You will be surprised to know why did I suggest this pet carpet cleaner machine to my best friend though it is lightweight?

Human life has become easier and comfortable due to the latest and modern technologies and tools. We cannot think our life without such tools even for a single day. We are embraced with such products in such a manner that it is almost impossible to do our daily works without using them. Hoover Power Dash FH50700 is one of the daily used products in most of our houses in United States. This carpet cleaner by Hoover engraved in the concept of this model to give users an ultra-lightweight carpet cleaner, introduced to the market on May 2018 with a view to dealing with high traffic and pet stains on a daily basis. To match up that promise and to keep the weight similar to a portable device, the machine is constructed with the most crucial features and technologies available in these days. Hoover Power Dash FH50700 featuring the ultra-lightweight benefit is a newly developed upright carpet cleaner line although it is just 12.5 lbs capable of cleaning the carpeted floors in a nice way. This unit applies a new brush roller with antimicrobial protection to reduce the mildew and bacteria growth, the heated force for faster drying time and a moderate 0.625 Gallons water tank. It is a handy machine for lady and kids to use and its price is super cheap. When testing with Bissell Ready Clean Power Brush Carpet Cleaner in accordance with ASTM F2828-12 (using solution sample included with the product) this model delivers double cleaning power.

  • Double Cleaning Power system in comparison to leading lightweight carpet cleaners
  • Power Spin delivers antimicrobial protection and Pet Brush Roll offers powerful cleaning
  • Heat Force power means faster drying. Clean Water Capacity- 0.5 Gallons
  • Light weight design for ease of use
  • Provide Powerful cleaning for both high and small traffic areas

The Pregnant CAT !!!

Yesterday I get a call from Angela my one of the best friend lives in Los Angeles for our regular summer vacation trip. We five college friends plan for a mini trip in different places since our first summer in college and to continue that journey Angela invited us all through mobile calling. Every year we gather on Angela’s house before the trip and create our route plan and others necessary arrangements. Angela told me that this time we would be going for Hookah diving. Scuba diving or Hookah diving I am always ready for any kinds of trip especially for water activity. So I already said yes by the time she finished her offer. No one had a little hesitation rather great attraction for Angela’s house not just she has huge house with heated swimming pool but a small private jet also. All of Our journeys we made were on this plane before and this time it will be more fun because the plane has been customized a few days ago. More features have been included inside this awesome giant bird. I was super excited after getting the call from Angela, it is the only time we got chance to get together and spend some time in whole year. I was that much interested that I could not wait for the meeting date and reached Angela’s house two days before the decided date. Angela became extremely happy and welcomed me warmly with a hug. As the trip would start after two days no one had come yet. Actually we used to gather here and after taking decision, we used to take Angela’s plane and fly off. But one that made me surprised about the well arranged things all over the house. She used to be a messy girl with all her stuff throwing here and there. I asked her about that and she replied that her lovely Kitty was pregnant and going to deliver in a few weeks. Doctor said she should have been kept in a clean and tidy place that’s why she tried to arrange everything on accordance.

Oww I forgot to tell you guys that last year when we were returning from our vacation she found that Cat on the road inside a box and brought it with her and then it was pregnant. As I was a bit tired I sat on the couch and took the remote to watch television for a while. But something I felt on my hand and saw some pelage was there. I work with cats and dogs so I easily got the point that it was the Kitty’s body hair. After a while I saw there were pelages all over the couch also. I called Angela and show her the animal hair then she started her nonstop radio. She told me many things and the abbreviation of her speech was she tried almost every possible solution but unable to put her couch, bed and carpet clean. The machines she used were able to clean the house but not the cat’s body hair. Everyone would come within two days and especially Hanna was allergic to animal pelage, if she knew she would have not come to her house.

As I am a pet consultant and run a very busy pet shop in the heart of New York City. It is certain that hundreds of pets like dogs and cats along with their owner come into my place. So just imagine how much traffic regularly my carpet sees and potty accidents on occasion from the poppers is a common thing for me. I was freaking worried about this because no machine was worthy enough to clean the mess with ease. No workers wanted to work on my shop because obviously as machine cannot do its work they had to clean the mess and no one would do it with pretty face of course. I randomly asked people about the possible solution of this problem but failed to do so. One day one of my customers suggested me that he uses an amazing machine that works surprisingly fantastic. Hoover Power Dash FH50700 was the name of that product and I just love this Hoover! Holy moly! It picks up a CRAZY amount of deeply imbedded debris, dirt, stains, and hair without much effort I had to give earlier. The difference in how much cleaner my carpet is after using it is just OUTSTANDING in terms of other machines I used before.  I regularly vacuum and spot clean with other carpet cleaners and couldn’t fathom the filth and they all disappointed me no matter how much costlier they were. But now I am actually living in after using the Hoover that was dream for me. It’s really very easy to assemble as no tools are required and light weight too. You can’t deny the results when cleaning out the dirty water tank either though it is a nasty job to perform. I would say it is the best purchase I have made for my small business! Finally there are no more “spots” on my carpet from spot cleaning stains and my new regular go to when cleaning my carpets and area rugs throughout my office and home impress all my guests and customers always they step into my place.

Product description

The Hoover Power Dash Complete Carpet Cleaner is a perfect machine for everyday stains and can easily tackles pet messes. It has double Cleaning Power system in comparison to leading lightweight carpet cleaners. Our new Power spin Pet Brush Roll provides a powerful clean for high traffic areas. Moreover the antimicrobial formula protection keeps the brush roll safe from odor and bacteria and it took a very small space to store. The compact design makes storage a breeze for the user on the other hand the lightweight design makes it easy to use anywhere at any time. This iconic product can deliver faster drying for all your messes because it is designed with such technology and also included heat force power.

There is separate Tank System and also removable nozzle allows you to easily clean away all that dirt and grime. It is easy to fill, empty and rinse as there are different tanks with easy filling system. For a more convenient cleaning experience and to remove stains in tight places and under furniture the machine has Low Profile Foot. With the new Hoover Power Dash complete carpet cleaner it will be super easy to tackle pet messes and everyday stains and allow you to enjoy a dirt free life.


  • Dimension (Diameter x Weight x Height): 15.25 x 10.125 x 43.5’’
  • Weight: 12.5 lbs.
  • Heated cleaning: yes
  • Warranty of motor: 1 year
  • Quick release cord: yes
  • Removable nozzle: yes
  • Water tank capacity: 0.625 Gallons, removable type
  • Tank water design: Dual
  • Safety rating: UL


  • Ultra-lightweight:- The manufacturer always wanted to offer its users something that could be used by anyone of a family and to meet up the challenge they came up with the lightest carpet cleaner ever. Before the introduction of this unit in the market there was the Bissell Ready Clean 47B2 which was the most compact upright carpet cleaner model which was 15 lbs. on the other hand this Hoover Power Dash Fh50700 is just about 14.5 lbs. this compact product is made from stainless pipes but with very light materials and on the down parts it used fiber glass tanks and water reservoir to make it ultra lightweight.
  • Decent motor power for great performance: The motor used in this lightweight Hoover Power Dash is really powerful according to its weight. This unit uses a motor of 7 amps rating to give sufficient scrubbing and suction power that allows user to clean their carpet so easy and smoothly. The machine can drag the stints dirty water even animal urine from the carpet. It’s a heavy duty machine that can handle a busy traffic with ease. In case the motor shows any kinds of trouble though it’s not necessarily mandatory to be happen with all but still they offer one year full warranty support.
  • Power Spin Pet Brush Roll: Those who have pets in their house especially Dogs and Cats they always have to face one common problem that is the animals do shit in all over the houses. Cleaning is always a headache but when it’s on Carpet it became more hassle. But don’t worry the Hoover Power Dash delivers powerful cleaning with antimicrobial protection, perfect for pet messes. You don’t need to make your hand dirty to clean this mess just switch on the machine and change the dirty water. Use ASTM F2828-12 cleaner of this company for better result.
  • Heat Force: Most of the carpet cleaner you will find in market may clean your mess but when it comes to the drying the carpets then they all fail badly. However the hover power dash has advance technology for faster drying with the power of heat force. There are two mini heat chambers that generate enough heat that dry out the carpet within no time. This heat chambers use very little electric energy but rather that they create enough heat and those who are tensed about safety don’t worry because they are protected by plastic cover made of fiber glass.
  • Perfect for Pets:-  Most of the Americans love pets and almost all houses have pets. But they are always messy and sometimes matter of headache also. But, this interesting strong machine is very pet friendly as it is all round protected. In most machines the wipe section stays outside and that for pets a dangerous thing. Pets often scratch and rub with different objects in the house so without proper safety that may harm your pet. The Hover power dash is very conscious about the safety of animals so it comes with proper safety instruction and covers. This machine has the power through pet messes and allergens with ease.
  • Shock Resistance:– The Hover power dash carpet cleaner is also took its power from electricity. You have to insert the plug and switch on it to run this machine but unlike other machine its parts are not open they are covered properly so that at the time of using no one gets caught with electricity. All the area that maybe dangerous for kids and pets are very well covered with shock resistant fiber glass and plastic.
  • Small but Mighty:- One may think this tiny ultra light weight machine cannot serve according to their will or maybe appropriate for houses only. In contrary, the powerful hover power dash is can be used for cleaning for high traffic areas and small spaces too. It can cover 10 meter radius at a moment and with proper line system even many times more. This mini sized machine is only small by its looks but in terms of its work capacity it is a mighty one. No other machine can serve such work load of this mini light weight size.
  • Compact Design: – This whole machine is literally half of others ordinary available machines in today’s market. This whole machine is about 3 feet tall while in full installed working condition but it can be turned into one and a half foot super space saving conditions. For easy storage in any convenient space what you have to do is just to uninstall the parts and keep them in the box. This machine could be stored even under your bed or just beside the fridge. And most important thing is you don’t need any kinds of tools or instrument for reinstall it in its working condition. It’s super easy and anyone can set up the pieces at any time.
  • Very Strong: – People often believe in a superstition that the bigger the better but they will definitely change their outlook after seeing this amazing carpet cleaner. The hover power dash is the smallest and compact carpet cleaner available in the market today. Though it is so small and ultra light weight no one can question on its strength or durability. The whole product is made from high quality steel that prevents erosion and for others parts the fiber glass is used which gives ultimate strength. So literally this whole product is very strong and that ensure the utmost safety and durability.
  • Dual Tank System: There are two separate tank pre installed in this great carpet cleaner by hover. You will not find such thing that contains separate tank for clean and dirty water. The containers are very easy to fill and after use very easy to rinse and empty also. You have to fill clean water in one of the containers and then while cleaning the dirty waters will store in another tank thus you don’t new to refill water again and again. Main attraction is that you don’t have to use your hands to make clean the containers they are self clean tanks.
  • Removable Nozzle: There are two tanks for water and also another chamber for setting the cleaner pots. There is a separate space for liquid solutions just upside the water tank. There is a nozzle that allows to mix the cleaner with the water for better cleaning experience. Apart from that there are two different nozzles to clear the dirty water after using the machine. The nozzles make sure of quickly rinse and remove dirt and grime. They are well protected with rubber caps that prevent any kinds of leakages during use.
  • Low Profile Foot: This unique hover power dash carpet cleaner is designed in such a way that it can clean the maximum area at a time. The lower part which actually came in contact with the carpet is comparatively low profiled so that they can reach surface easily. The paddles under the machine made from very high quality materials. The size of the cleaning brush used in the machine is big enough to cover a big area for cleaning. The machine is so convenient to use because of its easy reach and remove stains formula. It can clean any strains from anywhere no matter how they happen.
  • Sweet price: This amazing masterpiece will amaze you most when you will see the price tag hanging with it. The whole parts, all of them come with a very low price. Many think that as it comes with very convenient price it maybe be made of poor materials but on this the manufacturer will guarantee you for best quality materials. This fantastic piece comes with cheap unit price which is in under $100 ranges so it won’t break your budget. It is almost impossible to find such wonderful product within this price range.
  • High rating: Despite this unit is quite new in the market in terms of the old ordinary products, a lot of users claimed it is a worthy machine that does the job and very ready to use. There are thousands of positive reviews that its users provided after using this mesmerizing carpet cleaner. The consumers declared it as their best seller and promised to continue the service and quality in future.

So I told Angela not to worry and show her that Hoover Power Dash FH50700 and wanted to order in Amazon but they could not deliver before 48 hours and others would have come on that time. So we took her car and went out for buying from market. We did a little research, we asked the manufacturer that in Los Angeles where we could find that product and they gave us the proper details of a shop. We went there and brought that magical product. We returned home and clean the whole house with it. The next day everyone came and they all brought different gifts for Kitty because actually I told them that it was pregnant. Angela became very happy in one word we all were smiling but except one. Remember Hanna who is allergic to animal pelage seemed worried and looking all over the house maybe finding something. I got the point so I gave a challenge to the girls that anyone who could find pelage in the house would get a Burger treat from me. Hearing my proposal everyone became so excited and start finding animal hair in the house. They literally searched for half an hour and moved every object of the house but failed to find a single pelage. As they took their hands off and surrender I and Angela were smiling at the time of their search mission and after they finished we brought out the machine and told them that where there is Hoover Power Dash FH50700 no pelage could be found. Then everyone smiled and we started to discuss about our tour plan.

How To Use

Using this latest Hover Power Dash is very easy task. At first you have to unpack the product and assemble it as per the instruction. There is a assemble manual called how to assemble where all the necessary information is included. Most amazingly there are pictures that will make your task more easy and comfortable to assemble the machine. There are even installing videos that you can download from the manufacturer website and assemble the whole machine within 5 minutes. At first you must insert the Upper Handle into the Upper Handle Pole and make sure you hear a “CLICK” sound until then keep pushing. Next you have to insert the upper Handle Pole into the base again wait for the “CLICK” sound until you hear that. Now there is a clean water tank which you have to slide securely into place on the back of the unit. Push down firmly; do not put pressure on this point. To have convenient storage you can wrap the power cord around the cord hooks and now it’s fully ready to clean the mess. You can use it in four simple steps

  1. Remove the clean water tank from the back and to do so you have to twist up the tank then open the nozzle and fill it with hot water. Now fill up the hover cleaning solution to the solution fill line then put the nozzle tight. Then slide the water tank back into its chamber.
  1. Plug on the electrical cord into an electric chamber. Step on the handle and then the release pedal to recline the unit into proper cleaning position.
  1. Now put your leg into the On/Off paddle to start the machine. Start with slowly push forward and backward and at the same time squeeze the trigger to apply water and cleaning solution on the targeted area.
  1. Now release the trigger button and start cleaning by slowly pushing forward and backward. Keep doing this and spray solution time to time. Thus you can easily use this hover machine without any complications.


  • When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following: Read all the instruction before using this appliance. Fully assemble before operating. Operate vacuum only at voltage specified on data label on back of vacuum canister. Do not leave appliance when plugged in. It must be followed to unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning or even out of service.
  • Do not use outdoors. Do not immerse. Use only on carpet moistened by cleaning process. Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cord. Avoid wet hands to handle plug or appliance it may gave you shock.
  • It is advised to use only HOOVER cleaning fluid intended with this appliance to reduce the risk of fire and electric Shock to avoid internal component damage. Please do not allow to be used as a toy by children. Not intended for use by children age 12 and under. Close supervision is necessary when used near children. Children’s may place fingers or other objects into any openings so to avoid injury or damage, keep children away from the product.  
  • Use only as described in this manual. Use only manufacturer’s recommended attachments and products. Do not use with damaged cord or plug. If appliance is not working as it should take it to a service center prior to continuing use as it may cause severe damage. Do not ever pull or carry the machine by cord and never use cord as a handle or pull cord around sharp edges or corners that may damage the wire. Do not place product on cord. Do not run appliance over cord. Keep cord away from heated surfaces.
  • The machine has certain openings for proper air flow and better cleaning but do not put any object into openings specially keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all parts of body away. Make sure to put away unnecessary things from the machine as it may cause damage to the machine.
  • Turn off all controls before unplugging the cord for safety. Always make sure to connect to a properly grounded outlet. See Grounding Instructions. Store appropriately indoors in a dry place. Do not expose machine to freezing temperatures.
  • Use extra care when cleaning on stairs. Always store the cleaner at bottom of stairs or on floor to avoid personal injury or damage and to prevent the cleaner from falling or self damage. It may the reason of injury or damage so does not place cleaner on stairs or furniture.
  • As it runs by electricity and is highly flammable do not use it to pick up combustible liquids, such as gasoline, or fine wood standings, or use in areas where they may be present. Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such as cigarettes, matches, or hot ashes. Do not use without filters and tanks in place. Do not clean over floor electrical outlets.
  • This appliance must be grounded. In case the machine malfunction or breakdown, grounding provides a path of least resistance for electric current to reduce the risk of electric shock. The machine is equipped with a cord having an equipment-grounding conductor and it also have a grounding plug. The plug must be inserted into an appropriate outlet with proper electric supply available and must be properly installed and grounded in accordance with all codes and ordinances.
  • It is advised to avoid picking up hard sharp objects with this product and also never use sharp objects to clean out hose as they can cause damage. Keep the area well ventilated when using detergents and other cleaners with Hover Power Dash as it will assist in reducing drying time. To help prevent matting and recoiling, avoid contact with carpets until they are dry. Until they are completely dry try to keep the children and pets away from carpets.
  • Do not store extractor with solution in tanks. With brushes and brush roll on, do not allow cleaner to sit in one location for an extended period of time, as damage to the floor can result. Do not use this extractor on hard floors. Using this machine on hard floors may scratch or damage your floor as there are powerful belt under it for carpet stains.
  • The machine water and detergent so water may drip from the brushes and underside of the product after use and may puddle. Make sure to store in proper manner to avoid damage to wood and laminate flooring and to avoid potential slip hazard. It is suggested that do not leave the product on wood and laminate surfaces after use and remove to a hard surface and place unit on absorbent material to soak up drips.

Hoover Power Dash Fh50700 is an upright carpet cleaner, equipped with a 10 inch-wide brush roll and a decent motor of 7 amps. This machine is designed for wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. This unit features a low-profile foot for better cleaning under furniture without removing it. To make it a compact model, the Power dash FH50700 uses a dual water tank system that is capable of storing up to 0.625 gallons of water. Total weight of this unit is lighter than 13 lbs, making it the lightest upright carpet cleaner so far. As for then I and Angela was using the machine but after the tour everyone bought that amazing machine for their own houses and everyone was really very happy after using that. After a few days Rosaline’s mother called me to thank me for that product suggestion in her words:

“Thank you my dear for this wonderful product I just love this thing. First of all I did about 500sq ft the first day it was delivered to my place and I LOVE this machine from that very moment. While I used his pristine and clean my carpets with it I was like surprised that it did that only with a few quirks.

I think this carpet cleaning machine is the ideal for carpet cleaning specially for apartment-dwellers with pets. Even if you use a “spot eliminator” device like I do but you know eventually everyone need to clean the larger areas because of the bad odor and a larger areas of carpet a spot device just can’t handle or definitely you want to clean the entire carpet in your space for mental satisfaction.

The first thing I was impressed that how easy it was to assemble the Hoover Power Dash once you get the parts out of the box and they were packed properly. There was one caveat: the cap on the water bottle you just have to push the inside of the cap out so that you can position the bottle (upside-down) in the machine eventually without proper installation it will leak. I learned that because I did it wrong on the first time and then I realized the real thing. This quirk should be addressed on the quick set-up card so that the impulsive people such as me can handle it smoothly.

There was a little issue with the dirty water tank as you have to press the button from behind the machine and slide it out. As I was using it for the first time I was a bit confused since no other machine I used before worked this way. So I would advice to take few to read the instructions before using that. Overall, I’m in love with this Hoover Power Dash machine and I would suggest that if anyone is on a budget then this machine will be best choice for anyone. I love that it’s small and easy to store literally it can hide anywhere. For me each room took me about three fills and three times emptying the dirty water tank and as my rooms are big enough I am happy with that.

The only problem I immediately noticed was the machine is very loud. It’s louder than most vacuums so if you don’t want your neighbors to hate you then it is definitely recommend not using it in the morning or evening.”

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