Which ladies watches are the best for a college girl to expect from her boyfriend?

Different people from different countries, cities and ages have different hobbies, some may like gardening, some may like cooking different types of dishes, some may like collecting exclusive bike helmets or you may like collecting stamps, but I am a bit different in this case. I love watches, most expensive ladies watches and if any watch grabs my attention, then nothing can stop me from collecting that piece of topcellent time machine.

I don’t know how this attraction for watches has become my fascinating hobby. Watches are a very important part of our life and it serves the most important function that is showing time.

Time and tides wait for none but you can have an excellent watch which can help you to get notified about your precious time and sweetest moments.

Next to Rose, a watch can be the coolest gift to make your sweetie feel your love.

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Watch is such an item that can be found in almost everyone’s hand in every corner of the world. The mini round circle determines and demonstrates the whole human life through that three dial.

I am not just a watch lover but you can call me a watch freak, a crazy watch freak who expects a really super expensive watch from her boyfriend. Scroll down to the bottom to see which one I expect from my hero.

Anyway, I can find any watch from anywhere to make my hunger satisfied. My new mission is to find a watch which I saw at Kelly’s birthday party last Tuesday. My investigation starts as per a plan of finding that particular watch because that is my new favorite and I want it at any cost. Yah, I’m crazy about it. But……

I didn’t know that it was one of the most expensive ladies watch

Last Tuesday my new college mate Kelly arranged her birthday party and invited our whole gang. I went there with my friends and enjoyed it a lot. When we were dancing on the floor, suddenly I noticed a girl dancing near Kelly. Actually she didn’t grab my attention but her watch did.

She had a watch on her hand that I had never seen before. I got a bit curious and to observe it from near I tried to go close to her but was unable to see the watch properly. Once I thought let’s drop the idea but I was so damn attracted to that one that I could not resist myself.

From that very moment I saw that beautiful masterpiece, one idea was storming in my mind that it would look awesome with my car. I mean I would look awesome with this watch in my hand that hand on the steering wheel of my Ferrari F60. Oh, I can’t imagine….!

Just imagine that lovely couple would be on my hand and how could I miss that chance to do so. As I liked that watch so I thought I would ask her about the brand name and price but what I noticed was that the girl was showing attitude as I went near her.

So I thought I would not ask her anything because I was not there to see her idiotic attitude. I told Alexa about my interest in that watch and also about the attitude of that silly girl. Alexa gave an idea that I didn’t need to ask anything to her instead just click a photo of that watch.

So the process of taking a good picture starts. After couples of failed attempts finally we were able to take a clear picture of that particular watch.

Mission: Finding the Dream Watch

Finding a watch without any brand name or tag is way too difficult than I thought. The only clue I have is a foggy unclear picture of that watch. I was sure that the watch must be very costly and came from a renowned brand.

I tried to enquire in almost every famous brands and online shops in my state (To know it, you must be another time machine freak and to prove it, you’ve to comment below). I take help of many online watch blogs, websites, delivery service, public ratings and many more.

I started my investigation online and just out of curiosity I wrote “what is the most expensive watch in the world” and the result almost gave me a heart attack. Apart from that I also find some exotic watches from different brands. Let’s take a look at those as any of them maybe your favorite, who knows?

Most Expensive Ladies Watch: $55 million

the Hallucination that i cant afforde

The producer names this extraordinary watch “the Hallucination”. This masterpiece contains many 110crt rare colored diamonds that will make your mouth keep open for minutes. I was really very amazed and horrified with the beauty of this iconic item.

Everyone must say at their first glance that a single timepiece isn’t worth that so much. But after knowing the process by which every single diamond of this watch is sourced from a rough stone and cut to perfection then polished, their mouth will be shutted off.

The rare colored diamonds finally set into the piece of that opulent timepiece. Every piece of diamond has a story unto itself to tell us. Laurence Graff’s the famous jewelers and the producer of “the Hallucination” said in an interview that the watch Hallucination is a sculptural masterpiece. It is something beyond comparison. It also celebrates the color of diamonds just like a miraculous phenomenon.

Mr. Graff also said that he was thinking for many years to create a truly remarkable watch that will illustrate all their passion for diamonds and by the Hallucination his dream became reality. Mr. Laurence Graff said-

“We hunt for the rarest and best diamonds for daily basis and the stones we used in this watch are rarer than anyone could ever imagine in his life”

This piece of sculptural art is mainly made for the purpose of making it the company icon. You can amaze with the shine of this miraculous invention in New York as Mr. Laurence Graff’s company has one showroom here among the 45 world wide. As it is a collective piece I have no interest in buying it.

My First Hunt

As my hunt began for my new favorite watch, at first I tried to find a good picture of that watch as I had a unclear foggy picture. I tried online but was unable to find that, so I started to search in showrooms of different brands.

As I was doing so, one watch grabbed my attention that it might be the replacement if I could not find my desired one. Patek Philippe Rose Gold Ladies Complicated Watch is known as one of the luxury women’s watch brands and it features a mechanical manual with three dials winding movement.

  • 18kt rose gold case
  • Brown alligator leather strap
  • Swiss Made

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This lovely time machine is encrypted with a rose gold case made of 18 karats gold. The watch is designed with a chronograph along-with hours, minutes and seconds functions and the main board is off white painted alligator band and brown hour marks. You can get the color variation if you want.

It doesn’t matter that you are in a formal dinner or in a business meeting Patek Philippe Rose Gold always makes a very definite statement and that is the Ladies Complicated model is pure sophistication.

The minimalist elegance designed nearly a century ago but still carrying the flagship timepiece of the Swiss watchmaker. If you’re looking to make a fantastic impression with your first appearance then look no further. But, I’ve to dive deep to cease my craziness.

My Second Choice

As I am hovering from one showroom to another just find out the watch I am looking for, in a Rolex showroom, I show that foggy picture to the sales representative and she said that they don’t have such a watch but she suggested to me a watch that was also very elegant.

As you know, Rolex is one of the most prominent and expensive watch brands in the world. The watch she suggested to me was Rolex Datejust Ladies Watch. This Rolex ladies luxury watch also comes with Everose gold case made of 18 karats gold.

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This watch can impress any girl as it features a pave case and dial with an oyster karat bracelet and the hour signs are engraved with diamonds. Like all Rolex this dress watch also features automatic movement and had three dial, hours, minutes and seconds functions. The most striking and eye catching part of this timepiece is the Datejust line in 18K Yellow Gold President.

No list of the top best luxury watches of personal favorites for women or men would be complete without a Rolex in it. To fit your preferences and budget you have lots of variations as there are a number of these Rolex models available in the market. If you want to have one of the most prestigious names in timekeeping on your wrist then The Lady Datejust series is a perfect choice for you and of course at a notable price.

Finally I’ve got The Desired One

Here comes the queen of watches with diamond sparkling and golden craziness. This is not just a watch; it’s like a piece of art by famous watch producers the Cartier. This tiny looking masterpiece is one of its kind.

This is one of the most expensive watches not just in America but in the whole world. After three days of my search, I finally got the masterpiece which I saw in Keyas birthday party on that attitude addicted girl’s wrist.

I came to know that it is from the Cartier, a well known prominent watch brands in the world. Carter is also enlisted by many critics as one of the most expensive brands among watches. The particular item I was looking for was named Cartier La Dona Watch for women.

This dream watch also comes with an 18 karats white gold case with the bracelet which is made of white gold. The case is very well polished with a solid size of 27 millimeters by 29 millimeters.

Cartier La Dona

This dress watch has an exclusive diamond frame design with quartz movement and hours and minutes functions. You can see numerous sparkling diamonds on the base of the watch. If you count then it will be 58 pieces of diamonds consisting of 60 carats.

Most of them are one carat but the four from four corners are two carats diamond. The diamonds are collected from famous mines and then cut and polished in the Cartier warehouse. The whole bracelet comes with a gold engraved design. The stunning half circled or moon shaped pieces of gold makes the bracelet more attractive and unique.                         

After hearing the definition you can easily imagine that the price of this luxurious item will not fit for all. Yes this particular model will cost a fabulous amount. You can choose the color from Gold, Rose Gold, white gold and Silver if available in the store. If you are lucky enough then you can grab the exclusive 10% discount by just scrubbing a scratch card on the selected Cartier Outlets.

My crazy decision

I was way too excited after seeing the watch but after hearing the price I got a huge push. I don’t have that much amount in my wallet and as my father just gifted me a Ferrari a few days back, it was futile to ask him for the watch now.

So I made a decision in my mind and made myself clear that I will have this watch but as a gift. As I just admitted in college, I still don’t have any boyfriend. So, I declared that the boy who will propose to me with this precious watch will become my boyfriend.

From that moment I am eagerly waiting for my prince who will come to me nice and slow, will bend over his knees and holding my dream watch instead of a common diamond ring and I’ll shout Yes! Yes! Yes!

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