find those lights in different shops. We saw many products with almost the same specification. My friends and I had a different opinion about those lights. One of them was saying that, that was the best while another went for the other one. As we saw about hundred types of lights in the market, we become very confused.

So, I called my uncle again and he suggested me this led marine navigation light by Leaningtech which comes with a 12 V stainless Steel LED Bow Navigation Light.

I asked for these lights and install them on my Yacht and since then whenever I fall in danger, I get rescued early only for these lights.

These lights are 12V and have silver color panel made of pure Stainless Steel. They are very easy to install and very handy. You can even change the position as you wish without calling any technician.

They are very powerful lights but surprisingly they do not take that much energy according to their service. There are many other products available with same kinds but this one is absolute best in terms of its look, design and usefulness.

  • The lights have silver cover and that resist it from corrosion.
  • The Polycarbonate Lens makes clear and sharp focus. 
  • Very easy and quick mounting installation. 
  • The input voltage is DC 12V and 2.4 inch dimension. 
  • There are 112.5 degree radiation angle and waterproof rating is IP67.
  • It does not use much power and don’t run hot like the traditional bulbs.
  • LED light source gives a very bright light.
  • Comes in pairs. Red for port side and green for starboard side.

I am using it and don’t mind recommending it as it is a Great boat accessories. Those who love marine life will love to have such lights as a gift. These lights are also perfect replacement for the front of the pontoon boat and meet wildlife and fisheries regulations.

How to install a pair of Leaningtech led marine navigation lights

It’s not so difficult to install these lights on your yacht. You can do it easily if you know a little about electric power supply system. Just mount the lights in any place of your choice using the mounting bracket, connect the power leads to the components and don’t forget to connect your battery. Nothing could be easier! You’ll need the following tools-

  • Boat wiring harness
  • Switch panel with circuit breakers
  • Navigation lights
  • Bilge pump
  • Livewell pump
  • Boat battery wiring

But, if you don’t have the required tools, then it’ll be wise to call the technicians to complete the job. Anyway, you can do it yourself as installing the Leaningtech lights is very easy. But a minor mistake can interrupt the electricity of your yacht. However, don’t worry! My friend is here to help you. Watch him before you start installing yours.

The savior in the sea

Just after my installation of the Leaningtech marine navigation lights, I faced a serious tsunami last week and the wind was so terrible that I lost control of my yacht. We were roaming in the deep blue sea aimlessly.

Fortunately we didn’t face any kind of serious damage but as usual we lost our radio contact with the base. We were thinking that it would be take long again like the last time we were stuck on the island.

Because of the excitement, I almost forgot that I already installed the signal lights, so I was very depressed. But I was very surprised when a coast guard sheep came to us and said they saw our signal.

I was thinking how could they got the signal and asked them about it. So, they replied that they saw the red light of my Yacht. Then I became aware of another amazing fact about those lights that they are automatic, they adjust the color according to the situation.

If your boat is running smoothly then there will be green color light and if the boat stops due to engine failure of any external damage there will be a Red light. I was thanking my uncle who suggested this amazing product.

This was the reason we got rescued within 3 hours of our engine failure. I will say it is an absolute lifesaver and amazing thing for your boat whether it is a luxury yacht or just a day sailing yacht.

So, my best answer to your question is – any type of boat requires led marine navigation lights to avoid the risk of getting lost into the blue water of the mysterious ocean.

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