Magic of the magnetic gate lock with keypad to kick out the hassle of losing your key rings

Can you imagine, a snow white rabbit made his dream castle after 19 years of hard work, decorated it with all the glittering stones and also secured all of its super heavy doors not using the magnetic gate lock with keypad but installing the strongest steel gate lock and now going to enter into his splendid castle keeping his left hand on the curved waist of his beloved. But, unfortunately he noticed that he had lost his key ring. Ops! What a heart rending situation…….

It could be so romantic, if he would have installed this amazing gate lock system which comes with a keypad. So that he wouldn’t have to be worried after getting lost his key rings.

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Have you ever lost your key rings? When the curtain fell after dusk, a big moon comes up at the horizon, and I was with my honey on the way to a marine drive to celebrate our third marriage anniversary in a completely different way than in the past. But, suddenly, an unpleasant thought ruined my tranquility….. maybe I’ve lost my keys.

My face gets paled, and she could easily understand that something went wrong, what’s that?

Emma whispers in my ear when the full moon starts uncovering her beauty along with the sparkling stars. I exclaimed with grief that I have lost the key rings…

She became stoned too. How did you lose it, Johnny? She cried out with shouting. I replied, maybe it was slipped out somewhere on the beach when we were running there….

A few minutes passed by with silence and it seems like thousands of hours. Gladness turns into grief and we started to sort out how to get out of this mess… following our request, the boatman landed us on the shore within minutes….

Emma found a rock while we were heading towards our parked car, and I can’t help but let her breaking into the car window and silently got into the car and I drove hurriedly straight to the home… Thanks God, at least we didn’t use steering wheel lock!

When reached the gate of our house, it seemed I became an alien to my own house, where I have been living for the last 20 years. We tried all the night to break the lock which was impossible.

Finally, the sun rises and Emma called her elder brother to help us getting inside the house. Dave come with a bag full of breakfast and helped us to break-in the home as he is a firefighter.

he helped us to break-in the home

With the help of his handy tools, he broke the door lock. I was ashamed of my mistake that ruins our anniversary trip, and I was broken at that time. Oops… I can’t forget the sorrow of that rabbit!

Dave smiled and told me – You wouldn’t regret if you would have used the magnetic gate locker just like your neighbors do.

Emma and I came to know about this stuff for the first time. What’s that, Dave? Both of us shout at the same time and asked it.

A quick overview of the amazing UHPPOTE magnetic gate lock with keypad:

Dave shrugged and started to give us a brief description of that gate lock and we were carefully listening to him……

Well, Emma and my dear bro, a magnetic lock is a door or gate locking device that consists of an electromagnet and an armature plate to help users unlocking the door without using any key.

So, there’s nothing to worry about getting lost the keys and you already know how terrible it is to miss out the keys. Anyway, you’ll get thousands of magnetic door locks out there in the market.

But, you’ll see that UHPPOTE Magnetic Door Access Control Kit comes with the most advanced door lockers equipped with remote control based electronic magnetic locker and keypad.

Let me represent some surprising features of the amazing UHPPOTE Magnetic Door Access Control Kit

Highlighted features of UHPPOTE magnetic door lock:

  • It is a remote control door locker as it activates the wireless signal, and that signal penetrates the wall and unlocks the door. 
  • It can individually operate itself and doesn’t require to connect with any computer. 
  • It has 500 RFID card capacity besides there is a personal pin that goes individually with every single card
  • You can open the door using three modes, and they are Public PIN, Support Card, Personal PIN. 
  • It is a highly secured system so it can be used in homes, offices, hotels, and factories or schools, etc. 
  • It can support your single door perfectly.

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As you can see, the features are really cool but you know, as a firefighter I know a lot more about this Magnetic gate lock with keypad. So, let me show you something that’ll help you to opt in for this gate lock system before getting your keys lost again.

How do magnetic door locks work

You may think that how is it possible to unlock a gate lock without using any key. Well, magnetic locker is a smart locker since it operates automatically and treats like a controllable magnetic asset to you.

Once the electromagnet is charged up, the armature plate comes to attract and the magnetic field is strong enough so the force will secure your single door from opening without your permission. Haha, so it’s impossible to open your door without your permission.

There is a lot of stuff you can see in any magnetic locker, and when all of it comes together, then the magnetic door locker build, and they are aluminum, zinc, copper, iron. Besides, a dozen parts are used such as screws, magnets, hinges and cables of different sizes. 

You even can take advantage of the remote unlock function from it which can help you unlock the door without getting off of your car. Besides, it has an access controlling system along with keypad, card reader or biometric scanning system. So now it is vivid to you that how the access system verify whether the right person tries to enter or the wrong one.

This is how it works

Types of Magnetic locks:

The primary function would be the same as the different types of magnetic locks. But different types of magnetic locks serve different situation and gives some unique facility.

On the other hand, the different variations come with pins in a lock, however all use as push and pull. For example, the magnetic-coded locks have a dual function that is keyed lock and standard lock. Here I am going to tell you about different mag lockers: 

Electromagnetic Lock:

Electromagnetic lock creates a magnetic field and has a monstrous power that leads to an electromagnet and armature plate attracted by each other so no one can open the door from inside and outside. By the way, the armature plate finish is made of Zinc metal.

The magnetic word itself doesn’t mean that it works like a magnet, rather it holds a certain amount of electrical current and generates a fierce, magnetic force. 

Now let me tell you about the function of Electromagnetic locks. They work with the power that flows directly to the coils where the electric wire comes across the iron core.

Besides, a metal core called solenoid that is beset with a single cable. As you know, the magnetic lock is keyless, so the locking operation is powered by the electromagnetic strip or solenoid. 

Imagine the whole installation is done and the locker comes to operate, then how it works? The answer is simple, and it is run by electricity, and the magnet charged up through it and flowed the power to the coils, and the door kept locked by the closing down of armature plate. 

When the power flows through the coil, and the magnet gets magnetized, then the door remains closed. Conversely, when the power supply gets interrupted to flow through the magnet, then the door will be opened. The major advantages of this type of locking system are-

  • Emergency exit is the best pros ever with this kind of door locker
  • It has 3 modes to open the lock, and they are RFID Card, PIN, RFID Card with Personal PIN
  • One can enhance the force by increasing the current flow into the system

And the Cons are:

  • The security system can penetrate while the electricity will be shut down from the whole power supply.
  • If there is any gap between the frame and the door then, one can be pried it make it open
  • The force it can generate would be a bit low what is claimed in the feature

Magnetic Keyed Lock:

Not all magnetic locker is operated by electricity; however, it contains magnetic functionalities. It comes with a different brand with different types too, some of them have a single magnet, and some of them have a series magnet. 

The Single keyed locker won’t serve the best security comparing to the series magnetic locker. It works fine, and highly durable but has some issues too. 

On the other hand, the series magnet which has multiple magnet instead of one works better and has more durability when you will try to break in using a wrench. This type of gate lock offers the following features –

  • The key will remain intake for a long run
  • The decoded locking system allows opening the door without using the keys
  • You can conceal the existing lock
  • No scope to make tension using wrench or pick


  • Securities would be low depending on the keys complexities.

Magnetic-Coded Lock:

Want to use a manual password decode it for safety unlocking?, Magnetic-Coded Lock makes it more secure and would be the best choice after electromagnetic door locker. Want to use a manual password which decodes it for safety unlocking? 

Magnetic-Coded Lock makes it more secure and would be the best choice after electromagnetic door locker. The coded locker often comes with a sophisticated decode programming system that provides great safety.

The decoder keys remain in the hole until you jiggle it for unlocking. This type of locker often comes to hard to use a pick and it has such a security feature that makes it very complex to open for the unauthorized person. Now, maybe you are thinking about the difference between the magnetic and standard locks. Well, here it is-

Comparison between Magnetic and Standard Locks

More or less, the purpose of every door lock is the same. However, all of it can not serve the same purpose providing similar features. Again, the locker you will use depends on your demand and budget. Therefore, we can see several types of door locker, and all of these have great market demand. 

Among many types, Magnetic and Standard locker are the two most popular door locking system. You can wonder what makes the difference between the two. It is a lot, indeed in terms of security. 

The electromagnetic locker is the safest choice and then, the normal magnetic locker. Here is why should you consider the electromagnetic locker as a first choice.

The electromagnetic locker for support in case of emergency exit. Besides, it is far better than common magnetic locker and Standard locker. The average pin and tumbler locker would be the worst choice out of all, whereas, the magnetic keyed locker would also work great as no intruder and insert the pick into the locker.

Residential Use of Magnetic Locks

Magnetic door locker has an immense benefits when you install it at your home. It has Low-Voltage AC110-240V that is a standard worldwide voltage just like any Mag locker.

So you don’t need to worry about your home electrical bill. Moreover, it consumes that much of electricity that an alarm does to wake you up in the early morning, funny but true. 

Where should you install the electromagnetic locker at your home?

To be honest, I’m not sure about the other locks, but the UHPPOTE Magnetic Door Access Control Kit is built in such a way that could be easily installed at the top of your door frame, and it is the ideal place to install.

Besides, this place is suitable because of the electrical wire connected to the magnet more feasibility, and for that, nothing comes between as an obstacle over there. 

Commercial use of magnetic locks

UHPPOTE locker not only secure your home but also, it can provide more security features compared to the other traditional lockers to ensure the security of your office or factory.

Normally, office needs to keep safe and sound more than one’s home because an office is arrayed with the expensive equipment and documents. This amazing gate lock system has an access control kit that allows 600lbs Force Electric Power so you can sit back at your office and become tense free for security.

The mag locker can save your money to a great extent too. For example, when you have many employees in your office you can manage multiple keys to all of them, and at the same time, it is hard to maintain the keys.

Therefore, Mag locker comes handy to your office to settle this issue, and everyone can get easy access using biometric or keypad password. Here are a few applications of this magnetic door locker:

  • Amazing access controlling system with keypads/biometric system, credential scanners
  • Emergency exit application, controlled and delayed egress doors
  • Glass door, single door, automatic swing and sliding doors.
  • Secured gate with an exterior entry points.

Is Magnetic Locker safe?

Is magnetic locker safe

The most important question. Now, I’m going to introduce you with a magnetic locker which is the most secure locking system ever, and you don’t need any keys to unlock them except using your secret password.

That makes it unbeatable compared with any traditional lockers. It is amazingly reliable, impossibly hacked by anyone, and quick to install. This is how UHPPOTE magnetic gate lock with keypad works.

I’ve already told you about the force of magnet that keeps the door shut with an extreme force so that no human being can open it up. But a question may come across one’s mind that how strong is the power; right?

The strength of any magnetic door locker depends on the number of coils and the amount of electric power that flows through it. Besides, the type of metal that is used in the coil indicates how secure the locker would be.

Normally, more or less every electromagnetic door locker generates immense force by dint of current. As a result, it can be shut even if an intense force up to 1200 pounds. Therefore, it is the best choice to make when you use them. Also, you can use them in any type of door like wooden, glass, or metal door type.

UHPPOTE is made of sturdy steel and thus it has gotten a CE certificate from the European Union. By the way, the locker is applicable for any glass door too. Apart from CE certification, it got MA certification too for its hardened steel that is attachable to the metal door. Furthermore, it can survive in any high temperatures and works fine as a fireproof door so it is more than safe what you have thought.

Since, the safety issue is the primary purpose to serve, the magnetic door locks placed on Emergency exit doors. Let me explain it to both of you. 

More or less, you can open and lock every door locker using the electric force. So when the power will come in contact with the locker it works, and if not, the locker does not work.

However, it is not the way the magnetic door locker exactly work. If it does work in this way then in an emergency situation we all would be deadlock situation and unable to come out from this.

Imagine when you will experience an emergency then you want all the door remains open for an exit. Moreover, you can go through unlocking all of the doors, which is a fire-safe feature of the electromagnetic door. The fire alarm will help you to activate the door to be opened in case of such emergencies.

Now, you may wonder how it works in case of an emergency when the power supply comes to shut down, right?

Well, to open up the door in an emergency period is the ultimate purpose of an excellent magnetic locker, indeed! In that case, it can unlock itself even when the power is not available and allow you to come out safe and sound. To make sure it, it is always placed in an emergency exit door.

Benefits of using magnetic gate lock

The main benefit you’ve already known and that is you don’t need to keep keys with you so that no chance to lose your keys and face any hassles.

If you have installed the gate locker then I would not have to break in your door. the magnetic door lock is far better than the deadbolt or spring bolt locker which requires keys. So the keyless entry to your home or offices is truly amazing, and to ensure it there has a card access system.

This UHPPOTE gate locker has keypad along with scanner so you can set your password also can use your fingerprint and scanner will keep the data in the machine memory. So, no computer is needed to maintain this lock system and everything is done by biometric technology.

Actually this magnetic door lock is very advantageous for every household owner. For example, if one of you alone go for shopping and come with handful situation then press the remote and the door will unlock automatically. Therefore you can open up even if you have a lot of stuff in your both hands.

Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

Features that can make anyone fall in love with UHPPOTE magnetic gate lock system

No installation hassle: 

The device could be sophisticated, but the installation process is easy. Besides, UHPPOTE locker takes a few minutes to install the armature plate and the magnet at the first step of the process. Afterward, an electrician helps to connect it with power, so no hassle at all.

No wearing out: 

Normal deadbolt locks have many moving parts; as a result, it stuck, and when you force it to open, then it is worn out. Fortunately, Uhppote Door Locker comes with more durability, and it has no moving parts like the normal locker so you won’t face any problem of wearing out.

Reliable & secure:

Unlike traditional locker, which has many loopholes and often gets pried, a magnetic locker is fat better and secure locking system. Therefore, it is used in such a place where security comes as the first concern.

Cost-efficient long term tool:

Whenever you will buy your mind goes and bring a few questions. Among those quarries, you think of the durability and money-saving terms. The more days it will serve the more money it pays back; isn’t it? A significant turnover comes with the UHPPOTE mag locker.

Elimination of lost keys:

It doesn’t matter how cautious you are, but once in a while, you may lose it. If it happens with your office gate, then you have to change the whole locking system to eliminate the threat. You can not trust everyone as someone may find the key and sneak into your office and take something from you. Therefore, the best way is to keep a mag gat locker.

On the other hand, the same happens to your home because the physical keys may found by a thief.

Remote control functionalities:

Like every door locker, UPPHOTE mag locker has a remote access function that allows you to open up the door up to a certain proximity. Besides, you can configure it with the access system that prevents access to others except yours.

No Computer Needed:

I have already mentioned it that this lock system requires no computer to be operated. It has its built in memory system where all the necessary data is stored. But, this amazing device also has some flaws. So, let’s have a look at its flaws….

Problems with magnetic locks

As you know, the whole process is done by an automatic process so you don’t even need to think about how it works. However, you need to troubleshoot whenever it causes trouble and therefore it is important to know a few problems so that at least you can encounter it.

So, let’s talk about a few problems with magnetic door lockers.

Electrical Malfunction:

Firstly, Electrical malfunction may ruin the magnetic locker. As you know the functioning of the locker works under an electronic circuit. So it is obvious to see the malfunction in regards to inadequate power supply and problems with low-quality cables, equipment even if the software. Keep in mind that the thin wires are likely breakable.

Fail to lock and release:

Secondly, another common problem with the door locker is to fail to lock and release it. Besides, it may face a problem when the power doesn’t reach properly to the magnetic locker due to inappropriate cable installation.

Limited electrical force:

More or less every locker has a certain amount of force that deters an opposite force to open the door. UPPHOTE door locker does the same limitation and thus it can hold up to 600 pounds. After pushing and pulling power go over 600 pounds then the door will be opened and possibly break-in. Luckily, it is not humanly possible to create such an amount of force.

On the other hand, the culprit of “failure to release” issue is with involving with the power source, poorly hanging the door or the door frame is twisted, worn out, and many more. All of it somehow connected with the magnetic door locker installation so let me tell you How to install a magnetic gate locker.

Note: Don’t think so the cons lies in one specific magnetic door locker rather some limitation is found in every door locker, however you can lessen it.

How to install a magnetic door lock:

I believe that you’ll never install it by yourself, because there is always some professionals to help you install it. But, I’m talking about it only to cease your curiosity. Yes, there is no rocket science to install any magnetic door locker. So, have a look at the following steps to install the UHPPOTE door locker.

Tools that are required to install Magnetic door locker

  • Magnetic lock
  • Sticking/adhesive sheets
  • Bolts
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Strike plate

Step: 1

When it comes to door locking, you need to install in from inside. For example, you have opened the door, and then you can see the door swing away and move in that direction where you are going. On the flip side, when your door moves in another direction, then adjust the locker position accordingly with it. 

Step: 2

Pick two sticking sheets and purchase it along with the door locks. At first, attach the first one with the locker and then attach the second one to the door frame. Follow the manual properly so that you can place them correctly.

Step: 3

Now you will need a secure bolt and attach the strike plate using it. For that, the barrel nut/sex bolt would become handy. Now tighten the sex bolt to the opposite side of your door.

Step: 4

Now you need to deal with the most important part that is a magnet. Attach it to the hand of the door frame and then drill a hole there. Make sure you have bolts or screws to finish the task. Finally, make sure that you place it properly and keep the magnet secure too. 

Step: 5

When all is done perfectly, now the locker requires the power supply to operate. Therefore, make a connection with the electricity system, and then make sure whether it comes to contact with power or not. By the way, it will add some electricity bill to the regular bill from now on. The plug-in Socket will regulate the power and allow the locker to serve finally. Hopefully the following video will make this process 100% clear-

Keep in mind that, the magnetic locker fails to operate without power so make sure, the electricity flows all the time.

Wrapping it up

Maybe Dave has something more to show us about the UHPPOTE magnetic gate lock with keypad. But, he got a phone call from his office which makes him leave us almost instantly. This is the life of a firefighter.

Anyway, we also have to leave now. Firstly, we’re hungry enough and secondly, we can’t wait anymore to experience the surprising features of the amazing UHPPOTE Magnetic Door Access Control Kit.

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