Z grills zpg 7002e 2020 review | The Best Smoker Grill Combo For The Beginners

A smoker grill combo can enhance your BBQ experience or boost your barbecue business. Don’t worry! This z grills zpg-7002e 2020 review is gonna show you something that’ll help you make an informed decision.

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Whoever you are a big fan of grilled food or a grilling food business owner, you must like to own a grilling machine that’s the best in the market. But, there are hundreds of different options out there while choosing a quality grill at a reasonable price and thank God….. Rock-solid construction materials with advanced cooking features have made the Z Grills ZPG- 7002E my NO. #1 choice –

Top Features

  • Reasonable price
  • LED digital monitor
  • Much cooking capacity 
  • Free waterproof cover
  • Versatile environment for grilling 
  • High-quality construction materials

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Z Grills ZPG 7002E  2020 Review @ a Glance

Before you purchase anything, you must check its detailed information. In the case of buying a combo grill, the Z Grills ZPG 7002E can be the right choice for you and here’s why 

Item Dimensions48 x 22 x 51 inches
Item Weight84 Pounds
Power SourceWood pellets
Fuel TypeElectric LP Gas
Color700 Silver
Cooking Space700 sq inches
Hopper Capacity20lbs

8 In 1 Cooking Option

The Z grill wood pellet technology offers all you need for grilling. Such as (1) grill, (2) sear, (3) barbecue, (4) bake, (5) smoke, (6) braise, (7) roast, and (8) char-grill.

Accurate Temperature

You know that to get a good taste in food, temperature accuracy is a must. You can set your cooking temperature within 180° to 450° Fahrenheit with 10° increment. And for this, you don’t have to think about the outside temperature.

Great Efficiency

Grilling efficiency is the key to all quality grills. You must need it to grill for a large group of people. By giving 20 pounds of pellets, you can cook for almost 20 hours using the ZPG 7002E grill combo. And it is cheaper than a gas and charcoal grilling machine.

Easy to Use

It is a super accessible pellet smoker for a beginner. You can start and control its temperature by pressing only a button. There is also a LED digital monitor for reading out the inside temperature.

Fast Cleaning

There is a grease can to collect the extra drained food grease. That’s why it doesn’t get too untidy. So you can clean it easily.


There are four locking caster wheels with it. So you can quickly and comfortably move it from one place to another.

Upgraded in 2020

This year, it has an upgraded version. The new version of this pellet smoker grill combo offers you to control its temperature from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Adjusted Fan For Even Temperature

Sometimes you need a versatile environment for grilling, roasting, smoking, braising, and baking. By realizing it, there is an adjusted fan. So you can control the temperature for every corner of the grill.

Vast Space For Grilling

It has a massive area for inserting 29 burgers, 6 ribs racks and 5 chickens at a time. The main cooking area has 19. 2 x 26 = 504 square inches and the second cooking area has 6. 9 x 27. 5 = 190 square inches. And it also has a 20 pounds hopper for holding the pellet. 

Heavy-duty Materials

The company uses stainless steel to build its frame. So it is durable, has high resistance to corrosion, is long-lasting, and a polished finish. 

Nice Packaging

Customers usually don’t pay any heed to it. But, since this grill has a lot of equipment, they make excellent packaging of it. That’s why, whenever you receive the package, you get it without any scratch on it. So, I hope you realize the importance of packaging.

Easy Assemble

The assembly process of the grill is so easy that you can do it within an hour. Even you get an instruction manual to set it up accurately.

Durability and Construction Materials

Yes, you would prefer a durable and long-lasting grill to enjoy juicy and tasty grilled or smoked foods for some years. And to let you enjoy those delicious foods for months after months, the Z Grills 7002E model is made from heavy-duty stainless steel. So it is very durable.

Why Do I Choose The Z Grills Zpg- 7002e 

Though the Z Grills ZPG offers many models, the 7002E is the best for those who frequently need to grill a large batch of foods. Moreover, this model comes with a free grill cover to protect your grill from any rough weather and animals. After finishing your BBQ parties, you can cover it and enjoy a sound sleep. 

  • I have chosen it because it has the opportunity of cooking 8 delicious dishes in a package. By controlling the temperature, I can make my dishes juicy and mouthwatering. 
  • The digital temperature controlling system is another reason for choosing it. It has a temperature limit of 180° up to 450° Fahrenheit. So I can control how much temperature I want in my food.
  • Its 700 square inches of the large cooking area allows me to cook for more people at a time. If you have a large family and friends group and frequently organize a BBQ party, it helps you entertain them.
  • Its 20 pounds hopper helps me to cook continuously for 20 hours. So while I was cooking my food, I wouldn’t need to check its pellets repeatedly. 
  • Its 25000 BTU produces as much heat as the larger grills make. For creating that much heat, it doesn’t need any charcoal or propane. This feature amuses me very much and reduces my cost.
  • Its electronic and shutdown modes allow me to operate it smoothly. Not only that, its pellet purge system purges the pellets from the hopper when it is needed.
  • Many people think it is just a grill, but it is also the best wood pellet smoker. So while cooking, you should be aware of it because sometimes it produces too much smoke. But still, it is good.
  • Additionally, it helps me to save time and enjoy the party with my family and friends. 

Other Advantages of Having This Model

The advantage of having the ZPG 7002E model is to enjoy the 8 types of foods just on a grill. You can even organize a large party at any outdoor area and entertain your FNFs ( family and friends) by offering different kinds of foods. 

  • Since it has 8 in1 opportunities to cook food, it saves your money because you don’t need to buy different grills for different purposes. 
  • It has two cooking areas to cook two types of foods at a time, so it saves your cooking time. Not only that, if you have two groups of guests at a party, you don’t need to worry about it. You can prepare food for both groups without any problem.
  • It needs only 20 pounds of pellets to cook for 20 hours. So it saves your fuel cost while cooking. It is also a good advantage of having this pellet smoker combo.

How to Assemble This Combo

For cooking your BBQ foods, first, you have to assemble them to use the grill. Let’s check the easiest assembly process of the best smoker grill combo. 

  • Remove the package

Since there is a lot of small and big equipment, you have received two large packages. In one package, you get the main grilling part, and in another box, you will get the small equipment. Remove all the boxes and store them. 

  • Read the instruction manual

It is step number 2, and it is a very crucial step forever. Because by reading the instruction manual, you will get a clear idea about the assembling process.

You have to focus on the number of parts because you should match the number when you assemble it. If you can check the number, there is no chance of making a mistake while assembling.

  • Attach the wheels with the base part

There are four wheels to lock and make a hindrance to moving the grill while cooking. Place the wheels into the right space and round it with your wrist.

  • Assemble the base platform

It’s time to assemble the full basement after attaching the wheels. Now take the two side bases, one back base, and a top base one after another; follow the instruction manual and set them up. 

You need a wrench and a screwdriver to tighten all the screws of the basement. Don’t panic and hurry, keep calm, and slowly do all the things. 

  • Assemble the hopper

There is a 20 pounds hopper, and you have to assemble it. There are two separate parts of the hopper in the package. Take the hopper base and upper portion.

Set up the upper portion of the hopper onto the base hopper. Then check the screws inside the hopper and tighten them accurately.

  • Set up the main grill onto the base

With the help of a person, place the main grill onto the base. Then, check all the sides and tighten all the screws with a wrench. While doing it, be conscious about it because if you don’t tighten enough of the screws, it will hamper your grill.

  • Attach the hopper, smoke stand, and handles

Have you remembered that earlier, you assembled the hopper? Now take the hopper and attach it to the main grill. There you will find one thermal cable with the hopper and one thermal cable with the main grill. While attaching the hopper, please don’t make any harm to them. 

After that, attach the smoke stand on the opposite side of the hopper with the grill. And then set up the chimney onto the smoke stand. There are no screws to attach to the chimney rounding your wrist to make it secure. 

Now, take the handle, attach it to the grill’s top, and tighten the screws with a wrench.

  • Set the grilling equipment

It is the last step of assembling the grill. You know that you need various equipment to cook your food by the grill since it has 8 in 1 cooking chamber, so there are many cooking pieces of equipment.

Set in the heat deflector, cooking span, main cooking rack, second cooking rack, grease can, and other equipment by following the instruction manual. 

At last, now your grill is perfectly ok to offer you various delicious food with an enjoyable BBQ party. 

If still confused, you can watch this YouTube video.

The History Of The Z Grills Brand

The Z Grills is a US-based company and was established more than 30 years ago from now. Jasper Yu is the founder of this company. He established the Z Grills at Burlingame in California and still there manufactures its pellet grills. 

And from the very beginning until today, this company produces the best smoker grills by focusing on quality. They win BBQ lovers and BBQ business owner’s hearts by offering the best smoker grill at an affordable price.

This renowned brand also regularly arranges outdoor cooking, backyard bbq, neighborhood block parties, and so many other fun cooking activities with their customers, which brings an extra layer of satisfaction to all. There are also many other brands in this section, but no brands can reduce their popularity.

How to Use (You Must Know It)

You should know the operating system of the grill. If you know it, you can use it as a chef. You can see a round shape wheel, which is rotatable, and an ON/OFF switch. With these two things, you have to use the grill. 

Here is the operating system of ZPG 7002E

  • First, make an electrical connection with the thermal cable of the grill. 
  • Press the switch On button.
  • You can see there is a written cycle, shutdown, 180°/225°/275°/375°/ and high temperature. By rotating the wheel, set your desired temperature to cook the food. 
  • Pour your favorite pellet into the hopper to get your favorite smoke to the food.
  • When you need to increase or decrease the temperature, just rotate the wheel; there is a 10° increment of changing the temperature.

Care and Maintenance

As I use my Z Grills to serve delicious grilled food to my customers, I must take the proper care to get the year-round best performance. I have been keeping the inside of it dry all the time if I don’t use it. Because the wet grill is very much familiar with disintegration and very sensitive to moisture, though I am using this in a big kitchen, you must follow these rules to maintain your grill.

  • When you use it, try to set it in a flat and open space with enough airflow. Airflow helps to take away the smoke that is created by the grill during cooking.
  • If you use it on a hot sunny day, hang a piece of tripling above the grill because direct sunlight and heat may destroy the shiny look of your favorite grill.

These two simple and easy tips make sure the 100% potentiality of the grill years after years.  I hope these tips are as simple as follows but offer you an outstanding result.

How to Clean Your Favorite Grill Combo

After every usage of the grill, you must clean it properly for your next use. Even if you make it all the time clean, it serves you a good frame of time without any disturbance. 

The things you need to clean it:

  • .A piece of small wet cloth
  • A piece of grill rack scrape and grab tool
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • An old toothbrush
  • Metal clean polish

The cleaning processes are:

  • First, with the help of a grill rack, scrape and grab tool remove all the extra parts of the brisket. Then take the wet cloth and clean the rack. After cleaning the rack, remove it from the grill with the help of a grabbing tool.
  • You have used a piece of aluminum foil on the grill span, now remove it and fall it into a foil bucket liner.
  • Clean all the corners of the grill with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the extra wood pellet from the hopper; after that, clean inside the hopper with a vacuum cleaner nozzle.
  • Open the chimney of the smoke stand and clean it with an old toothbrush. 
  • At last, clean all the surfaces of the grill with a metal cleaner. 

Why Do You Need To Clean

The more you care, the more service you will get from your grill. Don’t you think it is right? So if you like to enjoy 8 kinds of mouthwatering foods from your grill for a long time, you should keep it clean. The reasons for keeping it clean

  • Give you extraordinary performance.
  • You can use it for a long time.
  • It looks like a new grill, even after some years.

Some Essential Accessories for Your Smoker Grill Combo

You need some essential accessories for smooth grilling. Z Grills produces all the essential accessories for your help. Some of the accessories are

  • BBQ grill mat: It is simply a mat that you can use while cooking your food. You can use it under the grill so that your grill lags don’t be untidy. You can collect 10 pieces of grill mat from Z Grills.
  • Grease bucket: A grease bucket helps to collect all the extra drained grease. By using it, you can protect your grill from being too untidy.
  • 2 OAK wood pellets: Since the grill produces heat from the wood pellets. So you must need it. There you will find a package of 40 pounds of wood pellets.
  • Stainless steel tongs: when you need to turn over the foods to evenly cook, you can use the tongs. Z Grills produces 9″ and 12″ stainless steel tongs.
  • Aluminum foil: To cover your grill span, you should use aluminum foil. If you use it when the cooking is over, you can fall it. 
  • Foil bucket liners: When you want to throw the aluminum foil, you need these foil bucket liners.
  • Smart wireless BBQ thermometer: You can check foods inside temperature by using this thermometer. Take the thermometer and push it into the food, and It shows the temperature on its digital monitor.
  • Heat resistant BBQ gloves: I think you know about the usage of gloves. You should wear this pair of gloves to protect your hand from excessive heat.
  • Stainless steel work table: If you use a stainless steel table for keeping all your accessories, it looks good. Even helps you to organize all the things in a place.
  • Grill rack scrape and grab tool: It is made from wood and looks like a brush. You can scrape and grab the cooking rack and remove all the extra food parts. Not only that, you can remove the hot rack from the grill with this grab tool.
  • Cast iron BBQ plate: When you pick the hot grilled foods from the grill, you can use this cast plate to keep the food. It is made of iron, so very durable.
  • Cast iron grill press: Sometimes, you have to press the grilled food into the grill. When you need to press the food, you can use it. 
  • Bear paw shredder claws: By hearing this kind of name, I think you can assume its work. You can catch the grilling food with this tool.
  • Adjustable bib kitchen apron: You should wear an apron to feel like a chef and protect your nice dress from oil and other cooking ingredients.
  • Z Grills cap: It is not as important as other accessories. But by wearing a cap, you will look like a professional chef. 

Some FAQs (frequently asked questions) & Answer

Before choosing the best grill for your next BBQ party, you should know some questions’ answers. The users frequently ask these questions of these grills. Here are the questions

How many types of grill/smokers?

There are four kinds of smokers. They are

  1. Charcoal grill and side smoker 
  2. Propane grill and smoker
  3. Pellet grills and 
  4. Hybrid combo grills.

How much should I pay for a grill/ smoker?

It depends on many things, such as its durability, cooking space, types of cooking, operating system, temperature controlling system, etc. You can collect your grill from 100 dollars to 2000 dollars. It varies.

How often do you clean?

It depends on you, but to use it for a long time you must clean it after every usage. Nevertheless, you should clean it after every two three months when you don’t use it frequently.

How much time do you need to clean it?

It takes around an hour to clean it properly. As it takes less time, so you should not neglect to clean it. 

What is the difference between a smoker and a barbecue grill?

The main difference between a smoker and a barbecue grill is its cooking process. When you smoke, you need slow and continuous heat, and it is below 200° Fahrenheit. But when you grill the food, you need a continuous high temperature. 

What types of grill should I buy?

Basically, you know the answer. I can tell you some of the criteria which you should follow to select a good grill. Such as making a list of your expectations from a grill. Which grill can meet your expectations? Choose that one.


If I’m not wrong, now you know everything about z grills zpg 7002e 2020 review  which is the best smoker grill combo for you. This grill is enough to finish 8 different types of cooking. Another surprising note for you is that this one is great for beginners as well as experts. So, how about getting your hands on grilling today with this smoker grill combo.

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