How To Cook Bubba Burgers On Oven, Stove, Grill, Air Fryer and Pan

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As a matter of fact, Bubba is the number one frozen burger brand throughout the United States. It has been providing customers with juicy and delicious but frozen burgers for ages. 

As the burgers come in with a frozen verge, it’s very easy to cook it as well. All you just have to do is unwrap the package and cook it well. 

To be very straightforward, there are multiple methods to cook bubba burgers. The convenience of each method varies on users. One may find cooking in the oven easy, and another may easily cook using a pan. 

However, if you’re not aware of a comfortable cooking method, go through this portion. In this following portion, I talked about five great cooking methods for bubba burgers that provide you with utmost respite. 

How To Cook Bubba Burgers In The Oven

Cooking bubba burgers using an oven is convenient as well as easy. All you need is just an oven that can get up to a minimum temperature and also comes in with a greased baking sheet. 

It would be more accurate and authentic if your oven came in with a temperature controller. Following it, controlling the temperature would be exquisitely easy for you. 

Nonetheless, here’s to the detailed procedure of cooking bubba burgers using an oven- 

  • Heat your oven a little bit more than its steady temperature at the very beginning. 
  • After warming up the oven, it’s time to place the frozen chunk of Bubba in your oven. 
  • Make sure to use the greased baking sheet after every 1-2″. 
  • All set here, now it’s time to cook. 
  • In the first round, cook the entire burger for nearly 15 minutes. 
  • While you’re cooking, make sure to place the pan on top of your oven to get the maximum and accurate heat. 
  • Flip the burger and cook both of the sides for precisely 5 minutes. 
  • There’s that! Now, serve the burger to your family and mates. 

Point to be noted, while you’re on the fourth step, make sure to set the temperature at more or less 160 degrees Fahrenheit because the cooking process gets a speed in this exact temperature. 

Not just in the fourth step, maintain this temperature accurately throughout the whole cooking process. Don’t go too much of this. Don’t lessen it down, either. 

For the cooking time, place the burger on the baking grate for 18-20 minutes. Don’t cook it longer than this range. Otherwise, the burger will burn. 

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How To Cook Bubba Burgers On Stove

In terms of cooking bubba burgers on the stove, you only need 20 minutes precisely. Not more, not less than it, either. As ingredients, take the frozen burger patty, oil, and a bit of salt and pepper. 

Before jumping right into this very procedure, you have to prepare the entire thing for more or less five minutes. And the cooking process requires 15 minutes to be authentic. Thus, I’ve stated 20 minutes as the total cooking time. 

However, here’s to the procedure. Follow every step and get yourself a juicy chunk of prominent Bubba Burger- 

  • First, unwrap your bubba burger from the plastic package that comes along with your purchase. 
  • If the patties seem attached to each other, use a metal spatula and split them carefully. 
  • Now, prepare the stove and anoint the pan with medium-high oil. 
  • Season each side using salt and pepper. Put an adequate amount of salt and pepper on both sides. 
  • Along with it, keep the seasoned chunk a bit long in the pan. It would help the meat to thaw properly.
  • It’s time to place the frozen patties into a cast-iron pan. 
  • Cook 3-5 minutes on each side. Make sure that you’ve distributed enough heat on both sides. Finish heating one side and flip the patty. 
  • Cook the frozen chunk until it forms crusts.
  • Remove the patty from the pan and serve it with your preferable buns. 

There you go! That’s the process. Is it complicated? I don’t think so. 

However, in terms of heat distribution, try to stay minimal. At the very beginning, give the chunk a necessary amount of time to thaw properly. 

After the chunk has seasoned properly, cook it at a minimal temperature. Cooking in high temperatures usually degrades the properties of patties. 

So, it’s better to stay in range. And, in terms of cooking time, try not to cook for more than 15 minutes. 

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How To Cook Bubba Burgers On Grill

To be very honest, there’s no easier way other than cooking your bubba burgers on a grill. You don’t even need to think of temperature distribution that much following this process. 

You’re halfway done if you have a grill that can measure and control temperature properly. All you need to do is carefully look forward to the cooking process so that the burger doesn’t get overcooked. 

Go down to obtain the step by step cooking procedure-

  • At the very first, unwrap the frozen burger from the plastic wrap. If it consists of any other heavy packaging, remove that too. 
  • Take a metal spatula to split patties if they get added together.
  • Carefully season the patty by using salt and pepper. Again, as the previous method, keep the patty into the pan for more than the average time so that it can thaw perfectly.
  • Now, ignite the grill and set it to high heat. 
  • Place the well-seasoned patties on the surface of the grill and heat them adequately. 
  • Don’t get scared if you observe flairs. Just carefully flip the patty and make sure to cook both sides.
  • Continue the above procedure for 20 minutes precisely.
  • Place the buns on your grill and toast them. It would drastically boost the taste of your burger. 
  • If it seems troublesome, you can avoid this part and cook your bubba burgers manually using mediocre buns.
  • All set, now put your desired topping on the burger and serve it to your pals.

Assuming you have got my points. In case you don’t, get to the points again and read everything carefully. It will allow you to have a clearer and pseudo perspective about the topic. 

However, give it more or less 25 minutes in cooking time—Reserve 5 minutes for the preparation (seasoning, unwrapping, thawing and stuff). And, in another 20 minutes, cook it carefully. Following this time range would provide you with the utmost delicacy. 

In regards to heat, set the grill to maximum temperature. Don’t even think of lessening down the temperature when you’re all set. Only after you’re done heating the buns, you’re allowed to lessen it down. Though, overcooking would degrade the burger completely. 

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How To Cook Bubba Burgers In Air Fryer

Cooking in the air fryer helps a lot, especially in rush times. There are times when you don’t feel like cooking or don’t have the time for thawing meat. We had to thaw our patties in the previous two steps after seasoning them. But, using an air fryer will get us out of that extra hassle. 

On the flip, using an air fryer for cooking bubba burgers also increases the consistency of taste and juiciness. And lastly, it’s such an easy and fast method to proceed. 

  • Let’s see the step by step process; what say? 
  • Place the patty in the basket or tray of your air fryer. Before it, unwrap the packaging and split it as like previous methods. 
  • Set the air fryer temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for straight five minutes.
  • Flip the patty and cook the other side for another five minutes.
  • There you go! The patty is ready now. If you want to add cheese or any other toppings, you can keep the patty for another one minute in this step. 

As I said, it’s very easy as well as fast to cook bubba burgers by using an air fryer. But some things must have been measured properly.

That is, don’t even dare to cook more than 10-12 minutes when you’re using an air fryer. And, make sure to keep the temperature range between 350-370 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How To Cook Bubba Burgers In A Pan

In terms of cooking fast, you can use a pan. It’s similar to cooking in an air fryer that we just talked about. However, there’s some pseudo difference between cooking in an air fryer and a pan. 

Before jumping right into cooking bubba burgers in a pan, you have to allocate precisely 5 minutes to prepare, season or thaw the patty properly. Otherwise, you won’t get the optimum taste. 

Let’s look forward to the brief procedure- 

  • Unwrap the burger like previous methods. Use a metal spatula to split the patties if they seem attached to each other. 
  • Add a teaspoon of olive oil to your pan and place the patties. Please leave a little space between each patty to season themselves properly.
  • Cook each side for six minutes straight. After getting done with one side, flip the patty and cook the other portion.
  • Cook the patties until the temperature gets down to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Now, add the necessary toppings to your bubba burger and serve it nicely.

See, cooking your bubba burgers using a pan is this straightforward. All you have to do is maintain the proper temperature range and cooking time. In terms of time, don’t go much higher than 15 minutes. With the preparation process, 20 minutes is enough to cook a bubba burger perfectly. 

However, you can keep the burger in your pan for a maximum of 22-23 minutes. Not more than this range. The burger would get overcooked. And maintain the proper temperature parameter regarding your preference. 

How To Cook Frozen Bubba Burgers

Apparently, since its inception, the method we have been talking about is cooking frozen burgers as Bubba is a top-notch frozen burgers’ concern. 

I will be rendering you a synopsis of cooking frozen bubba burgers in this portion. If you have missed anything from above, concentrate on this piece. Here’s to the point- 

  • In the beginning, unwrap your patties packaging. 
  • Split the patties if they seem attached to each other. 
  • Prepare your desired cooking method (pan, air fryer, stove, grill etc.) and set the medium to their respective temperature.
  • Season the meat using pepper and salt and give it a bit of time to thaw properly. Unthawed meat tastes bad. 
  • Now, cook both parts for a certain amount of time following the temperature parameter. 
  • There’s that; you’re all set!

Point to be noted; it’s a must to maintain the temperature and cooking time very, very strictly. Along with the temperature, cooking time also enhances the taste. So, make sure that you have maintained all the criteria while cooking. 

How Long To Cook Bubba Burgers

No matter which medium or method you’re using to cook your bubba burger, the cooking time should not be longer than 20 minutes. In terms of cooking in an air fryer, you’ve to maintain the 12-13 minutes time range very rigorously. Keeping the patty more than this time limit would get degraded. So, make sure to adhere to this given cooking time. 

How Long To Cook Bubba Burgers In Oven?

In terms of oven, cook each side for 5-10 minutes. Amalgamating both of the sides, cooking for 10-20 minutes is perfect.

How Long To Cook Bubba Burgers In Grill?

4-6 minute for each side. Implies, cooking roughly 10 minutes on both sides would provide a good outcome.

How Long To Cook Bubba Burgers In Air Fryer?

To be precise, cook for 10 minutes in an air fryer. If you want to put toppings, give it 1 or 2 minutes of extra time. 


Assuming you’ve come here after reading the entire article. If yes, you might not be surfing in the ocean of confusion anymore regarding how to cook bubba burgers. Well, if you do, kindly read the article again and notice all the perks. However, before you jump right into cooking a bubba for you, make sure to maintain all the necessary criteria (thawing, seasoning) and strictly follow the temperature range I’ve noted above. There’s that. Best of luck to you, mate!