7 Best Blackstone Griddle Alternatives (Budget-Friendly & Top-notch)

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Looking to sizzle up your outdoor cooking game? If the name Blackstone angers you, but you’re open to exploring other options, we’ve got you covered. In this sizzling article, I will unveil the hottest blackstone griddle alternatives that match Blackstone’s top-notch performance. 

These hidden gems may not carry the Blackstone label, but they’re always ready to deliver fantastic features and functionality. 

So, keep reading if you’re itching to flip, sizzle, and sear like a pro. Don’t burn out – I will reveal the ultimate gas griddle solutions that will get you fired up for outdoor culinary adventures. 

Let’s fire up the grill and immediately dig into the juicy details!

7 Best Blackstone Griddle Alternatives You Can Go For

You can select a Blackstone Griddle Alternative to omit various intents. First of all, the budget for a Blackstone is not as much as going for an alternative. 

Also, the size, portability, and other dimensional perks may vary when choosing an alternative. 

Quick Decision Making Chart

Key FeaturesPIT BOSS GriddleRoyal Gourmet GriddleSophia & William Griddle
Dimensions77.13 x 24.17 x 35.24 inches61.02″D x 23.62″W x 37.6″H20.3″D x 51″W x 36.4″H
MaterialStainless Steel, Cast IronStainless Steel, Alloy SteelStainless Steel, Cast Iron
Burner & BTU5 Burner & 62,000 BTU4 Burner & 52000 BTU3 Burner & 33,000 BTU
Cooking space753 square inches784 square inches449 square inches
The HallmarksHeavy-duty construction, Large cooking space, 2-in-1 shelves, Versatility & Additional premium featuresPowerful Performance, Extra large cooking space, Hassle-free cleanup, Open cart design & Even heat distributionAdjustable heat zones, Restaurant style cooking, Durable & Versatile, Superior heat retention & Painted finish
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

However, in the following portion, I will guide you with the seven most trustworthy blackstone griddle alternatives that you may go for. 

To get the most out of it, you should concentrate fully on the piece to avoid missing anything important. 

Scroll down and get set griddle! 

PIT BOSS 5 Burner Deluxe Gas Griddle

The following product provides the user with a large and flat cooking surface. You would be amazed that the Blackstone griddle has a large and flat cooking surface. And both griddles are perfect for versatile cooking. 

But burner is the core thing that differentiates the Blackstone from the following PIT BOSS. 

The Blackstone consists of multiple independent controller burners, while the PIT BOSS comes with five burners with individual heat controls for precise temperature adjustments. 

You may get it now. However, would you like to know about the top features of it? Let’s proceed, then. 

PIT BOSS 5 Burner Deluxe Gas Griddle

Top Features: 

  • Quick ignition system
  • High quality material and build quality 
  • Grease management with easy cleanup
  • Locking caster wheels make it portable
  • Large cooking surface with nonstick coating

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions77.13 x 24.17 x 35.24 inches
Weight130.7 pounds
MaterialStainless Steel, Cast Iron
Cooking surface753 sq inches.
Burner & BTU5 Burner & 62,000 BTU

To add a bit more mayonnaise to the patty, the following griddle has an excellent feature that is called grease management. With this feature, you can efficiently handle the greases, which will no longer get clogged to your burner, and the overall grilling efficiency will be superb. 

Last but not least, the ignition system of this griddle indeed adds a cherry on top. It’s something to brag about. Because the Blackstone has an electronic ignition system for quick startup, and guess what? 

Our very PIT BOSS also has the same thing under a compact budget. Doesn’t this seem worthy to you? 


  • The griddle imparts high durability. 
  • Models with burners usually offer individual heat controls.
  • Cleaning the griddle after getting done with grilling is super easy. 
  • The large cooking surface offers you to cook a wide variety of foods.
  • This griddle is ideal for outdoor cooking, backyard gatherings, camping, and more. 


  • The initial cost for this product may get very high. 
  • This gas griddle may require frequent maintenance. 
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Royal Gourmet 4-Burner Outdoor Griddle

In case you don’t know, the number of burners for a Blackstone griddle varies from 2 to 6. In terms of the following gas griddle, you will get approximately four burners, increasing your grilling efficiency like magic. 

Along with the number of burners, the Royal Gourmet Griddle provides 52000 BTU output whereas the Blackstone provides a range of 30000-60000 depending on the intensity of use. 

However, let’s jump right into the core features of this griddle; what say?

Royal Gourmet 4-Burner Outdoor Griddle

Top Features: 

  • Built-in side table 
  • Four burner griddle
  • Highly durable construction 
  • 36-inch large cooking surface
  • Integrated grease management system

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandRoyal Gourmet
Dimensions61.02″D x 23.62″W x 37.6″H
Special FeatureLockable Caster
Burner & BTU4 Burner & 52000 BTU
Cooking surface784 square inches

Would you love to know more about this griddle? Let’s go, then. Firstly, I would like to introduce you to this griddle’s sophisticated grease management system. 

The entire system consists of four different tools. The grease tray, grease cup, a grease drainage system, and adjustable grease flow. All these together make the grease management system useful for the user. 

Next up, it has an included side table. While grilling, you can use this table to keep your utensils. However, there are no side tables with the Blackstone griddle. 

Last but not least, using the large cooking surface, you can grill anything you want using this Royal Gourmet Grill. I guess that pretty much sums it up.


  • The durable build quality ensures the long-lasting performance of the grill. 
  • The side table provides extra space to keep necessary utensils while grilling.
  • The 36-inch sizable flat-top griddle provides ample cooking space for the user.
  • An integrated grease management system helps to keep the cooking space clean. 
  • The griddle can reach a higher temperature quickly with a total output of 52000 BTUs. 


  • There are no color choices other than Black.
  • You may have to waste some extra bucks to purchase this. 

Flat Top Gas Griddle by Sophia and William 

Regarding the Blackstone gas griddle, a lid may have been there. Not always, though. But when discussing this Flat Top Gas Griddle by Sophia and William, know that a lid will always be there. That’s the core difference between the following griddle and our very own Blackstone. I hope you get it. 

Also, for both griddles, you will be lucky enough to run the griddle using Propane. It’s a plus, after all. 

Flat Top Gas Griddle by Sophia & William

Top Features

  • Hassle-free cleanup
  • Versatile in cooking Lid 
  • 3-Burner with 33,000 BTU
  • Precise temperature control
  • Quality material with painted finish

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandSophia & William
Dimensions20.3″D x 51″W x 36.4″H
Special FeatureSuperior heat retention
Cooking Surface449 sq inches
Burner & BTU3-Burner & 33,000 BTU

The griddle surface is flat and spacious, providing ample cooking area for preparing various foods, including burgers, vegetables, and whatnot. 

Point to be noted, no grates come in with this griddle, which allows for easy cooking and flipping of delicate foods. 

Also, the griddle comes with a lid. The lid adds ample versatility to your cooking options. It helps to trap heat and can be used for steaming and smoking. 

Last but not least, tabletop conversion is one feature that converts the griddle to a tabletop configuration. This allows for enhanced portability and makes transport easy, producing a delicate chunk of patty. 


  • Heat distribution is even. 
  • Made of durable and sturdy materials. 
  • The built-in lid adds versatility to your cooking options. 
  • The tabletop conversion makes the griddle highly portable. 
  • The superior grease management system puts a cherry on top of this griddle. 


  • However, it consists of a limited cooking space.
  • There are no cooking grates which may create disturbance if you’re familiar with grates. 

Razor 36-inch Outdoor 4 Burner Griddle 

If you’re looking for a gas griddle to conduct professional grilling, the following product will enormously help you. First, it has a 449 square inch flat cooking surface perfect for making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Scroll a bit more to learn about the top features of this product: 

Razor 37-inch Outdoor 4 Burner Griddle

Top Features

  • Portable design 
  • Ample cooking space
  • Temperature control 
  • Adjustable heat zones
  • Versatility & easy to clean

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions35″D x 77″W x 24″H
MaterialCarbon Steel
Cooking Surface449 square inch
Burner & BTU4 Burner & 62,000-BTU

To mention this griddle’s most energetic feature, I will go for its portable design. The griddle consists of 4 wheels that make transportation a lot easier. 

Also, when you are done grilling, greases accumulate in the front grease management tray, making the process less messy. However, the griddle offers users ample cooking space to grill anything they want quickly. 


  • The folding shelves provide additional workspace.
  • The wheels attached with the griddle ensures portability. 
  • All the four burners together provide an excellent heat distribution. 
  • The large cooking area allows the users to cook anything they want.
  • The top cover lid traps the heat and makes the maximum heat utilization. 


  • Price of this gas griddle is comparatively higher. 
  • Maintenance of this griddle might get complicated if you’re new to grilling.

Cuisinart Professional Quality Portable Griddle

Like the other griddles we discussed earlier, this product does not have many burners. There are only two burners you will get with this griddle. You can independently control both burners, which makes the heat distribution more even. 

However, here’s to the top features for this product: 

Cuisinart Professional Quality Portable Griddle

Top Features

  • Foldable legs 
  • Propane powered 
  • Grease management system
  • Independent burner controlling 
  • Durable stainless steel construction

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions46.22″L x 25″W x 32″Th
Weight50 Pounds
MaterialAlloy Steel
Cooking Surface644 sq inches
Burner & BTU2 Burner & 30,000 BTU

The most amazing feature of this product is it has foldable legs. This implies you can use this griddle in small places very efficiently and get yourself done with grilling. 

Again, the stainless steel construction makes the grill easy to clean and durable. Also, the grease management system makes the entire system less messy. 


  • Ensures versatile cooking options.
  • Burners could have been controlled separately. 
  • The flat top design ensures maximum heat distribution. 
  • The foldable legs make the griddle design more portable.
  • Grease management systems don’t let the griddle to be messy.


  • Manufacturing defects may occur.
  • There is no built-in lid with the griddle.

3-Burner Flat Top Griddle by Captiva Designs

In the very first place, this griddle comes in with three independently controllable burners. In terms of BTU output, you will get approximately 33,000 BTU when you use this griddle. Also, there are way too significant features that you will get purchasing this gas griddle. 

Here’s to the top features: 

3-Burner Flat Top Gas Griddle by Captiva Designs

Top Features

  • Built-in lid
  • Detachable table top 
  • Flat-top griddle surface. 
  • Suitable for outdoor cooking 
  • Ideal for camping and tailgating

Check today’s price on Amazon

BrandCaptiva Designs
Dimensions20.3″D x 51″W x 36.4″H
Cook Area448 sq.in.
Burner & BTU3 Burner & 33,000 BTU

The detachable table top makes this grill a good one for outdoor usage. If you need an extra place to set up the grill, you can detach the tabletop and add more space to keep your utensils. Seems convincing, doesn’t it?

Also, the lid plays an essential role in holding heat so that the cooking becomes more even and delicate. All these features combined make this tool perfect for outdoor grilling. What do you think, then? Will you add this to your cart? Okay, the justification is yours! 


  • The brand reputation and customer reviews are positive.
  • The 3-burner design makes the heat distribution more even.
  • The included lid can help retain heat and cook food more efficiently. 
  • A detachable table top makes the griddle utterly portable and versatile.
  • The grill is suitable for outdoor cooking and offers flexibility for various occasions. 


  • The price for this griddle may get a bit high. 
  • Grill surface size is not specified; it may create a nuisance while grilling.

Camplux Stainless Steel Flat Top Griddle 

Alright, homie, here goes the very last product of our bucket list. This griddle has a flat-top surface with an approximate dimension of 449 square inches. You can quickly cook any type of burgers, steaks, eggs, bacon, hash browns, potatoes, pancakes, and whatnot. 

Here goes the top features of the following product- 

Camplux Stainless Steel Flat Top Gas Griddle

Top Features

  • Portability 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Pulse ignition
  • Oil detection design
  • Heavy-duty cast iron griddle plate

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions12.6 x 50.78 x 33.86 inches
MaterialStainless Steel
Cooking Area449 sq In.
Burner & BTU3 Burner & 33,000 BTU

This product has a significant pulse ignition feature that made this go beyond. Basically, this feature lets you light the stove easily and cook quickly. 

The quality workmanship knobs attached to the griddle are comfortable to touch and can precisely adjust the firepower. 

The oil collection design easily removes excess grease and prevents grease from splashing out of people due to high temperatures. 

Also, due to its stainless steel construction, the griddle is easy to clean, and the gas regulator used on this griddle has a CSA certification. All the way, using this product is worth all your bucks! 


  • The flat cooking surface makes it easier to clean.
  • Imparts high portability and extended versatility.
  • Propane griddles heat up quickly and reduce waiting time. 
  • The propane gas operation makes it suitable for outdoor use.
  • The flat-top grill griddle provides an extensive and even cooking surface.


  • Limited grilling options.
  • Some models may lack precise temperature control. 

How To Choose The Right Blackstone Griddle Alternative That Suits Your Needs

If you really want to choose the right Blackstone griddle alternative, then you must have to think of some considerations. 

As in, the size, portability, versatility and other features. If the selected one matches all your requirements, I will suggest you go for that one. 

Otherwise, no matter how superior griddle you choose, if that fails to fulfill your requirements, there is no valid point of using that. 

Here comes the key considerations that you may look while buying the right Blackstone griddle alternative: 

  • Size
  • Budget 
  • Fuel Type
  • Portability 
  • Heat Control 
  • Brand Reputation
  • Cooking Surface Material 

If all these requirements match your selected gas griddle, then go the extra mile to get the extra bang for your buck. 

Blackstone vs. Alternatives- Which One Comes Out on Top?

Honestly, I can’t say specifically that this one comes out on top. Because, superiority always depends upon a comparison. In most cases, Blackstones are good. But in terms of BTU output, portability and some other similar features, you may find alternatives doing better than the Blackstone. Implies, it’s subjective all the way. 

To be on the safe side, you can conduct a cross check though. As in, choose the alternative model you are purchasing and compare its features with the Blackstone. 

You can take help from this articles’ review section as well. If you purchase after validating both the products, grilling that will be as easy as pie. 

Is Buying Blackstone Alternatives Worth The Money? 

Yes, I guess. As per my using experience, I switched to many alternatives and had a profound impact on all my grilling sessions. 

So, I won’t call it a cliche. Apparently, the Blackstone alternatives I talked about here are ready to give you a lifelong grilling experience for sure. 

To some extent, some of the griddle may provide you more trustworthy experience than a Blackstone will ever do. 

In case you’re confused, I would suggest you change the club and go for an alternative grilling option. This is going to be worth it, trust me! 


Finding the right Blackstone griddle alternative may save a lot of your time and could make your burger patties more delicate. Just for this reason, Blackstone griddles have gained so much popularity in recent times. 

Alright homie, that’s a wrap. If you still feel confused about anything, kindly give this article one more read. And please refer it to your friends and family who you think may need this. 

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