Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Vs Highland – What Are The Differences

You could be stuck between oklahoma joe longhorn vs highland smokers since all the reverse flow smokers in the market are not the same and you need a smoker that meets your requirement.

Considering the cooking surface, smoke control, heat distribution, as well as customizable setup, the performance of the Longhorn is no less than the Highland as both of these smokers, have been designed by that famous Oklahoma Joe. 

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So, it becomes very challenging to make a buying decision. But, no worry! My quick decision-making chart is here to help you find out the fittest one for your barbecue adventure.

Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Vs Highland – Which Suits You Best

Before deep diving into the features and facilities of these two reverse flow smokers, you should have clarification on which suits you best. Which one is perfect for you?

When preparing this comparative study, I was trying to focus on some basic features and facilities that a smoker should come with. So, you will automatically come to know which suits you best based on the demand of your smoking enthusiasm.

There are many criteria such as cooking surface, constructional stability, ease of usage, temperature controlling system, pricing, fuel capacity, warranty facility, and many more features in a perfect smoker. 

Based on the availability of these features and versatility, you should decide whether you will go for the Longhorn smoker or stick to the Highland smoker.

First of all, you have to focus on the cooking surface of the smoker. If you pick any of the smokers which has a large cooking surface with it, you will be able to come out with the best result from your smoker.

In this case, Longhorn will be best for you, because it has a larger surface area than the Highland Smoker.

For instance: Furthermore, you find highly durable and secured constructions with high heat retention capability in Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn, but high-end constructional stability and accessible cleaning opportunity in Highland.

So, for all of these reasons, considering all of the facilities and features, you will decide which suits you best. You may have no issues with the pricing of these smokers. So, you can pick any of them because both are almost similar in terms of pricing.

Again, you also have to focus on the temperature controlling system of your smoker. Oklahoma Joe provides high-quality temperature controllers for all types of smokers. 

Since Oklahoma Joe is the manufacturer of Longhorn and Highland Smokers, you will not need to worry about the temperature controller of these two models.

Besides, you can consider any of them while thinking about the versatility, such as; fuel capacity, moveable availability, size, baffles, and warranty facility. Both smokers have similarities in these features and slight differences among them.

So, it is easy to know which suits you best. Now, it’s time to get a clear idea about the differences and similarities between these two smokers.      

Overview Of The Longhorn Reverseflow Smoker

To begin with, this smoker provides a substantial amount of cooking space. It has a 1060 square inch total area, including a 751 square inches main chamber and 309 square inches firebox chamber. This area can be considered the perfect measurement for smoking meat.

Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Top Features

  • Sturdiness availability
  • Four removable baffles
  • Stainless steel fuel basket
  • Porcelain-coated cooking grates
  • 1060 square inches cooking area with customizable setup

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Four baffles in a series are used to guarantee that smoke and heat are circulated freely through the smoker’s main chamber. And you’ll be happy to know that the Longhorn has four baffles. You can also remove these baffles whenever you need them because this smoker has a removable baffle customizable smokestack setup with four grates availability. 

Besides, this smoker also ensures an accessible removable ash facility with the help of a clean-out door. This particular capability makes this smoker quite incredible and easy to use. You will also have a firebox chamber with a stainless-steel fuel basket, which is very helpful for a user.

Last but not least, you will get heavy-gauge steel construction with porcelain-coated cooking grates. On the other hand, you will get easy heating and smoke controlling facility that is ensured by inbuilt multiple dampers. 

So, all of these features and facilities will help you get a clear overview of the Longhorn reverse flow smoker. Hope this informative overview section will reduce your stress about Longhorn smokers.

Overview Of the Highland Reverseflow Smoker 

To begin with, this Highland smoker comes up with a wide range of cooking area facilities but less than a Longhorn smoker. It has a 900 square inch total area, including a 619 square inches main chamber and 281 square inches firebox chamber.

Highland Reverse Flow Smoker

Top Features

  • Four removable baffles
  • Stainless steel fuel basket
  • Temperature control capacity
  • Porcelain-coated cooking grates
  • 900 square inches of cooking surface

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This reverse flow smoker also comes with four baffles in a sequence that guarantees that heat and smoke circulate into the main chamber while it is being smoked. 

The baffles may also be removed due to the removable baffle capability and its customized availability of smokestacks.

Furthermore, with the support of a clean-out door, this smoker makes it easy to remove the ashes quickly. This feature makes this smoker exceptional and straightforward to operate. You’ll also get a stainless-steel fuel basket in the firebox chamber, which is incredibly convenient for the user.

It also includes a heavy-gauge steel structure and cooking grates covered in porcelain. Apart from that, various dampers integrated into the smoker provide accurate control of the heat and smoke.

Difference Between Longhorn and Highland

As previously said, we will assist you in finding the best smoker for you today, but how will you choose? Let’s examine and contrast the characteristics of these two smokers. 

You will have a clear comprehensive vision after completing the comparison of these two smokers.


Smokers should be easygoing and straightforward to handle. So, simplicity plays a vital role while smoking. If you pick a smoker who looks pretty complicated, you will find the smoking task more difficult.

In this case, Highland is one step ahead of Longhorn. We are all aware that simplicity depends on the product’s size and moveability. 

Highland is easy to move, and this smoker’s size is relatively less than the Longhorn. In this criterion, you can count Highland in your list.

Firebox Strength

One of the significant differences could be the strength of the firebox. A firebox is the chamber of a smoker where the fuel is burnt. 

If the chamber does not have high stability, it will not long last and the fuel will not be burnt properly. So, it is very important to have a strong chamber for the smoker to get a juicy result.

So, considering this feature, you can take Highland having a stronger firebox than the Longhorn. You may have problems related to the chipping paint on the firebox in Longhorn, but Highland could be the problem-solving smoker about this disturbance.

Temperature Controlling

Maintaining the perfect temperature is a must while smoking meat or vegetables. For beginners, most of the time, it is hard to maintain proper temperature as it is one of the hardest parts of BBQ. 

Again, If the smoker fails to keep the temperature consistent, you could get the worst grilling experience because of having a low-quality taste in your smoked foods. 

Depending on the user experiences, Longhorn can solve both of the problems. A simple temperature controlling system with high heat retention capability gives the users an ultimate grilling experience.

Secured Construction

The constructional difference is also essential for any reverse flow smoker. Without having secured construction, your smoker will not last long, which could be a financial hamper for you.

Having a tad sturdier Longhorn smoker provides you the secured construction better than the Highland one. In this case, the heat leaking problem could be lessened in your meat smoking task.


Now comes another significant difference considered cleaning. Cleaning is evident because you will not move forward with smoking if you keep the smoker dirty. So, you have to get the perfect accessible cleaning experience from your smoker.

Since some of you could find the baffles harder to reach in Longhorn smokers, it won’t be easy to clean easily. Considering this reason, Highland has the upper position while considering the cleaning issue.


The heat leaking problem is one of the significant issues of any smoker. If your smoker does have a leaking problem, it will be tough to get the desired smoky result. 

In Highland, you may face the leaking problem from the cooking chamber, which could be rarely found in Longhorn. 

But it will be solvable if you add some extra seals and latches while installing the Highland smoker because of having well-retained temperature capability.   

So, you have come to an end by knowing about these two smokers’ differences, which will help you the most to pick the right one for you. 

But there should be a section about similarities between these two smokers that will help you get sufficient knowledge for buying the right smoker for your smoking journey. 

Okay, let’s focus on some similarities between these two demanded reverse flow smokers.

Similarities Between Longhorn and Highland

Now, you may think about why you should know about the similarities. Let me clear your confusion. Since the same company-Oklahoma Joe, manufactures these two smokers, they are very similar. 

As you are aware of the differences, if you now get the idea of the similarities of these two smokers, there will be no confusion remaining in your mind, and you will not need to go from one place to another to get the whole idea. 

Thinking of all of these hassles suffered by the readers like you, we came up with this critical section. 


When you get acknowledged about the features and modifications of these two smokers, one thing will automatically come to your mind: the price of these two smokers. Do they have considerable differences in terms of pricing? In a short answer, No!

Both of these smokers can be bought almost at the same price. You can buy any of them by spending $730-$800. So, you can pick the best one without worrying about the pricing issue.


The Next similarity between these two smokers is the manufacturing size. Though almost all smokers could be found a little bit heavy in the market, these two smokers do not have many differences. 

Both smokers are 2-3 inches different in terms of length and height. But if you consider the width, you will find 7-8 inches differences between these two smokers, and it can be regarded as almost similar and should not be taken as a brainstorming issue.  


You cannot imagine a reverse flow smoker without having baffles with its body. Baffles are used to protect the direct heat from the meat and help to get a smoky flavor.

Both smokers have a series of 4 baffles that will help you get the delicious result from your smoked meat. They will protect the direct heat and guide the smoke flow through the main chamber. So, you will not need to worry about the number of baffle facilities.


It could be best if you also gave the same priority as baffles to fuel. Without fuel, you will not be able to heat your desired meat. Because of this reason, this smoker brand provides the same fuel capacity in Longhorn and Highland. 

Highland has the charcoal fuel capacity, and Longhorn has charcoal or wood fuel capacity. But wood is the recommended fuel capacity for Longhorn. So, you can decide based on the availability of charcoal and wood in your nearby grocery.


It is a significant issue while buying something about the product’s warranty. Likewise, Oklahoma Joe provides security to their products-Highland and Longhorn.

Both of these smokers come with a two-year guarantee. If you face anything quite abnormal related to your smoker’s body parts, you can contact the manufacturer and claim the security in the given two years.


Since both of the smokers are heavy, you may have to face problems thinking about the mobility of your smoker. If you cannot move your smoker quickly from one place to another place, you may need to take a helping hand from others.

Owing to this, we are here to remind you that both smokers have a strong and durable large handle capacity with their bodies so that you can move the smoker quickly without taking help from others. So, mobility issues are also solved with this manufactured feature.

Finally, you also get informed from this long informative discussion about the similarities between these two reverse flow smokers. You can now easily choose the right one considering the differences and similarities between these two renowned reverse flow smokers. 

Now, it is high time to deep dive into the detailed overview of these two smokers. Further discussion will also help you know what features are included and how to use them for smoking.  


Finally, you have already jam-packed with this Highland reverse flow smoker overview. With this overview, you are now entirely ready to pick the best one for you.

We are at the end of this discussion, and we hope you get the vast information and knowledge about these two top demanded reverse flow smokers. Before ending, we again remind you to focus on the key features of these smokers and don’t get confused in between Oklahoma joe longhorn vs highland discussion. Best of luck!

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