15 places to enjoy Quad Bike Adventures in the USA

Summer has a great emotional impact on the inhabitants of the United States of America, especially to the students who are crazy about quad bike adventures. Every person has their own taste of passing leisure but some celebrate it like a grand occasion.

Among those few people a group of seven boys always come up with something new, something exciting and something breathtaking. As a college kid I along with my gang am very famous for our out of the box ideas to celebrate our summer vacations.

Since elementary school, we used to celebrate our summer days in a different manner. I have six friends who are always with me for any kinds of adventure and all of them were real fun. Every year we try to do something that makes us out of the line and everyone is jealous because of our lovely adventure plans.

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Last year when we were in high school we went to the forest for spending the whole summer. We did lots of interesting activities like hill riding, hiking, swimming in the wild rivers and sleeping on hammocks hanging it on hill edges.

The year before that we went to a cruise ship adventure on one of the biggest cruise ships in the world “the symphony of the seas”. We started our journey from the port of Miami a major seaport located in Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida.

It is known as the largest passenger port in the whole world and it is also earned the title “cruise capital of the world“. We visited some famous places like Key West, Panama Canal, Puntarenas, and Colon. Anyway, in 2020, we are thinking about doing something more exciting. So we call an urgent meeting to discuss over it as our summer vacation is knocking at the door.

The meeting before making the tour plan for our quad bike adventures

We have an official name of our group that is “The Seven Hounds “given by our favorite teachers when we were in High School. This time we were a bit more serious about our plan because we were going to have a guest coming from Sweden.

Actually the Guest was one of our group members Ryan’s cousin who lives in Sweden. He heard about our vacation plans from Ryan and became very interested about that. So he wanted to celebrate this summer with us here in the USA.

So we gathered to decide what we should do, so that our guest could enjoy every bit of his time. After a long discussion and reacting couple of ideas, we finally decided to go for a quad bike tour in different famous routes.

quad bike tour

By doing that we could show our guest the history of America and the contribution of those quad bike adventure routes to the history as well. But when we started to list down the routes, the numbers reached more than twenty and of course it was not possible to cover all in a single season.

So we started to compare the routes according to our quad bike plan and finally we picked up five final spots. But we decided that we would definitely cover those routes on our next summer vacation. As we decided to ride on Quad bikes we started finding suitable bikes of our choice. After a long research we found an exciting one that meets all our criterions.

Yamaha Wolverine X4 SE

Yamaha Wolverine Quad Bike X4 SE

2019 Yamaha Wolverine X4 SE is a proven off road innovation & style and it can be operated on roads too. The beast is boasting painted exterior with air stroke and color-matched interior over fenders. The trail-taming Wolverine X4 SE combines a great style with ultimate comfort and capability what others ATV cannot provide at all.

The Wolverine X4 SE is powered by an 847cc DOHC which is a smooth and powerful twin-cylinder engine. This engine has eight-valve, parallel twin-cylinder motor that features the full range of Yamaha’s advanced super performance technologies till date.

To ensure durable high-rpm performance, there are forged pistons and connecting rods in it. For linear torque development and excellent power throughout the rpm range, Yamaha used it’s 270° Cross plane Concept Crankshaft in this model.

The rubber engine mounts and a geared counter balancer ensures smooth running from idle to redline and on the other hand engine features a dry-sump design for a more compact layout and offset cylinder block to reduce friction loss to improve efficiency.

Transmission and On-Command 4WD

Yamaha’s Ultramatic transmission is the most advanced, latest and durable ATV drive system available in the market. There is an automatic centrifugal clutch maintains constant belt tension for reduced belt wear on rides and a sprag clutch delivers natural all-wheel engine braking with only one handle.

In the Wolverine X4 SE, a robust clutching system features an oversized belt for excessive durability under aggressive riding and for more safety while still maintaining low cruising rpm. Yamaha’s renowned On-Command 4WD system lets you switch between 2WD which seems older now due to the 4WD.

There are very limited-slip 4WD and a fully locked differential 4WD available in the Wolverine X4 SE. Unlike other automatic 4WD systems, this Yamaha X4 SE is on-Command which puts the driver in full control to make the most of available traction in any sort of terrain.

Features and Specifications of Yamaha Wolverine X4 SE:

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Year: 2019
  • Make: Yamaha
  • Model: Wolverine X4 SE
  • Category: UTV/Utility
  • Type: Side by Side
  • Location: Perris, CA
  • Mileage: 1

Smooth, Quiet, Roomy Cabin

The manufacturer deserves thanks to spiral- and helical-cut drivetrain gearing, the rubber-mounted and counter balanced engine which produce less sound. There are a variety of noise- and vibration-reducing device installed around the cabin to ensure the lowest sound possible and the Wolverine X4 SE is one of the smoothest and quietest recreational vehicles.

So you can sneak through trails without disturbing nearby animals or simply enjoy the improved refinement after a long day of riding on the trail inside the ATV. Every X4 has four high-backed seats with shoulder bolsters and automotive-style racing cars three-point seat belts.

The Wolverine X4 SE also provides a comfortable perch for everyone on board and don’t worry even if there are four adults. More importantly, the Wolverine X4 SE offers plenty of foot room, including in the rear seats, which are mounted slightly higher than the front row for stadium-style seating and enhanced visibility for all.

For complementary, you will find multiple cup holders, high-traction floorboards, adjustable driver seat and steering column round out the amenities.

In my opinion, Yamaha is the number 1 customer satisfaction company in the World! They maybe never stay undersold! It is highly recommended that all ATV riders take an approved training course before riding on public roads. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never try to engage in stunt riding. Avoid excessive speed and be particularly careful on difficult terrain.

15 routes to enjoy Quad Bike Adventures

Road trips are a true representation of the best that the United States has to offer as the freedom of the road with westward expansion, the firm belief in unlimited possibility and the belief that something better is just over the horizon.

It’s never too late to embark on a road trip and the crappier your car or better with Quad Bikes the awesome the story you are going to come back with.  Road trips are also incredibly easy and comfortable; they’re known both the poor and Luxurious man’s vacation.

What you need is to grab a sleeping bag, your iPod, and some gas money and you’re all set. A few hours on the road and you’ll be forever changed by the limitless energy of the Roads. It’s the easiest way to step outside of the daily boring routine life and drive straight into new experiences for the ultimate peace of soul.

Can’t decide where to start? Do not worry, I am here to share with you all the exciting roads from the cliffs of Hawaii to the Florida keys and everything in between.

1] Michigan’s Gold Coast

Michigan’s Gold Coast is not that much known road trip routes in the United States, but that is enough to increase your desire more to road trip there. You don’t have to compete with crowds here nor have to deal with heavy traffic while you get to enjoy the natural scenario of this place.

There are miles of sandy beaches with plenty of lighthouses, quaint tiny villages that dot the shoreline and beautiful dune landscape. The drive from Grand Rapids to Glen Harbor in is nearly 200 miles and in a Quad Bike it takes 4 hours in an average speed.

As it is a coastal area you can even enjoy beach volley and also free swimming in the calm blue water. It is a great place for a great weekend road trip to get away from it all and unwind. So buckle up for a demure experience.

2] Blues Highway

If you are a music lover and blues aficionado then you need to take a road trip on the Blues Highway at least once in your life. Blues Highway nicknamed Highway 61, travels all the way from New Orleans, Louisiana to Nashville, Tennessee with mesmerizing beauty on both sides.

This is the birthplace of the blues itself also known as “Music City” and there’s music saturating every stop along the way. There are plenty of stores to grab some new tunes to enjoy on your road trip where thousands of music venues and recording studios will always welcome you.

The quintessential thing is you’ll drive by plenty of famous musician’s homes and birthplaces which definitely will make you nostalgic as a music lover. The whole experience will be an unforgettable one for sure.

3] Kancamagus Highway

Our next best place for a mini trip is New Hampshire’s Kancamagus Highway which is relatively small for a road trip at just under 35 miles long. But the gorgeous scenery along both sides could easily stretch out this road trip into a full day event.

Not only that there are a plethora of activities and sights along the way and one you shouldn’t miss by any chance. This iconic highway has been designated as a National Scenic Byway by the United States Department of Transportation under the name “Kancamagus Scenic Byway” to spread its lithe attraction all over the world.

The highway is mainly known for its views of autumn foliage and it is at the same time a popular drive in September and October for leaf peeping tourism. This route has plenty to offer to the nature lovers for instance gorgeous fall colors, foliage, waterfalls and rushing rivers are enough to perplex you.

4] Cape Cod

The Route 6 on Cape Cod was once the longest highway in the USA goes all the way to California, running 3,652 miles before California renumbered its roads. At present with its terminus in Bishop, CA Route 6 is still known as the longest continuous highway in the nation connecting most fourteen states on its way to the Left Coast.

As you will go wind through almost 118 miles of beaches, perhaps the best way to enjoy Cape Cod is from the driver’s seat of your quad bike. The fishing villages and some of America’s oldest homes and waterfront towns will welcome you there on your way.

Enjoying Route 6 should take you more than a day easily as there is plenty to stop and explore along the way that literally you can’t refuse. If you want to try some of the best lobster then you have to windswept sand dunes to the restaurants along the way.

There’s heavily populated towns as well as stretches of isolated beaches will give you plenty of scenic variety in the same place. The route is a great one to come several times throughout the year because it’s the only route where each season brings a new kind of beauty to the sea’s landscape.

5] Big Bend Scenic Loop, Texas

Are you in the mood for some adventure along your road trip? For nearly 250 miles, Big Bend Scenic Loop curves through Texas; khaki-colored desert to a forest of giant yuccas on the Dagger Flat Trail is the best places for adrenaline pumping sports.

This place is perfect for world class rafting, dirt biking, camping, and off roading and the remote wilderness offers you with plenty of other opportunities. In addition to marvelous panoramic vistas around many of these areas, hiking trails and primitive roadside campaigning will offer you some extra excitement.

Primitive dirt roads may be rocky with areas of soft sand that are unsafe for sedans or RVs so only high-clearance vehicles are allowed there and never forget to inquire about current road conditions before going there.

Big Bend National Park could be another attraction for you in this particular route. The route has plenty of opportunities to enjoy the scenic views of Mexico as well as it follows the Rio Grande.

6] Bluebonnet Trail, Texas

If your favorite color is blue and you are a Bluebonnet lover then in Texas’ you have another surprise. You’ll want to road trip Texas’ Bluebonnet Trail in the spring because pastures and open fields turn into seas of blue during the first few weeks of April every year.

The wild bluebonnets that line the road take bloom in their entire splendor the place becomes the sea of blues. The bright blue color of the flowers spreads for miles appreciated for centuries; bluebonnets grow naturally throughout Texas and are continued through the seven lakes that the road follows.

The road can be hard to find which stretches out for miles and is wonderfully off the beaten path of the rest of the traffic heading in between Austin and Houston but just stop by the Ennis Tourist center for a map of the route. Never ever forget to bring your camera and be prepared for plenty of stops for the vast amount of photo opportunities along the way.

7] Tail of the Dragon

If you want to enjoy the beautiful Tennessee and North Carolina landscape then sit in the passenger’s seat because this is called the Tail of Dragon route. This 11 mile Tail of the Dragon route may be the shortest on the list but with over 300 sharp curves in just those few miles alone makes it one of the most dangerous roads to road trip.

So if you are weak hearted person then this route is not for you. This is for the evergreen adventurer freak heart. Thanks to the challenging path carve through both the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest that makes it America’s top sports car and motorcycle enthusiast’s route for decades. 

The road looks like a dragon’s tail from the sky. A toy drone can help you to enjoy the sky view of this road. You can really lock in your spot and enjoy the thrilling ride without worrying about crossing traffic because luckily there are no intersecting roads or ramps there.

8] Route 12, Utah

If you want to enjoy the ultimate thrill in Utah’s Route 12 then you should make sure your car is in good working condition before tackling to Utah. Around 9000 feet above sea level with up and down mountains, the route will take you through some of Utah’s highest points of elevation.

The route starts and ends at two of Utah’s best parks, Bryce Canyon National Park and Capitol Reef National Park which will allow you a great chance to soak up some of the most beautiful natural places in the country.

You will see the layers of red rocks and sediment in a larger than any other area around sharp twists which turns in the Escalante Canyon region and the more you drive the much of the drive you get to drive around.

Some of the areas of the road are as desolate as you could wish for so make you’re alert and have an extra jug of water in the back of your car. The vastness and calmness will allow you to truly experience the grand majesty of Utah’s natural beauty and plethora of activities as well.

9] Going to the Sun Road

If the romance of the name alone isn’t enough to tempt you then definitely its location should do. Going to the Sun Road is the only road that crosses through an international park Glacier National Park that sits on the border between Canada and Montana.

Due to heavy snow coverage which can top out at 100 foot high snow drifts much of the road remain closed from October to May. But any eyes can be pleased with it’s lakes and streams of unbelievable brilliance and color, a perfect and steep climb among glacier covered mountains and dense, beautiful forests in the rest of the time of the year.

The quintessential attraction for wildlife lovers is that there are plenty of opportunities to spot deer, bears, and even the beautiful, snowy white mountain goats along the road.

The tops of the mountains are too high to see from inside a car without peering underneath the windows. So it will be best explored by Quad bikes or if at all possible, drive a convertible with the top down. Actually no top helps you to really be able to see the truly huge proportions of the landscape. All you have to do is to take several stop and explore the area by foot.

10] Columbia River Highway

You can enjoy a trip in the “King of Roads” for nearly 75 miles along Oregon’s Columbia River which boasts just as much impressive architecture as it does natural wonders on the Columbia River Highway.

It is always beautiful. The road is ornamented with Miles and acres of waterfalls, riverfront, lush rainforests, and one of the world’s most beautiful bridges. It is one of Oregon’s most beautiful features which stretch from Portland to The Dalles.

As a scenic drive, it cannot be beat Multnomah Falls, a waterfall as magnificent and memorable as any in the country is located just a 30- minute drive outside of Portland. Though you can see the top portion of the falls from the highway you have to walk to the viewing area located in a carved-out opening in the rock face to enjoy the full view.

After every visit you will find something different than your previous one. My uncle John says-

“I have probably driven through this Columbia River Highway about a thousand times and each time I see something new. It may be historic, but it never gets old in the eyes of a beauty worshippers.”

11] North Shore Drive, Minnesota

Minnesota’s North Shore Drive is a very famous one follows the shoreline of Lake Superior from Duluth all the way north to Grand Portage. To enjoy first hand spectacular, weather beaten lighthouses, huge ocean worthy sea vessels, and miles of forested cliffs and shoreline you have to drive along the edges of one of the largest lakes in the world for over 140 miles.

You will get some breathtaking views of the lake below as the road twists and turns among the cliffs and right against the lakeshore the beautiful rolling saw tooth Mountains jut up. Plenty of tiny lakeside towns to explore along the long highway and there are a plethora of waterfalls, rivers and streams that intersect the road on their way to the lake.

This place is ideal to have a visit when tourist traffic is low and natural beauty is high. Mostly a great drive to explore in the spring and fall as it’s the Coastal Highway of the Midwest. It will definitely be a memorable historic adventure through all the falls and cliffs of Minnesota’s North Shore Drive.

12] Pacific Coast Highway

California State Route 1 is a major north–south state highway almost as famous and perhaps more treasured than America’s Route 66 that runs along most of the Pacific coastline of the U.S. state of California. The Pacific Coast Highway at a total of just over 659 miles along the coast of California, it is the longest state route in California.

The road covers 550 miles of breathtaking scenery with plenty of twists and turns among the sea cliffs and coastal mountain landscapes offers plenty of fun stops along the way. The Pacific Coast Highway starts from the Southern California at Interstate 5 south of San Juan Capistrano and it ends at U.S. 101 in Leggett in Mendocino County with uninterrupted amazing views on both sides.

If you want the best views, start your journey from the north end and travel south for mesmerizing scenario of the blue Ocean without oncoming traffic. But if you have enough time in hands and if you want to extend your journey (and who wouldn’t?) you can start your road trip back on Route 1 in Port Angeles to get the ultimate enthusiasm because this route connects to the official Pacific Coast Highway and follows almost the entire coastline through Washington, Oregon, and California.

13] Trail Ridge Road, Colorado

Wanna feel like getting high- in the air, that is? Colorado’s Trail Ridge Road tops out at over 12,000 feet above sea level and it is the nation’s continually paved road in the United States since its inauguration took place.

Trail Ridge Road is the name for a stretch of U.S. Highway 34 which connects Rocky Mountain National Park and Colorado in the west. 11 of the route’s 48 miles are above the tree line as the road cuts right through the heart of the Rocks and rises just under 5000 feet within a few miles to traverse both sides of the Continental Divide.

You will be going the same trail Native Americans used for centuries; plenty of the wildlife that still roams free in the area, including deer, elk, and bighorn sheep can be seen even you stays inside your vehicles.

The route takes you like driving through Alaska than through Colorado and the most beautiful areas of Rocky Mountain National Park nearby. The road is also known as Trail Ridge Road/Beaver Meadow National Scenic Byway because of its breathtaking surroundings.

During winter due to heavy snowfall the Trail Ridge Road stays closed and it requires access to Rocky Mountain National Park even for local residents in this time for extreme weather. But in late spring or early summer it is open for all.

14] Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Olympic Peninsula one of the most untouched areas in the country and driving it in its entirety is the best way to truly enjoy the lush rainforests, black sand beaches, and snow covered mountain peaks that compose the peninsula’s landscape.

Though it is the largest road free area in the United States the Route 101 loops around the entire Olympic Peninsula to offer you its true beauty. The remoteness makes it one of the best drives to get away from it all and dive head first into the peninsula’s beautiful nature and it wasn’t explored by white settlers until just before the turn of the 20th century.

The 300+ loops can hold you for several days as there’s great surfing, hot springs, breathtaking views of Puget Sound, and plenty of great camping spots all around. Hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, swimming, and exceptional scenery can be enjoyed in the area throughout the years.

For fishing Lovers Lake Cushman and the Staircase entrance to Olympic National Park are nearby with a public boat ramp available in the vicinity and also there are Hot Springs available there. Olympic Hot Springs are natural, unmaintained hot water seeps located approximately 2.5 miles from the Elwha Valley and as the pools are in a wilderness area so they are not tested or treated by the park administration.

Though the area can be discovered all around the year, March is the best time for viewing Roosevelt Elk near the Olympic National Park rainforests and if you are interested in viewing Black Bears then May and June is generally the best time of the year to visit Olympic National Park.

15] Hana Highway, Maui

Hana Highway was paved in 1962 only 50 miles but it can easily take you several hours to traverse the road from start to finish. Today it is primarily a tourist attraction and a means for locals to travel from one area of the island to another for their daily activities.

The road is the main stretch from Kahului to Hana and its curvy nature and one-lane bridges of the highway made the road a famous visitor attraction of this era. You’ll be enjoying the cliffs edging the sea and alongside lush, tropical wild forests throughout your entire trip.

Just follow the Route 31 continue all the way to Kīpahulu as well if you want to extend your drive. There are plenty of black sand beaches, cascading waterfalls and roadside stands on either way to easily stretch your drive into a full day’s itinerary.

You can see the painted bark Eucalyptus trees, go spelunking at the sea caves all without leaving the route and even you can stop and swim at the Seven Sacred Pools. The road is known as one of the most dangerous roads in the world though we put the road to Hana as the least treacherous on the list. Actually this winding mountainous road that connects Kahului to Hana you will find at least 10 turns per miles and that is well enough to freeze your heart while passing through them.

Our trip was started without buying any Quad Bikes…….

Above mentioned routes are very famous and historical, but as we had only one month in hand so we chose only five routes to visit on that summer vacation. As we decided to go for road trips and at least on five different places probably in five different states we discussed the matter with our sports teacher Mr. Robert Humfree.

He suggested us not to buy any quad bike as it is almost impossible to carry these super heavy vehicles all over the places. He advised us to drop the idea of buying rather we can hire whenever we need and by doing so we could save money and could stay hassle free. He gave us all the information regarding this quad rental services.

Route 66

Route 66 is one of the oldest and coolest of all American roads. This iconic road is the inspiration behind countless songs, movies, and adolescent fantasies and the famous road has long been known as the “Main Street of America”.

It was one of America’s first highways and you can drive most of the route from Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles to Chicago, or Chicago to California, almost 2,500 miles. Can you imagine the long historic route in a Quad Bike stopping in several places and it was like a dreamy experiences.

Though the route was discontinued officially in the 1980s but reopened a few years later with more attraction than before. The spirit of Route 66 still lives on because of the numerous travelers and it’s one of the best road trips you can take.

The route isn’t small, so if you want to explore, driving it will easily take you at least a week to cover them all. Especially with all of the historic and wonderful adventures waiting to be explored along the way, from ghost towns to car graveyards to giant teepee hotels all are equally attractive and eye catching.

If you start your ride from Los Angeles then you can rent a quad from EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and Tours. They are the famous Bike and Car Rental Company there. On the other hand if you start your tour from Chicago then Riding Route 66 is the place where you can find all you need to travel in route 66. As we started from Los Angeles we rented quad bikes from Eagle Riders, among their many packages we took the $210 one.

Per day Package where you can choose a Harley Davidson or Yamaha Quad Bike and there will be a support van always with you with a driver expert in multilingual. We took several stops during our visit to Route 66, starting with Joliet & Wilmington.

Make sure to stop in nearby Wilmington to see the Gemini Giant a very old and famous ice cream parlor and the first of several huge “Giant Men” aka “Muffler Men” advertising statues you’ll see only along Route 66.

There is a Historical Museum nearby features a Route 66 Welcome Center with interactive exhibits of coolness. The next place we stopped was Pontiac a place where there was 20 painted murals, an early example of highway advertising painted on the side of barns best combination of colorful logo.

Dixie Truckers Home in McLean is America’s oldest truck stop, operated by one family, is the place where we took rest and grabbed a couple glasses of maple syrup cooked by the Funks since 1824.

There was a Guinness record holder wagon along the route 66 named Rail-splitter Covered Wagon or simply Lincoln. The 24-foot-high amusing roadside attraction is the largest covered wagon in the world with a statue of our nation’s 16th president Lincoln in the driving seat. There were numerous more to explore but as we had to visit more places we stopped our tour in route 66 in 5 days. Our next stop was, Florida.

Overseas Highway Florida

We took our Flight by Delta Airlines in a business class one way route ($607) from Los Angeles to Key West. Our flight took off at 6.30 Am in the morning with one hour stoppage in Miami, it took 7 hours to reach Florida.

After reaching there we took a hotel and rest the whole day to start a fresh adventure next morning. In the morning we went to the Riva Motors and Marine which is a very popular rental company in Florida.

They provided the ATVs on a very convenient price $120 daily with full tank fuel enough for the whole day. Florida’s Route 1 takes you from Key Largo all the way to the southernmost point of the continental US at Key West to offer the mesmerizing beauty on both sides.

The route took us through island to island over turquoise sparkling waters and white sandy beaches, lush with palm trees. Here we used hoodless Quads so that we could enjoy the tropical paradise with plenty of water views no matter what side of the road you look while you go for this road trip.

Those breathtaking and somewhat adrenaline packed experiences offered by each bridge that connects the keys from one to another are literally out of this world. Nearly 15 minutes you drive suspended far above the aqua waters and miles away from shore there was the longest bridge is the famous 7 mile bridge that connects Little Duck Key.

The highway is only two lanes so we faced incredibly crowd especially the closer we were getting to Key West. But you really can’t ask for a better place to sit back and enjoy the views from the rush hour traffic on the distilled clear water and white sand beach bearing long queue of Palm trees.

One most popular attraction that no one should miss is The Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum which is at 907 Whitehead Street, across from the Key West lighthouse, close to the southern coast of the island. Here you can find all the collection of Earnest Hemingway’s personal things that he used and also all the writings he ever written.

We also visited the Southernmost Point of the Continental US and Mallory Square known as a waterfront square with restaurants & shops very famous for its nightly festivals to watch the sunset.

Another remarkable place to enjoy was The Harry Truman Little White House was the winter White House for President Harry S Truman. The house is located in the Truman Annex neighborhood of Old Town, Key West and it was worth visiting this place.

Bear tooth Highway

We booked our tickets from Key West, Florida airport through United Airlines as because they were offering comparatively convenient rate of $1098 for Billings’ airport Montana. They gave two stoppages in their 11 hours 30 minutes long journey on Orlando and Denver.

The service was very good especially the seats were very comfortable and the dinner they served was delicious. We started our journey on Wednesday 11.35 am and reached in Montana at 9.58 pm, although a long one but enjoyed a lot during flight. After landing in the airport we directly went to West Yellowstone ATV Rental a well known shop for any kinds of motor items to rental on that area.

There we had to pay $179 per day for single drive ATV and $379 for 4 seater Commander Max ATV with associate utilities. Our main stop was known by some as the most beautiful highway to be found across the globe which runs through some of Montana and Wyoming’s most incredible scenery on both aisles.

Beartooth Highway, The road actually starts just north of Yellowstone National Park and went through several stops like Beartooth Mountain, Yellowstone Caldera, Pilot Peak and finally meet in Angels landing. The whole way winds its way up and down mountains through the entire Absaroka-Beartooth National Wilderness.

The vistas from the road are incredible as there were hardly any traffic we did not get any hassle for riding to elevation levels bordering on 11,000 feet above sea level at the peaks of the mountains. Due to the extreme elevation, the 68 mile long route can occasionally have passes closed when weather conditions prevent proper road clearance but as went there in summer we didn’t face any problem. 

The quintessential part of that trip was the Yellowstone Caldera, a colorful pond with explosion of colors in the air. Anyone could watch the mesmerizing game of colors all day long. We actually visited the mountain peaks called Bear Tooth they are a queue of white peaks just looks like a polar Bear.

Do not forget to visit the Garden Wall which actually a hill looks like a garden in your yard but the kind of pleasure and peace you could feel there is incomparable. The last thing we could not afford to miss was the Mount Wilbur the peak rises over 4,500 feet above Swift current Lake and is a steep pyramid on three sides.

The extreme adventure we ever had was on that place. As everything depends on the weather so before you road trip make sure to check the website for current road conditions and closings.

Blue Ridge Parkway

After heart freezing 5 days on Yellowstone, Montana we took our flight from West Yellowstone airport for North Carolina as we wanted to go Blue Ridge Parkway. We took off on 3.20 pm and reached North Carolina at 11.06 pm with 40minutes layover in Salt Lake City.

The plane Operated by Skywest DBA Delta Connection cost us $819 for that 6 hour flight of course in business class. To soak up some of the best views the South has to offer you can road trip through parks, among mountains and you just have to pass just under 500 miles to go through two states.

The Blue Ridge Parkway winds through Shenandoah National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park while crossing them traverses across both the North Carolina and Virginia on their way. We booked our ATV in the best shop of north Off the Grid Mountain Adventure 4393 Elk Park Hwy/ Elk Park, NC 28622.

You can find a wide range of fantastic quad bikes in this rental heaven and they offer the best rate in the country only $138 for two seater vehicles. They even offer a rescue team all along as there might be any problem or any kind of help.

There’s such a wide variety of wildlife that the road has a more diverse bird population along the highway than in all of the European countries combined specially the smoky mountains around.

The result was several days’ worth of mountain vistas, rolling valleys, and plenty of wildlife and all of them we did on quad bikes as all the area was just perfect for quad riding. As per the Highway the road is immensely popular, and has been the most visited national park place for over the last 60 years in whole United States.

In winter there were plenty of opportunities for skiing and sledding, while the fall provides a haven of beautiful colors though it could be a great trip no matter what time of year you go. We didn’t forget to visit the most popular place of North Carolina Biltmore Estate which is a historic house museum and The Folk Art Center a museum of Appalachian arts and crafts which are best tourist attraction in Asheville.

We enjoyed the most in The Linville Gorge Wilderness, which is the third largest wilderness area in North Carolina. There we tried some easy stunts shown by the rental company officials, it was great fun. We packed our backpacks and went to the North Carolina airport to catch our plane for our last stop Alaskan Highway.

Alaskan Highway

If you want to forget road tripping with billboards, cheap motels, and gimmicky tourist traps littering the scenery then I am presenting you the 3000 mile long Alaskan Highway remote enough to swear you’re going to discover the Yukon alongside the likes of Jack London.

We had seen numbers of bison, elk, moose, and bear outnumber the amount of cars we were passing on the road. Apart from that the calmness and long drive for miles through untouched wilderness without a house in sight would definitely melt your heart away.

The highway has a great historic story as it was first built in WWII as a way to connect Alaska, Canada, and the continental United States through one continues way. We reached Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport at 7.20 pm as we started from North Carolina 1.35 pm almost 10 hours journey.

That time we used United Airlines Operated by Republic Airlines DBA United Express which cost us $1373 for each Business class seat. Their service was pretty amiable. There were two very famous rental company offers a wide range of ATV tours and trips along the whole Alaska one was Talkeetna ATV tours and another one was Alaska ATV or Jeep tours.

We hired our ATVs from the second one and it costs $100 per persons and for safety gear and other component there were extra charges. The most scariest and adventurous tour was the Denali ATV adventures arranged by the rental company head deep into the Alaskan bush!

And it’s hard to beat the thrill of splashing through rivers, driving over tree root-rutted trails and small rocks all over the natural roads. You had to keep an eye out for a variety of wild animals like moose, arctic fox, porcupine, and Dall sheep.

Thanks to the authority as we can now travel the entire length in paved comfort and relative safety. Even a few years back only people insane enough to cross it often did with a truckload of spare tires, several guns and a full outfit of camping gear as the road boasted such treacherous conditions.

If you’re brave enough to explore it, you’ll be rewarded with mountain peaks, plenty of wildlife, miles of untouched tundra, and a true Alaskan adventure you won’t forget in your entire life.

Returning Home…….

We had an amazing tour last summer and thanks to Mr. Robert who helped us by providing all the necessary information we need during our tour specially by providing the addresses of the ATV rental companies.

Our Guest was relatively happiest person in our group as he had learned much historic and iconic history of America and its people. We used different ATVs from different companies and all of them were a great part of our whole journey.

The mountains were impossible to access without the strong Quad bikes. We hope in the next summer we could finish visiting all the listed beautiful roads that we could not make it this time due to time limit. You guys can take such tours with friends and family and don’t forget to share your quad bike adventure experience here with us.

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