How do you react when you see huge drop in regular price?

They may avoid these offers thinking that retailers wanna clear out their old stock.

But our shopping experience shows the different picture. Last Sunday, we visited a tourist spot (not so famous spot to mention the name) in Salt Lake City only for hang out with our school friends.

On the way we stopped at a restaurant to have a tea break. As a crazy discount hunter, Linda (one of my school friends) noticed that they sale Pepsi, 12 Fl Oz cans 18 cans pack) only for $6 which is half of the original price. Linda didn’t forget to check its expiration date and it was topcellently Okay (10 months 19 days to expired).

So, she decided to buy 5 packs. But, it was me who stopped her from buying because there wasn’t enough space in the  car (car was already full with drinks and snacks).

However, after enjoying the amazing sunset scenery in The Great Salt Lake, we’re coming back.  It was around 12:30 am. Curiously Linda stopped the car at that same restaurant and we…. The Pepsi can was not expired but the offer already expired….!

What a shock it was..!

Why Topcellent?

Yes, you’re right. There are DealNews, Slickdeals, DealsPlus, Tomsguide, Bradsdeals and lots of other blogs where customers get deal informations. So, why should you like Topcellent.

Well, eBay has their own deals page. The same deals page can be seen on walmart, and almost all the shopping platforms. So, why people love those deals blogs?

Actually shoppers don’t love those blogs, but they love the things those blogs represent and you’ll be surprised to know that Topcellent also do something topcellently that’ll make you fall in love with topcellent for sure.

There’s no doubt that all the blogs do their best to represent the best deals for you. But, we do something more, we do something special for you. We, show something that’s super expensive, we also suggest you some wallet friendly options to help you save some money, but above all we listen to you and try our best to make you smile.

Last night at around 1 am, we gotta hit on our messenger inbox. One of our crazy fans writes that he’s watching a movie with his newly married sweetheart. In the movie, they were enjoying a scene very much. The scene is that in the rain heroin kisses her lover under a small umbrella.

couple in the rain

So, they were getting wet while kissing and this romantic scene makes our fan and his cute wife so crazy that they also wanna do the same thing in the next rainy night.

But, it’s the end of the month when there is only $20 in his wallet and he doesn’t want to miss that amazing movie time with his beloved. So, he just wanted to know if we could find an umbrella for him.

Can you imagine how romantic there movie time was? So, we couldn’t sleep last night and did our best to let them enjoy the next raining.

Feel free to inbox us if you also want us do something special for you. It’s our pleasure to help you in celebrating your special moments especially with your special someone.

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