How under armour t shirts stimulated my sense to propose her instantly?

Though it’s the under armour t shirts that make my love story fantastic but in general, success in love depends on so many things and among these, clothes are of highest importance.

Clothes are such things that make us who we are and distinguished from others. Many times you can just have a basic idea about a person with what he is wearing. Though it’s not always true but it works (at least it works to impress the girls).

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As an ordinary boy I am not any different from others but maybe in terms of the choice. I always prefer a well fitting neither loose nor tight fitting clothes (my past is different and you’ll come to know about it). Thousands of brand and millions of variety of products are swarming in the markets.

Still it’s really hard to find what is best for you when you’re going to propose your dream girl, isn’t it?

No matter it’s stylish leather jacket or outfitting t shirt, my preference is always branded products instead of local products as they give you the ultimate comfort. Have you ever imagined why branded clothes always have high demand and high price?

Today I am going to discuss about a particular T-Shirt brand which is my favorite. I am a huge fan of Basketball and like most of you my favorite player is Stephen Curry. This American star is six-time NBA All-Star, two times NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) and won three NBA championships with the Golden State Warriors.

There is an interesting story about how I become a fan of basketball and Stephen Curry. I will tell the story later. I think you are confused that why I am talking about Baseball or Curry, Aren’t you?

Don’t worry I am here to talk about a branded T-shirt and that brand is partly owned by Stephen Curry. So now it’s clear, right?  Ok let’s see what we gonna get here today. But, before that, I like to show you that special t shirt which stimulated my sense to propose her instantly.

My favorite one from the under armour t shirts collection

The particular product is from a brand named Under Armour. Yes, you’ve heard it right. This brand is widely known for footwear but at the same time it is very popular for its T-Shirts. Curry is widely known for his partnership with Under Armour sighed in 2013 offseason. He is considered to be the “face of their footwear and T-shirt line” regarding basketball.

The contract was originally signed to Nike but then it was handover to Under Armour. After becoming two times MVP and one of the most popular athletes in the world curry become a major factor for the brand. And even based on the success of Curry the shoe line and T-shirt stock prices are rising and falling.

A few days ago I saw a picture of Curry wearing a new T-shirt featuring Under Armour brand.

The T-Shirt grabs my attention at once and I decided to buy this particular one which Curry was wearing. I order online and after two days eager wait I got it on my hand. The T-shirt is a round neck one and you can find a tag behind the neck inside the shirt. The hands and lower part have double stitching as there areas have to bear more pressure than the other part.

The product comes with the finest cotton cloth which will ensure the ultimate comfort your body. The stitching was very perfectly done around it and after a surgical strike I was fail to find any deficiency in this one.

There is a unique design in the upper front side in the shape of a rectangle with black border. In the right side of that rectangle there is a logo bearing the identity of Under Armour, though the brand is also written just under that logo.

In the right side there is a portion cover with black color but there is a circle inside the shape and also a straight line across it and finally a small white dot in the center.

At first glance it might seem strange but with close observation you will find a basketball field on that black portion with white marking. The T-shirt is available in all possible size and length.

So whatever your body type is this awesome shirt will fit you for sure. As a curry fan I must have to buy this unique one and you can also try it as it will give you ultimate comfort that other T-shirts could never do.

Story Behind my Brand Weakness (Fiction)

Though I am a college student now, I always prefer full sleeve shirts and T-shirts from my school time. I had a thin and tall body with no muscle only bones covered with skin. I always avoid T-shirts for my body types.

steph curry in under armour

I eat well go for walk and at times step out for wild or water adventure. But still I was unable to maintain a good physic. So I always wear full sleeve shirts just to avoid people looking to my lean body. I thought it was best for me but most of my friends usually wore half sleeve T-shirts and they always look better than me.

One day I saw boy playing basketball on the college field wearing a T-shirt featuring Under Armour. The boy had a great body with nice cuts on his muscles.  As they were playing basketball they had to run over the field and every parts of his body is becoming more and more attractive to me.

I was standing beside their place and waiting for the match to finish but as I had to join my class I could not meet him that day. But I promised myself to meet that boy and try to find him after college but didn’t do so as they left the field. I asked few of my friends about that boy but they also not had any answer.

Then I waited for the next day as they might come again for playing and then I could ask him for the secret of his physic. The following day I went there again and try to find that person I saw the previous day but it was futile attempt. Fortunately after three days later I found him and this time I didn’t miss my chance.

I started waiting beside their ground and waited until they finished. I found out that he have not only great upper body but also the lower part. He worked so hard on his legs and that makes him like a great athlete. As they finished the match I go to that boy and told him about my interest of his great body.

under armour player

He smiled and said I could also have that fantastic body but for that I had to join in the gym and take physical exercise. So I made my mind to join gym as I also wanted such physic that Alex had. By the way his name is Alex and fortunately he was of my same age but in a different department.

Alex said that he was like me thin and tall with lean physique but after joining the gym he create this physical appearance but at the same time he warned me that if I join gym then I must continue it in a regular basis otherwise the expected result will not come. I was really very excited and took the details of his gym and decided to join there.

In that very afternoon I went there to admit in the gym with Alex. He helped me with all the procedure and promised me that he will guide me in this journey of great physic. I was doing whatever my trainer was teaching me and as Alex was there I felt very easy in front of great bodybuilders with finest physic.

I discovered that Alex had great biceps but his triceps were not that much impressive, he told me that he was working on that area as it was the only part where you can find out any deficiency. He gave me his diet and gym routine so that I can follow that and make me what I want to be.

From that Alex and I became very good friends and start to spend more and more time in the gym. As Alex had almost same body type like me it was easier for him to guide me. He understood the places where I had to work most.

He find out that my lower part of the body was quite good as I already have fat hips so it was easier to bring it in shape. But when we look on my upper body what we could see, a hungry person probably suffering from malnutrition. Funny isn’t it?

So you guys can imagine how weak and lame I was on those days. At first Alex gave me some free hand exercises consisting Push-up, Chin-up, Pull-up, Dips, Bench Dips and obviously running also.

Then after a few months we included many instruments and weights in my routine. By the time I start gaining the shape what I only could think in my dreams before. But I don’t compare my physic with Alex because as I was getting good shape in the passage of time Alex was getting better and better than previous one.

One thing I noticed that most of the dresses Alex wore were different from mine. Those are way too comfortable and well fitted. You even feel the difference with your eyes and after touching the fabric you will amazed with the softness.

I tried to find such T-shirts but unable to do so. At first I didn’t get the point why those clothes are not in the market but after asking him about that my doubt was clear. He told me that those clothes were from famous brands and discussed the benefits of branded items.

Oh! Forget to tell that by the time I took interest on half sleeve T-Shirts as I was doing regular exercise and also Alex suggested me that those T-Shirts are very comfortable not only gym but also in outside also.

Alex told me that banded T-Shirts are not available in the common markets of shops, there are some special outlets of their own and also I can buy them online.

I started to wear branded clothes from that time and now I can understand why these branded products took high price, because they do not compromise with the quality of their raw materials for instance the fabric, Color, design, Stitching etc.

They ensure the best quality by giving attention to every small detail. Alex is not only a Gym freak but also a very good basketball player. He plays for the college team and he is the captain.

I learned about basketball from Alex first and my interest grows up for that but still on that time I was neither in love with basketball nor Stephen Curry. The love for the basketball and the brand Under Armour grows upon me when I met Laura my girlfriend and also a basketball freak.

My First Branded T-Shirt

As I mentioned that I will tell you a interesting story about how I become a fan of basketball and Stephen Curry, I am going to keep my promise. Alex has become my best friend after I joined the Gym and as my Body is getting into shape and has become more attractive, I am gaining more confidence day by day.

On those very days I met the most beautiful, at the same time cool girl in the campus, Lauriel de McLane, in short my lovely Laura. Actually I met her in between a basketball match. Alex took me to enjoy a match of Golden State Warriors Vs Portland Trail Blazers that was the Warriors season finale On April 14, 2010. Stephen Curry played so well on that match I could not resist myself from becoming his fan.

Curry scored 42 points, 8 assists and 9 rebounds to become the first rookie to gain those score in each category in the same game since Robertson in February 1691, a record high score as a rookie. Later he finished his rookie season with record 166 three-pointers which never happen in the history of NBA by a rookie.

On that very match I noticed a cheerful girl dancing with every score Curry was making. She was so lovely and innocent that I forgot to enjoy the game instead I was watching that wonderful girl. I was completely lost and awaken when Alex shaken me up. He asked me what happen man why are not enjoying the game, it was a fantastic game indeed.

I told him about my concern of that girl and Alex after seeing her, said he knew her. At utter excitement I hugged Alex so tight and said I just fall in love man. Alex said her name was Laura and a huge fan of basketball so did Stephen Curry.

He added that she is from the same college of ours and plays in the girl’s basketball team. In the meantime the match was over and people were busy taking autographs from their favorite player. As Curry set a record on that night most of the crowds were around him.

I noticed that Laura was trying to take autograph but due to overcrowded she was not able to reach Curry. I along with Alex also joined the crowd and managed to take the autograph of Curry. As we both have the autograph and saw that Laura still didn’t get that and Curry left the field on that very moment.

Laura got upset as she failed to take the autograph so I thought it was my chance to talk to her. I went to her and said Hi, “you are big fan of Curry right?” She didn’t show me any interest but I didn’t stop there. I again said I can give you the autograph of Curry as I have two and then she turn on me. Laura smiled and said really! “You will give me the autograph.”

Then I smiled and gave her Stephen Curry’s signed card. As we shake hands she said I am Laura and thanked me with a sweet smile. She asked me about basketball that was I a huge fan of curry or not?

I lied instantly and said I am a big fan of Curry and he was the reason I was there to see him play. Laura became very happy and offer me coffee as I gave her the autograph. I instantly agreed and went to a nearest coffee shop. We asked each other many questions about ourselves.

She said that she was reading in the Botany department and lives not very far from my place. We had a good time and after that incident we used to meet regularly in the college campus.

As I told you that I am going to the Gym regularly and learning many things about Branded dresses I decided to buy a branded T-shirt for me. I took Alex and Laura with me and went to many branded shops to buy T-shirts. We went to many shops from different brands like RALPH LAUREN, CHANEL, HOUSE OF VERSACE, LOUIS VUITTON and many more.

After a long discussion over which was best for me we finally come to a conclusion. We chose a polo T-shirt from the famous men’s clothing brand RALPH LAUREN. The T-shirt was a Striped Mesh Polo Shirt of mix color. First and the bigger part of the shirt were of black color then white part comparatively smaller than the black part. The last two parts was of black and Ass color. There was small red border between those strips.

When I gave a trial it suits me and I took it as my first branded T-shirt. Yes, I had to pay a high price for that but fortunately we got and exclusive 30% discount on credit card payment. The actual price was $105 but after discount I had to pay only $73.5 for that but the kind of comfort I got which worth the money.

Brand Awareness

The day I started to wear my first branded T-shirt I realized there was a immense difference between the Branded and local products. Yes you can say that branded products are way too costly than the others. You can think that I can buy two or maybe three T-Shirts with the price of one Branded T-Shirt.

Yes, I am totally agree with you guys but have you ever thought that why they charge such a high price for almost same products which are available in the local markets. I think most of us don’t think such things but I thought about that and start my investigation to find out the answer.

I took a local and a famous brand T-shirt and took them to a famous Tailor of our area and asked him, what is the difference? At first he gave me a pleasant answer with only five words, he said “ wear it, you will know.” Yah I know the only difference that it feels more comfortable and pleasant.

Then the tailor master discussed the details about the products. He started with the Fabric, he said the king of febric the famous brands use is mostly 100% original and there are no mixture of low quality raw materials which can be found easily in the local products. Local merchandiser use good and bad quality fabric mixture in their clothing.

They are easy to tear upon only few use and will never give you the comfort you want rather sometime itching. On the other hand you can feel the quality of the branded clothes on your body through ultimate comfort.

Secondly, the color or dying used in the brands are made in their own laboratory and there are several quality controller to maintain the perfect ratio of elements to produce the color. That is the reason branded clothes looks new even after several months as the color never fade away. In contrast, local producers use cheap quality color for dying and they easily fade away just after the first wash.

Thirdly, the fiber used for stitching makes huge difference in terms of the strength of a product. Local products can easily tear upon as the stitching used on the borders are not up to the mark but the brands give ultimate focus on this part. Last but not least measurements of the cloths.

I think almost everyone of us face the situation that you bought a dress of XL size but after returning home found it was not fitting on your body though your size is also XL. Why this happen because local producers produce their dresses by experienced tailors but brands make their every product by experts and that is way they will always fit you perfectly. So I think now it is clear that why the famous brands have a high price tags on their cloths.

What does Branded T-Shirt Mean

A branded T-shirt means a lot to those who understands the importance and difference of the products they use for themselves. You can see that John Cena wear a particular T-shirt which looks fantastic but when you try to buy it from local store instead of you find a ugly useless T-shirt.

Ronaldo while playing in the field seems very relaxed even after full time game but when we play for only ten minutes our body start itching due to sweat. But why not the football players experiencing that, the reason is the Jersey quality.

They use best products from best brands but we play wearing local cheap products. A branded T-Shirt will save you from the harmful elements that are used on local clothing like fabric, color and so on. You can feel the best possible comfort which you can not even imagine after wearing a local product.

On special occasions specially on weeding most of us always prefer branded of famous designer dress though they may have used local products throughout their life. Why? Because we all know the richness, comfortness and importance of those Brands. We use branded clothes on special occasions because we want to make that memorable. So if this is the fact then why not using it all the time.

I want to share my own special event with you that how I used a branded T-Shirts to propose my girlfriend.

You remember Laura right? The girl from Stephen Curry match. By the time we get to know each other and we are very good friends now. I was in love with her for the very moment I see her.

I was thinking to propose her but really very confused how to do and what o do. Here comes my best friend Alex again and save me with a fantastic idea. He told me to buy a Under Armour brand T-Shirt which is partly owned by Stephen Curry and Curry himself is the brand ambassador and model of this particular brand.

He told me that as Laura is a huge fan of Curry then she will be very happy to get a Stephen Curry T-Shirt and if it bear his autograph then she will say Yes for sure. So I decided to do that and ordered the Under Armour Curry T-shirt online but the problem was how to get the autograph on the T-Shirt.

Luckily Alex told me that next week in inter college basketball championship final match will take place and Mr. Stephen Curry will be there to hand over the trophy to the champion team. So I went there with the T-Shirts and take the autograph secretly as Laura was also there and I didn’t want her to know about my plan.

We took few pictures with Curry as our college became the champion and of course Alex claimed the Man of the Match title. The following day I with my friends decorate one part of the college canteen and when Laura came there she was shocked and became speechless.

I proposed her with Stephen Curry’s Under Armour T-Shirt with autograph where written a small massage “Love to dear Laura.” Laura began to cry, said Yes! and hugged me.

Though this is the happy ending of the first chapter of my love story (next chapter is even more interesting) but, this is not the ending of the Under Armour T Shirt Story. Talking about this amazing brand, now I feel like buying one more from their new arrival to surprise my sweetheart again.

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