5 Best Kamado Joe Accessory Storage Ideas for Every Kamado Owner

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Do you have a Kamado Joe grill? Then you must know that regardless of the grill type, it comes with all the basic accessories to meet your grilling needs.

But it becomes a bit challenging to maintain those accessories without proper storage. Moreover, isn’t it too tedious to carry all those attachments to the patio every time you smoke or grill?

On that note, here are my top five Kamado Joe accessory storage solutions that let you accessorize your backyard kitchen in style. 

And it goes without saying that they are multipurpose, easy to use, and totally safe solutions to keep the KJ grilling equipment sorted. 

Stay Organized With These 5 Best Kamado Joe Accessory Storage Solutions 

Whether it’s a shed, cabinet, drawer, or deck box, you absolutely need a safe storage solution to adorn your outdoor kitchen for easy access to the KJ grilling equipment. 

Quick Decision Making Chart –

Key FeaturesKeter Storage CabinetRubbermaid Storage Deck BoxADDOK Patio Storage Cabinet
MaterialPolypropylene ResinPlastic, LinenThicker HDPE Resin
Dimensions53.1 x 20.4 x 35.4 inches46″L x 24.6″W x 37.8″H53 x 34 x 47 inches (LxWxH)
Item Weight50 pounds67.8 pounds92 Pounds
Storage CapacitySealed storage 54 gallons & Open storage 24 gallons123 Gallons37 cubic feet.
Weight Capacity110 lbsN/AN/A
The HallmarksEfficient mobility, High storage capacity, Versatile design, High-quality material, Versatile usesVersatile storage, Weather-resistant material, Lockable, Double walled construction, & WeatherproofLockable design, Horizontal storage, Sliding doors, Durable UV resistant & Customizable
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Furthermore, nobody wants those grilling must-haves to be rusted over time due to the lack of a proper storage setting, right?

That being said, the following five selections are the current best storage solutions for Kamado Joe accessories in terms of efficiency, safety, versatility, and ease of use.

Let’s check them out below in detail!

Keter Unity Portable & Lockable Sealed Storage Cabinet

As a long-time KJ user, I personally prefer this Keter cabinet to pair up with my grill for its spacious storage capacity and easy mobility.

However, let’s break down its core amenities below-

Keter Unity Portable & Lockable sealed Storage Cabinet

Top Features

  • Comes in two different colors
  • Includes two sidebars and four S-hook hangers
  • The upper surface is made of 201-grade stainless steel
  • The countertop is designed to hold up to 110 pounds of weight
  • Offers 54 gallons of sealed storage and 24 gallons of open storage

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions53.1 x 20.4 x 35.4 inches
Item Weight50 Pounds
MaterialPolypropylene Resin

Well, they say, life is better with Keter which is very true for this Unity 2XL entertainment cart.

As the name suggests, it’s indeed an entertainment cart to please your friends and family in a backyard gathering. 

The best part of using this mobile cart is that you will never lose track of your grilling equipment. 

The two inbuilt sidebars hold paper towels or the included hook holders quite well.

Yes, it comes with four S-shaped hook hangers and a bottle opener. So, treat your guests with your favorite drink without thinking much about opening the bottle.

Besides, the heavy-duty stainless steel surface allows adequate serving space. And thankfully, it’s very easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe it up after a meal preparation and you are done!

Talking about the massive 78-gallon storage capacity, it lets you keep your plates, drinks, and napkins safe for your next patio party. The lockable 54-gallon of sealed storage is a big plus for this cart.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg despite offering so many conveniences in a single package. The price tag is pretty reasonable. 

Best of all, a set of super convenient wheels ensures easy mobility of this storage table which you will be surely sold on.


  • Could be used both indoors and outdoors 
  • Includes spice rack and paper towel holder
  • A versatile mobile station with plenty of space


  • The doors don’t include hinges
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Rubbermaid Weather Resistant Storage Deck Box

Secondly, I have the Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Deck Box for your consideration. Let’s see why this is one of the best-selling storage units for KJ grill owners.

Rubbermaid Weather Resistant Storage Deck Box

Top Features

  • Offers 10 years limited warranty 
  • A durable double-wall design offers longevity 
  • Built-in lift hinges make it easier to open the lids
  • A weather-resistant storage cabinet made of UV-proof resin
  • Super stylish architecture to compliment any outdoor space

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions46″L x 24.6″W x 37.8″H
Weight67.8 pounds
Capacity123 Gallons
MaterialPlastic, Linen

In all honesty, Rubbermaid Patio Chic Outdoor Storage Deck Box is a perfect solution to pair up with your Kamado Joe grill. 

With the extra-large 123 gallons of storage capacity, it can store furniture cushions, gardening tools, grilling accessories, yard toys, and whatnot! 

However, the classy and stylish architecture goes well with any outdoor furniture quite well. 

Also, being maintenance-free, it’s a wonderful Kamado Joe cart to store the attachments that money can buy.

I mean it’s UV-proof, weatherproof, and leakproof. What more could you want from an outdoor cabinet?

Whether you are using your KJ grill on a bright sunny day or a snowy winter evening, use this innovative deck box with no worries. 

It will not rust, rot, or fade over time.

Further to the above, the double wall construction is so durable that you can use the top of this deck box as an additional seating space. 

Otherwise, use this as an entertainment station to prepare/serve meals, and mix drinks.

Worried about the safety of your KJ accessories? The full-length double-door construction keeps them safe and sorted as long as you want.


  • Includes an adjustable shelf
  • 123 gallons of huge storage capacity 
  • Completely safe from sun, rain, and snow 


  • Quite hard to assemble
  • It takes a lot of effort to close the doors
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ADDOK UV-resistant Outdoor Storage Cabinet 

Next on the lineup, let me introduce you to an amazing horizontal storage shed to accommodate your KJ accessories. This one is from ADDOK, a famous name for designing extraordinary outdoor sheds and cabinets.

ADDOK Uv-resistant Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Top Features

  • Very easy to install
  • Made of high-quality resin
  • Water and UV-resistant architecture 
  • A 37 Cu. ft horizontal outdoor storage 
  • Lockable design with two sliding doors

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions53 x 34 x 47 inches (LxWxH)
Weight92 Pounds
MaterialThicker HDPE Resin

Despite being more expensive than the other four storage solutions on this list, this Addok shed grabbed my attention because of its premium features.

It’s thoughtfully designed with Addok’s signature double-thick materials. Naturally, the double-layer HDPE resin offers more stability and durability. 

On top of that, the resin panels are odor-free and UV-protected. And as mentioned earlier, all Addok components are environmentally friendly. 

Talking about the premium price tag, it doesn’t matter as this cabinet is a kind of lifetime investment. 

I mean the super durable resin panels don’t decay or rust. With little to no maintenance, you can use this storage shed for years. 

If you are concerned with the safety issue, worry not as it has a lockable feature.

So, store your grilling tools, firewood, garden accessories, seat cushions, or pool toys in this storage shed without any hesitation. It keeps all those belongings completely safe.

However, I should let you know that it takes at least two people for assembly.  Though the installation video makes the assembly way easier compared to other outdoor cabinets.


  • Made of environmentally-friendly material
  • A keyhole on top and a latch on the bottom adds extra security 


  • Quite heavyweight and doesn’t include wheels
  • A bit expensive 
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Suncast Vertical Storage with Lockable Door

Here comes a vertical accessory shed from Suncast, the name needs no introduction. This tool shed particularly comes in handy if you use longer BBQ tools for backyard grilling.

Suncast Vertical Storage with Lockable Door

Top Features

  • Made of heavy-duty multi-wall panels 
  • The anti-theft ergonomics include two lockable doors
  • Lasts for years because of its all-weather construction 
  • Very classy and elegant structure to fit any outdoor setting
  • Vertical outdoor storage shed with a capacity of 20 cubic feet

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions32.28 x 25.59 x 72.05 inches
Weight27.67 Kilograms
ColorVanilla and Stoney

Suppose, you need a small storage solution to place on a narrow setting such as a small patio or a balcony. Would those horizontal storage giants still fit in those places?

No, I guess. That’s why I hand-picked this vertical shed for you. Despite being not that wide it manages to provide enough space to store your grilling tools on a small patio setting. 

And the best part is you can keep your longer tools inside. With the dimensions of 32.28×25.59×72.05 inches, it lets you store the long-handled grilling equipment along with ladders, brooms, waste bins, etc.

Besides, it only weighs 61 lbs. Therefore, you don’t have to endure it in the same setting for years. Luckily, the sleek outdoor finish perfectly matches any kind of decoration.

Further to the above, it comes with double-door construction with a padlock hasp. So, no issues with security.

Another notable feature of this tiny storage cabinet is the multi-wall resin construction. No wonder, it requires minimum maintenance even after a year-round use.

Overall, it’s a perfect deal for small patio owners that shouldn’t be missed!


  • Endless storage utility 
  • Very easy to clean and maintain 
  • A single person can assemble it with minimum tools


  • It would be better if it came with the organizing shelves
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HAPPYGRILL Versatile Outdoor Storage Box Cabinet

Finally, meet a very affordable storage unit from HAPPYGRILL to accessorize your grilling gear happily. Let’s break down its key specifications first-

HAPPYGRILL Versatile Outdoor Storage Box Cabinet

Top Features

  • A versatile storage box for multiple uses
  • Offers 88 gallons of internal storage capacity 
  • Includes two front doors and a flip cover on the top
  • Made of high-quality PE rattan to withstand moderate rain and wind 
  • The heavy-duty steel material ensures strength and stability to the frame

Check today’s price on Amazon

Dimensions45″L x 23.5″W x 25.5″H
Weight36 Pounds
Material‎PE Rattan, Steel
Capacity88 Gallons

Honestly speaking, you can smarten your outdoor dining space with this rattan storage box in no time. 

Just get your unit and set it in your convenient setting. Trust me, the black rattan architecture complements all other furniture quite well.

Don’t like black? Okay, you get it in two more colors, gray and brown.

However, the super sturdy steel framing is wrapped with heavy-duty rattan to offer ultimate stability. 

Speaking of which, you may mistake the container as not weatherproof. Quite the opposite actually. It’s thoughtfully crafted with weather-resistant rattan that doesn’t rust or fade.

And guess what, you can clean this versatile storage box just with a wet cloth.

Thankfully, HAPPYGRILL provides detailed instructions to let you assemble it easily. So, the installation is no big deal.

But you have to tighten the screws properly according to the direction.

Howsoever, one of the exclusive add-ons of this outdoor storage unit is the shelf in the middle that lets you utilize the vertical space to the fullest.

Another biggest selling point of this deck box is the multidirectional opening. Therefore, you can place or take out items quite conveniently. 

Hey, don’t fret! This feature-packed storage container doesn’t put any burden on your pocket. In fact, it comes with a very affordable price tag compared to its contemporaries.


  • Budget-friendly price point  
  • Includes a magnetic door stopper
  • The flip cover has two gas bars for easy lifting and closing


  • It can withstand moderate rain but is not completely waterproof 

Vertical Storage Vs Horizontal Storage – Which I Prefer The Most? 

Truth be told, I am more of a horizontal storage lover when it comes to arranging my grilling gear.

I know that a vertical cabinet is a more convenient solution to keep the longer BBQ tools organized.

Plus, it offers easier access to your belongings. And it occupies minimum space in your outdoor grilling station.

But I prefer more shelving options in a horizontal unit. Also, they usually have more drawers and compartments to protect the fragile grilling equipment. 

Particularly, when you are a KJ owner, you need as much space as you can get to organize your grilling stuff. 

Especially, the flat surface of a horizontal outdoor cabinet is more secure for heavier grilling accessories. Besides, a horizontal storage shed could be used as an entertainment station as well. 

Aside from storing the grilling gear inside, you can use the wide roof to prepare/serve drinks or dishes to your guests.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have available storage space, the vertical option might work better for you as you can place them in a small garage as well.


Nowadays, outdoor grilling is not as challenging as before. You can prepare, cook, and serve food in the same setting, thanks to some wonderful accessory storage boxes.

Although this article focuses on the best Kamado Joe accessory storage solutions, you can also use the aforementioned units to systematize any other outdoor stuff.

But as a KJ owner, you must need one of these cabinets to store your Joetisserie, DoJoe, or SloRoller appropriately.

Saying that the Keter Unity Portable and Lockable Cabinet is my favorite on this list as it offers both open and sealed storage space.

However, you can also go for the Suncast Vertical Tool Shed for easier access to the BBQ tools.

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