Behind every great shopping there is a Story

shoping stories

Maybe you’ve read Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Charlotte Bronte, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf and lots of others, but have you ever read any story written by your school friends?

Stories written by our school or Facebook friends are also interesting and entertaining. Sometimes, they write fiction, sometimes horror, sometimes non fiction and sometimes real life shopping stories.

Yes, we’re very much interested in shopping stories. You know, shopping is an inseparable part of our life which is so impactful that it makes us happy and helps us feel better. Even our shopping memories are also very exciting which take us to a psychological state where no depression can come.

But, nowhere we can get a compilation of real life shopping stories.

Our Facebook friends also never share their shopping stories though they share lots of things on their social walls.

So, we’ve stepped out to build an amazing museum of shopping stories.

Can you remember when did you last buy an envelope to send a letter?

Can you remember how happy you did become when you bought your first school bag with your dad?

Can you even remember the first thing that you bought online?

Those are the memories that we can never forget. We love to share those sweetest shopping stories to someone whom we love and when we become 60 or even 90 years old, we share those memories with our grandchildren. Can you imagine how amazing it is?

We love to listen those shopping stories, we love to tell those stories and we hope you also love to share your shopping stories.

Maybe you’ll get nothing for sharing your shopping stories, but your stories will get tons of claps, love, read and reshares. That means, your stories will make others happy.

You know, sharing a story is now very easy. You don’t have to buy any diary, nor you have to buy a pen. Just click on the “Share your Shopping Stories” below and it’ll take you to the mail compose area where you can write your stories and send it to us. So that we can share your awesome stories with the Topcellent Fans who will read and love your stories.

Share your Shopping Stories

Note: Please do not share any duplicate stories and don’t forget to remember that your shopping images or video clips will make your stories more engaging.