Pellet Smoker vs Wood Smoker – An Unpredictable Battle

In a comparison of pellet smoker vs wood smoker, the winner will be depending on your requirement and surroundings. Pellet smokers are powered through electricity and you need to use flavored pellets as fuel. While wood smokers use natural wood as fuel. 

There is a wide range of smokers available in the market with different features. Pellet smokers include more features because of the electricity. They both are portable and can be used for multi-purposes.

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Read on the article that will guide you to choose one between pellet smoker and wood smoker –

Pellet Smoker vs Wood Smoker – A Quick Comparison

The main difference between these two is the fuel type. This is why they are designed with different functionalities. There are some additional features that differ as well. 

Here is a quick comparison between the two smoker types –

Key-Feature ComparisonPellet SmokerWood Smoker
Temperature ControlAutomaticManual
Digital DisplayYesN/A
PowerRequired (Electric)Not Required
Flavored FuelAvailableN/A
FuelsBurns LongerLess Durable
SmokeLess SmokeMuch Smoke
Our Top PickTraeger Grills Pro Series 575Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Smoker
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Pellet Smoker vs Wood Smoker –  An Overview of The Similarities

You may get confused between pellet and wood smoker. Though smokers are totally different in terms of their power source, there are some similarities. 

Check them out that may help you to choose one –


Pellet Smoker can be used for multiple purposes. It doesn’t matter what you are cooking, and the smoker will always be compatible with the method. Almost all pellet smokers are compatible with cooking methods such as braise, bbq, roast, and others.

Wood smokers, on the other hand, are also multi-functional bbq machines. They will be an all-rounder choice for your backyard. You won’t need any additional cooking tools if you have a wood smoker in your space. They will make great dishes doesn’t matter what the method is.


Pellet smokers are recommended if you prefer flavor in your dish. They won’t damage the flavor of the food rather will add a perfect smoky flavor to your dish. Pellet smokers won’t damage the taste or flavor of your dish for sure.

Wood smokers will be the best choice if you prefer a smoky flavor in your dish. They do this job with more perfection. You will notice the change if you’re using a wood smoker for the first time, and you should definitely try it.


Pellet smokers are portable and an appropriate choice for the backyard. They don’t require much space. In addition, the wheels on the bottom allow you to move the smokers easily without any hassle.

Wood smokers are also popular for their portability. Though the functionality is different, they can be separated and assembled without any complexation. Also, there is no need for electricity while using wood smokers.

Both the smokers are portable. There won’t be any hassle to carry them for picnics or other occasions. The pellet smoker needs electricity as power. They are made for multi-purpose. You are allowed to cook different food items into the machines. 

Pellet Smoker vs Wood Smoker –  An Overview of The Differences

To make you decide easily, you should be aware of the differences as well. It’s easier to integrate technological features because of the electricity. 

Check below to know more about pellet smokers and wood smokers –  


As most pellet smokers are powered through electronics, they include innovative features to eliminate the hassle of the users. For example, the  Traeger one comes with the WiFIRE technology that pairs with the home WiFi and allows the user to control the device from anywhere.  

Wood smokers are powered by wood means charcoal. Thus, it’s not possible to integrate features that require electricity. For example, there are heat indicators, but no electrical features are available on the wood smokers.

Temperature Control

Pellet smokers allow their users to control the temperature. This just eliminates half of the cooking hassles. You have the option to adjust and monitor the temperature of your dish with meat probes as well.  

Wood smokers don’t have this feature. You need to manually check the temperature. If you are a professional, then a wood smoker is recommended for you. Otherwise, you may face difficulties in checking and controlling the heat of a wood smoker.

Digital Display

Pellet smokers are more user-friendly. They include a digital display that shows stats about the temperature and others. This helps you to stay updated about what’s going on. You get the meat cooked perfectly even if you are using the smoker for the first time.

On the other hand, Wood Smoker doesn’t contain any digital display. They just include a built-in thermometer that shows the heat in a manual mode. Thus, it’s quite difficult to maintain the heat if you are not a professional.

Pellet smokers are simple to operate. The digital display with temperature probes makes it easier to maintain consistent heat while using pellet smokers. On the other hand, Wood smokers are made for those who prefer natural flavor and fuel as well.

2 Most Popular Pellet Smokers In The Market

Pellet smokers are always a top choice. They are comfortable to use and include innovative technologies as well. Here are the top 2 pellet smokers that you may consider if you are looking for a pellet smoker for your backyard grilling.

Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Smoker by Traeger Grills 

Here comes the smoker that just eliminated the hassle of smoking. With so many gripping features, this Pro Series 575 smoker from Traeger is definitely the cream of the crop. The grill starts quicker and heats up faster. 

The WiFIRE technology allows you to connect this grill with your home WiFI so that you can control it from anywhere by using the voice assistant. This is a 6-in-1 versatile grill that means you can cook, grill, smoke, or even bake by using this single smoker. 

For low & slow cooking with maximum flavor, this pellet smoker will surely satisfy you with the performance.

Top Features

  • Versatile bbq cooking
  • Upgraded D2 drive-train
  • WiFIRE  home technology
  • Precise temperature control
  • 575 sq inches of cooking space

This pellet smoker is integrated with the latest D2 drive-train that is the next generation of Traegers’s wood-fired pellet grills.

Key Specifications

Model NamePro Series 575
Item Dimensions27 in. x 41 in. x 53 in.
Item Weight124 Pounds
Power SourceCorded Electric
Fuel TypeWood Pellet
Control StyleWiFIRE Controller
Grilling Area575 sq in
Hopper Capacity18 lb
Works with AlexaYes

Have a glance at the detailed features of Pro Series 575

D2® Direct Drive

This smoker features D2 Direct Drive that is designed to deliver maximum flavor to your food. With the broader temperature range, this smoker is perfect for low & slow cooking and searing as well. The direct-drive fan with variable speed powered by an industry-first brushless motor is included for durable performance.

WiFIRE Technology

The pellet smoker makes outdoor cooking effortless with this amazing feature. This smart grill allows the users to adjust the temperature with voice control. Pairing your smoker with the home WiFi will allow you to control your smoker from anywhere. 

In addition, you can monitor your food and set timers as well through this technology. 


The pro series smoker from Traeger is definitely a versatile one. You can use this smoker for different purposes and the result will be the same. Traeger Pro Series 575 can be used for the grill, bake, roast, smoke, braise, and any other grilling applications.

Consistent Tempreature

Here comes one of the most crucial factors for a perfect grill. This smoker from Traeger will provide you with a consistent temperature with a max temperature of 500F. Whatever you prepare, the flavor will be exactly what you desire.

SmokePro DLX Pellet Smoker by Camp Chef 

Camp Chef smokers are built for customer satisfaction, and the SmokePro DLX is here to deliver you the utmost outdoor cooking experience. There is a dual LED temperature readout included that displays the internal cooking temps and food temps as well. To improve this smoker’s efficiency, the automatic auger dispenses wood pellets as it needed. 

The electronic auto-start ignition system does provide a quick and easy start every single time. For consistent temperature, there is an easy-to-use menu with a PID controller that maintains the heat between 160F – 500F with adjustable smoke settings. 

In some cases, the innovative power failure restart feature brings you some advantages.

Top Features

  • 2 meat probes
  • Ash Cleanout system
  • Low-glare digital display
  • 3 different color variants
  • Grease Management system
  • PID controller for consistent heat
  • Sidekick with attachment capability

You won’t have any hassles while using this pellet as the device comes with a large-capacity pellet hopper and ash cleanout system. 

Key Feature Specifications

BrandCamp Chef
Model NameSmoke Pro
Item Dimensions40.5 x 25 x 22 inches
Item Weight127 Pounds
Power SourceWood Pellet
Grilling Area573 sq. in
Hopper Capacity18 lbs
Meat probes2 Included
Temperature range160º F – 500ºF
PID ControllerYes

Temperature Control

It’s very simple to maintain a consistent heat with the SmokePro DLX smoker. The PID controller makes the operation much simpler. The PID also allows the user to adjust the smoke between the range to perfectly cook the dish.  

Meat Probe

To ensure you have perfectly cooked meat, there are two meat probes available with the smoker. This allows you to control the temperature with an easy digital display. You immediately evaluate the internal heat of the meat and food as well.

Ash Cleanout System

Sometimes, the cooking becomes displeasing because of the cleaning. It is pretty simple to clean this smoker with just a pull of a knob. The ashes automatically drop from the burn cup by pulling out the knob. This is a simple and quick way to clean and flush the burner and dispose of the ashes as well.  

Attachment Capability

This advantage of the smoker should not be missed. You have the full privilege to design your smoker, smoker, cast-iron makes beautiful sear marks and enhances the temperature range as well.

2 Most Popular Wood Smokers In The Market

Wood smokers are also known as offset smokers and are quite popular as they maintain a balanced flavor in the dish. Here we picked two of the most popular wood smokers with all the required features.  

Dyna-Glo Vertical Offset Smoker 

You just can’t ignore this top-grade offset smoker from Dyna-Glo. This smoker is packed with so many features that you’re definitely gonna relish the performance of this smoker. Dyna-Glo Vertical smoker comes with a cooking surface of 1890 sq inches and 25 pounds capacity per grate. 

The impressive charcoal and ash management system allows you to enjoy and focus on the meal without the hassle of cleaning. The heat rises naturally because of the vertical design, and this also helps achieve better efficiency with improved flavor. 

There is an adjustable flue that provides an additional flavor and temperature control as well. 

Top Features

  • ‘Smoke-Zone’ indicator
  • Increased burn efficiency
  • Enameled charcoal chamber
  • 1890 sq inches of cooking area
  • Height-adjustable cooking grates
  • Adjustable flue to cook with precision

Finally, reaching the ideal heat is much easier as this smoker comes with a built-in Smoke-Zone feature that indicates the perfect temperature to get perfectly smoked food.  

Key Specifications

Item Dimensions21 x 43.3 x 50.2 inches
Item Weight83 lbs
MaterialSteel, Porcelain
Power SourceWood, Charcoal
Fuel TypeCharcoal
Cooking space1890 sq. in.

Read more about the unique specifications of Dyna-Glo Wood Smoker

Organized Design

The smoker is organized in designed in such a way that you get the best experience of using offset smoker so far. There is a charcoal and ash management system with a charcoal champer and grate. 

For better burn efficiency, the charcoal chamber keeps briquettes stacked tightly. This allows you to handle a large amount of ash for hours with maintenance-free smoking. 


This feature brings you multiple advantages. First of all, you can adjust the height as per your requirement. In addition, the multiple grates with 25-pounds of capacity allow you to cook different meals without damaging the flavor. 

Smoke Zone

The Smoke Zone helps the user to find the ideal heat for a meal. This also works for infusing smoke flavor to the meal. The ‘Smoke Zone’ is built with stainless steel thermometer with an easy-to-read gauge. 


The smoker from Dyna-Glo has some variations so that you can pick the one you need. They are available in two different size variants. Standard and wide, where the wide variant has wider grates for cooking. 

In addition, there are additional covers available as well that may help you during extreme weather conditions.

Realcook BBQ Vertical Smoker & Grill

Make your backyard complete with this  Realcook BBQ Vertical Smoker & Grill. This product is made for customer satisfaction. This is a multi-functional smoker that allows the user to smoke in different ways and methods. Realcook smoker comes with an easy assembly, and it’s easy to use as well. 

You have dual access door that provides more flexibility while checking the status of the food. In addition, the latch locking system delivers more stability to the users. The smoker is built with a high-temperature resistant layer and extra strong legs for better durability. 

There will be a solid balance between the smoke and moisture because of the adjustable air vents and porcelain-enameled water pan.

Top Features

  • Easy and portable
  • Adjustable air vents
  • Chrome-plated racks
  • Latch Locking System
  • Muti-functional smoker
  • Functional access door

Transporting this smoker in the backyard or other spaces is much easier with the heat-resistant and durable handles. 

Key Feature Specifications:

Item Dimensions24.8 x 20.67 x 41.34 inches
Item Weight35.2 Pounds
Power SourceWood, Charcoal
Fuel TypeCharcoal
Cooking surface636 sq. in.
Number of Racks2
MaterialHeavy-Gauge Steel
Temperature GaugeYes

Check Below If you are interested to know more about Realcook BBQ Wood Smoker 


This is a multi-functional smoker with a capsule design. Realcook BBQ smoker comes in two different size variants of 17-inch and 20-inch. You can use this smoker for both hot and cold smoking. In addition, the smoker can be used for steams, bake, braise with vast flexibility. 

Dual Access Door

The dual access door allows you to cook with freedom. You have more flexibility than before as you may check the status of your food anytime you want by opening the upper door. In the same way, use the other one if you want to add charcoal or wood.

Latch Locking System

Here comes more stability with the latch locking system. This feature allows you to easily transport the device with the two-layer design. By separating the grill, you may use this smoker as a fire pit or as a grill depending on your requirement. 

Balance Cooking

There is always a balance between the smoke and moisture because of the perfectly designed water pan. The air vent is adjustable and is porcelain-enameled as well. Doesn’t matter what you cook the meat maintains a balanced smoky flavor to enhance the taste. 

Benefits of Using Pellet Smoker

  • Easy to maintain

Pellet smokers are easy to maintain. There is no hassle to power the smoker. Just plug in the device and use the flavored pellets. Some of the smokers provide an easy cleanout system that makes ash cleaning much easier. You can enjoy the cooking without any hassle.

  • Wireless Control

With the help of electricity, pellet smokers allow the users to control the device from distance. By connecting the device with your home WiFi, you can check and maintain the temperature whenever it’s needed. 

Thus, the device is maintaining consistent heat even if you are not near the smoker. Some of the pellet smokers come with apps that enable the user to maintain almost each and every function through their smartphone.

  • Temperature 

Temperature control is obviously easier in the pellet smoker. The technology made it possible to maintain a consistent temperature without any hassle. The wide range of temperatures is also helpful to cook in low and slow smoking.

  • Additional Flavor

Most of the pellet smoker manufacturers produce their own pellets. There are pellets available with flavors of different combinations. You may choose the one you prefer. For example, you may try pellets with a flavor of pecan, apple, bbq, and so on. 

The manufacturers recommend using their own pellets that are made for a better result.

Benefits of Using Wood Smoker

  • Natural

This single point is enough to beat other smokers. You are using natural resources to power your smoker. There won’t be any additives or chemicals in the fuel. You may rely on the smoker without any hesitation. This satisfaction is the most important thing during cooking any dish.

  • Flavor

As you are using natural resources, there is no chance to get your flavor damaged. This won’t overlap with your food flavor. In addition, you will enjoy the mild smoky flavor that is going to enhance the flavor of your food for sure.

  • Portable

As wood smokers run through charcoal, you won’t need any electricity or other connection while using them. Thus, it’s more portable than any other type of smoker. You can carry your smoker for a picnic or any other occasion. They are easy to assemble as well.

Pellet Smoker vs Wood Smoker – Which One Is Best for You

Well, this depends on the user’s requirement. Pellet smokers and wood smokers both have some unique characteristics that make them popular among bbq enthusiasts. You should check them out before considering one as best. 

Here is a breakdown of the individuals. This may help you to find out the best one for you – 

Pellet smokers are easy to use. They are powered through electricity and can be controlled with WiFi technology. There are pellets available with a wide range of flavors. If you prefer any individual flavor for your dish, you may choose one. 

This will maintain a balance with the smoky flavor. Pellet smokers include a display to guide the users about the heat. They will have a real-time update of the temperature. 

This allows the user to have a dish with more perfection. Pellet smokers don’t require you to observe it all the time. You may set a dish and take a rest inside.

As they are powered through electricity, you won’t be able to use them far from home. Thus, they are not portable outside the backyard. You need electricity without any interruption.  In addition, if you can’t manage quality pellets, this may damage the flavor of your dish. 

On the other hand, wood smokers are popular because of their purity. You are using natural woods as fuel. There won’t be any damage to flavor and taste as well. 

They are portable and can be used anywhere you want. This is why it’s recommended to purchase a wood smoker that comes in a smaller size. 

Wood smokers won’t be recommended if you are not a professional in terms of controlling the heat. It will be a mess for you if you are not controlling the heat accordingly. There is no heat display on wood smokers. You are required to observe the smoker throughout the whole process.

They both have some pros and cons. Thus, make sure you know about them in detail to find the best one for you according to your surroundings.


Pellet smokers are recommended for the backyard, while wood smokers are a top choice for the backyard and any occasion outside as well. If you prefer the natural flavor of your dish, pick a wood smoker without any second thought. On the other hand, choose the pellet smoker if you prefer flavored pellets with your favorite flavor. In the pellet smoker vs wood smoker battle, the winner is always based on the user’s requirement. To help you pick one, we recommended the top 2 smokers of each type. Check them out to have the best one on your list.

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