What Is The Most Expensive Steak In The World | Why Is Wagyu Steak So Expensive?

Beefsteak is very popular amongst all over the world. Mostly, it’s prevalent in teenagers. It’s famous because of its prominent taste and incredible delicacy. But have you ever thought of picking a pound of beefsteak by spending 300$? Sounds creepy, right? 

We are talking about one of the most expensive beefsteaks, “The Japanese Wagyu Beefsteak.” The word Wagyu demonstrates “Japanese Cow” in meaning. A small chunk of this meat could have cost approximately 300$. Yet, it has a great demand. 

People are consuming Wagyu regularly. Only in the United States, people visit restaurants just for having Wagyu. Chefs of those restaurants pass hectic work schedules in the kitchen making steak. 

In this very article, we will be talking about the expensive steaks existing all over the world. Apart from Japanese Wagyu Beefsteak, we have also got the king of American steak legacy, The American Wagyu, which is drastically popular to all the American Beef fans. 

We’ve also got the Kobe Steak, the super dainty and intriguing “Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin,” and so, so on in our bucket list.  

Let’s jump right in without wasting more time…

Why Is Japanese Wagyu The Most Expensive Steak in the World

You will find Wagyu beef in various corners of the world. Mostly, in the United States and Australia, there are plenty of bred Wagyu. Yet, bore that belongs to Japan is most popular and costs almost 40 times than the American or Australian bred. 

Now, the question is, “Why? Why Japanese Wagyu Beef costs this much?” Well, it’s primarily because of the feed they consume. 

An average Japanese Wagyu takes almost 5 tons of feed in their inducement period. They are fed by high protein fiber and profoundly energetic feed made up of rice, wheat, and thatch. 

Let’s look up at some of the facts about Wagyu: 

  • Wagyu cows are generally worth around 30,000$ in any regular auction. 
  • Japanese government held a rigorous position in terms of raising Wagyu. You will not be able to raise a Wagyu in Japan without the government’s permission. 
  • If you want to bite on a super delicious and fragile piece of Wagyu steak, you have to count more or less 300$ for omitting your craving. 

I hope you understand why Wagyu costs this much and why it’s considered as one of the most expensive steaks in the world. 

7 Other Expensive Steaks In The World

We talked about the Wagyu, which is considered the most expensive beef steak around the world. In this portion, we will talk about other high-priced and delicious beef steaks from multiple corners in the world. We have got merely seven conspicuous steaks to review. I believe you’ll like it.  

Japanese Kobe Steak

The Japanese Kobe steak initially generates from a special Wagyu breed named “Japanese Black” cattle. Predominantly, these cattle were raised in Kobe, which is a distinctive county of Japan. The city is also renowned as “The beef capital of Japan.” This is why the steak is named as “Kobe Beef Steak.”

Kobe beef is very delicious in terms of taste and has excellent fame around the world. This can easily convert to sushi, steak, sashimi, and many other multi-cuisine Japanese recipes. 

However, it requires a lot of hard work behind each cow. All the dedicated farmers provide their best possible effort to their calves and help them to grow rapidly.

Before 2012, trading Kobe meats were entirely illegal. Since the end of 2012, it’s been approximately ten years. Kobe beef is now selling globally, including in The United States, Australia, UK, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, and many more. People from those regions are liking the meat as well. 

Nonetheless, it won’t be a regretful experience if you spend 200-250$ for having a piece of classic Kobe beef. Your money will be worth it, I must say. So, if you ever head to Japan, don’t forget to try it out. Otherwise, you will surely miss the awesome and rich subtlety of the world’s most delicious beef. 

American Wagyu Beef

American Wagyu Beef is also a breed of Japanese Wagyu Beef. The origin of this meat is in Japan. Though, this has been raised in America, mostly. Alongside, several countries like Australia, UK, Canada are also moving forward to raising American Wagyu. 

If we view onward to the history of raising Wagyu, we will see some severe pros. Predominantly, this meat was only available in Japan till the government decided to trade with other countries. Now, it’s surfing all over the world. 

However, cows that raising in Japan tastes better than the ones in America or Australia. It’s because of the country’s geographical position, and the rest is for the unusual genetics of Wagyu. 

In case you want to experience the supremacy of American Wagyu, you can walk into any of the steakhouses near you. More or less, all the American steakhouses are tending to sell Wagyu now. Though, the perfect taste and abundance are available only in Japan. Nowhere else. 

The pricing of American Wagyu is a bit less than previous ones. You can easily purchase a pound by spending 100-150$ only. But, there are some fraudulent restaurants and online shops, by them, you might get scammed. They often deliver mediocre beef chunks in the name of Wagyu. Be aware of them.

The Newyork Strip

The strip piece of a stake originated from the short loin of the beef. This steak piece consists of a fast muscle named “longissimus.” This muscle ends up making the steak more tender. Though, not as delicate as the tenderloin located right under the short loin.  

It’s well marbled, consists of the right amount of fat percentage, and super delicious in terms of taste as the other steaks. Though, for acquiring the exact taste of it, you must have head to the birthplace of it, which is New York City. 

This meat has umpteenth of flavors in it. It’s also enormously leaner than the rib eye. The best secret of cooking the New York Strip is to cook it medium-rare. That tastes better.

However, one pleasing fact is that New York Strip’s not as costly as the other ones discussed above. Though, its price is way much affordable compared with the mediocre meats existing in the market. You can purchase a pound of this meat for only in 12-15$. Sounds fascinating. 

Nonetheless, New York Strip might have in the edge position of the most expensive steaks rat race, but purchasing and having this is really worthwhile. Also, the name has some legendary history. You’ll be able to enjoy the fantastic history with every bite of the meat as well.

Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin

The term “Fullblood” refers to the 100% pure and authentic breed of Wagyu originating from Japan. Fore breed and crossbreed calves that are often used to produce Kobe or American Wagyu beef are flexibly 90-95% pure breed of the genuine Japanese Black Cattle. 

Moreover, tenderloin is the juiciest and provocative steak piece of beef. It’s located right under the short loin. Tenderloin is so widespread to the steak fandom, primarily because of its delicious vibe and the historical and genetic perplexity of Wagyu beef. 

Anyways, if you managed to have a piece of Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin, then you’re fortunate enough because it’s the rarest steak in the world as well. If you haven’t tasted it yet, I would love to suggest you give it at least a try because the delicacy of it is unforgettable. 

Filet Mignon Steak

The very nature that made Filet Mignon join the list of the world’s expensive steaks is nothing but the glossy texture and deficiency. 

Butchering an entire cow only provides a single filet. By which you will most likely be getting a considerably very less amount of steak. It becomes 8% if we express it numerically. 

Filet Mignon wouldn’t be this much expensive if it contained 92% of a cow. Filet is another renowned steak-part located very close to the tenderloin we discussed above. It has a significant shortage in terms of quantity. 

Yet, it’s pretty much worth having the Filet Mignon. When the chunk comes from any typical Wagyu or Kobe, the price becomes drastically high. 

Otherwise, you’ll be most likely get a pound of this at only 120-150$, which is comparatively more trivial than Wagyu and Kobe.

Australian Wagyu Sirloin

Australian Wagyu is the most expensive beef in the whole Oceania continent. The average quality of this meat costs nearly 450$ per kilogram. Australian Wagyu is basically the crossbreed of Australian and Japanese Wagyu cows. It’s not a hundred percent pure Wagyu, ain’t counterfeit either. 

The legacy of this meat entirely belongs to Australia, and they have their very own grading for their Wagyu. It’s 0 to 9. 0 for no marbling, and nine refers to highly marbled beef. The higher the grade, the higher the price and taste. 

Now, you might be wondering what marbling is, right? No matter of worry at all. Marble indicates the total intermuscular fats of a chunk. The fat percentage goes up, and the grade boosts up alongside. Besides, the taste also increases with it. 

The sirloin is nothing but a steak cut that belongs to a beef. It’s lean, tinder, and reasonably juicy. Sirloin is often considered the highest quality of steak after the tenderloin. However, it’s top-notch in terms of quality, and the taste of it will surely be beyond your imagination.

If money is not a big concern for you, I would love to recommend Australian Wagyu Sirloin. Go and try it out, and yes, don’t forget to thank me later.  

Charbroiled Kobe Filet

This particular beef is recognized as the most expensive beef steak in Tokyo. You won’t possibly find Charbroiled Kobe Filet anywhere else in the world except some of the best cities in Japan. An example, the beef capital of Japan, Kobe, and the central capital city, Tokyo. 

We have given a brief sketch of the filet before. It’s a small portion attached to the tenderloin and is significantly less in quantity. 

Moreover, we already know everything about Kobe beef, literally. At least I tried to give an overview that might help you. If this seems confusing, give this article one more read. 

However, let’s get back into the pavilion. Kobe filets are very costly. There are reasons behind its expense. It’s rare and more minor in amount. So, nothing surprising, right? 

If you want to purchase a pound of Oz-8 Charbroiled Kobe Filet, you must count flexibly 250$. Oz-8 is a grading system. That indicates the amount of fat existing right into the beef.

Japanese Kobe vs. Wagyu: Which One Is Best

Kobe and Wagyu both belong to Japan and originated from the same place as well. Yet, there’s a huge difference between them. Firstly, Wagyu is rich for its very own geographical position and genetics, which has been strung inside them by default. 

The thing that made Wagyu so much expensive is nothing but its intermuscular fats. You will be able to behold solely 50% of fats per one pound of Wagyu steak chunk. Apart from this, its cooking process is also absurd. You don’t need any external oil to cook the Wagyu beef. The meat will cook by itself with the fat of its own. 

However, Kobe is also rich in culture and taste. But not as much as the Wagyu. It’s the bosom breed to “Japanese Black Cattle,” originating from Japan’s beef capital, Kobe city. Also fertile for its geological location and genetics. 

If I had to pick one of these two (Wagyu or Kobe), I would go for Wagyu. It’s because of its transcending legacy and for the outstanding taste as well. Yet, Kobe is not bad at all. It’s just a little behind compared to the Wagyu. That’s all. 

Is Wagyu Worth It

To be honest, yes. Wagyu beef is worth it. It will not be a waste of money if you’re thinking of having a delicious lump of Wagyu. Instead, if you can afford it and haven’t tried it yet, this should have been a matter of regret, I must say.

Many people in the United States are consuming the world’s most expensive beef regularly. So, why not you? Go and give it a try. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee you.


Well, we have talked about a bunch of it, literally. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Before that, I would like to conclude the whole topic of today. 

It’s not that cliche to have the world’s expensive things on your bucket list. It could be a Rolex or juicy cuts of Wagyu filet in your dinner table. Both are classy and expensive as well. But should you have it? Isn’t it unethical or a fool’s move? 

No, it isn’t; you are not in any rat race. Instead, you will regret it later on if you don’t have the best and expensive things despite having the money. 

That’s all for today, happy steak fanboing!

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