No. 1 sailboat hammock to make your yacht cruising full of excitement

A sailboat hammock is not any must have gadget for your yacht cruising trip, but it  is becoming more popular these days because it creates a wider window to enjoy sunset or sunrise from the sea, it offers comfortable sleep at sea and above all it alleviates seasickness.

Becoming an adventurer was always my passion and to put off that hunger I fed my inner self with numerous exciting events throughout my childhood. I had attended almost all kinds of outdoor activities a youth could possibly do.

I have enjoyed rock climbing, hiking, tent living, camp cooking with dutch oven and kayaking too before completing my graduation and was planning for another fantastic campaign or you can call it a second honeymoon with my loveliest wife Britney Rose.

I wanted to surprise her as our first marriage anniversary was knocking at the door. Believe me; I never expected that my surprising Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock idea would work like a magic spell on my wife.

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This particular Wise Owl Hammock is usually used on land or in the forests hanging from two trees but I did something different. I customized my day sailing luxury yacht so that I could easily attach that Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock on my yacht to offer an exciting feel of both water and forest camping.

I always wanted to do something that may amaze my sweetheart but not getting any suitable idea to execute the plan. Suddenly I got a call from my friend Stuart that he is going to the jungle safari for a three days hammock camping.

I got my surprise plan from his words but as my wife does not like to stay in the forest, I had to make some major changes in my plan. Rose loves water, especially marine life is of deep attraction to her and that drives me to arrange our upcoming marriage anniversary party in the heart of the sea. While most of the campers enjoy hammock camping in the forest, I was thinking of having a hammock camping in the sea.

I discussed the matter with my chop shop friend who usually builds customized cars. I asked him to customize my yacht to set a hammock there. Most people choose a net hammock for such kinds of tour but I wanted to surprise my wife with something out of the box.

So instead of a sailboat hammock, I started searching for the best hammock available in the market. It took me nearly 50 hours to find out the crown jewel The Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock which have more than 4000 customer reviews on Amazon. Though the product is designed for outdoor use, especially in forest areas but my friend helped me to install it on my yacht.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Sailboat Hammock

This amazing piece of beauty does not need any further introduction as thousands of people using this leisure product happily. This particular hammock looks a little different than other ordinary hammock; it is more colorful and strong as well.

The lithe hammock is very easy to use, no need to tie any knots and after use, it takes only a few minutes to pack; also you can attach them to anything sturdy. Unlike other hammocks which usually made from cheap materials, this Wise Owl Hammock is made of high quality heavy duty 210T parachute nylon.

The same kind of materials the skydivers use! This extra soft yet super strong material will definitely give you the most comfortable and relaxing experience which I wanted to offer to my wife in the midst of the blue water.

This hammock is lightweight and compact so you can take them anywhere you like. The Single Owl designed for one person is 9ft long by 4 and 1/2 ft wide, weighs 16 oz on the other hand if you want bigger then, double Owl for 2 people that are 10ft long by 6 and 1/2 ft wide and weighs only 26 oz.

The single one can packs down to about the size of a grapefruit and the double one is about the size of an eggplant box, so you can just throw it in your backpack and go. Only this super quality hammock comes with a very affordable price tag. Some notable features are given below…

  • ✔ 210T Parachute Nylon Threads
  • ✔ Triple Interlocking Stitching
  • ✔ Available in two different sizes (Single & Double)
  • ✔ Single sized hammock weighs 16oz
  • ✔ Double sized hammock weighs 26oz 
  • ✔ Comes with attached Carry Bag
  • ✔ Long Tree Straps included
  • ✔ Every strap has 5 loops
  • ✔ Included 2 – D Shaped Steel Carabiners
  • ✔ Packs Down Very Small

Once upon a time in Nashville, TN. some great souls stepped out to make an exclusive, top quality hammocks at a wallet friendly cost for the crazy campers and so they established Wise Owl brand. Since their first hammock, they are prolonging their product line to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

They took this as granted that spending time in the outdoors enhances people’s life span. Whether it’s a back-breaking backpacking trip to a long distance, a short weekend hike on nearby hills or an extended family campout in the wild, it will definitely leave a good effect behind.

The gear that we take with us can make all the difference and determine how much enjoyable our trip will be. But while it is about hammock, make no mistake and take only Wise Owl Hammocks because their products are made with love and are of the same quality as some of those expensive brands offer.

Key points of this hammock:

  • EXTRA SOFT to offer the most comfortable and relaxing experience.
  • WISE OWL HAMMOCKS are designed of high quality super strong 210T parachute nylon threads to ensure the longevity and durability.
  • CONVENIENT PRICE – No need to have a hippopotamus size wallet to buy this hammock. The company offers this high quality hammock at a wallet friendly price tag.
  • EASY SET UP – Tree straps & carabineers are already pre included with this hammock making set up a breeze game. This whole product does not need to tie any knots. It comes with 5 separate loops on both sides to make sure you can adjust your hammock to the perfect height and comfort level. It even offers a wide range of straps that you can attach them to anything sturdy, like trees and get to relax in just one minute! It’s that fast.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT – The whole package is only 16oz to 26oz and which lets you carry it anywhere. The Single Owl is suitable for 1 person which is 9ft long by 4 1/2 ft wide and weighs 16 oz and the Double Owl is designed for 2 people that is about 10ft long by 6 1/2 ft wide and weighs only 26 oz.

This is a family owned company located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. They are always working to offer best quality and affordability to their customers. You’ll be surprised to know that before releasing any new product, they themselves use it to scrutinize their products.

This is how they test each and every product and do not allow to sell anything that they themselves can’t be satisfied with. They believe that “building a great brand is not a sprint” and they are right here. It’s actually a marathon that needs consistency, endurance, concentration and never give up mentality.

This hammock is designed by an incredible team of some wonderful people from all walks of life located all over the United States who are striving every day to improve the design and quality of their products.

Why it’s magical

As I decided to surprise my wife on our marriage anniversary night, I didn’t tell her anything about my plan. Even all the time she asked me about what we were going to do for our anniversary, I always ignored her.

She was a bit angry over me and didn’t talk in a proper manner on those days. For me, the whole journey was so magical because that was the first marriage anniversary of us and she was way too happy and perplexed with my arrangements.

For her that was amazing and magical because she never expected that I was going to give her such an awesome experience which she never imagined. We started our journey just before the anniversary date though it was very tough to convince her as she was madly angry with me.

The very moment she saw my customized yacht, magical time started; she became effervescent and gave me a demure smile. We set a route plan for our journey which will start from Mississippi River port and after visiting a couple of places will return to the same port.

As I am an inhabitant of New Orleans just near the Mississippi river, I decided to enjoy a few fantastic places like the iconic, 630-ft. Gateway Arch, built in the 1960s along the Mississippi River in the major city of Missouri St. Louis, Graceland a house of the singer and actor Elvis Presley and The Memphis Zoo in the Memphis city along the river.

The distance from New Orleans to Memphis city was barely 10 hours by boat, but we took three days to reach the destination. We spend our nights on the Yacht watching skies all night. We spent our first night in the middle of the river and cut our anniversary cake under the unforgettable moon light.

My wife was not leaving the hammock which I installed on my Yacht with some customization done by my chop shop friend. The whole journey would not be memorable at all without my Yacht, I have a Day sailing luxury Yacht Model- Spirit HD60.

The contribution of my Yacht

Spirit DH60 yacht

The magnificent Spirit DH60 was first launched from the manufacturer’s yard in 2013 and by 2015 another update came to the market with more exciting features. My dad gifted me this iconic and mesmerized piece of excellence just few days before my marriage.

I had lots of awesome experience with my Yacht but let me introduce it with you guys. This particular model picked up three ‘First of Class’ awards, including a first in class, concourse class win and first in the single-handed race with its upgrade version.

The Spirit Deck House designs are more than capable of competing successfully as well as for luxury family sailing. The portfolio of sophisticated motor yachts from tenders and day boats to super yachts has possibly applied all the style, elegance and craftsmanship of modern classic sailing yachts on this DH60 model.

This boat is stunningly beautiful with fast, electric performance and elegant looks with state of the art marine technology. Apart from such heavy machineries, this boat is lightweight, strong and easy to sail. Spirit company can design from a blank sheet to a rich variety of yachts extend the scope of Classic and Deckhouse.

The spirit DH60 displays superb modern construction technology, beautifully varnished mahogany topsides and there is an ease while handling and of course with legendary performance.

To ensure the comfort on long passages and while cruising worldwide, the down volume is increased and that differentiates herself from the other Spirit Classics. Its heightened coach roof offers weather protection and a full navigation station with all-round visibility. Along with that all deckhouse designs allows a great social area with comfortable seating system where I installed my hammock.

Tech Specs of Spirit DH60

  • L.O.A.:18.15m     —————-    Beam: 4.3m
  • Dispel: 14.7 tones —————-   L.W.L.:13.0m
  • Draft: 2.8m            —————– Ballast: 38%
  • Sail Area: 1496sq.ft. —————   Power: Yanmar 75hp

Features of this Luxury Swan

This Yacht is classically designed for sailing short-handed and was comfortable enough to spend long periods of time living on board and that is the brief for the first 60foot Spirit Deckhouse. The 60DH can be customized according to the owner’s particular requirements to ensure superb quality of design and build throughout if required.

Though the manufacturer offers total flexibility regarding interior layout, rig design and specification they do not compromise on sailing performance. One brilliant advantage of this Yacht is it can be used for both cruising and racing and can also be easily set up for short or single-handed sailing anytime.

To provide invaluable protection from the elements both at anchor and on long distance passages, a raised coach roof is included. There is a navigation table allows the navigator to view the chart and the horizon. It’s deckhouse offers full 360degree visibility to the passengers.

What did I do to experience the magical bed

There was a gloomy stormy situation in my house as my wife noticing me busy with various works and in a jolly mood. I was expecting something might blast as she was furious over me. As I told you guys I managed her somehow to take at my yacht but before that I had to take some preparation.

I took a huge suitcase to pile up our dresses but Rose was not ready to do anything like that. She refused to go anywhere with me but I had to convince her without disclosing my plan. I took help from my friend and told him to call her for a dinner party in a restaurant near the Mississippi river and I knew she can’t refuse the invitation because after all she’s extremely social.

She agreed to go there but perplexed with my strange behavior as I took the suitcase with me. We started our journey at the afternoon as the river was only one hour ride from our house. We reached the river bank just before the sun was about to set.

sunset in mississippi river

My wife asked me where the hell everybody else was. I told her that they come in time let’s spend some moments on the river bank but she refused. In a sense I grab her hand and start pulling to take her where my Yacht was anchored.

I made all the arrangements before, so the moments she look at the Yacht the lighting start sparkling and she becomes speechless for a while. When I told her that it was for us, She jumped over my chest hugged me tight and said “I love you baby, you are the best husband in the world”.

Then start talking that she then understood why I was acting weird with her from the last couple of days. She said that she thought I forgot about our marriage anniversary and that was the reason she was very angry over me.

That was the very first experience of her as she never enjoyed any yacht cruising before especially a private one. I just told her that was only the beginning of my surprises so wait and see what happens.

We started our journey from the Mississippi River port at 8 pm and after a while we reached the deep water towards the 630-ft. Gateway Arch, St. Louis. It would take only 5 hours to reach there but I anchored my Yacht in the middle of the river at 11 pm and asked my wife whether she was ready for the ultimate surprise or not.

I took her to the front of our boat where a portion was veiled with a cloth. There was hanging my custom build Wise Owl Hammock. That was the second time she was like stunted and effervescent.

She told me that it was her long cherished wish to watch water on a hammock but I made it more special as we were in the middle of the river. My third surprise was waiting on the queue and came out exactly at 11.59 pm, a double Decker seven layer rainbow white forests (Roses favorite) cake to celebrate our first marriage anniversary.

Then she with a demure smile kissed me and with a mellifluous voice wished me happy anniversary. We both got on the hammock and spend the whole night there talking and singing.

In the morning we started our journey towards the 630-ft. Gateway Arch, in the major city of Missouri St. Louis built in the 1960s along the Mississippi River. We reached there and discovered the riverside area all day long.

st. louis riverfront in the morning

My wife bought many uncommon items which were not available in our area. We enjoyed the day very much and returned to our yacht in the late evening with a view to enjoying the scenario of 630-ft. Gateway Arch hanging from the custom build Hammock.

We decided to spend all the nights on our Yacht hanging on the Hammock. After enjoying a whole day and night we started our journey for the next stop Graceland a house of the singer and actor Elvis Presley.

My sweetheart and me both are very fond of Elvis so I wanted to visit that place for a long time. We enjoyed many songs offered by local fans and saw many memorable things related to Elvis. Now his daughter owns this house. Every evening there you can see a gathering of Elvis fans and they remember their great singer by singing his famous songs.

We had a wonderful evening there and a kind of nostalgia poured upon us. We spent that night watching stars and finding our favorite singers soul there. The very next morning we went to The Memphis Zoo in the Memphis city along the river to meet more than 1000 species all over the world.

You can enjoy the company of dolphins, tigers, Bears, Monkeys, Penguins even Pandas too. The immense varieties of different animals are the main attraction of this place. It is almost impossible to explore all the places within a day, though we managed to see more than half of them. We spent our last night on the Yacht and returned to our house the next day.

Rose’s Experience

While we were returning home lying on the hammock my wife said she wants to tell me something. I said go ahead. She starts like this…. 

I am not going to thank you or say you did a lot for me. I think what you did is for the sake of our love. We will stay together forever and don’t forget to keep surprising me.

I was overwhelmed and asked about her experience of yacht journey.

She again started – I was furious over you and sometimes after watching you smiling for any reason wanted to kill you. I never expected that I am going to get such a wonderful surprise. Spending a few hours on a luxury Yacht was the dream of my life and you completed that in a manner that I could possibly never forget.

I knew how much you love me but I was in a dilemma that you forgot our anniversary or not as most husbands do the same. At my school and college, I saw my friends going for camping and spend weeks there but my family never allowed me for such outings, and today you fulfilled my heart and soul at the same time. I wish I could spend my whole life lying in your arms forever.

I liked the way you managed to bring me here and I was like having a heart attack while you show me the hammock hanging on your yacht. This is truly awesome and I am having an immense pleasure lying on this.

This journey becomes more exciting only because of this super cool hammock, no no, yacht, hammock, river, moonlit night and above all your true love, everything together made this yacht cruising so surprising…..

Real life experience of using this hammock

I have some problems with being judgmental on every single product I buy from anywhere. To satisfy my doubt I always pay attention on reading the feedback given by the customers. For me what the manufacturer says is not important because they are businessmen and they are always looking for profits.

So, I never buy any product only because there are very attractive advertisements instead try to follow the reviews given by the customers. You must find many good feedback available there on the website if the product quality is up to the mark. As I was confused about buying I got some amazing feedback about this particular product on Amazon and finally made my decision.

Anyway, after enjoying our multiple-night yacht cruising, we’ve got that this hammock is lightweight. It comes with high grade ropes and chunky carabineers which helped me to hang it easily on my yacht and it’s even easier to hang it on trees.

It cradles the forms of both of us without causing us to roll and bunch up in the middle because the fabric stretches well enough. It’s so comfortable that my wife already asked me to buy one more as she wants to have her afternoon nap lying on it.

What’s in the Box

At first, I was in a dilemma whether to order or not. So I ordered one package to be sure that those reviews I saw on Amazon was right. You know, a lot of cheap business personal and many online business sites use fake reviews to raise their product demand. But I was so relieved when I got the true genuine product with all the mentioned quality. I will recommend every outing lover for buying this amazing product. I got the followings into my ordered box-

  • One Double Wise Owl hammock 
  • Total 5 separate loops on both sides
  • Two dispatch rope 
  • 9 feet long Straps 
  • An attractive storage bag
  • 2 D shaped carabiners
hammock on the Yacht

Ever Have the Idea of Having a Hammock on Your Yacht?

Many of you may think it is not a good idea to have a hammock on the Yacht because in water there are already tides that make the boat unsteady and using a hammock is dangerous. First of all it is dangerous for those who are thinking with a forest camping point of view but if you can expand your idea then it is totally safe.

We all heard about net hammocks which are used to those water activities especially for safety purposes. To make your hammock safe and secure you have to do some customization on your Yacht. Don’t worry I will discuss it later how I customized my Yacht for this. For now I want to share my experience about the super cool activities I have done with this Yacht friendly sailboat hammock.  

One best idea of using this hammock is the most romantic one at least to me. Those who love the sky and water can get a complete serendipity by this cute, lovely heartwarming idea. On our first day of anniversary tour after cutting the anniversary cake we were lying on the hammock.

Suddenly we noticed that the sky was very clear and the moon was extra shiny. There were numerous stars sparkling on the immense sky. The scenario could not be described in words. The kind of divine feelings we felt on that night had left a deep impression on our hearts. We spent the whole night doing competition with each other on how many stars one can count.

We placed the hammock in such heights so that we can touch the water and that was something out of the box. It may seem very dangerous but thanks to chop shop friend who customized my Yacht in such a way that it is 100% safe and secure now.

We used an extra layer of net for safety so that if anyone falls from the hammock for big waves of water he will not fall in the water. Apart from that security issue the kind of effervescent pleasure you will get that cannot be compared with anything else.

Many of us may have the experience of fishing on a river, lake or ocean. But just imagine that you are lying on a hammock hanging randomly and a fishing rod in your hand, isn’t it super exciting?

I tried this with my friends just on a later tour with my friends in the Mississippi river. It was real fun time because you will not feel the boredom of sitting on a bench waiting for fish. You can enjoy the hanging and will get the feel of relaxation of a cradler.

How to Hang a Sailboat Hammock on a Yacht…

It’s that simple to install it on your yacht or fishing boat if you don’t want to touch the water lying on your hammock. It’s even not so difficult to hang it in such a height from where water can be touched if you have a friend who knows how to break and fix things.

Hanging a sailboat hammock in a Yacht is not that hard as it seems to be. Some may think it’s a weird idea but believe me its super cool and you are welcome to visit my Yacht any time. If you have a friend who can easily break and fix things then he is your guy.

Grab his hand, bring him to your Yacht and let him do his job. As we all know every Yacht must have a hall in the middle for sails and in the back the engine room. So all you have to do in the front part and it is the most suitable place.

What my engineer friend did, he first made a blueprint of his work and showed me the whole process. At first I was a bit nervous that my lovely Yacht maybe destroyed with chopping and cutting. My friend assured me that nothing will happen. So I put a stone on my chest and showed my thumps to him to indicate green signal.

He began with the hall and put it down to have a big working area. He brought some aluminum structure to fix it with the Yacht. The workers start cutting the upper deck with raw chainsaw and I was like having a heart attack seeing that.

They first clear the upper deck about 20 feet and then did the same for the lower deck. Then they attach the frame they brought earlier to build a strong platform. They then leveled the upper deck with wood finishing floor and attach a hatch with the floor so that it could be easily removed and placed on other sides. This hatch is the mouth of out platform from where the Hammock is hanging now.

They build the frame in such a way that on the both end it had two very strong steel made hooks for knotting the ropes. And for extra security they cleared the lower deck too so that they can attach a strong net made from same quality ropes used in parachutes. It is because if by any how anyone fall from the hammock (literally it is impossible) he/she will apparently stay out from water as there is a safety net.

The most amazing thing the customizer did is the lifting system, yes you heard it right. They attached a mini hydraulic pump which is capable of lifting the whole platform 5 feet high and 3 feet lower from its base platform. So if you want to stay above the boat line then took it higher or if you want to touch the water, then take it down to the lower level.

After seven days of restless work they handed me the whole project and I just said Oh My God! The boat was looking so fantastic, especially when the hammock stays above the line. If I want I can close the hatch and that will make my whole hammock invisible under that platform. So it’s up to you what you wanna do….

The confession

The whole thing happened to me during my anniversary celebration was the best moment of my life. The quintessential thing is that my wife became perplexed with joy after the whole journey. We can feel the kind of bond we had before becoming stronger day by day.

The unmatched feelings of moving ups and downs with the rhythm of the waves. Nothing can beat the scenario of watching starts lying on a hammock in the middle of the dark calm water. I without any hesitation, definitely recommend every single person who loves outing, campaign, adventures and those who love their wife to buy this unbeaten Wise Owl Sailboat Hammock to experience the feelings which are out of the box.

I am sure you will love this thing and the love of your family towards you will increase. I am just sharing my story so you can understand how much I enjoyed using this exclusive product. As this is a family company, so when you buy from Wise Owl Outfitters you are supporting a family with a USA Based team.

The company is striving every single day just to improve their design, technology and processes to offer us the best product. It could be a great multifunctional inexpensive gift for your mom, dad, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter or anyone you love.

The most fantastic matter about this family run company is that they are offering the best quality materials with the best affordable price. To recapitulate, I am waiting to hear from you guys, you are welcome for sharing your own story with me about this sailboat hammock.

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