What is the best windshield sun shade for Nissan Rogue?

To keep your car interior cool and protect the sits, steering, and the dashboard of your car from fading and aging, you’ll need the best windshield sun shade.

You can go for a sunshade that is not magnetic but if you own a luxury car like Nissan Rogue, a sunshade with a magnetic edge will better suit for sure. It will get you rid of the clumsy look of sun visors, clamping clips and suction cups.

As an owner of a Nissan Rogue for the last couple of years, I’ve found that the performance of Big Ant Magnetic Car Windshield Sun Shade is really surprising.

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Features of this Car Windshield Sun Shade @ a glance:

  • Superior protection against UV rays, wet weather, and snow frost
  • Combined snow covers with mirror cover
  • Magnets and elastics with a hook in the edge, both on top and foot against wind blowing
  • Personalized warning bars on mirrors cover intended for safety at dark
  • Medium weight: 2.4 ounce
  • Product Dimensions: 100*0.2*61 inches
  • Material: Ultra-thick aluminum foil

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After having a look at its features, now you may think that why am I calling it as a windshield sun shade. Yes, it’s actually not a windshield sunshade, rather it’s a Windshield Snow Cover. If you’re looking for a traditional windshield sun shade you can buy any of these-

But, if you’re curious to know the reason behind calling this snow cover as a sun shade, then feel free to keep reading….

Why it’s considered to be the best windshield sun shade for Nissan Rogue:

You have the Nissan Rogue means that you will want to move away from the hustle and noise of the mundane surroundings to the spot you cherish. When you own a car of the said brand, you want to keep the shiny outer look as it displays and the interior of the car not go cracked and brittle.

But, a car sun shade is installed inside the windshield. So, the front side of your car is actually not safe enough. Yes, it’s not safe. Do you know what happened to my car last year?

Well, last year in a midsummer noon, I parked my Nissan Rogue under a big cedar tree with a view to saving it from the sun’s heat. Everything was okay. But, when I came back to my car, I saw that bird’s feces scattered on my windshield. What should you do then?

Instead of a sun shade, I opted for the Big Ant Magnetic Car Windshield snow cover to keep my car effectively safe from this type of unexpected attack as well as from the sun shining down.

Since then, I call it as a sun shade and this is a perfect value for the money that every crazy car owner looks for. Moreover, the in-depth analysis of its root features will make you understand that there’s no problem in using it as a windshield sun shade and it’s far better than any traditional car sun shades.

Universal Fit 

Despite being a magnetic one, the shine-out feature of the Big Ant is its universal fit type referring to its effective sunblock when placed on both small and big cars.

With Big Ant sunshade at your disposal, you can well enough keep your car interior cool and your car accessories not aging faster than normal. On its top, it can give sunblock protection for larger vehicles like SUVs, Vans, and Trucks. 

It comes with one pack of windshield sunshades and two packs of car window sunshades. Where the former features a dimension of 140*70 sq.cm and the latter occupies 44*36 sq.cm. 

Easy Installation and Removal

Magnetic car sunshades are more likely to come featured with a magnetic metal frame so that it can stay tightly attached with the intended structure of the car location.

Unlike the traditional one, Big Ant comes with a flexible edge and with four magnets to put in where it needs most to keep the sun cover stuck to the car without letting wind blowing through let alone sun intrusion. Moreover, the elastic with the hooks at the end can be fixed at the four-car wheels that reduce the looseness of the sun shades fitting. 

These very hooks are very effective when you need to pull off the sunshades when the move is imminent. This is a great convenience as you don’t have to struggle to remove the screen. 

Easy to Store

Storing sun shades can pose a real threat but the Big Ant magnetic car sunshade offers a storing option that is just a breeze. When you are on the go and not using the sunshade, you can store it pretty easily by folding it up and tying it with the default strap coming with the product. 

You will be given a convenient car window strap with each purchase. You just need to keep it in the pouch coming with the product when using it again may delay for long. 

Mirror Covers as Personalized Warning Bar

Mirror covers are a smart move by the sunshade manufacturers as they can go faded and aged-looking if exposed to ceaseless sunburn. Besides saving the rearview car mirrors, Big Ant personalizes your car as the mirror cover comes quoted with reflective warning bar emitting intense fluorescent green light. 

The reflective bar is pretty crucial as it makes you visible at night to bypass unwanted impacts and events. 

Go-between Sun Shade Weight and Universal Size

Windshield car sun shades must be light enough to stand up by the window and windshield. On the opposite, it should not be too heavy to pull off and ultimately cause you to hurt.

Sized at 100*0.2*61 inches of dimensions, it weighs fairly 2.4 ounces to protect UV rays effectively. It is dense enough to bar the visible light from entering the car interior and burning the car exterior and heating the accessories inside. 

Secured with Elastic Ties Chuck

The elastic ties placed in the middle of the windshield cover can be pushed inside the car door so that the chuck remains fixed there. Thus the elastic ties chuck prevents the sun shades from being stolen at will and ease. The elastic tucked into the car doors stays perfectly not to respond at minor pulling. Therefore, they are secured and theft-protected. 

Protection from Snow & Rain

You have Big Ant Windshield sun cover stored in your car dick means that you can say goodbye to snow and raindrops and water will not sip in your car interior. The windshield cover has already earned the fame of frost guard windshield cover. But, a traditional sun shade can not provide this feature.

Ice, snow, and frost are not something to be scared of when you have Big Ant sun protection ready to guard your dream car. Therefore, you can use it all the year round and anywhere in the world without climate and weather taking into consideration. 

Useful & Intelligent Designs

You cannot escape the intelligent design Big Ant comes equipped with. They include the convenience of movable magnets to set in the critical spots, the elastic stretchable up to the car wheel with a hook at the end, and the reflective mirror covers to avoid harmful impact at night.

All these are the result of the innovative mind sensitive to the issues of the users. The utilitarian approach is evident from these practical designs that well address frequent user issues. Above all the elastic ties tuck that can be tucked into the car doors are sheer protection against theft. 

Perfect for long Ride

When you are on the go to cover a long distance, the sun glare and interior heat can vex you to the extreme. You can go too fatigued and exhausted to enjoy the long ride and end up with a bad mood and sore feeling.

High quality and strong sunblock screen like Big Ant magnetic car sunshade can maintain the interior temperature of your car to the tolerable level thanks to the high-end material it is made of that can reflect and resist visible sunlight to the max. 

And you will enjoy the long drive when you will sit on cooler seats and a steering wheel not burning your hands. What more do you want?

My Opinion

Big Ant is complete damage protection from the UV rays. Boosted by four pieces of powerful and moveable magnets, the sun shades bite the special area nearing or on the edge required tight covering. The screening gets further strengthening as the elastics from the four corners can be stretch-hooked with the four wheels.

To sum up, Big Ant magnetic car sunscreen ensures full sunblock and resist wind blowing. Thus this snow cover is pretty effective as a sunshade to keep car parts and accessories fresh looking and protected from physical damage. Especially a car like Nissan Rogue can keep the outer shimmer if and when covered by this top-notch sunscreen. 

Pros @ a glance:

  • Works great as a sunshade, snow cover, and snow guard
  • Well worth the price against prime quality
  • Bar wind blowing by four magnets and hooked elastics
  • Can bypass unexpected impact
  • Work Excellent for cooler car interior
  • Work excellent against aging of the car
  • An Affordable and reliable windshield

Cons @ a glance:

  • Magnets prove weak against a strong wind
  • Can resist merely light snow
  • Your friends may laugh at you when you’ll use it as a sun shade

What is a car windshield sunshade?

Sunshades are protective screen staying attached to the interior side of the car windshield to effectively block UV rays from entering the car. Moreover, it protects the delicate skin of your babies from the UV sun rays even when you are on the go.

Thus it keeps the interior temperature below the outer one. Besides, sun shades save you money as they save the sits, foams, steering, and dashboard. 

A fair amount of sun rays are reflected by the windshield but the more visible light passes through the windshield to reach inside the car.

But the intruding light doesn’t come out rather it starts heating the car interior and gradually the inner temperature of the car multiplies.

Eventually, this heat burns the sits to cruise, steering wheel to get hotter, and the precious dashboard to bend. All that happens only because of this semi-transparent shield is absent.

Therefore, sun shades not only save you from the scorching heat as the AC will take several minutes to cool the interior but also keep your car interior parts unaffected by the heat. 

Sunshades are made primarily of nylon mesh with aluminum foil on the surface that faces the sun to reflect it to the air. Some sunshades have metal wire edge to keep it in the structure while unfolded.

As further modifications in terms of construction and usability, some companies come with the metal edge with magnetic power to get rid of the falling off and installation hassle.

Now, you will have numerous sun shades differing with one another in terms of material, style, installation process. However, their differences are they have one thing in common that is the action – to block sun rays heating the car inside.  

They come in different sizes and shapes and you can find the ones that will fit your car windshield.

Why do you need the best windshield sun shade for your car?

Why do you need windshield sun shade for your car

Have you encountered the boiling heat inside your Nissan Rogue after parking it in a non-shaded location?

If the answer is YES, you are lacking a crucial accessory you must have as a car owner. This is a windshield sunshade or sun shades to block the harmful UV-rays from entering inside your car.

A sunshade acts like a sunscreen that reflects even the visible light coming from the sunlight and thus your car interior remains cool enough to sit comfortably along the go. 

Most of the sunlight is reflected by the car windshield but the small fraction of visible light mixed with a bit UV-rays enter the car interior lacking the protection of the said sun shades.

If so, the intruder visible light gets trapped inside the confined car interior heating everything more intensely and rapidly than the sunlight normally can in an open space.

It works like a greenhouse effect – trapped heat is more powerful in heating the surroundings. A simple accessory like a sunshade can save you from this hassle.

But you have to go for the right product that reflects the harmful rays, fit in easily and stay attached and not made of materials that contain harmful chemicals.

To address all the said issues along with the main task of barring the skin-damaging and auto parts-decaying sunlight, a magnetic car sunshade will act like magic. It will stay attached to the windshield without the clamping or hooking of sun visor or suction cups. 

If you have a luxury car like Nissan Rogue, the best sunshade will be a magnetic one equipped with magnets at the edge to remain stuck to the critical spots. The magnetic car sunshades scarcely fall off or tint and so goes hassle-free with Nissan Rogue as well as any other car of this size.

What are the benefits of the best car windshield sun shade?

Benefits are many when your car windshields are equipped with car sunshades. They are extremely congenial to your babies having too delicate skin to bear with the normal heat let alone UV rays.

On top of that, there are other benefits that you will make you crave for a sunshade by your car windshields, windows, and doors. The most significant benefits include: 

  • It will keep your car temperature lower by 15°F. Therefore, you will not face fidgeting hot at entering the car after non-shaded parking. 
  • Your steering wheel will remain cooler enough to hold and grab with bare hands. Whereas you may need oven mitts to hold the steering if and when burnt of sun rays for not having a sun shades covering.
  • You can sit wearing shorts and your babies can rest on the car sits or the baby car sits as they will not burn anyone. 
  • You won’t need to duct tape on the sits as they will not crack, cruise or tear out of the scorching sun heat. 
  • Your cherished stereo set will keep entertain you as it will survive longer not for getting overheated. 
  • Your steering wheel will remain stylish so long you will not update it as the sunlight will not fade the stylish cover. 
  • And the smart-looking dashboard. It will never bend for getting frequently heated up. 

Like the human skin, your car interior parts and accessories get aged and faded over time. But a car without the protection of sun shades will deteriorate incredibly faster.

Therefore, it is not only for travel comfort you will opt for windshield sunscreens rather they save money and man – money by protecting the car interior from overheating and man by not burning your face, hair, and skin.

Types of Car Sun Shades

Sunshades generally are a nylon screen fitted to the interior side of the windshield having aluminum foil on the reflecting surface. But as the days pass by, variations in designs, constructions, and materials come as inevitable.

Let’s us discuss various types of sunscreens we come across while we go shopping for sun shades. Today’s sun shades range from simple high-density foam sun shades to polyester film with metal plating on the surface. 

Removable Sun Shades: Removable sun shades are those which you take off while on the go and when the car is parked on a shaded location. Removable sun shades are meant to be super easy for installation and storage. They include the accordion fold and roll-up.

Permanent Sun Shades: Permanent or fixed position sun shades refer to ones installed permanently. They are not something that come as default with the car. They come designed and sized as per your car windshield frame. 

Power Sun Shades: They are sunscreens to roll up at the press of a button and roll back by the same action. They are known as power sunshades. Some sun shades can be maneuvered by remote control.

Retractable Sun Shades: You need to attach the sun shades with the windshield with the adhesives and suctions cups. They come featured with a roll-up on the top side or fold-up at the side of the car window. 

Winter Sun Shades: There is another inconvenience of parking a car exposed other than sun rays. Ice can fall on the windshield leading to face cold. Any extreme – hot or cold – is never good. However, if you want a sunshade that will keep ice and snow from storing on your car you need to fit the sunscreens to the outer side of the windshield. And you need straps to attach the shades effectively so that snow cannot enter under a loosely fitting sunshade when the wind blows through. 

Magnetic Car Sun Shades: The greater hassle about sun shades is how to keep it attached to the windshield. There are adhesives, suction cups, straps, and clips to prevent the falling off of the sunscreen.

But still sunshades fall off and sometimes it falls off when it is the least expected. To get rid of that falling off permanently, you can opt for magnetic sun shades. 

Just like magnetic gate lock, magnetic car sun shades come featured with a magnetic edge that can attract any metal frame or several moveable magnets to clamp on the critical spots to fight the strong wind. Magnetic sunshades keep stuck to the windshield metal frame and thus prevent sunscreens fall off. 

 If you have a sophisticated car and your Nissan Rogue is one, you should be mind full of the sunscreens fall off that can kill your mode on the go. 

Therefore, the magnetic sun shades to fit into the windshield frame of the Nissan Rogue are perfect. On top of assuring you of not falling off, the magnetic car sunscreens are quality products free of harmful chemicals. 

Whatever the types or designs you go for, the main duty of blocking UV-rays should not go beyond your consideration. And any sunscreen type covered above will serve this purpose to the fullest.

Why should you choose magnetic car sunshade for your Nissan Rogue?

You have two types of sun shades available to buy – the universal fit and the vehicle specific. The universal fit sun shades are for all types of cars. 

Conversely, the vehicle-specific car sunscreens do not fit any car but you have to find the ones matching the size and shape of your car windshield, side and rear window, and more.

Magnetic car sun shades fall to the vehicle-specific category of sun shades and they are convenient as you require no hardware to install them. Moreover, they will not pull off frequently and thus it will fit your Nissan Rogue more than the rivals.

Magnetic car sun shades are the car windscreens that feature a framed edge. Not to mention, the frame is a metal one having magnetic plating. As we have already learned that magnetic sunshades keep attached with the car window frame without the clamping or sticking of any additional hardwire like – sun visors and suction cups.

In some products, the magnets in the sunshade metal frame keep the edge tightly stuck with the crucial points where wind may blow by entering. Nissan Rogue featured with framed windows and rearview mirrors well match the magnetic sun shades. 

Magnetic sun shades are sized to match the side windows, front glass, and rear window and they do not come in a universal size that can be widened if need be.

They are made and pieced to match windows individually because they are manufactured vehicle specific and you will find the real match for your Nissan Rogue in the magnetic sun shades.

And you will find magnetic sunshades manufactured by the reputed brands for the windshield, side window, rear window, and sunroof. 

Moreover, the magnetic car sun shades are easy to fit, retract, store, and remove. They come with the assurance of maximum comfort and performance backed by the magnetic and metal edge. 

Not to surprise, magnetic car sun shades can feature edge without a metal frame. Instead, they have several pieces of replaceable magnet to set in the preferred position for more result.

Anyway, you’ll be happy to know that Big Ant Car Windshield Sun Shade is a magnetic car sunshade of that type. Feel free to scroll up if you’ve skipped its features or simply click the right image below to check all of its details on Amazon.

Things to Consider Before buying a Car Sun Shade

You need a car sunshade to enjoy a car ride free from sun glare and to keep your car interior cooler while parking in non-shaded locations. Whereas the main task of a car sunshade is to reflect or bar the UV rays from entering the car interior, smart sun shades brought by the reputed brand in the industry come with advanced features.

But you have to reach the quality products to get your purpose served because the market is full of compromised products brought to market only to earn huge and quick bucks cashing on the overwhelming demand of car sun shades in the market. 

Though there are no measure sticks and established formulas to single out the quality product from the nominal ones, certainly effective guidelines are available from the veterans and experts in the automobile parts and accessories.

Needless to explain the guidelines are nothing but check and cross-check the following things before you make the final purchase. The Crucial Things to consider while voting in favor of a particular brand and product are: 


Type of the intended car sunshade is crucial to determine and many veterans consider this point to be first and foremost. To make a long story short, the fixed position car windshield shades are preferable if you carry the infants along with you as this will give them the needed UV protection so long they are in the car. Conversely, the adult car riders will opt for the pull-down or fold option for clear visibility when and if wanted. 

Shape and Size

You will come across a myriad of sun shades in various shapes intended to match different types and shapes of the car window. Therefore, you should be careful of the size of your car window – the height and length- to reach the perfect one. Because fittings matter when the question is of sunblock and resist wind blowing under the sunshades. 

You should not be confused about the universal fit sunshades because it is rare to find universal fit sunshades fitting all and any car windows, windshield, or mirrors. It can at best fit with several cars not all and the size and height of every car of car windows and doors. Our sun shade under review is a near-universal one fitting with trucks, SUVs, and full-size sedan, and above all the Nissan Rogue. 

UV Protection

The UV light will prove severely damaging both for man and machine – fading and cracking the car parts and accessories along with burning the delicate skin of the babies. Therefore, you must look for a material that is rated well for UV resistance. And the reviewed sun shade – Big Ant magnetic Car Sun shade- is made of ultra-thin aluminum foil best rated to deflect the UV rays. 

Ease of Use

Another crucial feature of a great car sunscreen is the quick and easy setup and pulling off. You should avoid products that will vex you by wasting your time and claim the destruction of car parts. Therefore, before making the ultimate deal sure of which sun shade you are comfortable with – the accordion-style or the pop-up style. I think the one with magnetic frame or magnets biting at the edge will give you the utmost convenience in installing or pulling off. 


An accessory like car sunshade must be durable, strong, and able to bear the wear and tear a moving vehicle can invite. These are what make you think seriously about the material it is made of. On top that, the quality material will ensure the number of sun rays it can reflect or resist. The reputed brands can assure you of the quality material to keep sunlight and UV rays far from your car interior. 


The rule of thumb is that you get the service what you pay for. Therefore, many car owners may think that the price should not be the prime consideration while going for the best product. But the price should also not break your bank as you can get the quality product like Big Ant car windshield magnetic sun shade at this affordable price. 

These are the points what must come under your last scrutiny when shopping for a car window sunshade.

Common Problems with average car sun shades

Average or stray products share some problems you must ignore. If you are not aware of the innate problems with low-quality or cheaper sun shades, chances are that you may turn up at your workplace heat-struck, bothered, and irritated. Frequent problems include: 

  • Pulling off occasionally
  • Loose fittings
  • Tough to handle at installation and putting off
  • Tough to fold and store
  • Some shades go brittle and cracked fast
  • The toxic chemical in the material

You should avoid all the said issues to enjoy the quality of sun rays blocking. How to do it? Only the reputed brand and quality product can assure you of the absence of all these problems. Despite that, you should visit the manufacturer site to go through customer reviews before buying one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this sunshade work on snow and rain?

Yes. This car sunshade works both on snow and rain. Whether it is a heavy downpour or snowfall, you can just lift the cover and can be on the move provided your car was covered by this. Therefore, you can be bound to go uphill and along the snowy track. 

Is it very easy to steal?

No. It is not easy to steal if not impossible thanks to the elastic ties chuck that can be put into the car door to fight against theft. The thief can very easily unhook the elastic and dismantle the magnet but they will face a real hassle while dealing with the elastic ties chuck tucked inside the car windows or doors. 

How to keep a car sunshade in place?

You have already come to know that foldable sunshade is difficult to make it stand up against the intended windshield. The process may vex and frustrate you until you deal it with this simple trick. The simple trick is using the adjustable sun visors common in cars like Nissan Rogue. You simply can rotate the sun visor away from its position to the windshield and that will do for your purpose of keeping the sunshade stay up against what you want – car window or windshield.

How to fold this sunshade?

Folding sunshade effectively is a crucial task that requires some techniques. Most common pop-up and foldaway sun shades pose a real challenge while folding and storing in place. Follow these three steps:

Step-I: hold this sunshade lengthwise and put both the hands on the rounded bottom parts.

Step-II: First, softly fold the shorter sides of the shade.

Step-III: Now, catch the folded sunshade by the top and bottom and start twisting the upper and lower parts in the opposite direction. Now, use the elastic ties to keep the shade closed. You can use a rubber band in case it does not come with the elastic bands.

Does this sun shade fit all cars?

Yes, most vehicles. The term universal refers to match all cars– small cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. I call the sun shade an adjustable one rather than a universal one as universal sun shade should have a range to cover even passenger buses and Lorries. As the manufacturers claim goes, it is a cover for any model and make of car.


A sunshade for your car window is an accessory, not an essential auto part without which you cannot move along on the road. But it is such an accessory that is crucial to make your day by ensuring a cooler car interior not to boil you. Besides, a quality car sunshade can provide you with the bonuses of personalizing your car with a reflective bar somewhere on the outer surface and secure your sunshade against any theft. 

The Big Ant magnetic car sun shade comes well equipped with all that can provide you with the cooler car inside and the bonuses. To the surprise, all these come in exchange for an affordable price that well worth your investment for a safe and fun ride. Keep happy and cool on the go with your Nissan Rogue equipped with the best windshield sun shade.

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