How stunning seabreacher rides can be when the rider is an invisible thief

How breathtaking was your first seabreacher rides? The very first glance of yours will create a visceral feeling that sweeps through your body of “What the hell is that” When you see the Seabreacher tearing through the water for the first time.

You may be misguided thinking it is a Shark with extra-large turbo-powered mechanized machinery which topcellently can dive below the surface, jump into the air and travel at an impressive speed of 60 Miles per hour.

You might shout in excitement and say Eureka!! That you have discovered a 16 feet long, 1,500 pounds weights undiscovered metal apex predator or you might run away screaming in fear. But wait, it is a fun drive and perfect ride for my personal “Italian Job.

How did the idea of seabreacher rides come into my mind

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seabreacher riding experience

Being born in Nineties I have grown watching The Green Hornet, Speed 2, The Escape Plan, Mission Impossible, The Italian Job and many more exciting movies. The excitements, use of cool Gadgets, making the impossible possible always attracts me from my adolescent.

Seth Rogen in the Green Hornet, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Escape Plan and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible did something beyond imagination. I always wanted to do something like those heroes did in these films.

It’s always fun to do something new but often we fall into the trap of spending our valuable time on wrong object. I was stuck in the same old routine and it might be time to try something new that could blow others mind.

Thousands of ideas come to my brain everyday and by dawn they vanish. Every single day I used to ride on my yacht, spend a few hours lying on the sailboat hammock and think about what I should do to shock the world.

But is it really possible to bring the screen life into real life?

Maybe it sounds crazy but wait for a while my friend, it is I who did something, something that can freak you out. Wanna know what that is?

I’ve  stolen the Blue Chip of the world’s most expensive fully automated Yacht and maybe before rising the sun, you gonna get me on your TV screen in news headline. I know what are you thinking now. But, I’ll try my best to keep you entertained until the sun rises. (Note: You’re going to enjoy a purely fictional story).

I am here to share my unboxed, unopened, brand new animal friendly adventure story. Oh! I forgot to tell you that in this mission my Yokefellow was the Seabreacher and a handful of trained Dolphins.

The Crown Jewel

yacht auction news

As I was spending my time on thinking what to do or not to do, I came across a piece of information about an unusual Yacht selling auction. I have my personal Yacht as my Dad gifted it on my last birthday when I reached 23. I am always fond of such news related to Yacht and other water activities.

I come to know that there will be a very unique and uncommon Yacht for auction and most impressive thing is that it is 100% automatic. I thought it may have auto pilot mode and can be operated without a captain so I didn’t show that much interest in it and intentionally missed the auction.

But the surprise was waiting for me. After a few days of that auction, I took the newspaper to roll my eyes and I was stuck on a column where there was a picture of an opulent mesmerizing yacht. The shocking things were not its look but its features. This is not that fully automatic as I thought it would be. However, this yacht review will help you imagine the features I’m talking about-

It is truly a one hundred percent automatic vehicle that means it does not need a single crew to maintain or ride. From pilot to cabin crew, from cook to waiter, everything is automated here. OMG!

The whole Yacht is ridiculously big, almost like a small island on its own. Usually a luxury Yacht like mine is 30 feet long and 15 feet wide but this is even bigger than the famous Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s 557-foot Eclipse, known as the world’s biggest and best Yacht. 

The world of mega yachts is scarcely known for its subtlety and super secrecy but this floating city even makes the Eclipse look downright and down sensible. This mega city is modeled after the glamorous Mediterranean city-state of Monaco.

The detailing is so absurd that even the Streets of Monaco and the features exhaustive replicas and landmarks. The renowned Casino like the Monte Carlo, the Hotel de Paris and La Rascasse are also engraved there perfectly. The middle of the Yacht carries even a beach-like swimming pool, can you imagine that? 

The detailing used in this Yacht Island design is an attraction grabbing for anyone and the impressive craftsmanship won’t make it past the design stage. Probably a few thousand top engineers pored their last drop of idea to build this extravagant farce. Though the estimated cost was $19 Billion but in the auction the Yacht reached $361 Billion.

Features that makes this yacht so Alluring

The giant daredevil would be required of one hundred crew if it would not automatic, some of whom might be tasked with maintaining the control room, some to “The Oasis,” a cavernous space at the rear of the ship that serves as a main boarding and entertaining area, and some for serving orders.

The garish room features a central waterfall streaming just outside the Monaco Casino Modeled a giant Jacuzzi and arched windows on the walls. There was an actual Gym available every latest exercising tools along with a café and Spa just forward of this giant Jacuzzi.

The seven guest suites which include a couple of VIP suites equipped with private offices, reception rooms, dressing rooms, and balconies measuring a whopping 3,800 square feet each. 

The yacht’s second level covers much with the guest accommodations which are just as opulent as the luxury Nine star hotels. The guests can share a full suite of communal amenities, including a library and cinema for bigger arrangements.

Obviously the owner should get the special treatment so his cabin is naturally even more luxurious, measuring more than 15,000 square feet over three floors. The dressing rooms, a double-height living room, “numerous balconies with private elevator and Office makes it complete But wait there’s more a private sundeck and swimming pool.

Even the eventual buyer can customize many other features as there must be space almost the size of a giant Mc-Mansion.

Features and Specifications

  • It’s a record 800-Foot long superyacht longest and biggest in the world. 
  • She has eight diesel engines and a maximum speed of 100 knots and this speed is not even surpassed by any of the newer super yacht builds.
  • It can accommodate 1000 guests with comfort, boasting with cinema, conference facilities, a children’s playroom, beauty salon, dance floor, and swimming pool.
  • The incredible vessel also contains 1 major and 5 small swimming pools and two helicopter pads. 
  •  A dedicated disco hall, around 70 cabins even a missile defense system is installed there. 
  • It has armor-plating around the owner’s master suite with bullet-proof windows and a laser system to dazzle photographers from long distance. 
  • Fully automated no crew needed. 
  • Major refit and is being prepared for the holiday season. 
  • Furnished with best marvel and wooden panel.
  • A seven stored dockyard even have two streams. 
  • Some places even floored with real grass.   
  • A mini golf course and a casino.
  • Robots are there for serving food and other necessary items. 
  • Molted like Island,  360 degree view
blue chip

Blue Chip – The Brain of This Dream Yacht

Whatever the features or specifications are, the super luxury Yacht may not attract me unless this Blue Chip thing comes to my sight. This Giant structure is controlled by only a tiny little Chip, they call Blue Chip.

The whole operation of that Yacht is directed through the commands given to this Blue Chip. The Chip is stored in such an area only owner of that ship could have knowledge about that. In one word, the Chip is the Brain of the ship.

The nano technology is used to build this super powerful chip.  The very moment I saw this line, a wicked plan go through my head and a wild smile run through my lips. This is the kind of adventure that could take me to the level of my fancy heroes from those movies.

I learned that the whole Yacht has great security system and the Blue Chip section is the most secure place. But that makes me happier than being scared, because the more risk the more fun. I was not sure about seizing the Yacht but decided to steal the Chip. So I started to frame, my devilish idea of having that Blue Chip in my hand.

The planning 

Many wicked and devastating ideas were poking inside my head to come out but before that I had to learn about a few things. The first thing is the present location of the Yacht, The security System, Defense system and the exact location of that Blue Chip.

I needed a blueprint of that Yacht and I collected that with the help of my Structural engineer friend who was working with that super Yacht builder company. Though he was not a part of that particular Yacht but he stole the blueprint from his office server. So I start my planning …

The Security

security system of the yacht

Risk of kidnap, piracy and international terrorism, most Yacht owner install unique spectrum of countermeasures and security instruments for the safety of their super yachts. Those security measures are implemented at the appropriate levels not just for any specific risk but to response to any risk tailored to individual.

As I had decided to take possession of the super yacht and the Blue Chip the first thing I had to worry about was the security system. There must be a heavy security even robotic force could present there for welcoming me to their personal torture cell.

But as this is not a ship owned by US Navy, so I thought I could defeat the machines with my intelligence. I started to find out what kinds of security were used to this miraculous Yacht. I started with the manufacturer and designer of the Yacht.

I read the ins and outs of them so I could have a sound idea of their security system, they usually use on their builder ships. I got some information about the high class security system. 

Intelligent Deck Sensory Array

The very first security system used in this super Yacht is an intelligent deck sensor, a unique system that provides digital signal processing and zero false alarms with sensors arranged in groups on decks.

The whole sensor array is scalable and connects to the central control room and also to Security Interface. There is also a third-party alert system that can be attached with intelligent deck sensor.

These deck sensors are a small group of strain gauges glued onto the underside of a steel deck and can send response within seconds with the changing strain within the deck’s loading. The data are passed to digital deck sensor for processing the units to analyses the incoming data caused by the ship’s motion.

These sensors are the most effective way of detecting a person steps on the deck, even the specific position or area could be notified. As the sensor arrays are installed underneath the deck they are completely invisible.

blue print

CCTV Systems

The next issue is the CCTV security system managed by security software monitored by various persons and machines. The Yachts security software is CCTV agnostic; hence they can combine any brand of CCTV network with their own Security System.

They gave much focus to ensure any CCTV infrastructure is kept as unobtrusive as possible to create most impact with less effort. Any motion or cross line detection software can be integrated to trigger the alarms system.

The advanced alarms can also be sent to the Yachts security system to activate preset positions in PTZ cameras to default mode. As the network is connected to the web CCTV footage can be visible from any corner of the world through a variety of computer or phone applications.

The manufacturer had installed the Axis cameras as they are known to have excellent performance and reliability in the marine environment with the incorporation of latest visual effects.

Electronic Locking

Another impressive but the quintessential feature which has installed in this super opulent yacht is the Electronic Locking system which is totally different from other regular magnetic door locks. The manufacturer has pioneered in the development of different electronic locks for the marine environment but this one is specially designed.

For external doors, a solenoid lock, IP65 rated and made of V4A stainless steel is used. The lock does not need any ware as it is bolt sits in the door frame. The doors are mechanically simple but solenoids are made to a high specification and exceptionally reliable materials.

For both internal and external use, wireless locks are also available. These electric locks can be combined with key-pads on specific doors or also can be retro-fitted in any door with en existing cylinder lock.

Vessel Lock-down & Green Route Capability

The whole vehicle can be shut down fully with steel armor plate from all sides and a special passage from owners room to secret mini-submarine so that in any emergency he can leave the place at once, this route is called the Green route.

With only a single command via blue chip, all doors can be locked or unlocked. To depart you have to push a button near your bed by the planned exit door and to enter, a key fob would need to be pressed.

The system functions to cope with common operational requirements or with several pre-planned and post-planned requirements. The whole system is programmed to arm automatically at pre-set times in the day and even at night also. Different operational situations require different modes and they can be preset to the control panel of the Blue Chip.

The weak point – My Green Route

After a close serendipity, I found that the whole Yacht is fully automated with marvelous security system, but there is something that could be in my favor. Though there were bizarre of latest security, they missed one major part.

They didn’t give attention on the underwater area as they did on the visible structures. I even discovered a secret passage which they call “the Green Route” by which one can get inside the Royal Chamber (owners room). This particular chamber was built for emergency purpose and hearing that there appeared an auto smile on my left cheek.

I laughed aloud and said to myself that their emergency could be my opportunity. I was thinking a sneak attack through the water because there were fewer security and the chance was tremendous as if I could reach the green route chamber. I regulated to work on that so that I could fetch my plan.

Pre Preparation for The Final Action

The pre preparation time was the most crucial for me as I was experimenting with many possible vehicles that could be my Yokefellow for that mission. I have tried numerous water vehicles but none of them were worthy enough to match my expectations.

I thought of scuba diving that it could be my thing as it can camouflage my physic deep under water. Then I suddenly realized that how in the world I was thinking of running from a world class security with the help of a scuba diving.

The scuba diving is definitely a very good alternative for underwater experience but the kind of mission I was aiming for was out matched this idea. I need something fast but not as a fact that can be detected by the sonar system (a type of underwater radar).

Scuba diving is very slow for this epic journey and they cannot support me for long as the oxygen is limited. After hundreds of failed experiment, I finally had been introduced to something that changed the whole concept of my epic mission.

I came in contact with the revolutionary invention called The SeaBreacher. This mechanized fun toy was perfectly matched with my expectation. It is not too slow like scuba diving and not too fast like speed boat, just exactly medium ranged as per my expectation.

The Sea-Breacher

I have never been stumbled upon something as impressive as the seabreacher ultimate water predator. The combining idea of nature to machine brings a mind blowing outcome in the formation of many customized water demons.

Powered by a 260 hp-supercharged engine enables the vessel to reach a top speed of up to 80 KMPH on the water surface and 40 KMPH below the water.

In the range of recreational boating the Seabreacher brought out a dramatic breakthrough. The whole project took ten years to get in this shape of a very safe and stable watercraft that can endure the continuous punishment of the marine environment.

The contentious meticulous engineering and extensive testing have resulted in this ultimate output. The amazing part is that each Seabreacher is hand built to the individual customer’s desired specifications and that makes it out of the box.

If you breach the surface with its full speed you can launch the entire machine 20 feet above the water. Real aquatic animals like the Shark, Dolphins and Whales are copied with new fully vectored thrust system as the tail articulation.

This is obviously a costly ride to afford, about $80000 to $150000 you have to pay for this effervescent piece of water monster. But, the good news is that there are some places where you can enjoy the ride as a passenger with $100.

To operate it as a pilot you must be over 20 years of age and with 5 hours training but for this you have to pay around $1000 to its owner. If you want to become only a passenger then there is no age limit but above 5 years is advisable. The seabreachers can be used in almost every deep lake, Rivers and of course in the ocean.

How does a Seabreacher works

The Seabreacher operates just like a private aircraft with full three axis of control – pitch, roll, and yaw not like conventional watercraft that only operate on a two dimensional plan. This mechanism allows the Seabreacher to carve left and right, dive under, jump over and cut through the waves seamlessly.

The latest models can even perform barrel rolls on the water with 360 degree rotation. The device can be operated by hand sticks movement (forward and backwards) and are connected to the front wing on the corresponding side.

If you push them both forward then it will go under water as the both wings will move down. By doing opposite that means pulling them both back the boat will get up on the plane.

If you push one of them forward and another backward then it will roll the boat to the side and doing the vice versa rolls to the other side. To turn the jet nozzle left and right you have to make the pedals move left and right and it will help the boat turns left and right on a level axis.

The paddles also can be moved up and down which moves the jet nozzle and rear elevators up and down. To force the nose to point down (takes the boat into a dive) you have to push your toes forward pointing the jet nozzle downwards.

In the same way if you pull your toes back points and make the jet nozzle up will bring the nose up for coming out of water. To offsetting the buoyancy of the craft and holding it underwater you have to hold down the main wings during a dive and it will work like airplane wings in reverse. For getting varied maneuvers to perform we have to learn different variations of the controls at different times.

How to ride a SeaBreacher

Every SeaBreacher is decorated with two seats the driver in front and the passenger in back except the Z model which has one seated craft also. To maintain its pointy nose, the vessel is very narrow. So you have to climb into it like I was getting into a kayak in the center being conscious of your balance while stepping directly.

There are latched the buckle on the four-point racing seat belt on the leather seat and in no time ready to launch. A kiwi from New Zealand, Rob Innes is considered the inventor of this SeaBreacher.

For the first lesson you can keep the hatch open for easy surface riding but if you’re going to be running fast or diving at all then pull the clear hatch down over the cockpit. Do not latch it on both sides, and then press a button that inflates a signal (borrowed from the aerospace industry) to effectively ensures the vessel watertight.

For new riders it is advisable never try to drive this thing without any experienced pilot because with one false move you could flood the whole cockpit in a matter of seconds. Bob Robins is here to help you imagine the amazing seabreacher riding –

Mind blowing SeaBreacher Models

The SeaBreachers are widely available in three models known Shark style X model, Killer Whale Y mode and Dolphin style Z model. Each of them is designed individually with a unique touch of creativity where customers can select from a vast array of customized options.

The vessels were painted in an organic line of sculpted body to give you an unforgettable sight. The union of a marine mammal and a high performance fighter jet will twist your brain for a while. While flying through the water at breathtaking speed the acrylic canopy give pilot and passenger a near 360 degree view underwater.

The Shark / The Model X

This unique custom build model has a smaller control surfaces to make it a more agile and responsive vessel by allowing it to jump 90° straight out of the water. It is purposely build for those pilots who want to get the ultimate fun and most out of their Seabreacher watercraft.


  • Available two seat (Pilot: 6′ 4″, Passenger: 6′ 2″)
  • Powered by Rotax ACE 1500cc 4 stroke engine
  • 230 hp supercharged and intercooled
  • High output, low emissions
  • Fuel capacity: 14 gallons (52L) at a time
  • Length: 200″ or 5.08 meter
  • Width:  42″ or 1.06m
  • Wingspan:  78″ or 1.98m
  • Height: 58″ or 1.47m
  • Approximate weight: 1450lb (657.7kg)


  • Redesigned in a shark style body
  • Fully vectored with jet nozzle for increased maneuverability
  • High performance with very low profile wings and elevators
  • Underwater view ports available in mouth shaped
  • Tinted drag boat style canopy
  • Front and rear LCD screens
  • Can display live video from snorkel mounted camera
  • Marine audio system with Phone docking station
  • Custom paint job According to order
  • Fully customized upholstered interior
  • Custom powder coated hardware
  • Fully handmade


  • Shark mouth or Body graphics

  • 3D gills and fiberglass eyeballs (optional)

  • Snorkel extension draft

  • Portable cooling unit if needed

  • VHF Radio station 

  • Panoramic bubble canopy

  • Custom cover sheets

  • Custom trailer free

  • Custom airbrushing with follow up strokes

  • Strong back lifting cradle(for launching from yacht/dock)

The duration of a dive from surface to beneath the water is very brief for a Seabreacher. It is not possible to go lower than 6-8 feet and that is also highly depend on your level of expertise as a pilot. Most common newbie pilots can stay 5-10 seconds at a time, although almost always have a portion of the snorkel above the waterline.

Only the extremely experienced pilots can stay longer underwater like 30-50 seconds longer durations before launching through the surface. For your air intake for the engine you have to consider the snorkel/dorsal fin also.

Diving below the snorkel line death will cause the engine to stall and then the boat will automatically pop back to the surface. But this problem is solved in the new Dolphin models. 

You can see the large waves and also can enjoy the amazing marine life through the clear 360 degree panel, in addition to still hearing the mellifluous voice of the water. It is strongly advisable from the manufacturers that you should utilize a chase boat with radio communication between the Seabreacher and that chase boat.

The Whale /The Model Y

The next available model is the new killer whale which is similar in size and scale to the real thing but incorporating new Orca inspired design and features. This one comes with a large whale tail and new pectoral fins with a great functioning of blowhole like a real Whale.

Copying the X model this killer Whale model comes with a 260hp supercharged engine with great speed offering. Some of the qualities are better than the X model like it gives high performance capabilities and passengers with a panoramic view with its full acrylic canopy. 


  • Common Two seat (Pilot: 6′ 4″, Passenger: 6′ 2″)

  • Powered with Rotax ACE 1500cc 4 stroke engine 

  • 230 hp supercharged, intercooled

  • Best high output, low emissions

  • Fuel capacity: 14 gallons or 52L

  • Length: 190″ or 4.82m 

  • Width: 42″ or 1.06m

  • Wingspan: 78″ or 1.98m

  • Height: 58″  or 1.47m

  • Approximate weight: 1450lb (657.71kg)


  • Redesigned killer whale style body
  • Larger wings with original blowhole
  • Fully vectored jet nozzle for increased speed
  • Maneuverability at its best
  • Custom exhaust outlet
  • Tinted panoramic bubble canopy on top
  • Front and rear LCD screens live
  • Video from snorkel-mounted camera
  • Marine audio system with iPod/iPhone
  • Docking station placement
  • Fully upholstered custom decorated interior
  • Custom powder coated hardware with paint job
  • Snorkel extension
  • VHF Radio even underwater
  • Portable cooling unit
  • Custom cover as per order
  • Custom trailer free
  • Custom airbrushing with amazing stroke
  • Strong back lifting cradle (for launching from yacht/dock)

The machine craft is positively buoyant, and has been engineered to always self-right as something goes wrong. For instance, imagine if you have a cylinder inside to lightweight foam the top of the inside and also add metal weight to the bottom. Now even though the cylinder fills with water the lighter flotation part of the cylinder will always float to the top and the heavier part will rotate towards the bottom.

This is how the manufacturer builds the Seabreacher self-right. The secret lies on the cylindrical shape of the Seabreacher which makes it relatively easy to make the vessel self-right. All the heavy machineries and wings are located low in the vessel and therefore gravity pulls them over to its right side up.

The Dolphin / The Model Z

The next ultimate Seabreacher is the first model with a fully retractable snorkel to deliver high speed 360 degree barrel rolls allowing pilot and passenger to experience the utmost thrill. The Z model is the replaced model of original J model the manufacturer builds first with many follies.

This new model comes with the friendly dolphin style body but with much higher performance and “aquabatic” capabilities. Like the other two models it also comes standard with a Rotax 260hp supercharged engine but with extra power and extension.

The improved fully vectored thrust system greets the pilot and the passenger with lithe feelings. Those who like the most extreme watercraft then the Z model is the only available product which is definitely suits you.


  • One seat / two seat customizable (Pilot: 6′ 4″ passenger 6’ 2”)
  • One Rotax ACE 1500cc 4 stroke engine
  • vectored thrust system 
  • 230hp Supercharged 
  • Very Quiet and low emission engine
  • Length: 192-200″ (4.82m-5.08m)
  • Width:  42″ or 1.06m (Customizable)
  • Wingspan:  78″ or 1.98m (Customizable)
  • Height: 45″ or 1.14m (Customizable) 
  • Snorkel Down line
  • Approximate weight: 1450lb or 657.71kg
  • Fuel capacity: 14 gallons (52L)


  • Single/Two seat cockpit
  • Long underwater time 
  • Bubble top panoramic canopy
  • High performance, low profile wings
  • Both wings with elevators
  • Marine grade stereo system and Bluetooth
  • Custom powder coat hardware
  • Custom paint job with airbrush
  • Fully customized upholstered interior


  • Snorkel mounted camera 
  • live feed from cameras
  • Underwater view ports
  • Snorkel extension and emission 
  • Portable cooling unit
  • VHF Radio system
  • Custom fit cover 
  • Custom trailer with wheels
  • Custom airbrushing paint job
  • Strong back lifting cradle(for launching from yacht/dock)

My Vicious Plan With Seabreacher Ride

I was so happy that such serendipity happens with me and thought it could be my thing to fulfill my vicious plan. I wanted to buy one of them but unable to understand which model I should go with. I bought one Shark model to try it on and moving towards the yacht but I feel that this Seabreachers were not capable with long underwater timing.

I needed something which can stay long under water but you know stealing something is not that much easier when it was the world’s most expensive Yacht. By the way, I got the news that the super Yacht was then anchored on a private Island probably owned by the Yacht owner.

While I was rolling my eyes on the newspapers an article caught my attention that there were many Dolphins living near the Island and it was declared the safe zone for dolphins. I slapped myself and asked how I could miss this quintessential point but then the words sounds mellifluous to me.

I went to the manufacturer again and bought a Dolphin shaped Seabreacher and also some Real Pet Dolphin as there was a more ferocious plan larking inside my head. Now I decided to train my Dolphins with my Seabreacher so that I could fetch my net on the right place for the right thing.

I chose the dolphin model because it is the most advanced among other models and apart from that I was planning to go to the mission with a camouflage. I custom painted my Seabreacher to make it a perfect replica of a Dolphin and they deliver me exact same thing what I was expecting from them.

A Training Session Was Needed for My Dolphins

Getting a dolphin trainer is relatively very easy, just jump on the internet and post an advertisement for a Dolphin trainer and thousands will ready to assist you of course in exchange of money.

And the same matter goes with the SeaBreacher training in your personal place. The problem is that it was needed to train both of them at the same time and for this job, no one was there to knock me. I tried to learn about the Dolphin and SeaBreacher training materials from the internet but failed.

So I decided to hire both of them for different training and I personally will try to combine both lessons with my Dolphins. So every morning the training of the Dolphins starts and then in the noon the SeaBreacher training took place and in the afternoon I used to train my Dolphins with my Seabreacher. 

In this whole training period I learned many interesting facts about Dolphins. The primary reinforcer is you must have intrinsic or direct value to the animals and only this can make you a good trainer.

Providing proper food and proper care will definitely glued the relation between man and the dolphins.

A secondary reinforcer is the action of a trainer that means if you brought them from another owner then a sound produced by the previous trainer to perform a specific behavior properly is very important for the animal.

It could work on them even though the primary reinforcer (such as food) is not provided. The establishment of a bond of trust between the animal and the trainer is the most important part of any animal training program. It could be done typically through play sessions and feeding them.

If you are holding the fin then hold close to its point of attachment to the body to prevent injury to the animal and here the dolphin will trust you and pull you with its dorsal fin.

Formal training for any dolphins is usually begun between 6 and 36 months of age but the trainer must be continuously notice for any behavioral change indicating positive or negative responses. 

Operant conditioning is a very popular system used by the professional trainers and they do this through repeated activities called positive reinforcement. For instance a dolphin might be taught to jump through a hoop but before doing so it has to be trained the step by step by numerous repetition.

Each step then taught to the dolphin by following an attractive object called a target. For example, a dolphin could be rewarded for swimming through a hoop but then the hoop will raised high and then only rewarded for the more advanced task by achieving the new goal. The trainer’s duty is to make the animal understand what its next target is.

Time To Execute The Plan With Seabreacher Ride

I was too busy with my Seabreacher and Dolphin training that I could not know how 6 weeks have passed. Now my Dolphins are almost ready for any kinds of action and they learned how to cope with my SeaBreacher within this time frame.

I managed to control both of them and determined to execute my vicious plan for stealing the Blue Chip. I came to know that the super Yacht was not on its private island so I had to wait because on other places my chance was almost zero.

After 12 days the Yacht returned to its base station on the island and I was ready. Finally the day had come and we were ready to go for our mission in the afternoon as at that time the island dolphins speed up their activities.

Exactly at 3.45 PM I launched my Seabreacher with seven trained dolphins and start moving towards the targeted island. At first I gave a full round of the island from a safe distance and try to match my movement with the dolphins from the island. The time I managed to match the speed and movements of those dolphins I started to push my craft machine inside the island.

This amazing ten minutes was probably the best time I have ever spent on the water. As my SeaBreacher could not stay long under water I was going through the surface and also underwater. I went full throttle in the very moment the nose dipped below the surface and my hands and toes all the way forward.

The cockpit window was engulfed in a world of green and the roaring sound  of the engine were popping in my ears and then I slammed my heels down as I was trained and the vessel started flying into the air for a few seconds and landed in a tooth-rattling belly flop which was totally spectacular.

The kind of thrill I felt could not be discovered in words. Every time I was going inside the water the fabulous beauty of the marine life struck me with their engaging phenomena. The 360 degree view allowed me to gaze my eyes with the warm rush of the dolphins.

The experienced pilots do precise power slides, repeatedly dive below the surface and then spring into the air and pull off high-flying tail taps and back flops are known as masterful driving. Though my experience was limited but I was doing those flips easily and that gave me a pragmatic feeling.

In a Scuba diving, it is sometimes possible to stay close to the marine animals even touch them but as you need contentious swimming then it’s hardly any animal come near to you. On the other hand a Seabreacher can offer you more relaxed and deep connection with fishes and other animals.

It looks exactly like a fish so other fish easily came near and start playing. There were high definition cameras and an LED screen inside the cockpit so you can enjoy both their company and shoot the video for later entertainment.

There were four sound boxes pre-installed inside the SeaBreacher, two of them was for the radio contact with outer world and other two allows you to hear the mellifluous sound of the sea creatures. The cameras were very effective, they were working exactly according to my expectations.

I used the high zooming technology to understand the location of the yacht and also the exact location of Robot security. I installed a customized heat scanner that allowed me to even detect the presence of any human also.

I could spend hours without getting bored in that SeaBreacher as you would discover yourself as a member of the Oceanic ecosystem. For a moment I was overwhelmed with the opulent scenario and sound of the underwater world but I controlled my inner self.

I told myself that I was there not to enjoy the seabreacher rides, but to execute my devilish plan. Then I stopped my heart from receiving the white rays of heaven and started to feed it with the Devilish dark power.

As I could not stay long under water I had to jump over but as I painted my Seabreacher in such a way that it was almost impossible to recognize among the dolphins that which one was real and which one was a machine. I was overwhelmed with the great scenario under and above the water. 

I installed some extra features to my SeaBreacher for my mission….

  • Seven High Definitions long lenses Camera
  • Extra Turbo for extra speed
  • Extra thrust for greater control 
  • Customized the nozzle
  • 3D paint, airbrushed
  • Full clear upper body 
  • Used customized paint to protect from Sonar

When we reached the last closest point of the Yacht I took three of my best assassination and let others play with the island dolphins. The dolphins swam towards the opposite side of the super yacht and start showing their pre learned moves.

Following my trained students the island dolphins also joined them and start playing. While everyone was busy watching the dolphin show I went to my desired location and put my three guards to look after and I intended to go inside the Green route.

As I told you before I knew only the Green route did not have any security bridge. I sneaked inside the chamber and took my ultra electronic lock freezing device so that I could enter the Blue Chip control room easily.

The very time I intended to step inside the Blue room suddenly I heard an alarm and some robotic foot was coming towards me, I was like had a heart attack that it was my last day. But within a few seconds everything stops and I heard a metal voice declaring it was a false alarm.

A thought of cancelling the plan came to my mind but it remained for a few seconds. I again made my mind and attach the device to the door lock and within seconds the door opened. I saw that shiny Blue chip before my eyes and the moment I was about to take it I saw a user manual over there and what I read just made my day.

There was instruction about how to overwrite the commands over security and you can easily guess what I did back there.

The SeaBreacher has done its job perfectly by reaching me in this place without triggering any alarm or notifying a single guard. It was an unforgettable seabreacher ride. I was thinking – I am not sure whether I can escape from this island or not but whatever happens world will know me for sure.

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